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By Synergy Botanicals
Jun 3, 2023 5:00 AMJun 3, 2023 10:19 PM


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In recent years, CBD oil has become one of the most in-demand natural products for wellness and self-care due to benefits observed by both scientists and millions of consumers. While the number of companies selling CBD and making claims about the best CBD products has skyrocketed and there are more options available than ever, it is important to make sure you are buying a quality product from a company you can trust. In this high demand market, it can be difficult to find the most trustworthy brands. We searched through the hundreds of CBD companies out there and found a unique company called Synergy Botanicals that is standing out from the crowd with quality and transparency.

Synergy Botanicals was founded by two experienced pharmacists who saw many of their patients improve their quality of life with CBD products. After extensive research, they decided to create a trustworthy brand with natural, safe, pure CBD products.

The focus of these natural CBD products is centered around quality of life issues including:

●     CBD Oil for Pain

●     CBD Oil for Stress

●     CBD Oil for Anxiety

●     CBD Oil for Sleep

●     CBD Oil for Focus

Why Use CBD Oil Products?

Despite the increased popularity of CBD oil, it is frequently misunderstood or confused with marijuana. Since CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, it is easy for misinformation to spread or companies to make false claims about their products.


CBD is the medical abbreviation for cannabidiol, a primary component found in cannabis plants, including cannabis sativa or hemp. CBD is not like THC and does not make people high because it is non-psychoactive. CBD has been found to have a wide range of medical applications, including relieving pain and anxiety. According to a clinical report from the World Health Organization, “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential” and “there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant in a variety of ways; Synergy Botanicals uses the CO2 extraction method to ensure the best CBD oil that is safe and pure. The extracted hemp oil containing CBD is then added to a carrier oil such as MCT coconut oil and used in products that can either be taken orally or applied to the skin for different absorption rates and health benefits.

The Benefits of CBD Oil with Terpenes

All of the CBD products at Synergy Botanicals maintain their quality with high concentrations of naturally present hemp Terpenes. CBD Oil with Terpenes provides additional benefits and retains more natural compounds found in the oils of the Hemp plant for a synergistic approach. The founders of Synergy Botanicals do not believe in using artificial ingredients or flavors in their products. Instead, they use the natural Terpenes to give each formulation its own aroma and taste profile.

Synergy Botanicals has three unique sublingual oil formulations, all of which contain high amounts of Terpenes and are taken sublingually under the tongue: CBD Energy Terpenes, CBD Relax Terpenes, and CBD Recover Terpenes. Each CBD oil contains the same amount of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids but varies in the amount and types of Terpenes.

The founders of Synergy Botanicals learned that these Terpenes are naturally present in the Hemp plant and are also present in healthy fruits and vegetables most of us eat every day.

Take a look at the chart below for some of the Terpenes they use in their formulations.

The Best CBD Products from Synergy Botanicals

The most beneficial CBD products carried by Synergy Botanicals are the High Potency CBD oils with Terpenes. Their CBD oils come in strengths of 250mg, 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg. The first three strengths all have the same high CBD potency at 50 mg/ml. However, the 3000 mg strength has a CBD concentration of 100 mg/ml which makes them one of the few companies with such a high potency and dosage. Their price of $199.99 is considerably affordable, at approximately 6 cents per mg, when compared to other companies that also sell higher strength oils. This is a great value because the 3000 mg can last up to 120 days or 4 months for the average person taking 25MG a day.

Synergy Botanicals offers free shipping on all orders. A free dri-fit t-shirt is included once you spend over $100 on the website, so you can get a muscle recovery product such as CBD Recover Terpenes paired with a free shirt for the gym.

Best CBD Oil for Recovery: Full Spectrum CBD Recover Terpenes

Recover Terpenes Oil from Synergy Botanicals is their signature formula that can help with muscle recovery, sleep quality, stress and more. They are best used after exercise when muscle recovery is needed. CBD Recover Terpenes contain myrcene and caryophyllene, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and help with muscle recovery and sleep.

Browse Synergy Botanicals’ Best CBD Oil for Recovery

Best CBD Oil for Energy: Full Spectrum CBD Energy Terpenes

Synergy Botanicals’ pharmacist formulated Energy Terpenes oil can help with energy, focus, attention, mood, stress, and more. CBD Energy Terpenes contains limonene to help improve focus and attention. It provides you with natural energy from terpenes without addiction or crash like caffeine and energy drinks.

Browse Synergy Botanicals’ Best CBD Oil for Energy

Best CBD Oil for Relaxation: Full Spectrum CBD Relax Terpenes

Relax Terpenes Oil from Synergy Botanicals is a perfect way to unwind after a long day. This sublingual CBD Oil can help with stress, sleep quality, relaxation, and more. CBD Relax Terpenes contains linalool to help relax and relieve stress.

Browse Synergy Botanicals’ Best CBD Oil for Relaxation

Best CBD Topicals: CBD Muscle and Joint Cooling Gel and Healing Balm

If you’re looking to gain the benefits of CBD directly applied to your skin, their CBD Roll On is a great choice. This product has a cooling gel formula with menthol to help your muscles recover faster. They also have a CBD Healing Balm with Turmeric and Capsicum which is an oil based formula for moisturizing and massaging.

Browse Synergy Botanicals’ Best CBD Topicals

Best CBD Oil for Pets: Full Spectrum CBD Healthy Pets

If you’re looking for the best CBD products for pets, Synergy Botanicals has a great option for that as well. They have a CBD Healthy Pets product that is Full Spectrum and does not contain high amounts of Terpenes that pets may be sensitive to. A dosing chart is provided, and since dosage is considerably less in dogs and cats than humans, 750 mg can last quite a while.

Browse Synergy Botanicals’ Best CBD Oil for Pets

The Importance of Third Party Testing for the Best CBD Products

With so many CBD options on the market and a lack of government regulation, unfortunately a lot of companies falsely advertise what is in their CBD products and fail to show lab tests. Synergy Botanicals believes strongly in honesty and transparency, which is why they ensure that all of their products are pure and safe by testing them through a licensed third-party testing facility. These tests show levels of cannabinoids and terpenes as well as detecting any traces of unwanted foreign material such as pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria or yeast.

Synergy Botanicals wants their customers to know exactly what is in their pharmacist formulated products, so they are happy to share their third party CBD lab testing results and information on their easy to navigate website. Every one of their products is tested with state of the art equipment at a third-party Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) licensed and accredited lab and receives a COA (Certificate of Analysis) Report that measures all of the ingredients in the product down to the smallest amount. We were glad to see that all safety tests were completed by the third-party lab to ensure there are no harsh chemicals or pesticides in their oils.

CBD Education and Resources from Synergy Botanicals

Since the founders of Synergy Botanicals are Pharmacists, their focus is on CBD education from clinical literature, which is why they are well-informed and can provide in-depth information about the best CBD products for their customers, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds found in hemp. They provide educational materials and guides on the best ways to take CBD oils, which you can find on their CBD blog as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages. Some of their recent posts include information on CBD medication interactions and the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Dedicated to Serving Customers with the Best CBD Products and Service

In addition to educating their customers on the benefits of CBD and being transparent about the high quality of their pharmacist formulated products, Synergy Botanicals puts a high priority on customer service. Their customer service can be accessed from their website or social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

As pharmacists, the team at Synergy Botanicals is uniquely qualified to answer their customers’ questions about the best CBD products. They also schedule consultations for anyone who might have general questions about CBD drug interactions. Their serious commitment to guide healthcare professionals and consumers about the science and benefits of their products separates them from other CBD companies. They advise people that are on other medications like anticoagulants, anti-seizure, analgesics, or steroids to be cautious of taking CBD oral products as cannabidiol can alter the levels of these medications. This is why they provide more drug interaction information on a case by case basis to individuals through consultations.

CBD Wholesale and Affiliates

Businesses looking to carry Synergy Botanicals’ products in retail stores and wholesale can reach out on their CBD wholesale form to obtain additional information. However, they are selective in who they choose to partner with and most of their partners are independent pharmacies. They provide on-site visits to their partners to ensure the Pharmacists and staff are knowledgeable and educated to answer questions about CBD. On top of that, they also have a great affiliate program that anyone can join if they are interested in gaining commissions off of marketing their products and brand.

You can find out more about the company on the Synergy Botanicals website, Facebook, or Instagram. Whether you’re looking for CBD oil for pain, sleep, anxiety, muscle recovery, or just to relax, Synergy Botanicals can help you find the best CBD products for your needs.

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