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Cosmic VarianceBy Sean CarrollNov 13, 2006 11:14 PM


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Following in JoAnne's footsteps, I've been in the midst of arguably my most exhausting bout of insane traveling ever -- nine different stops over the course of less than a month, two of which involved two talks in one day! And one of which was at my old Philadelphia stomping grounds, where the people of the great-but-occasionally-confused state of Pennsylvania had recently rid themselves of the creepy menace that is Rick Santorum. (Actually, Michael, it's a great-but-occasionally-confused commonwealth, but you're a Francophone carpetbagger so that's okay.) And where I was greeted, upon driving out of the airport, by a lovely billboard proclaiming Santorum is Good for Senate (sic). With snappy slogans like that one, perched precariously at the grammatical cutting edge, I can't imagine how he lost. I'm looking forward to settling back down to bucolic LA and churning out the high-quality blogging that CV readers expect. In the meantime, a couple of links distinguished by the fact that they link to us!

We should just start a separate blog, and have every post on each consist of links to the other site. Just for balance, one link that doesn't link to us:

  • A great explanation of the Beyond Einstein program by Charles Daney at Science and Reason (via Steinn). We complain all the time about government agencies cutting funding for basic science, but here we're really seeing a wholesale gutting of NASA astrophysics in action.

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