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By Keith Kloor
Aug 8, 2009 8:16 AMNov 20, 2019 1:11 AM


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That's the only way to describe this post by Joe Romm. I'm serious. The man has tied himself in knots over a wild, unsubstantiated claim he made a few weeks ago:

Now that they have shut down his original blog, Roger Pielke, Jr., is desperately trying to remain relevant in the blogosphere.

Any reasonable person would take "they" to mean the University of Colorado, Boulder, where Pielke Jr. is employed and where Prometheus was housed. And if you read the comment thread from that particular post, you'll see that Romm goes further out on a limb to defend his assertion. Additionally, the exchanges he has with some skeptical readers are cringe-inducing. I can't tell if he's being paranoid or hyper-sensitive. At any rate, in today's post, Romm tries to clear up the confusion over this matter:

True, I carelessly didn't explain who I meant by "they" "” although I clearly did say in the comments section that I was trying to be snarky, to needle someone who had so viciously humorously misrepresented what I wrote, which I thought would be obvious to anyone with a sense of humor like Roger. So let me explain what I meant, why I put an asterisk next to "they" in the second paragraph above. By "they" I meant "all of Rogers different personalities."

Oh, that explains it. It wasn't the university, but rather Pielke's "different personalities." Of course, Romm is actually joking about this--he says so in the post. He's trying to be clever here, or as he puts it, "snarky," with his interpretation of Pielke's positions on various climate issues. Still, just so we know that Romm is really, really joking about the matter at hand, he reminds us:

So whenever I write, "now that they have shut down his original blog,"you'll all get the joke that I mean "now that Roger's various personalities have agreed to shut down his original blog" "” but of course it won't be funny anymore now that I've explained it. Darn.

Nice try, Joe.

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