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Collide-a-ScapeBy Keith KloorOct 5, 2010 2:24 AM


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I don't blog about TV journalism because I hardly watch TV anymore. But I know what I'm missing on CNN and Fox News, which David Rothkopf reaffirms with this meta commentary on the Rick Sanchez firing:

The problem with CNN is in fact not that they failed to fire Sanchez more explicitly for his anti-Semitism, nor is it that they did not fire him sooner. The problem with CNN is that they hired him in the first place. Just as it is a problem that they thought it appropriate to hire Eliot Spitzer for his own show when at least 50 percent of the fame they are cashing in on is tied to his predilection for prostitutes. Just as it is a problem that they hired Piers Morgan to replace Larry King. Now admittedly, King was no pillar of journalism. He was not even a molehill of journalism. That being said, he attempted to be no more than he was, a living Smithsonian exhibit about the nature of old time radio. But Morgan, known best to Americans for his appearances as a judge on a show that would embarrass the worst burlesque circuits of the 1920s, "America's Got Talent," is skimmed from the pond-scum floating atop journalism's shallowest waters. He is a former editor of Britain's News of the World and the Daily Mirror, newspapers that make the National Enquirer look like the Paris Review. If CNN keeps it up, it won't last five years. It has done the impossible and almost made Fox News look like a better source of journalism -- and there is almost no journalism on Fox News.

Damn, that's good.

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