LCS2 Reviews - Does Lead Conversion Squared Really Work?

By Seogladiator Inc.Sep 15, 2020 5:00 AM
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This is an independent review of LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) program by SEOGladiator. This report shares important information everyone must know before signing up.

LCS2 or Lead Conversion Squared is a lead generation software that automates the process of attracting leads and converting them into paying customers. In short, the CRM takes your prospects on their journey from strangers to customers. To better understand the working of this CRM, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are running a live 3-day business Master Class.

This live workshop will reveal everything you need to build a successful business online. It teaches you how to optimize your landing page with the Lead Conversion Squared software, so that you can accomplish stellar conversion rates. In short, the goal of LCS2 3-day business Master Class is simple: to get you the right customers, not just any customers so you can build a loyal following for your business.

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Have you been struggling to get the right customers despite having a stellar business idea? Does your website look wonderful, but doesn’t have traffic that converts into paying customers? If you’re nodding yes, then you are on the right page. Lead generation or the science and art of converting incoming traffic into long-term, satisfied customers is no child’s play.

You need to hire specialists like a landing page designer and conversion copywriter to improve your sales funnel. But this piece isn’t about recommending you to spend thousands of dollars on hiring the right people. Instead, it introduces you to a CRM software for lead generation called Lead Conversion Squared.   

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Lead Conversion Squared Review 

Lead Conversion Squared or LCS2 is a lead generation software that offers great ROI. Why? Because it teaches you to get more interested buyers or customers. The masterclass is mainly for entrepreneurs doing online business and figuring their way to getting more people to convert. 

The core concept of the software service is that you give convincing webinars to convert customers. And to get people to watch your webinars, the masterclass teaches you how to optimize your landing page to get more people to subscribers and, ultimately, buy from you with the CRM software. Hence, the strategy boils down to tweaking your landing page to make it more accessible. 

This way, the focus of the CRM software is on accessibility – a trait that ensures that your landing page is open to use and understanding to a lot of people. The best part is that LCS2 offers you a virtual assistant that is talented enough to help you walk through each of the steps the class teaches you. This way, you can get about 1000 leads per month. 

Want some good news? Lead Conversion Squared software is easy to understand and follow. This is because the masterclass is planned in a manner that explains the A-Z of the software. With the help from the virtual assistant, you can also get any of your questions answered if the class doesn’t answer them for you already. 

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What Should You Join LCS2 3-Day Master Class?

Those who are interested in starting their own online business or want to take their existing business to a whole new level, should really join this workshop. The live 3-day business Master Class will have all the necessary details of Daven and Chad’s turnkey system of building a successful home-based business in real time. To top it all off, the attendees will receive 3 free bonuses worth $2184. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up and get these bonuses. It’s free of cost!

Bonus #1: Instant Access to VIP Members Area

Bonus #2: Access to a Private Community That Will Teach You How To Build Your Own Online Business

Bonus #3: Private VIP Bundle

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What Does LCS2 Offer? 

As per Daven and Chad, the LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared is a revolutionary software that is all about lead generation and conversion. But you won’t be left with a new lead generation software on your own. 

Instead, you will get the training to navigate and correctly use this software such that you can use it to its best and reap its maximum potential. 

With the help of the software, you can redesign your landing pages(s), which makes it reachable to lots and lots of your potential customers. It also ensures that the landing page is easily accessible and visually appealing – both characteristics that are essential for attracting and retaining lots of leads. 

Moreover, users can customize reminders, which helps you create a unique and personalized touch to the process. If you are open to it, you can include videos to get more of your lead’s attention. 

On top of this, there is also a pre-trained virtual assistant that helps with monthly lead generation. 

Hence, there are two parts to this program: 

1.   Virtual assistant 

A pre-trained virtual assistant available with the LCS2 software also helps to navigate the system in addition to the training you get. This means you can get more leads per month. 

2.  Lead Conversion Squared software

LCS Squared software helps you build a system to take cold visitors or strangers through your sales funnel so you can convert visitors into interested leads, followed by taking those leads to customers. 

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Your Guide To Common Terms Being Used 

It’s common to get confused about lead generation, conversion rates, and so on. But these are words commonly used when it comes to getting customers from your online business. To make things easy for you, here’s a quick explanation of these conversion-related words:

Website optimization: This process involves making the right tweaks to a website to make it more accessible to users, which encourages more of the incoming visitors to your site to convert into customers. 

Landing page optimization: This is the same as website optimization except that the tweaks are made to a landing page to make it more conversion-oriented. 

Conversion: When visitors coming to your site like what they see and are convinced by your message, they convert into subscribers to your emails or turn into customers. This move from interested visitors to potential buyers or buyers is known as conversion.

Conversion rate: The rate at which your traffic converts into customers or leads (potential buyers) is known as conversion rate. 

Sales funnel: This is a stepwise system to take traffic from their stranger phase to customer phase. In other words, the funnel is a system you build to nurture leads or interested buyers into paying customers. 

Also read Lead Conversion Squared custom reviews and testimonials. Does LCS2 Really Work For Everyone? Find Out More Before You Sign Up!

How Does LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared Work? 

LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared CRM software assists you in building a system or a sales funnel that nurtures new customers every day. This system is divided into the following steps: 

•      Automated follow-ups 

•      A thorough sales pipelines 

•       A tagging system 

•      A text-based follow-through system 

Note that all these steps are pre planned and automated where possible. This means there’s less work for you and your leads are automatically generated. 

The high quality leads that you can get from LCS2 software help you build a sustainable business by expanding your target audience and keep them engaged so they convert.

With the automated processes, your audience is periodically reminded of your products/services so that you can leave an impression on your audience. This way, your audience doesn’t forget you, providing you a long-term business opportunity. 

Who is LCS2 Software For? 

LCS2 or Lead Conversion Squared is for entrepreneurs and online business owners. But, really, anyone who is interested in starting their own online business or want to earn money while working at home can use this software and training. sign up for the 3-day Master Class using the link given below to get a better idea of how powerful this software and training is. You will be stunned!

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What’s So Amazing About LCS2? 

Lead Conversion Squared comes with a ton of benefits. These range from a budget-friendly pricing to a great return on investment. Most importantly, the software helps in improving your web page and landing page optimization, which is a skill that you can use to make lots of money by improving your lead generation process. 

Here’s a brief look at the benefits of taking this masterclass: 

•      Professional planned software

LCS2 software comes from marketers, Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels who have learned about conversion optimization from their own experiences of trial and error. They have packaged their learnings into this software so you can automate the process, improving efficiency and saving your time while getting you multiple leads.

•      You don’t have to be a genius to use LCS2 

Another good point is that using Lead Conversion Squared software doesn’t have many requirements. If anything, you can take it as a beginner entrepreneur or marketer seeking to improve your conversion rates. This means you don’t need any technical skills to be able to use the service and get more leads. 

•      Featured by mainstream media 

Lastly, there’s also solid proof backing this software. According to the press release talking about the LCS2 program, this 3-day business masterclass has been featured by many mainstream media channels. 

•      Proven, ultra-converting lead magnet

You also get a signup page, which is proven for converting cold traffic into hot leads. This page is easy to customize so you can tweak it to meet your brand colors. You also get your hands on a unique mockup for each prospect that makes it easy for you to leave personalized videos for new leads.

•      Come accompanied with a training and virtual assistant

When you get this white-labeled CRM software, you don’t have to figure out how to use it. Instead, you’ll get training that teaches you how to use and a virtual assistant trained in using the software to help you out too.

•      LCS2 is a white-labeled software

With white-label, you have the license to use the CRM software for your agency or business. Hence, you’ll be getting a reseller license to use the Lead Conversion Squared software to meet all your business needs. Other features that you’ll enjoy include automated lead follow-up, sales pipeline, text messaging, and a lot more.

How Much Does LCS2 Cost? Where to Buy and Refund Policy!

The LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared software is available for purchase only on the official website here. With your purchase, you won’t only get a software, but also the strategies, trainings, webinars, etc. You will have a clear vision of the online business you will be creating.

As for pricing, you have two options to choose from. You can either make a one-time payment of $2,997 or go with 2 installments of $1,497 each. There’s also a money-back guarantee of 30-days if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase or results.

LCS2 Reviews - The Final Verdict 

LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is a proven, high-converting CRM software for all those interested in getting more customers for their businesses. It is economically priced and is easy to use, making it convenient for you to rely on the software to grow your business. Get it today at a discounted price while it is still available.

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