NCBI ROFL: Frog barf iinnnn spaaaaaaace!!!

DiscoblogBy ncbi roflJan 11, 2011 6:00 AM


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Emesis and space motion sickness in amphibians. "Amphibians possess the ability to vomit in response to a variety of stimuli that provoke emesis [vomiting] in mammals. Pharmacological studies have establish that the ejection of gastric contents and the basic mechanism for vomiting have been phylogenetically conserved among these tetrapods. As part of on-going comparative studies on emesis in vertebrates, we previously documented that some postmetamorphic anurans and salamander larvae experience motion-induced emesis when exposed to the provocative stimulus of parabolic aircraft flight. However, more recent experiments suggest that there are strict conditions for inducing emesis in amphibians exposed to parabolic flight and that amphibians are not as sensitive to this stimulus as mammals. Further studies on emesis in lower vertebrates may help us understand the processes that cause emesis in abnormal gravitational regimes."

Photo: flickr/christopher.woo

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