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Around the Web - August 3rd, 2011

Gene ExpressionBy Razib KhanAug 3, 2011 6:53 PM


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Culture of Science. The peripatetic Sheril Kirshenbaum's new weblog. Though I think she's going to stay put for a while now. The Life-Spans of Empires. I'll be talking about this paper soon. Academics 'Guest Authoring' Ghostwritten Medical Journal Articles Should Be Charged With Fraud, Legal Experts Argue. Crankery in the area of medicine flourishes in part due to natural cognitive biases, but also because there are many cases of crookedness and manufactured science. First Large Study to Find HIV Epidemic Among Gays in the Middle East. Seems to be following the Western model. Are Pet Owners Healthier and Happier? Maybe Not… Would that it were true. Is Our Universe Inside a Bubble? First Observational Test of the 'Multiverse'. I'm too ignorant to comment. Copy Number Variation in Familial Parkinson Disease. More than SNPs. Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is. Germany Investigating Facebook Tagging Feature. Unless there's a "Bulterian Jihad" the transparent society is inevitable. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Animal Enhancement as a Tool of Liberation. Remember the Uplift Universe? Are Smart People Getting Smarter?. Alas, I don't see it in the comments of this weblog enough :-) CpG Islands Undermethylation in Human Genomic Regions under Selective Pressure. Wheels within wheels. On the wealth gap. Difference between mean and median between blacks and Hispanics changes the rank order. Interesting. Dating Across Ideological Lines. I recall that Tyler Cowen once mentioned how libertarians tend to date liberals and not conventional conservatives. Genetic Differences Distinguish Stomach Cancers, Treatment Response. Not the differences you'd expect. Private companies own your DNA – again. I'm not going to make a crack about lawyers. But I want to..... Some Exercise Is Better Than None: More Is Better to Reduce Heart Disease Risk. Duh. Monkey See, Monkey Do? The Role of Mirror Neurons in Human Behavior. So are mirror neurons all that? Race and Personalized Medicine. First, kill all the sociologists. Decline and fall of the American empire. You don't need to be an imperial citizen to flourish. The End of the Kemalist Affair. You can't drag a whole nation into another civilization against its will. A 33,000-Year-Old Incipient Dog from the Altai Mountains of Siberia: Evidence of the Earliest Domestication Disrupted by the Last Glacial Maximum. I find multiple domestication events plausible. Wolves are ideally suited to co-adapting with humans. Free sterilisation. The main issue is that lots of young people who think they don't want kids at 25 do at 35. So make sure it's reversible. Can Microsoft Make You ‘Bing’? Large corporations can squeeze efficiencies on the margin, but Bing is still copying Google's suggestions. Kind of pathetic. Hideki Irabu, Briefly a Yankee Sensation, Dies at 42. Should Religion Play a Role in Politics? This is like asking "should men have sex with women?" It's always going to happen. The question isn't is, but the specific nature of how it plays out. The impact of Converso Jews on the genomes of modern Latin Americans. I was going to blog this, but I didn't understand one of the figures at all. Real wealth. History is returning to type in some ways. How about others? Ancient Arab Medicine Goes Online. Yes, but how about modern Arab medicine? Hitting The Wall At 114 Years Old. Proof that the Bible is not literally true? Population-genetic comparison of the Sorbian isolate population in Germany with the German KORA population using genome-wide SNP arrays. Zinc Lozenges May Shorten Common Cold Duration, Finnish Research Suggests. The positive and negative results in the area of mitigating cold symptoms is kind of lame, and tells us how much a lot of medicine is pushing on the margin of diminishing returns. GOP Making Strong Party ID Gains Among Whites.

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