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Beware of Green Tyranny

By Keith Kloor
Jun 10, 2011 8:18 PMNov 20, 2019 3:46 AM


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That's the theme of this bizarre confab soon to roll into Los Angeles. Featured speakers include numerous climate skeptics, such as Lord Monckton, Benny Peiser, and Richard Lindzen. The organization sponsoring the conference, the American Freedom Alliance, has a few other other notable obsessions. Leo Hickman at the Guardian reports that the group

has promoted intelligent design and seems to tread a very fine line indeed between fighting "Islamic fascism" and outright Islamophobia.

I guess they want to start guarding against the green jihad while keeping Darwinism at bay. Here's more from Hickman:

The American Freedom Alliance is, perhaps, best known for its on-going legal action with the California Science Center over the cancellation of an AFA event to be held at the centre in 2009 at which it intended to screen a "teach the controversy" film called Darwin's Dilemma, which explores the "Mystery of the Cambrian Explosion in Fossil Records". At the time, Avi Davis, executive director and senior fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, said: "New scientific evidence makes it vital that we take a close look at the numerous inherent scientific problems of the Darwinian theory of evolution." The AFA has subsequently fought the case on the grounds of freedom of expression.

Climate skeptics lending their names to an anti-evolution organization. The headlines write themselves.

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