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The Fall of Falwell

Cosmic VarianceBy John ConwayMay 16, 2007 6:15 PM


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It was with great interest that, during a typical CNN post-mortem on a, well, prominent recently departed American, I saw the face of Christopher Hitchens. I knew that this would be outrageous - a smackdown of Jerry Falwell before his body was even cold, much less the mud on the mourners' boots dry. You can find the video of this posted over at Newsbloggers. It is definitely a Must See, with Hitchens waxing truly poetic on the Falwellian nightmare, calling him "odious". "small", and a "toad". Thank you, thank you, Anderson Cooper for having Hitchens on! It was brilliant. Putting aside for the moment Falwell's bigotry, homophobia, and his blaming of the troops in Iraq for failure there (and the gays for 9/11), let's not forget that lately he had been particularly alarmed that the evangelicals in this country were beginning to ally with the environmentalists on the global warming issue. His sermon from Feb. 25 typifies his anti-science stance, which we saw earlier in his statements on creationism, where he brands leading researchers in these areas as "pseudo-scientists." Yeesh. In the end, though, it occurred to me that we'll miss Jerry, in a way. Now we need some other buffoon to bring out into the open the ignorance and anti-intellectualism that is the hallmark of true religious fundamentalism. Any nominations from the floor?

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