Best Testosterone Booster Supplements [2023 List]

By Amber Smith
Apr 30, 2023 5:00 AMMay 1, 2023 3:28 AM
Testosterone Booster


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Testosterone (T) boosters are extremely popular, especially among aging men. So, who should purchase a testosterone supplement? Men who need to feel more grounded; men who want to have better athletic and sexual execution; and men who wish to improve their charisma are the top market for testosterone support. Yet, there is expanding acknowledgment that "low T" is a cause for the more ambiguous and vague issues. Also, aging, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices play an essential role in low T cases.

It's nothing unexpected but that it assumes a significant part in determining testosterone levels in men. So, let us have a look at the best testosterone booster supplements in 2022

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2022

1. ELM & RYE - The Number ONE #1 Spot is Elm & Rye - Most Powerful Testosterone Booster 

Elm & Rye is a fan favorite and has proven to be a pioneer in testosterone boosters. This testosterone booster is suggested for you if you struggle building muscle, have low moods, have fat building around your abdomen, and notice a decrease in libido.

There are only six ingredients in Elm & Rye’s testosterone boosters.

●      Tribulus Terrestris Powder (Tribulus Terrestris) - Extracted from the Bindii plant, tribulus terrestris is said to help build muscle mass as well as protect against heart disease, circulatory, and infertility.

●      Chrysin (99%) - Chrysin is found in honey and passionflower. It is popular among bodybuilders for its ability to increase muscle mass through boosted testosterone levels.

●      Diindolylmethane (DIM) - Diindolylmethane is believed to suppress the effects of estrogen in the body and help protect against and/or treat certain types of cancer.

●      Long Jack Eurycoma Root (Eurycoma Longifolia) - Long Jack Eurycoma Root is said to help increase virility and sexual performance. This is believed to happen through supporting the body’s natural production of testosterone.

●      Gamma Oryzanol Powder: Another supplement believed to help boost both growth and testosterone levels in the system.

●      Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) 

How does it work?

A central selling point of Elm & Rye is that all of its ingredients are natural. These six ingredients safely boost testosterone levels in the body and ensure you’re not introducing your system to synthetic products or ingredients.

While some supplements supplement testosterone, Elm & Rye boost your system and encourage your body to increase testosterone production. For those with lower testosterone, this is one of the safest ways to balance your hormone levels. To achieve the desired results, Elm & Rye give you everything you need for your testosterone levels to increase naturally.

Pros and Cons


●     Increases energy and focus

●     Builds strength

●      Decreases body fat


●      Some users have reported that the price is excessive for a testosterone booster.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Low testosterone levels can make daily life more difficult. However, many of the supplements on the market contain unnatural testosterone and have a list of dangerous side effects.

Time after time, this product has been proven to increase testosterone in the body with no side effects. Whether you are looking to increase the amount of muscle in your body or looking to improve sleep and mood, all of your bases are covered with Elm & Rye.

Additionally, Elm & Rye have the least number of ingredients on this list. This mixture is a significant selling point for those looking for a booster containing a limited number of natural ingredients to improve their health. With this product, nothing goes to waste, and everything has been included for a specific purpose.

Click here to get Elm & Rye testosterone from the Official Website.

2. Penguin Testosterone Gummies - The Best Testosterone Booster For Improving Energy And Stamina

If you're looking for a boost in energy and mood, you might want to try out Penguin Testosterone Gummies. These gummies are formulated to naturally increase testosterone levels, which can help with everything from building muscle to boosting libido. And the best part? They're made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body. So whether you're an athlete looking to gain an edge or just someone who wants to feel better, give Penguin Testosterone Gummies a try and see what they can do for you.

3. TestoGen

TestoGen offers the extraordinary testosterone-boosting ability to help support T levels naturally and safely.

It is formed to help you recover your 'edge' by expanding your solidarity and endurance, honing your center, banishing sleepiness, and consuming irritating gut fat.

TestoGen contains common fixings that are protected and powerful at raising normal T levels.

These fixings include Bio Vitamin B6, Red Ginseng Extract, Fenugreek Extract, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin K1, Nettle Leaf Extract, Boron, Vitamin D, and Magnesium.

Besides, this enhancement is based on long stretches of logical proof for regular T supporters. Nutrient D is only one illustration of fixing in this plan that appeared to have a stable connection with testosterone levels!

What does this all mean? 

TestoGen is a dynamic, regular T promoter supported by science to help give you the additional increases and endurance needed to recover and reinforce your young ability!

4. Prime Male 

Supported by any semblance of Rocky III-star Dolph Lundgren and American football corridor-of-popularity Andre Reed, Prime Male is another world-class alternative with no exclusive mixes or covered up fixings.

Prime Male spotlights on a few micronutrients that are especially significant for more seasoned men, specific zinc, magnesium, and nutrient D, without loosening on pillars like bother root remove. More seasoned men are inadequate in these supplements, making their consideration essential for boosting testosterone in men above the age of 50 years.

The significant contrast is they pick an equation that controls estrogen and prolactin levels in folks.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) and nutrient D are the primary accentuations, just as Boron, BioPerene, and luteolin, which likewise block the "girly hormones."

At long last, mucuna pruriens, bother root remove, magnesium, zinc, and nutrients balance the "prime male" recipe.

5. Kaged Muscle Quality 

Ferodrox™ is an industry breakthrough testosterone booster. Each ingredient has been scientifically selected and tested for their ability to support an optimal hormonal environment, and, included in dosages shown to deliver effective support for testosterone production, gains in lean muscle, size, strength, and more.  

How Does it Work?  Ferodrox™ helps you maintain testosterone levels within the normal healthy range, support a balanced testosterone to cortisol ratio, and even includes a powerful phytonutrient shown in preliminary research to help keep estrogen levels within a normal, healthy range.    

  • LJ100® Tongkat Ali: This phytonutrient encourages favorable hormone balance by combating cortisol and supporting optimal testosterone-to-cortisol ratio within the normal range.    

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha®: A powerful botanical extract, KSM-66 has been scientifically shown to significantly lower serum cortisol levels, which can negatively affect your training, performance, and overall wellbeing.    

  • PrimaVie®: This premium, standardized shilajit helps support testosterone levels in the normal, healthy range. PrimaVie undergoes a proprietary purification process and is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).    

  • OptiZinc® : Zinc is essential for supporting an anabolic environment. L-OptiZinc® is a premium, patented, highly absorbable form of zinc, shown to be absorbed better than some other forms of zinc and sustain higher plasma levels.    

  • 3,3'-Diindolymethane (DIM): DIM is a powerful phytonutrient that preliminary research suggests can help maintain estrogen levels within the normal healthy range, which in turn can help maintain testosterone levels within the normal healthy range.    

  • BioPerine®: This patented, purified black pepper extract works to help enhance absorption, and it’s the only piperine supplement to have undergone rigorous scientific evaluation to support its safety and efficacy. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Build More Lean Muscle 

  • Increase Strength 

  • Helps Maintain Testosterone & Cortisol Ratio  

  • Promotes An Anabolic Environment 

  • Delayed Release Capsule Technology 

  • Ingredients Supported by Science  

  • Third-Party Tested  

  • Banned-Substance Free  


  • Sells out really quickly, can be tough to get  

  • Premium quality commands a slightly higher price point   

Why You Should Buy This Product  

If you’ve tried and failed to see real results with testosterone supplements, you’re not alone. The truth is, most testosterone boosters simply don’t work because they’re underdosed and utilize low-grade ingredients with very little scientific evidence. If you want to build more lean muscle, get stronger on the bench, or supercharge your swagger, Ferodrox® is the product to help you do it.   

Whether you want to get bigger, stronger, leaner, or simply want to improve your performance, Ferodrox® testosterone booster for men is one of the best ways to harness this unstoppable muscle-building hormone. Formulated with some of the most premium, patented, and scientifically tested ingredients available, there is simply no other testosterone supplement like it, and the results will shock you. 

6. Sculpt Nation’s Test Boost Max 

TEST BOOST MAX is the fastest, easiest, all-natural method for men to boost their Testosterone levels. Low Test levels can wreak havoc on your body and your brain, causing everything from belly fat gain, loss of strength, low libido, and muscle loss. TEST BOOST MAX helps your body produce more natural Testosterone, leading to more lean muscle gains, faster fat loss, and can even help your libido.  


Test Boost Max contains four ingredients that are shown to increase testosterone and lower cortisol.  

  • TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS - One study performed with Tribulus and elite Rugby players showed that Tribulus "significantly increased strength and fat-free mass." 

  • ASHWAGANDHA ROOT 4:1 EXTRACT - Ashwagandha can help reduce your body’s production of the testosterone-sapping stress hormone, Cortisol. Studies show that excess Cortisol can clamp down your testosterone levels. Studies show that Ashwagandha can also help significantly increase your testosterone levels. Ashwagandha may also help you rapidly gain strength. In one study, Ashwagandha Root helped lifters gain significant strength in the Bench Press while also packing on extra mass in the biceps, triceps, and forearms. 

  • EPIMEDIUM (EPIMEDIUM GRANDIFLORUM) - Commonly known Horny Goat Weed, this power-packed herb helps improve sexual performance by inhibiting the activity of PDE5, a chemical that blocks the dilation and blood flow to the genitals. Epimedium may also help bolster your testosterone levels, crush cortisol, and improve your libido. 

  • LONGJACK (EURYCOMA LONGIFOLLA) ROOT - Helps boost strength and support free testosterone levels.  

Lowering cortisol production is also crucial for men who want to build muscle, lose fat and improve libido. That’s why they’ve included 4 additional ingredients into the formulation to help boost testosterone production and give you the optimal amount of testosterone.  

  • Eleuthero Root 

  • Hawthorn Berry 

  • Cordyceps Mushroom 

  • Ginseng 


  • Optimizes Male Hormones 

  • Add Lean Muscle 

  • Fight Stubborn Body Fat 

  • More Focus & Energy 

  • Improved Recovery 

  • Uses Plant-Based Nutrients To Increase T-Levels 

  • Lifetime, 100%Money Back Guarantee 


  • Only available on their website: 

  • Sometimes supply is limited based on demand 

Why You Should Buy This Product  

Test Boost Max is for men in their 20’s and beyond who want to increase muscle mass, strength, and performance. It’s for men who work hard and shoulder the stress and strain that comes with going to school, running a business, raising a family and being a provider. It’s also for guys who are looking to improve their sexual performance and libido; who also want more energy and better mental focus.  

All of this means that everyone from twenty-one-year-olds to eighty-eight-year-olds can benefit from Test Boost Max… Making it one of the most important male enhancement supplements on the market. 

There’s no risk at all because of that Lifetime, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

So, go ahead and order now… 

7. Fundamental Elements T-saint

T-saint joins five intense fixings to help uphold testosterone levels. Ashwagandha assists with diminishing pressure and cortisol, while the Shilajit and boron help maintain testosterone creation.

Faint further quickens this cycle by impeding testosterone's transformation to estrogen, while yohimbine gives an incredible charisma upgrade.

Bioperine is also included in upgrading every fixing's general bioavailability, guaranteeing all get to the required in the body. All items from Essential Elements are outsiders tried for virtue and made in the USA.

8. EVL Test 

EVL Test assaults all the conceivable wholesome reasons for low testosterone: it gives nutrient D, nutrient B, and zinc–insufficiencies taking all things together of this are related to low testosterone men.

The dosages of these nutrients are potent; dissimilar to various enhancements put in a symbolic measure of nutrients, EVLTest gives 40-550% of your suggested everyday consumption. It also supplies the complete cluster of improvements that have an excellent record of expanding testosterone: fenugreek seed separate, Tribulus Terrestris, and D-aspartic corrosive.

9. Nugenix 

Nugenix puts attention on boosting the bloodstream, which isn't essential in other testosterone-boosting supplements. You may be asking why the bloodstream matters regarding a male enhancement; however, once you understand that erectile brokenness is generally a bloodstream issue, the rationale turns significantly more precise.

10. Vintage Boost 

Vintage Boost is styled like an old-fashioned '70s item; however, don't let that fool you–it has the most recent natural and nutrient enhancements to keep your testosterone levels high.

Vintage Boost perceives that numerous other enhancement producers don't because numerous men are incredibly insufficient in nutrient D, particularly those who live in northern environments or have hazier skin. To this end, Vintage Boost conveys an astounding 2000 I.U. of nutrient D, in addition to different basics for testosterone (magnesium, zinc, and nutrient B6).

If you realize you have some dietary and way of life weaknesses, Vintage Boost is a decent decision for you.

11. MuscleTech Alpha Test 

Alpha Test is a primarily homegrown mix that centers around the most-demonstrated testosterone sponsors. The enhancement incorporates zinc, a substantial 300 mg of fenugreek concentrate, and Tribulus Terrestris, however less in nutrients and non-zinc minerals.

It's an extraordinary item on the off chance that you have effectively got a healthy eating regimen or supplementation schedule that tends to those other more fundamental weaknesses that can cause low testosterone.

12. TestoBoost 

TestoBoost conveys a double methodology approach: battle any potential mineral deficiencies with zinc and magnesium, including a few backbones homegrown enhancements related to testosterone, muscle building, grit, and energy. These incorporate saw palmetto, horny goat weed, long jack, and Tribulus Terrestris, among others.

Does it work? Analysts assume so. Clients acclaim their expanded charisma, exercise execution, and energy levels.

13. Unrivaled Labs TestWorx 

TestWorx gives hefty portions of nutrients B3, B6, and B12. Lacking these nutrients can be the cause of low testosterone. TestWorx tends to zinc levels, as well; however, it doesn't address another likely reason for low testosterone and the related side effects: nutrient D inadequacy.

There are no concerns here on the off chance that you live someplace bright or supplement your nutrient D. The TestWorx restrictive mix incorporates Tribulus Terrestris, maca root, bother root, and other natural concentrates proposed to support testosterone, yet one remarkable nonappearance is fenugreek seed. Enthusiasts of that homegrown concentrate will need to look somewhere else.

14. Zhou Boost Elite 

Zhou Boost Elite takes a distinctly Eastern attach with regards to increasing your testosterone levels. Some standard enhancements are available, similar to fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris; however, a few Asian spices assume a part in the Zhou detailing: Panax ginseng, Tongkat Ali, and Yohimbe bark are the large ones.

15. Androsurge 

Androsurge, alongside its kin supplement Primasurge, is a lastingly mainstream testosterone promoter. By all accounts, they appear to be comparative, yet Androsurge is the better one.

It gives nutrients D and zinc, while Primasurge doesn't. While these are essential, on the off chance that you have deficiencies means that you will have lower testosterone (and insufficiency is more normal than you might suspect!).

Testosterone promoter for erectile brokenness: Testogen

Testogen’s consideration of ginseng, fenugreek, and zinc makes it an incredible combo for boosting testosterone and improving erectile capacity. Ginseng, fenugreek, has a long history of utilization as ‘Spanish flies,’ which helps Testogen support your physical and sexual exhibition.

Testosterone promoter for muscle acquires TestoFuel. 

TestoFuel has an even combo of incredible testosterone-boosting essential fixings like ginseng, shellfish concentrate, zinc, and magnesium and incorporates more specific supplements like D-aspartic corrosive, which applies an extra estrogen-impeding impact for most extreme additions.

Testosterone promoter and fat killer combo: CrazyBulk Test 

You need to reduce fat and increase testosterone levels; CrazyMass Testosteroxn gives necessary fat killers like DHEA and Tribulus Terrestris, improving your fat oxidation testosterone levels.

Testosterone supplement for competitors: Prime Male 

Prime Male is the ideal decision for competitors, on account of its super-spotless plan and great fixings. It precisely gives you what you need to support high testosterone levels, and that’s it.

Two investigations showed that low magnesium degrees were firmly connected with low testosterone levels and creation. Consequently, you must be taking a testosterone supplement that has magnesium.

The natural concentrate Mucuna Pruriens can improve sperm quality and lift testosterone levels by up to 38%. Mucuna pruriens (velvet bean) is a plant spice that creates these beans generally ground up and utilized for therapeutic purposes in the Indian home-grown medication, Ayurveda.

Mucuna pruriens contain L-dopa, which rapidly converts to dopamine (the prize chemical) in your body. One way dopamine assists with expanding T levels is by stifling prolactin.

In human examinations anyway, the outcomes are stunningly better. One investigation appeared to significantly improve sperm quality and lift testosterone levels by 38%. It likewise has been appeared to help in decreasing cortisol, which is another foe in testosterone creation.

A measurement of 200-600mg/day of separate water M.P. was suggested. I’ll typically disintegrate the concentrated powder into fluids since it doesn’t cluster and tastes fine.

Ashwagandha decreases pressure, uneasiness and equilibriums stress chemicals. “Ashwagandha” freely means “the smell of pony.” Ashwagandha is regularly assembled into the class of enhancements known as adaptogens.

These enhancements have adaptogenic impacts, implying that they assist the body with recapturing homeostasis.

In one examination, 300mg of ashwagandha ingested by people over a multi-day time frame prompted a reduction in cortisol levels by 27%.

In another investigation, it appeared to improve cardiovascular well-being and lift resistance depending on its consequences for T cells and executioner cell tally expands. Moreover, it has even appeared to increment muscular strength and recovery in 57 subjects.

Before 2015 no investigations were demonstrating that solid men would get an increment in testosterone from the enhancement.

An examination with 57 youthful sound male subjects demonstrated its viability when KSM-66 showed the spice increased testosterone levels.

So, you ought to be taking this stuff; ensure you get the KSM 66 concentrate. This concentration is professed to have the most elevated normalized withanolides (>5%), which are dynamic mixtures that give the spice enchanted impacts.

Forskolin is potent for expanding testosterone levels. Forskolin is separated from Coleus Forskohlii and became extremely famous after space cadet Dr. Oz guaranteed it as a sorcery pill for softening fat.

The market was then overwhelmed with Forskolin enhancements. In this way, it’s imperative to pick a vendor that hosts thirdget-together testing to demonstrate that their item contains a normalized measure of the genuine forskolin.

While it can expand fat consumption marginally, it is in no way, shape, or form a marvel fat misfortune pill. That being said, there is some exceptionally fascinating examination behind the testosterone boosting properties it shows.

When disconnected testicular cells were presented to forskolin, up to 200% expansions in testosterone appeared. Whilethat is significant, my gems and (ideally) yours aren’t merely lying near, presented to the world, which makes this investigation fairly unessential.

Fortunately, there was a human report (with all the limbs joined) demonstrating its adequacy. In this human examination, the subjects consumed 250/mg daily of forskolin for 12 weeks—the outcome was a 33% expansion in testosterone levels.

Ginger can conceivably build testosterone levels. One investigation was done on fruitless men and showed that ginger supplementation (didn’t determine measurement in the examination) expanded testosterone levels by 17%. Lamentably no extra tests in prolific men have been done at this point.

Nutrient E is an intense estrogen blocker. Nutrient E is an abnormal one. It has been appeared to expand testosterone levels, however not straightforwardly affecting testosterone creation. Instead, it works by supporting and advancing different frameworks, which thus help raise T levels.

Nutrient E has tremendous cell reinforcement impacts on the body by assisting with diminishing and arranging all the poo tossed at you consistently. It helps balance anabolic chemicals and frameworks, considering some testosterone-boosting power.

Notwithstanding, nutrient E truly sparkles in, filling in as a strong estrogen blocker (the adversary of testosterone). This effect is fantastic for most men and their testosterone creation.

Consuming 1000-2000 I.U. of nutrient E every day is a bounty. Anyway, being a fat solvent nutrient, it is essential that you burn-through your cases with a dinner containing some fat.

On the off chance that you take your nutrients abstained, you can, in reality, rub the substance on your skin for effective assimilation.

Zinc is most likely the best mineral-based testosterone supporter. Zinc is the fundamental mineral behind sound testosterone creation and endocrine framework work. The connection between high testosterone and high zinc levels is evident in numerous examinations. Therefore, if you are low in zinc, you are also low in testosterone.

The awful part is that we live in an inadequate zinc society. One explanation is because eating significantly more handled nourishments, which contain fewer minerals as a rule. Our bodies don’t have a characteristic zinc stockpiling framework, so we need it in our diet every day.

You ought to eat 10-20 mg of zinc each day to keep up sufficient mineral measures in your framework. Fortunately, that is not something costly to do, as you can get great zinc for less than ten bucks.

Creatine Monohydrate is a fundamental and straightforward approach to support testosterone and athletic execution. With many human examinations demonstrating its adequacy, it’s nothing unexpected that creatine is the most utilized and regarded weight training supplement alongside protein powders.

There are many companions evaluated contemplates which show how creatine viably builds testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone.

Grape seed removal is an intense estrogen blocker. Two mixtures in GSE, proanthocyanidin, and procyanidin can hinder the aromatase compound.

Moreover, grape seed removal is a vital cancer prevention agent that shields testosterone atoms from oxidative harm.

An ideal approach to take grape seed remove is on an empty stomach. It has been discovered that the measure of proanthocyanidin/procyanidin in the circulatory system was about multiple times more prominent in an abstained state.

Rhodiola Rosea brings down pressure and equilibriums chemicals. Rhodiola Rosea is the most helpful adaptogenic spice humanity has found to date, filling in Northern Asia and Siberia’s cruel states.

As an adaptogen, it is frequently utilized to bring down pressure and adjust chemicals. Bringing down stress and these lines’ cortisol can help testosterone on a repetitive premise.

There’s no direct evidence that it helps testosterone. However, it could improve the T proportion in practicing people and fundamentally bring down all the stress boundaries.


Hazy memory, weakness, drowsiness, and low energy levels are possibly connected to reduced testosterone in men. So, pursue your personal best and look at your testosterone supplement options.

Given the tremendous scope of organic pathways that testosterone influences, there is an equivalent product for the physical, sexual, and mental benefits that enhanced testosterone levels afford.  

If you feel like you fit in any of the classifications of men with low testosterone, it may be appropriate to consider a testosterone nutritional supplement. This class includes men who don't get enough exercise, particularly strength training, men who don't rest enough, and men who are overweight. While testosterone will not take care of all conditions, it could help you overcome the extra difficulties of low testosterone.

A calcium-containing testosterone supplement helps in the release of testosterone post-exercise. Calcium is quite possibly the main mineral in the human body. All men must keep up with ideal calcium levels as our cells need it to function normally.

Cells aside, calcium seems to have remarkable testosterone-boosting properties. In a recent report, a gathering of scientists saw that when practicing men take 35mg/kg of calcium in the wake of preparing, their free and all-out testosterone levels expanded.  

Low Magnesium levels are connected with low testosterone levels. Magnesium is a crucial mineral taking part in more than 300 actual capacities. We need sufficient magnesium for legitimate rest, cell energy (using ATP), and to keep up standard liquid equilibrium.

When assessing testosterone supporters’ results, there are, in a general sense, some regular classes of unfriendly impacts. For example, the first is the fixings’ immediate antagonistic impacts, similar to fenugreek seed or horny goat weed. Some regular fixings in testosterone promoters, identical to nutrient D, are not known to have unfriendly effects even if they have differing purposes.

Testosterone boosters have proven to be of great help to men in need and men who want higher and healthier testosterone levels. However, it is always advisable to consult with your general practitioner before deciding to indulge in testosterone supplements.

Lastly, if you are looking to improve your health and energy you need to look at sleep as well. There are lots of way to improve your sleep. According to studies better sleep can lead to better concentration, more energy, faster metabolism and lower inflammation. All in all, good sleep will help you get the most out of the products above and set you up for long-term success on your health journey.

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