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An ID Proponent Denies Global Warming

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneyNov 17, 2009 12:44 AM


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Wow. The Medved Show today went very differently than I expected. I was all prepared to talk about evolution and intelligent design; instead, Stephen Meyer of the anti-evolutionist Discovery Institute spent far more time attacking climate science than evolutionary science. In this endeavor, he pulled out all the old chestnuts: the Oregon Petition, cooling during the 1970s, the alleged end to warming in this decade, satellite versus ground temperature measurements...egads. I'll have more to say here about what I meant to say there, but for now, just an observation: If I were Meyer, and I wanted to make the case for intelligent design as good science, I would not tie my position at all to global warming denial, much less in such a close way as I heard him doing today. That's two wildly controversial scientific positions to explain, instead of one; it starts you down the Tom Bethell road of denying almost everything, including HIV/AIDS and even relativity and even even Shakespeare's authorship of his plays. Not good for credibility....and it makes me wonder, how many folks from the Discovery Institute also attack climate science?

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