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Nov 6, 2020 6:00 AMNov 6, 2020 9:34 PM
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Many men take supplements to support prostate health.

A good prostate health could help manage symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Some prostate supplements could help reduce the frequency of urination, for example, while others support your energy.

50% of American men over 50 have an enlarged prostate. It’s a normal part of aging.

Prostate supplements are more popular than ever. But with so many prostate supplements available, it’s difficult to know which prostate supplement is right for you.

To help, Review Player has ranked the best prostate supplements available today from Amazon and other major retailers.

Ranking the Best Prostate Health Supplements

The Review Player team ranked the best and worst prostate supplements today based on dozens of factors. Here are our rankings of the best prostate supplements of 2020:

  • 1MD ProstateMD

  • VitalFlow Prostate Supplement

  • ProstaStream

  • Prostate 911

  • Nuzena Prostate Support

  • Prostate Plus

  • Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men

  • VigRX Prostate Support

  • Prostate Freedom Formula

  • Prostacet

1MD ProstateMD

1MD describes its popular ProstateMD formula as a “comprehensive prostate support” blend. The major ingredient in ProstateMD is USPlus, a patented type of saw palmetto extract. USPlus is a special type of saw palmetto extract with 30x the zeaxanthin, 10x the lutein, and 3x the beta-carotene of ordinary saw palmetto extract, according to 1MD, making it superior to other prostate supplements on our list.

By taking ProstateMD daily, you can purportedly promote prostate health, improve urinary tract function, normalize the growth of prostate cells, and decrease frequent urges to urinate, among other benefits.

To achieve these benefits, ProstateMD contains a mix of saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, lutein, safflower oil, pine bark extract, and other ingredients. 1MD lists all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare ProstateMD to other supplements available today.

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Vital Flow

Vital Flow is one of the surprises in the world of healthy prostate support using natural ingredients to enhance men's wellness from the inside out.

The VitalFlow prostate supplement is a close rival to near identical ingredient profiles of ProstaStream and Prostate 911 below. All these advanced prostate support formulas have specific degrees of saw palmetto extract, plant sterols, and a diverse range of plant, herb, and mushroom extracts (Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake) to round out the diverse lineup of extracts. VitalFlow also has a proprietary blend (142mg) with quercetin too, among Cat’s Claw and Tomato Fruit Powder, Pygeum Africanum Bark, natural green tea powder, broccoli leaf extracts, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Zinc, Copper and Plant Sterol Complex. 

As far as we can tell, there’s very little edge or difference between ProstaStream, Vital Flow, and Prostate 911 formulas. The three supplements also have an identical $70 per bottle price tag. VitalFlow just happens to be one of those hard to ignore formulations that help make prostate function optimal again because the formulator tested over 144 ingredients to see which gave the best possible results. Be prepared to spend $70 on a high end prostate supplement, which all come with a money back guarantee. Many may argue there are likely better options than VitalFlow prostate formula, but there is a reason it is one of the most popular formulations for men dealing with age-related conditions to frequent bladder issues among other problems due to an enlarged prostate.

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At $70 per bottle, ProstaStream is one of the high end prostate health supplements that came out recently based on real scientific evidence according to its formulator. The ProstaStream prostate health formula aims to be the number one method for supporting a healthy prostate in aging men by going through the same rigorous process of testing over one hundred ingredients and formula dosages to iron out this exact formulation.

After lab testing these organic ingredients and their dosages, ProstaStream contains graviola leaf, saw palmetto berries, and mushroom extract as its most notables as the manufacturers set out to curb “severe inflammation”, known as the root cause of prostate enlargement.

Overall, ProstaStream uses the same base formula as Prostate Plus, Nuzena Prostate Support, and Prostate 911. In fact, the ProstaStream formula seems 100% identical to Prostate 911 below, with both supplements using identical doses of saw palmetto (200mg) and plant sterol complex (300mg) while charging the same amount. However, ProstaStream prostate education and user testimonials during the video presentation pushes it further up this list of the best prostate supplements for a BPH-free life.

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Nuzena Prostate Support

Nuzena’s Prostate Support supplement uses saw palmetto extract, pygeum, and other ingredients to support your prostate. Priced at $35, Nuzena Prostate Support is one of the more reasonably-priced options on this list. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules (a 30 day supply).

Despite the affordable price, Nuzena’s Prostate Support contains dozens of ingredients to support various aspects of your prostate. Key ingredients include zinc, copper, selenium, saw palmetto, pygeum, and plant sterols. The formula also contains smaller doses of plant extracts, herbal extracts, mushroom powders, and more – ingredients we don’t see in other prostate supplements.

Overall, Nuzena Prostate Support doesn’t have the strongest dosages on this list, but it does use a unique range of ingredients to support prostate health from multiple angles. Nuzena also discloses all ingredients and dosages upfront and charges a reasonable price

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Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is the third prostate supplement to use a similar selection of nutrients, after Prostate Plus and Nuzena Prostate Support. Prostate 911 contains 200mg of saw palmetto extract, vitamins and minerals, and a range of herbal and plant extracts to support prostate health in multiple ways.

Although the formulas look similar, Prostate 911 contains a significantly higher dose of plant sterol complex, with 300mg of plant sterol complex per serving instead of the 50mg used in other formulas. That’s a significant dose of one of the most proven prostate ingredients.

The main drawback of Prostate 911 is the price. At $70 per bottle, Prostate 911 is one of the costliest prostate supplements on our list. And, although we know the dose of some ingredients, we don’t know the dose of other ingredients – like the dozen ingredients in the proprietary formula. PhytAge Laboratories has a strong reputation for producing many health and wellness supplements.

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Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus claims to support your prostate nutritionally by targeting urinary flow and overall prostate health. The supplement discloses most ingredients and dosages upfront on its label, making it easy to compare Prostate Plus to other formulas.

Overall, Prostate Plus is virtually identical to Nuzena Prostate Support above. Both supplements contain similar doses of zinc, copper, selenium, and saw palmetto extract. Both supplements also contain a similar range of mushroom extracts, plant and herbal extracts, and other ingredients. They even contain the same proprietary blend with quercetin and juniper.

The main advantage Prostate Plus has over Nuzena Prostate Support is the price. At $29 per bottle, Prostate Plus delivers similar ingredients to Nuzena Prostate Support at a lower price. We ranked Prostate Plus below Nuzena Prostate Support on our list, although the supplements are identical in every way but price

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Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men

Pro-Forta Men is a prostate support supplement that uses lycopene, saw palmetto extract, and nettle root extract to support prostate health in multiple ways. At $51 per bottle, Pro-Forta Men delivers scientifically-validated benefits at a reasonable price compared to other prostate supplements on this list.

Gundry MD is a California-based supplement company created by an experienced medical doctor. Although Gundry MD’s prices tend to be slightly higher, the company emphasizes proven ingredients and strong dosages.

With Pro-Forta Men, Gundry MD delivers 5 scientifically-proven ingredients to target prostate symptoms, low energy, reduced muscle mass, and other issues that affect men over 40. Each capsule contains vitamin B6, zinc, saw palmetto extract, nettle root extract, and plant sterols. The main drawback of Pro-Forta Men is that Gundry MD uses a proprietary formula, making it difficult to see exactly how much saw palmetto extract and other ingredients are in the formula.

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VigRX Prostate Support

VigRX Prostate Support claims to support prostate health and function, improve urinary control and flow, improve bladder emptying, and reduce bathroom trips at day or night.

To achieve these benefits, VigRX Prostate Support uses many of the same ingredients seen in other formulas listed with more unique ingredients like Beta-Sitosterol, Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, and Stinging Nettle.

Made by Leading Edge Health on its Natural Health Source store, VigRX Prostate Support has some of the strongest dosages of any prostate supplement on this list. With a potent blend of ample amounts of mg of saw palmetto extract, plant sterols, and BPH symptom reducing pygeum for less night urination and stinging nettle for all the above, (despite the non transparent dosages of all list ingredients due to proprietary protection), VigRX Prostate Support is one of the best prostate supplements you can buy today

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Prostate Freedom Formula

Prostate Freedom Formula claims to offer enormous prostate benefits using pygeum, zinc, broccoli, stinging nettle, and saw palmetto extract, among other ingredients.

Prostate Freedom Formula is near the bottom of our list for multiple reasons. First, the formula has a semi-silly name and is marketed online with a bizarre sales page that claims “big pharma” is suppressing the cure for prostate issues.

The company also makes oddly specific claims on that sales page, claiming “you’re going to pee like a 20 year old again” and “you’re going to be a tiger in bed again,” among others. Despite the dramatic language, Prostate Freedom Formula has some of the weakest dosages on this list and the highest price ($70 per bottle). There are better prostate supplement options at this price range. However, one could have a look at Prostacet and see bizarre claims, awkward customer testimonials, and confusing pricing that make all the other best prostate supplements on this list stand out above the rest.

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How We Ranked the Best Prostate Supplements

All prostate supplements claim to target symptoms of BPH, improve urinary flow, and support overall prostate health. However, not all prostate supplements are alike.

Our editorial team used the following factors to separate good and bad prostate supplements:

Scientifically-proven Ingredients: Some ingredients are genuinely shown to help prostate issues. Ingredients like plant sterols, stinging nettle, saw palmetto extract, zinc, and selenium have been linked to prostate health in multiple studies. We preferred nutritional supplements that used proven ingredients – not ingredients rumored to work.

High Dosages: You buy a prostate supplement to target prostate symptoms. When a prostate supplement has low doses, it’s ineffective. Many prostate supplements use the right ingredients at the wrong doses. We preferred supplements that used clinically proven doses.

Manufacturer Reputation & Transparency: The prostate supplement space is filled with shady formulas and scams. Prostate supplements, by nature, are targeted towards older men who may be less technologically savvy than younger men. Many manufacturers sell overpriced prostate formulas from China with limited transparency and poor-quality ingredients. We preferred proven manufacturers with transparent labels.

Clinical Trials and Studies: Most nutritional supplement companies do not invest in studies or clinical trials. However, some of the ingredients within these formulas have gone through various trials. Good supplement companies also have extensive references pages where they cite third party research. Bad supplement companies vaguely claim to use “clinically proven ingredients”, when in reality, the supplement has not completed any types of trials or tests.

Price & Value: Some prostate supplements are ridiculously overpriced, with manufacturers charging over $70 per bottle for a formula you can get for $10 through other providers. We listed supplements at all different prices to ensure people can get the right formula at any value, although we always emphasized good value at all price ranges.

Advertised Benefits: Some prostate supplement companies advertise their products as a cure-all for all issues affecting older men. They claim their supplements can help with hair loss, testosterone, and other areas, for example. We preferred prostate supplements with reasonable advertised benefits – not extraordinary claims.

Buy the Best Natural Prostate Health Supplement on the Market Today!

Benefits of Prostate Supplements

Many prostate supplements have scientifically-proven benefits using ingredients connected to genuine prostate function in multiple studies.

We’ll explain some of the scientifically proven benefits of prostate supplements below, including studies verifying saw palmetto extract and other popular prostate ingredients.

According to WebMD, saw palmetto extract is commonly used throughout Europe and the United States as a treatment for an enlarged prostate. Many studies have validated the use of saw palmetto extract as a way to target prostate issues, although some studies have been less supportive.

Multiple studies have shown that taking 160mg to 320mg of saw palmetto extract per day could improve certain symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This study involving 85 men over 45, for example, found that taking 160mg of saw palmetto extract per day reduced lower urinary tract symptoms, increased urine flow, and improved overall quality of life after 6 months. This is a similar dose used by most supplements above.

Unfortunately, other studies have been less supportive of saw palmetto extract. A 2012 Cochrane review of 32 trials involving 5,600+ men found there was no significant correlation between saw palmetto extract and BPH symptoms. Researchers analyzed evidence and found no significant improvement in urinary flow, prostate size, or other measurements.

In 2014, researchers launched a randomized controlled trial on men with BPH, using popular prostate supplement ingredients to determine their effectiveness of prostate symptoms.

Researchers gave 225 men saw palmetto, lycopene, and selenium, then observed a significant reduction in prostate symptoms. Researchers concluded that a combination of the three ingredients was more effective at single therapies in improving prostate symptoms – including maximum urinary flow rate. Researchers tracked men over 12 months, concluding that these results were also observed long-term.

A similar study from 2018 found equally impressive results with a combination of saw palmetto extract, selenium, and lycopene. Researchers in that study gave 404 men a combination of the three ingredients – or 5mg of the prescription drug tadalafil. Researchers found that the combination of the three natural extracts was equally as effective as the drug.

Researchers from that 2018 study – and most other prostate supplement studies – have also praised the natural ingredients for having fewer side effects than traditional BPH drugs. The supplements are well-tolerated by most users.

It’s important to note that saw palmetto extract is linked with other benefits that older men may appreciate. Many testosterone supplements use saw palmetto extract, for example. Some hair loss supplements even claim to use saw palmetto reduce balding. Evidence is mixed, but some studies suggest saw palmetto extract blocks the activity of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into a hormone linked to hair loss. By blocking this conversion, saw palmetto extract could support testosterone levels.

Some of the best-rated prostate supplements above contain plant sterols, also labeled as beta-sitosterol. These ingredients could be more effective than saw palmetto extract for supporting healthy prostates.

According to the University of Michigan, beta sitosterol “is said to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of some cancers” while also relieving symptoms of BPH, although the way in which beta sitosterol works “is not known.”

In this 2000 review study, researchers analyzed dozens of trials on beta sitosterol and prostate issues, concluding that men taking the compound had fewer prostate issues than men who did not take it. Researchers concluded that beta sitosterol can “improve urinary symptoms and flow measures,” although they cautioned that the long-term effectiveness was unknown.

We also see lycopene in many of the prostate supplements above. Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomatoes, grapefruits, watermelons, and other similarly-colored fruits. Lycopene gives certain foods their distinctive red or pink color. Research suggests lycopene is linked with a variety of benefits – including possibly protecting your prostate. This 2014 study suggested lycopene works by neutralizing free radicals, which could support healthy inflammation in your prostate and throughout your body.

Many supplements also use zinc to target prostate issues. Why zinc? Your prostate contains a higher concentration of zinc than any other soft tissue in the body. This can be a good or bad thing. Studies show that taking high levels of zinc for a long period could increase the risk of prostate cancer. Taking a normal level of zinc, however, could help manage prostate issues.

Pumpkin seed is rich with zinc, which is why we see pumpkin seed in many prostate formulas above. This 2015 study involving 1,431 men showed that pumpkin seed led to a significant reduction in prostate symptoms compared to a placebo. Men between ages 50 and 80 took a relatively high dose of pumpkin seed extract (500mg) or a placebo.

Finally, this review study from 2002 showed that pygeum extract could reduce the risk of BPH and prostate cancer. Men who already have BPH could also use pygeum extract to reduce urinary symptoms linked to BPH.

Overall, more research is needed to verify the benefits above. However, early studies suggest that ingredients like saw palmetto extract, pygeum, zinc, pumpkin seed, and plant sterols could all support prostate health in various ways.

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Prostate Supplement Dosage

Prostate supplements use a range of different ingredients targeting different benefits. Since formulas vary widely, we recommend following the dosage instructions on your prostate supplement to avoid complications.

However, we do know the effective dose of some prostate supplement ingredients.

Most studies on saw palmetto extract, for example, use a dose of 320mg per day.

Plant sterols, meanwhile, are shown to be effective at doses of 300mg to 500mg per day.

The pumpkin seed extract studies above tend to use a dose of around 500mg. However, few prostate supplements contain a dose this high.

Side Effects of Prostate Supplements

Prostate supplements have not been linked to any significant side effects when taken by healthy adults in normal dosages. Like most natural supplements, whether it's green juice powders, probiotics, prebiotics, leaky gut support, moringa, dental hygiene, sleep aids, tinnitus relief or collagen supplements, a company who prioritizes quality, purity and potency will provide more benefit than harm.

Some studies suggest that taking an excessive amount of zinc for a long period of time increases the risk of prostate cancer. However, you would need to take a much larger dose of zinc than what is found in the prostate supplements above.

FAQs About Prostate Supplements

Q: What is a prostate supplement?

A: A prostate supplement is a nutritional supplement that uses various ingredients to target symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Q: What’s in a prostate supplement?

A: Most prostate supplements use vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, herbal extracts, and other nutrients to support prostate function.

Q: What are the best prostate supplement ingredients?

A: The best prostate supplement ingredients include zinc, saw palmetto extract, plant sterols or beta sitosterol, and pygeum extract, all of which have been connected to prostate health in various studies.

Q: How do prostate supplements work?

A: Many prostate supplements are rich with zinc, which plays a crucial role in supporting prostate health. Zinc is found in higher concentrations in the prostate than in any other soft tissue in the body. Other prostate supplements contain ingredients linked to inflammation, potentially reducing inflammation in the prostate to reduce prostate symptoms.

Q: What is BPH?

A: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a medical term for an enlarged prostate. It’s a common condition affecting 50% of American men over 50. Your prostate naturally increases in size with age, which eventually leads to symptoms like urinary flow problems.

Q: Can prostate supplements help with testosterone, hair loss, and other issues?

A: Some prostate supplements emphasize benefits like hair loss and testosterone. There’s some evidence saw palmetto extract can help with testosterone, although more research is needed to verify these benefits.

Q: What are the symptoms of BPH?

A: Common symptoms of BPH include painful urination, weak urine streams, an urgent need to pee, having to frequently pee throughout the night, and dribbling after you finish peeing.

Q: Do prostate supplements really help?

A: Most prostate supplements have not gone through any formal scientific testing or clinical trials – not even the top-ranked prostate supplements listed above. However, many prostate supplements use proven ingredients that have completed various trials.

Q: What can go wrong with my prostate?

A: The three most common conditions impacting the prostate include benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), and prostate cancer.

Q: When should I visit a doctor for BPH?

A: You should talk to a doctor for BPH if it’s affecting your quality of life (say, if you have trouble sleeping at night or wake up multiple times at night to urinate). You should also talk to a doctor before taking any prostate supplement, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.

Q: What’s the best prostate supplement?

A: Any of the prostate ingredients at the top of our list above are considered some of the best prostate supplements you can buy today.

Final Word

Prostate supplements help many men manage symptoms of BPH. If you wake up multiple times at night to urinate, or if you struggle with other BPH symptoms, then a prostate supplement could help.

Consider taking one of the best prostate supplements listed above to potentially reduce symptoms of BPH in various ways.

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