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Welcome to Eruptions 4.0!

Rocky Planet iconRocky PlanetBy Erik KlemettiSep 26, 2011 10:26 PM


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First off,

welcome to the new home of Eruptions!

Eruptions is now part of Wired ScienceBlogs - and I'm really excited to move to the home of

Clastic Detritus

and Laelaps (amongst other great non-geologists ... but I won't hold it against them). I think you'll like the atmosphere around here. Things aren't going to change much on Eruptions - you'll still be getting all the volcano news you can handle (or, I guess, I can handle). I am going to try to have a return to some more regular features like "Eruptions Word of the Day", "Q&A", "Mystery Volcano Photos" and "Volcano Profiles", along with some more frequent posts on new volcano research and responses to email questions I get either as a "Question of the Day" or a Mailbag post. This doesn't mean you won't be hearing about all the volcanic activity worldwide - trust me, when a big eruption occurs, it will supersede any plans - but look for bigger posts on Thursdays trying to wrangle all the volcano news I've missed. Hopefully we can keep up the excellent community of readers on the blog as well. As you might notice, you don't have to register with Wired to leave a comment. However, you do need to log in with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, OpenID or Disqus to leave a comment. This is because I will need to whitelist each of you if you want to post links (to prevent from having to hear about great deals in Rolex watches), so logging in one way or another will make it much easier to make sure your comments make it through the spam filter. We will try to make sure these things happen quickly. You will also notice right off the bat that the commenting system here allows for threaded comments, so you can reply directly to other readers' comments - which should add a fun dynamic to the blog. It is going to take a little time to finish with importing all the archives and comments from the last 1030+ posts since 2008, but have no fear, you will soon be able to find all the backposts from Eruptions here in its new Wired Science home. As usual, if you find problems or have suggestions, let me know by emailing me (eruptionsblog <at>, send me a message on Twitter (@eruptionsblog) or leave a comment below. Be sure to update your news/RSS feeds as well to the new Eruptions feed (NOTE - As of 8:20 PM EDT on 9/26: The RSS feed should be fixed now). Thanks for making the move with me!

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