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Louisiana: Doomed

Bad AstronomyBy Phil PlaitNov 1, 2007 1:42 PM


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Lousianans, congrats! You have joined Texas and South Carolina in being able to promote creationism to your kids! Lousiana just elected Bobby Jindal as governor. He is/was a Congressman, but ran for governor and just won the election. Why does this doom the state? Because Jindal has made it clear he supports creationism. Very, very clear. You won't find this on his website. Oh, no: there he talks about believing that "we must improve our education system so our children have the tools they need to succeed in tomorrow's economy". He must like chocolate chip cookies and puppies, too. But if you dig even marginally deep (just like creationism does!) you find far more enlightening facts:

Bobby Jindal participated in a televised gubernatorial forum in Louisiana on September 27, 2007, at which a journalist asked him whether he supports the teaching of intelligent design. Jindal's answer clearly indicated that this Rhodes scholar and Brown University biology graduate does indeed support teaching creationism.

Read that whole article, it really sheds light on this fine young gentleman. It was written by Barbara Forrest, who was a key witness in the Kitzmiller creationism case in Dover, PA. Actually, searching Google for "Bobby Jindal creationism" gives you a whole slew of fun facts about his beliefs about how he wants to brainwash children, and how he parrots the Discovery Institute's talking points about it. As a Representative he was able to screw up lots of things for this country (take your pick, there's a lot to choose from on that page -- like Constitutional amendments to ban gay marriages and desecration of the flag), but as governer he can stack the board with several members, putting people sympathetic to creationism there (and place even more people there if there's a vacancy). Lest you think I am judging him before he actually takes action, read this from the link above, where he says:

... in terms of prayer in public gathering places, I personally disagreed with the federal judge that ruled you couldn't have prayer before school board meetings because she was worried that children would be actually exposed to prayer.

Yeah, that First Amendment needs to be taken out to the wood shed. Maybe we need to pray for the Constitution. Do you really think he'll put good people on the board, or do you think he'll do what Texas governor Rick Perry did? Well anyway, Lousianans, you voted for him, you got him. And so, I leave you with this:

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