Cosmic VarianceBy Sean CarrollMay 3, 2006 6:57 PM


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Some new-ish physics-y blogs that you might not know about, but are worth checking out. (How do I know about them? Probably because at some point they linked to CV. Not that I ever check.)

  • Backreaction is a group blog, I think by [strike]some physics grad students[/strike] mostly postdocs. Sabine Hossenfelder seems to be the lead conspirator. Great fun posts, full of interesting physics.

  • physics musings, subtitled "the tale of a physicist's comeback." Jao (Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz) got a Ph.D. in gravitational-wave detectors, left the field, and has now been inspired to get back in.

  • Charm &c. is by an experimentalist at Cornell, apparently working at Fermilab. Otherwise mysterious.

  • Sexy Science is like Us magazine, for science. No physicists yet! Outrageous.

  • Galactic Interactions is by occasional CV commenter Rob Knop. Articles about tenure and funding are must-reading.

  • Brad Hoc is not entirely serious, but still he should post more. He's single ladies!

Just a small sample of relatively new blogs that I happened to have noticed. As of this moment, Cosmic Variance is arguably the largest physics-oriented blog on the web. But the idea is just catching on, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we were overtaken at some point sooner rather than later. Which is great -- let everyone do their thing, and the quality stuff will bubble to the top. If you have your own science-type blog that you'd like to plug, or know of some good ones that deserve wider recognition, consider this thread the place to be shameless.

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