Nicotine-Free Dip: 7 Best Companies

By Larry Carroll
May 7, 2021 5:00 AMMay 10, 2021 1:24 PM
Nicotine-Free Dip


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Traditional dip contains dozens of harmful compounds, but the most well-known chemical is nicotine. Nicotine is not only highly addictive, it has a profound impact on cardiovascular health. Prolonged nicotine use is known to increase heart rate, blood pressure, and the flow of blood to the heart. It also narrows the arteries and may even harden the arterial walls.

If you love the experience that dip offers but want a healthier alternative, we’ve got you covered! Here are 7 of the best companies that offer nicotine-free dip that provides the same chew, just without all of the health risks.

1. Black Buffalo

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to tobacco-free dip, Black Buffalo is sure to exceed your expectations. This brand has formulated a dip alternative that is both tobacco and nicotine free. This means that you can still partake in the experience, just without all of the health risks.

Black Buffalo products are made using a specific kind of lettuce. The crops are grown in North Carolina in conditions that create leaves that have a tobacco-like texture and feel. So if you’re looking for a product that offers the same taste and experience of traditional tobacco, this nicotine-free dip is sure to deliver.

The brand’s ZERO line is available in several flavors, including mint, wintergreen, blood orange, and peach. So whether you're looking for dip that has hints of raspberry, citrus and smoke or prefer a soothing combination of peppermint and spearmint, you’re sure to find a Black Buffalo product that meets your needs.

For a realistic dip experience without exposing yourself to tobacco and nicotine, Black Buffalo is a top contender.

2. BaccOff

Quitting nicotine doesn’t have to mean quitting dip. BaccOff has mastered handcrafted chewing tobacco alternatives that provide the dipping experience without exposing yourself to nicotine and other harmful chemicals found in traditional dip.

BaccOff products are made with tea or mint leaf bases. The leaves are then combined with other ingredients, all of which are FDA approved, in order to create a final product that mimics the taste and feel of tobacco.

BaccOff offers a variety of dip alternatives to choose from, including pouches, fine cut, and rough cut varieties. Each type is available in a range of flavors, including Classic Straight, Original, Smooth Peach, Classic Wintermint, Classic Mint, and Classic Apple Blend.

The company even has a line of energized dip that is infused with caffeine and B vitamins, which can help you get through those hard days.

3. Whitetail Smokeless

Whitetail Smokeless products are made to look, feel, taste, and pack just like traditional tobacco dip. But instead of using tobacco leaves, this dip is made with organic mint leaves and food grade/GRAS flavorings.

Unlike other nicotine-free dips, this brand doesn’t use honey, molasses, or sugar. Instead, sweetness is added using xylitol. This is because the makers didn’t want to create a product that increased the risk of tooth decay.

Together, these ingredients create a clean, strong, and great tasting leaf chew that lasts and provides a memorable experience. The best part is that you never have to worry about the health risks posed by traditional tobacco dip.

Whitetail Smokeless is available in many flavors, including:

●      Straight

●      Wintergreen

●      Mint

●      Green Apple

So whether you're looking for an alternative that offers the familiar smokey, salty, sweetness of traditional tobacco or want something a little more fruity, Whitetail Smokeless has just the flavor for you.

4. Smokey Mountain

Smokey Mountain is marketed as the original tobacco and nicotine-free smokeless brand. The company offers long cut, herbal pouches, and even variety packs. Whether you're looking for a classic tobacco flavor or are interested in something minty or fruity, Smokey Mountain is sure to have a product for you.

These products are made with FDA approved food grade ingredients and are manufactured in a FDA inspected facility. Snuff products are made with molasses, corn silk, and kudzu root while pouches are made with green tea, cellulose, and glycerine.

While the taste isn’t exactly like smokeless tobacco, Smokey Mountain creators have created a very similar product that is a great alternative for those who are looking to remove tobacco and nicotine from their lives.

5. TeaZa

TeaZa markets itself as the provider of healthy dip. The brand's products are tobacco and nicotine free, and are crafted to boost focus and energy, while also giving you the oral stimulation that you crave throughout the day.

TeaZa was developed by a doctor who wanted to create a healthier oral stimulation. Chewing dip helps you stay alert and focused, but it comes with a laundry list of health risks. TeaZa is made with healthy herbs and vitamins and even peppers to closely replicate the experience and benefits of dipping tobacco.

This brand definitely offers the widest range of flavors, including:

●      Banging' Black Cherry

●      Cherry

●      Coffee

●      Mango Habanero

●      Peppermint

●      Spicy Cinnamon

●      Tropical

●      Wintergreen

●      Cool Mint Chill

●      Tropical Chill

●      Wintergreen Chill

TeaZa also offers caffeinated and non-caffeinated options, so you can use this product when you need an energy boost (or when you don't!).

6. Triumph Chew

Triumph Chew feels just like tobacco and offers the same kick, but without all of the risks. This brand offers medium cut products because this type of chew works best with mint leaves. Medium cut feels nice in the lip and stays well-packed. Finer or thicker chews can detract from the overall experience.

Triumph Chew has great moisture and texture, but is a great alternative for chewers who want to avoid exposure to nicotine and other harmful chemicals.

Like other brands on the market, Triumph Chew can be customized to meet your needs. While all products are available without nicotine, they can also be purchased in quarter, half, and full nicotine strengths. You can also choose from delicious flavors, including Wintergreen, Mint, Classic, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bourbon.

7. Hooch Snuff

Hooch Snuff is a great dip alternative if you're looking for a product that's made with all natural ingredients and is free of tobacco and nicotine. Quitting traditional dip doesn't mean that you have to quit altogether. Hooch Snuff products are designed to mimic the taste and mouthfeel of traditional tobacco.

This brand offers a variety of flavors, ranging from minty to fruity to spicy. There are also classic tobacco flavors for those who want to enjoy a more traditional experience. Flavors include:

●      Classic

●      Cherry

●      Cinnamon

●      Grape

●      Key Lime

●      Mint

●      Peach

●      Spearmint

●      Spitfire

●      Spitfire 7

●      Whiskey

●      Wintergreen

All flavors are available in four cuts, including regular, rough, packs, and fat packs.

Final Thoughts

Quitting tobacco and nicotine doesn’t have to mean giving up the dip experience altogether. These 7 companies offer high quality alternatives that provide the same taste, feel, and chew, without putting your health at risk.

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