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Announcing the Next Point of Inquiry: David Frum and Kenneth Silber

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneyJul 28, 2011 3:26 PM


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Clarification: This show does not air until Monday. I was getting reader suggestions for interview questions. We pre-record the show, usually the week before it airs. Stand by for the link... In about three and a half hours, I interview David Frum of and Kenneth Silber, a frequent contributor on science over there. The topic of the show is conservatism, science, and reality--and I've gotten two conservatives, albeit pretty much the opposite of Tea Partiers, to talk about it. It is my perception that across a wide array of issues--from health care to, uh, light bulb policy--the U.S. political right today just views the world differently, and has a different set of facts (which, I'm afraid, tend to be wrong). I want Frum, and Silber, to tell me to what extent I'm right, and to what extent I'm wrong--and also to show me where the liberal blind spots are. But of course, you may also have questions for them--so suggest away. They'll be considered if posted in the next three hours or so.... By the way, here is a piece by Silber, entitled "How I Joined the Vast RINO Conspiracy." And here is Frum's classic article taking on Rush Limbaugh.

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