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Albert Mohler Whacks My USA Today Spirituality Column

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneySep 13, 2010 3:08 PM


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See here. No sooner had I predicted that while New Atheists may agree with my column, "it might rile conservative Christians considerably," the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary proves me right. Mohler's words:

In its own way, Mooney’s column serves to illustrate the vacuity that marks modern spirituality. There is nothing to it — no beliefs, no God, no morality, no doctrine, no discipleship. Spirituality in this sense is what is left when Christianity disappears and dissipates. It is the perfect religious mode for the postmodern mind. It requires nothing and promises nothing, but it serves as a substitute for authentic beliefs.....

There was no space to explain this in the column, but that's not true. I believe a science based spirituality can have very great depth, and can lead to very important motivations and inspirations...but that's a far longer story. Mohler continues:

The real question posed by Mooney’s USA Today column is whether Christians possess the discernment to recognize this postmodern mode of spirituality for what it is — unbelief wearing the language of a bland faith. Chris Mooney might be on to something here. The American public just might be confused enough to fall for this spirituality ploy. Will Christians do the same?

Some are already doing it -- which is what I'm sure the Rev. Mohler is concerned about. That's the power of spirituality. Religious or otherwise, it gets you outside the structure of an established church, and lets you decide what matters, and what has meaning. For some traditional religious leaders, I'm sure that's a very scary prospect. For scientists, it's the opposite. It meshes perfectly with their individuality.

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