15 Best Turmeric Supplements (2023) Top Turmeric Curcumin Pills

By Amber SmithJun 3, 2023 5:00 AM
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Turmeric use has its roots in ancient India as a culinary spice, from where it spread to China and other global locations. Also, India is the world's leading producer of the ginger-like rhizome, producing over 500,000 tons of the commodity annually. One reason that made this golden-hued spice popular in past civilizations was its healing properties for common ailments like the common cold. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, burning turmeric produced potent fumes to alleviate congestion and other respiratory tract ailments.

Ranking the Best Turmeric Supplements

Turmeric derives most of its beneficial properties from curcumin, the substance responsible for the golden yellow color. Turmeric curcumin pills and supplements are all the rage nowadays, and if you are thinking of using them, you might find it challenging as the number of brands selling the product is overwhelming. In this article, we pick out the best supplements for 2022 to make your work easier. Here we go:

1. The Best #1 Elm & Rye Turmeric Collagen Capsules – Buy Here

Elm & Rye uses only the best and purest ingredients to make all of its supplements, and these turmeric capsules are no exception. Sustainably sourced from farms that care just as much about the earth as about your health, the turmeric that Elm & Rye is tested for potency and quality by a third-party lab before it is bottled in its eco-conscious packaging and delivered to your door.

When you want a product that can support your health through its anti-inflammatory, joint-supporting and antioxidant properties, Elm & Rye’s turmeric capsules are just right for you. 

While these capsules are not vegan, they are made with pure ingredients, so you never have to worry about unnatural fillers or harmful additives. A bottle with 30 servings contains 700 mg natural turmeric to help tame inflammation and support your wellness on a daily basis. Start taking the best turmeric from Elm & Rye and see the difference that quality can make!

Price: $50 (30 Capsules)

Elm & Rye Turmeric Collagen Capsules – Buy Here

2. Clior Nutraceuticals Advanced Turmeric Tablets -3000 MG

Formerly known as Cambridge Labs, Clior Nutraceuticals combine maximum potency and the amazing benefits of piperine from black pepper in this bestselling formulation. These compact tablets provide maximum value, with one bottle being a sufficient supply for an entire year. You will only need to take a single tablet for your day's needs.

Clior's supplements have a curcumin concentration of 95%, making them superior to natural turmeric. Each tablet packs a massive 3000 mg curcumin extract unrivaled in our list and difficult to achieve from the daily diet. If you suffer from heartburn, painful joints, radiation-induced skin inflammation, digestive problems and arthritis, it's time to get started on this powerful antidote.

Price: $39.00

3. Nature's Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 95%-2600 MG.

Turmeric curcumin extract fused with Bioperine is easy to absorb, and Nature's Nutrition curcumin has an excellent absorption rate. The formulation is a rich source of antioxidants, meeting 95% curcumin concentration. These supplements undergo third-party testing to guarantee purity and high-quality. Each bottle packs 60 to 240 capsules and best taken with meals for optimum results.

Consider this powerful combination for safe relief if you experience joint pain from arthritis or after a strenuous activity like cardio exercise or weightlifting. Packed with a high level of antioxidants, you can say goodbye to coughs and recurring colds. Remember to check with your physician to ensure these supplements don't interfere with your regular medication.

Price: $20.00-59.00

4. Oxford Vitality Turmeric & Black Pepper Tablets-2500 MG

Oxford Vitality's reputation as a global authority in the health supplements industry guarantees high standards and quality assurance. Turmeric and black pepper combine in this potent formula for maximum bioavailability. Also, black pepper promotes toxin removal from the body and cleans the liver for optimum function.

Expect to reap maximum anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and digestive benefits from these supplements. You can buy various tablet servings: 120, 240, 365, 500, 1000, making it easy for multiple users to share. Having a long-term supply of these tablets makes it a cost-effective option since a single order might be all you need to fix your body. Take care to look out for the expiry date should you go for the largest quantity.

Price: $10.00- $53.00

5. VitaPremium Turmeric Curcumin Capsules-2130 MG

Vita Premium's high-strength curcumin formula incorporates ginger and black pepper for optimum effectiveness. Gingers is an excellent digestion aid, while black pepper promotes quick absorption of the turmeric extract into the body. This is a certified product made in the UK under strict GMP standards. A bottle contains 180 capsules, more than enough supply to kickstart your journey to better health.

Consider these high-quality, certified organic supplements if you would like to boost your immune system and improve your body's antioxidant activities, all necessary aid for recovery after high-stress events like chemotherapy and other forms of cancer therapy. As turmeric may interact with medicine, it would be best to consult your practitioner before taking these supplements.

Price: $24.00

6. Wellology Organic  Adaptogenic Turmeric-1865 MG

One of the most concerning health topics in modern societies is the state of mental health. Wellology's organic turmeric supplements contain Ashwagandha, an herb that supports cognitive function. The herb also promotes stimulation and higher energy levels for maximum productivity. Combined with turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties, this formula is a powerhouse for optimum body function.

Ashwagandha also offers great relief for stress, a leading cause of anxiety and depression.  Lower stress levels make it possible to achieve satisfaction and contentment. Just like the name of the brand, Wellology, these supplements promote overall well-being. A bottle contains 120 capsules, and you need to take two per serving.

Price: $23.00

7. Sundhed Pure Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger & Bioprene-1500 MG

Whatever your health status, you stand to gain many benefits from Sundhed's pure turmeric curcumin. This highly potent formulation is a safe product and consists of natural ingredients needed to combat arthritis-induced pain. Curcumin packs amazing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate pain and restore normal joint movement.

Bioperine combines with ginger in this amazing product to promote rapid absorption of curcumin into the body for faster action.  You can enjoy improved cardiovascular health thanks to curcumin's stimulating action, which promotes optimum blood vessel’s function. A bottle of 60 capsules will give you 30 servings. It is best to talk to your health provider for advice if you are on medication.

Price: $12.00

8. Vitabright Organic Turmeric Capsules-1440 MG

Vitabright's formulation combines organic curcumin, ginger, and black pepper to promote maximum absorption, coupled with digestion benefits. Manufactured in sophisticated and accredited facilities in the UK by healthcare professionals, you can expect maximum purity and high quality when purchasing these supplements. This product is excellent for fighting inflammation and pain.

Regular intake of painkillers is known to cause adverse health effects. These supplements are a safe alternative, and with time, you wean off painkiller dependency. A bottle contains 365 capsules, and with the recommended dose of two each day, this product packs great value for money. You have a six-month supply of natural goodness without breaking the bank.

Price: $20.00

9. Zipvit Organic Turmeric-1440 MG

Zipvit's potent turmeric formulation delivers ginger, curcumin, and turmeric for maximum results. Made under high-quality standards in the UK, you can be sure that these supplements are safe for your consumption.  You can expect diminishing joint pains with regular use and start a new journey to better health. Additionally, these supplements have the Vegetarian Society's seal of approval and are suitable for vegans.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, an ideal amount for anyone who wants to take charge of their health and the brand recommends two capsules each day. As with other supplements, you need to consider your doctor's advice if you are taking any medication type. Given the capsule strength, the product packs great value and is worth adding to your cart.

10. Protea Wellness Turmeric Capsules-1400 MG

Protea wellness is a health and wellness farm based in the UK, keen to provide high-quality supplements created from the purest ingredients. By taking these potent capsules, you can expect to reap turmeric's excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These supplements are also a reliable pain-relieving agent for osteoarthritis pain gradually.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, and you need to take two each day for maximum gains. You can always open these capsules gently and dissolve the powder in water if that is your preferred mode of dosing. Also, the formulation is free from gluten, lactose and chemicals to deliver an all-inclusive solution for healthier living.

Price: $23.00

11. Vitafoyo Organic Turmeric Curcumin Capsules-1400 MG

Vitafoyo's supplements have the Soil Association's certification and source their turmeric from India, known for the highest quality. Manufacturing takes place under strict GMP regulations in the UK to ensure high levels of purity. These capsules combine organic ginger and piperine to promote maximum bioavailability. 

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, enough supply for two months, which can also extend to four months if you prefer to take a single capsule. Vitafoyo's turmeric curcumin delivers a potent formula at one of the most affordable costs in the market, giving an exceptional value for your money. Also, these are free from lactose, nuts, gluten, and wheat.

Price: $15.00

12. Sport Supplies Organic Turmeric Curcumin & Ginger 1380 MG

If you are looking to incorporate turmeric into your daily routine, Sport Supplies has the perfect turmeric, ginger and black pepper formulation. These three components work together to deliver amazing health benefits and keep your body functioning optimally. You can take each day's turmeric dose seamlessly and start on a journey to a life free from aching joints and bodies. 

Sport Supplies manufactures this product in an ultra-modern facility in the UK under strict GMP standards at all production levels. You can have confidence that these supplements are safe and high in quality for the best results.  A bottle contains 120 capsules, translating to 60 servings.

Price: $17.00

13. Nutravita Organic Turmeric - 1340 MG

Nutravita's organic turmeric fuses ginger and black pepper and turmeric in its wholesome blend. These capsules deliver high-strength turmeric to ensure that you start reaping health benefits in record time. Apart from organic soil certification, Nutravita's production team consists of chemists, research scientists, and experienced pharmacologists to create an advanced and pure formula.

These supplements come in an attractive bottle containing 180 capsules, a sufficient supply for three months.  They are a safe solution for painful, inflamed tissues and muscle stiffness when compared to OTC drugs. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, you can get the best out of this magical formulation and enjoy a higher life quality.

Price: $20.00

14. Nutralie Turmeric Complex - 1300 MG

Nutralie's complex formula combines curcumin, ginger, and black pepper benefits to offer safe and organic supplementation. With 100% vegan ingredients, these supplements are gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerant users. You can look forward to safer relief from inflammation and soreness with a single purchase of this blend.

Each bottle supplies 120 capsules at a reasonable price, and the brand recommends an intake of two each day. You can enjoy relief from inflammation and recurring colds, and chest infections. Besides, you can expect an improved immune response and an overall improvement in your emotional state with regular use. Your skin will also thank you as turmeric relieves skin inflammation and acne.

Price: $24.00

15. PhiNaturals Turmeric Curcumin Capsules - 1100 MG

PhiNaturals has a line-up of advanced health products produced in a sophisticated GMP facility in the USA. Their turmeric curcumin capsules are blended with bioprene to promote rapid absorption. Users have claimed relief from joint pain, backache, depression, mood disorders, and better immunity. You can also benefit from better detoxification for better health.

These high-quality capsules come packaged in a trendy bottle, filled with 120 capsules, enough to last two months. Combined with a healthy meal and a good fitness regime, you can achieve your goals with this reasonably priced formulation. These supplements are free from gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial colors and GMOs, making them ideal for everyone.

Price: $21.00

Our Guidelines to Rating the Top Turmeric Curcumin Supplements

Numerous turmeric curcumin pills are available in a wide selection of health stores and picking an effective formula might pose a challenge, especially first-time users. Should you decide to make an independent purchase, here is what to look for:

Brand Reputation

Anything you feed into your body comes with a risk, and so do supplements. One of the surest ways to pick out safe products is by looking at a company's reputation. Renowned brands have a name to protect and care about client satisfaction and safety. They also have to stick to manufacturing requirements to avoid losing their licenses and certifications. It is advisable to avoid little-known brands when shopping for a supplement since there might be insufficient information about their products.

Third-Party Testing

Many companies lack transparent procedures and very little is known about their operations. Companies that invite third-party tests are determined to prove that their products meet laid-down quality standards and are confident about their products' safety. Consider buying health supplements from companies that value third-party testing to avoid sub-standard purchases.


Price variation is an essential factor when selecting a health supplement. From our list, it is clear that the majority of turmeric supplements fall within a specific price range. With such insight, you can point out products that fall out of this range to avoid cheap, low-quality supplements or inflated prices without extra benefits. Remember to stay within your spending limits to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Possible Interactions

It is important to understand your health status before buying supplements. Several circumstances, like pregnancy and chronic ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure, make you a sensitive candidate. It is imperative to talk to a healthcare professional if you fall under these categories. Some herbs like Asian ginseng and ginger are known to adversely interact with life-saving medications such as Warfarin, used as a blood thinner.


Before picking a supplement, take your time to read the label and determine the type of ingredients that constitute it. Since herbal supplements have their origins in nature, it is advisable to stick to natural formulations. Potentially toxic elements like talc and artificial colors, with no proven nutritional value, might feature in some ingredient lists. Find out all you need to know every component to make an informed choice.

Allergic Reactions

Most allergic reactions clear on their own. However, some allergies can lead to life-threatening situations. To avoid an unpleasant experience, always look out for components that trigger allergies. Treating and managing allergic reactions is costly and there is no logical reason to downplay allergens.  If you react negatively to gluten, consider a gluten-free product.


It is imperative to consider dosage instructions before picking a supplement.  Are you able to take the recommended dose at the specified times? Do factors like age and weight concern you? Tackling these questions will help you establish a product that is easy to incorporate into your routine.

Client Reviews

Reviews are a vital pointer to the quality and effectiveness of any product, not just supplements. Whenever you are searching for health supplements, remember to pay close attention to the review section. Are the clients satisfied with the product? What do they like most about it? How does the company handle queries and complaints? Answering these questions will help you make a wiser selection.

Turmeric in Scientific Trials

The spice has grown in popularity many years later to become a modern household name for various health benefits. Turmeric, depending on concentration and activity levels, provides antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. While scientists and health practitioners may differ on its health benefits, there are no studies to point any negative effects of using turmeric, even at exaggerated doses.

There are many ways to use turmeric, from capsules, gummies, tablets and powder to liquid. Topical applications have also proved beneficial for skin conditions such as acne and wounds. Many brands have taken up production, and you can choose from a wide selection of supplements. It is safer and recommendable to consult your doctor if you are on medication before using any turmeric supplement.

Turmeric draws special attention from traditional healers, scientific researchers, and modern health practitioners. Consequently, many studies have established the health benefits of this precious herb and its main ingredient, curcumin. Here are some findings regarding curcumin's potential as a health supplement:

Anti-inflammatory Properties

There are two categories of inflammation: acute and chronic. Acute types last for short periods, while chronic types are prolonged and a source of concern. Inflammation is a leading cause of poor health when left untreated. It is indicated in conditions like cancer, diabetes, colitis, allergies and asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

Leading a healthy lifestyle that incorporates healthy nutritional habits can go a long way to eliminate the condition. Curcumin is indicated in various studies as an anti-inflammatory agent and a therapeutic agent in managing inflammation-induced diseases.

Antioxidant Properties

Just like inflammation, oxidative damage is a cause of many diseases. When there are excessive free radicals in the body, there is a higher chance of developing illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants combat free radicals within the body and prevent oxidative damage.

Dietary uptake of natural antioxidants like curcumin can go a long way to fix oxidative stress and protect the body's cells from free radical damage. As a result, patients can enjoy better health and prevent the onset of neurological diseases.

Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is a painful condition that afflicts many senior citizens. Patients experience joint pains and stiffness that make daily living difficult. Both inflammation and oxidative damage can lead to the development of arthritis.

Since curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, it is indicated for managing pain in arthritis patients. By stopping oxidative damage and inflammation, healing and repair can take place, resulting in reduced pain.

Using Supplements Wisely

People are more informed regarding the health benefits of supplements. However, the craze can expose unsuspecting users to undesirable outcomes. Consider these practical tips to help you use supplements wisely.

Note the side effects: If you notice that you experience unpleasant symptoms like dizziness or headaches after use, it is safer to discontinue the dose.

Shun unreasonable claims: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Weight-loss claims can be ridiculous and common sense will protect your hard-earned cash.

Effects on future medical procedures: Using some supplements before surgical procedures may cause excessive bleeding or anesthesia intolerance. Always consult your physician in advance to avoid such outcomes.

Research effect on medication: Avoid combining supplements with prescription medication before consulting your doctor. Some supplements may make the medication less effective.

Always follow instructions: Following instructions is easier said than done. However, disregarding such information can lead to adverse implications on your health and finances.

Practice a healthy lifestyle: Supplements can never be enough to fix the damage caused by unhealthy living habits. Mind your physical and mental well-being.


Supplements are here to stay and picking the right one can make a big difference in your health status.  Few supplements match turmeric in health benefits, and any of these brands will revitalize your body and set you on a path to newfound wellness.

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