Natural Fat Burners

By Amber Smith
Aug 30, 2021 6:00 AMAug 31, 2021 1:53 PM
Natural Fat Burners


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Losing fat isn’t easy. Even if you’re following a strict diet plan and exercising every day of the week, it can be hard to shake those areas of stubborn fat. Tired of those pockets of fat on your belly, hips, or lower back? You definitely aren’t alone.

What makes losing fat even harder is the fact that so many people expect fad diets to work. Others find it hard to find an exercise plan that they can stick with in the long run. The good news is that there are all sorts of natural fat burners that you can take to help with your weight loss journey.

These days there’s no shortage of fat burning supplements and weight loss pills on the market. These products can be a great tool to add to your daily regimen as a way to lose fat. But not all fat burning supplements are equal.

While there are plenty of effective and safe products, there are others that contain low quality or even harmful ingredients that can cause horrible side effects.

The best way to get the best experience is to only use high-quality fat burners that contain all-natural ingredients. The good news is that there are tons of natural fat burners that are available in many different forms, including capsules, powders that are mixed into water, and many others.

Want to learn the ins and outs of fat burning supplements along with some effective weight loss tips? We’ve got you covered!

This guide will cover:

●      The Best Natural Fat Loss Supplements

●      Top Fat Loss Foods

●      Fat Loss Tips

●      CBD for Fat Loss

●      Fat Burning Breakfast Recipes

●      Natural Fat Burning Supplement Recap

Best Natural Fat Loss Supplements

Fat burning supplements are controversial. Manufacturers often claim that they are selling miracle cures to weight problems; however, many are ineffective, sometimes even dangerous. If you want to invest in fat burners, you should ensure that you put your faith in a reliable, natural, and safe product. Here are three all-natural products from trusted brands with proven results.

Losing weight all comes down to burning more calories than you eat. If you’re trying to lose weight, there are two approaches you can take. You can choose to eat less calories or burn more calories by working out regularly.

For the best results, you’ll want to eat a healthy diet and workout. You can supplement your regimen with a fat burner to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Elm & Rye Fat Burner can help you lose weight and improve your health. This product contains ingredients that boost your metabolism along with appetite suppressants that curb cravings and decrease your caloric intake.

The supplement may also inhibit your body from storing the calories you eat as fat. Elm & Rye Fat Burner may even increase energy levels so that you can get the most out of your workouts and burn more calories. The product even provides important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that will keep you in tip-top shape.

Elm & Rye Fat Burner contains many fat-burning ingredients, including:

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract offers many benefits, including the ability to increase fat oxidation (1). This ingredient is also a powerful antioxidant that will protect your body from damage caused by free radicals.

Green Coffee Extract: Green coffee extract lowers cholesterol. It also helps to regulate blood sugar, which can prevent insulin spikes, which can lead to unhealthy cravings. (2) (3)

Caffeine: Caffeine is a natural stimulant that reduces hunger and can provide the energy you need to perform well in the gym. (4)

L-Theanine: This is an amino acid that is effective in improving cognitive function, especially those that are inhibited by stress. (5) L-Theanine may also inhibit the body’s glucose uptake, which can reduce blood sugar.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Studies have found that it has a positive effect on “stress eating.” (7)

Rhodiola Extract: This herb supports your body in better reacting to stress. It also interferes with the breakdown of fats that can turn into fatty acids (8).

Coleus Forskohlii: This ingredient suppresses hunger, aids, in digestion, and increases metabolic rate. It has also shown to be beneficial in releasing stored fat from fat cells. This makes it easier for your body to burn fat (9).

Learn more about Elm & Rye Fat Burner here

PhenQ: Five-in-One Weight Loss Pill  

Are you tired of following a restricted diet plan and strict workout regimens to lose weight quickly? Obesity not only leads to low self-esteem but also makes you vulnerable to several health complications.   

A lot of people deal with the extra body fat by trying out different dietary and weight loss supplements, but they come with numerous side effects. If you’re looking for a quick way to lose weight, PhenQ might be the solution.   

What Is PhenQ?  

PhenQ is an advanced dietary supplement manufactured by the company Wolfson Brand Limited. The powerful nutritional formula of PhenQ combines the power of five supplements in one pill and helps you get the desired weight.   

The natural ingredients in PhenQ work together to burn fat, prevent fat accumulation, suppress appetite, and boost energy levels. According to the company, PhenQ has helped over 190,000 men and women in their weight loss journey.   

Ingredients Of PhenQ:  

We are going to list the five key ingredients and their effects that make PhenQ a powerful fat burner.  

  1. Capsimax Powder: This powerful fat-blasting ingredient is a blend of piperine, capsicum, vitamin B-3 (niacin), and caffeine. The thermogenic properties of the capsimax blend enable the fat-burning process by increasing your internal body heat. On top of this, capsicum in the capsimax powder reduces your appetite.  

  2. Chromium Picolinate: This essential mineral controls your blood sugar levels, thus reducing your carb cravings. One study reported a significant reduction in carb cravings and appetite in people with depression.  

  3. Caffeine: This natural stimulant boosts your energy levels and mental clarity and suppresses appetite by increasing thermogenesis (1). 

  4. Nopal: High fiber content of the nopal cactus controls your appetite by helping you stay full. Moreover, the nopal is rich in essential amino acids that cut down water weight (2).  

  5. L-Carnitine Fumarate: This natural amino acid gives your body the required energy by burning fat and boosts energy levels.   

Benefits Of PhenQ:   

  • It suppresses your appetite and makes calorie-cutting easy. 

  • It burns stored fat by speeding up your body’s thermogenic and metabolic rates. 

  • It stops the production of fat and gives you a slim figure. 

  • PhenQ enhances your mood by ensuring that dieting won’t affect your temper.  

  • It boosts your energy levels by preventing energy dips.  

Pricing And Purchasing:  

There are different packages available on the company’s official website. A different number of bottles are available with each package, which you can get at a discounted price.   

  • $69.95 for one bottle with a $10 discount. 

  • $139.90 for two bottles with a free bottle. 

  • $189.95 for three bottles + two free bottles + one free bottle of Advana Cleanse.


  1. Tabrizi R, Saneei P, Lankarani KB, Akbari M, Kolahdooz F, Esmaillzadeh A, et al. The effects of caffeine intake on weight loss: a systematic review and dos-response meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 2019;59:2688–96.
  2. Sánchez-Tapia M, Aguilar-López M, Pérez-Cruz C, Pichardo-Ontiveros E, Wang M, Donovan SM, et al. Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica) protects from metabolic endotoxemia by modifying gut microbiota in obese rats fed high fat/sucrose diet. Sci Rep 2017;7:4716.


Maintaining a good physique has become a trend across the world. Many people are into fitness to get the body type they desire. There are many tablets and supplements available that help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.    

If you’re looking for a fat-burning supplement that does a lot more than just losing weight, you should get your hands on Clenbutrol.  

What Is Clenbutrol?    

Clenbutrol is a weight loss supplement that burns fat and boosts metabolism without causing any loss of muscle mass. If you are into developing lean muscle mass and cutting down fat in the body, Clenbutrol is ideal for you!   

The best thing about Clenbutrol is that it comes with no side effects. It is legal and made with 100% safe ingredients.    

How Does ClenButrol Work?   

Clenbutrol works by boosting your metabolism by increasing your body’s internal temperature. Once the metabolism speeds up, it starts burning unwanted fat. Moreover, it also improves the oxygen flow during exercise. When your muscles receive oxygen, blood flow increases, and you use more energy while working out.    

Ingredients In Clenbutrol:    

The ingredients present in Clenbutrol can give you a better idea about the product’s manufacturing. Clenbutrol is pure without any artificial ingredients. Let’s review the ingredients in Clenbutrol:   

  1. Citrus Aurantium: Also known as the bitter orange extract that contains 450 mg of 6% synephrine. Citrus Aurantium suppresses your appetite by activating thermogenesis and lipolysis (1).  

  2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract: It contains 450 mg of 50% hydroxycitric acid that is known for its metabolism-boosting and appetite suppressing properties (2).  

  3. Nicotinamide (B3): This is another name of Niacinamide, which helps improve your fitness, physical performance, and metabolism (3).  

  4. Guarana Extract: It contains 342 mg of 22% caffeine that speeds up the fat-burning process and gives you lean muscle mass (4).    

Benefits Of Clenbutrol:    

Potential benefits of Clenbutrol include:    

  • It helps you lose weight faster than expected. 

  • Increases muscle to fat ratio. 

  • Free of artificial ingredients. 

  • Improves physical performance and energy levels. 

  • Improves endurance and natural stamina. 

  • Shows results in 2-3 weeks. 

  • Speeds up metabolism for faster fat loss. 

  • Does not require a prescription.   

How To Purchase ClenButrol?   

You can only buy the product online because it is not available in stores. You can purchase the product from that offers fast delivery with no shipping charges. The price of one bottle starts from $61.99.  

  1. Stohs SJ, Preuss HG, Shara M. A review of the human clinical studies involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine. Int J Med Sci 2012;9:527–38.
  2. Haber SL, Awwad O, Phillips A, Park AE, Pham TM. Garcinia cambogia for weight loss. Am J Heal Pharm 2018;75:17–22.
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One of the latest natural substances to dominate the airwaves and social media is CBD, also known as cannabidiol. CBD naturally occurs in both the hemp and cannabis plants, and while it’s a cannabinoid like THC, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties.

CBD is widely praised for its anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and calming properties. But did you know that CBD may also be beneficial for those who are looking to lose weight? Many studies show that CBD may help the body burn fat more efficiently by improving metabolism and reducing appetite.

While there are many CBD products on the market, CBD alone isn’t likely to do much for your weight loss goals. However, Shred CBD contains CBD as well as two other natural ingredients to boost fat burn so that you can see some progress on the scale.

Shred CBD is stimulant free, and instead uses green tea and garcinia cambogia, which are two highly effective, all-natural fat burners. The combination of these three ingredients is sure to help you see results more quickly.

CBD has shown to be effective in:

Helping the body to burn fat. Many studies show that CBD plays a role in turning white fat into brown fat. White fat is much harder to lose, but brown fat is much more accessible and therefore is easier for the body to burn away. (10)

CBD also has a thermogenic effect, which means your body will produce more heat, and therefore burn more fat. The more fat you burn, the more weight you’ll be able to lose.

CBD suppresses the appetite. While THC and other cannabinoids are known to induce hunger (AKA the munchies), CBD has the opposite effect. Studies found that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and blocks certain CB1 receptors, which can reduce appetite. (11)

CBD improves sleep. On your weight loss journey, you’ll not only need to focus on diet and exercise, but sleep as well getting quality sleep is a must, so that you can feel well-rested and ready to tackle not only your time spent in the gym, but whatever the day may throw your

When you get enough quality sleep, you’re also less likely to crave bad foods. This helps to keep your caloric intake down so that you can stay focused on your goals.

CBD reduces stress. Cortisol is one of the worst enemies of weight loss and overall health in general. CBD has shown to be effective in helping to control cortisol levels in the body. When you’re less stressed, you’ll notice that you aren’t craving junk food and your blood sugar levels will be regulated. (12)

OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner

Looking for a fat burner that doesn’t contain CBD? Want a product that uses all-natural ingredients and has shown to be effective? OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner is a great option to consider.

This powder dietary supplement works by stimulating the body's fat receptor cells while also boosting metabolism. Together, these two factors promote increased fat burning along with a curbed appetite. The result? Limited calorie absorption, increased energy, and even a boosted immune system!

This product uses some of the most widely researched ingredients, including Acetyl L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Guggul Extract Powder, and many others.

Here’s what you need to know about the top active ingredients and how they can help you lose weight.

Acetyl L-Carnitine. Acetyl L-Carnitine works by latching onto fatty acids and moving them into the mitochondria. Here those acids are used for energy. What's unique about these compounds is that they're able to cross the blood-brain barrier, which then allows carnitine to improve cognition and memory. (13)

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract. Garcinia Cambogia prevents fat storage (lipogenesis) by inhibiting ATP citrate lyase, which is an enzyme that plays a role in this process. When combined with other ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia can help to prevent further weight gain and may even promote weight loss.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA offers two benefits for those looking to lose weight. First, the compound suppresses appetite, which will automatically reduce the amount of food you eat during the day, thereby reducing your caloric intake. CLA also has a thermogenic effect and can increase basal metabolic rate. This decreases energy input while increasing energy output.

Guggul Extract Power. This ingredient interacts with the hunger and satiation hormones. When you have high levels of ghrelin, you’ll feel hungry and eat more. Guggul Extract Powder reduces ghrelin levels while also increasing leptin, which is the satiation hormone. It’s also shown to be effective in increasing serotonin and other neurotransmitters that suppress appetite and boost mood.

With OxyShred, you’ll benefit from having more energy, a boosted metabolism, and ingredients that target those stubborn areas of fat.

Top fat loss foods

The most important aspect of weight loss is eating the right foods. In fact, there are many foods that are natural fat burners. By incorporating these foods into your diet, it may be a little easier to lose those stubborn pounds.

Some of the top foods to eat for fat loss include green tea, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Here’s what you’ll want to eat on your weight loss journey.


When you’re losing weight, chances are that you’ll lose fat but muscle as well. The best way to protect your lean body mass is to eat a diet that’s high in protein. Eating protein can also increase muscle gain.

Eating high protein meals will boost your metabolism, reduce appetite, and promote weight-regulating hormones. Some of the best high protein foods include lean meats like chicken, turkey, and beef, as well as seafood, Greek yogurt, lentils, and legumes.

Appetite reduction - At the end of the day, your weight is regulated by your brain. When your brain decides that it’s time to eat, there are several hormonal changes that occur. Protein increases the levels of many appetite-reducing hormones and can lessen the impact of hunger-including hormones such as ghrelin. (14)

A 2005 study found that participants who ate a diet of 30% protein dropped their calorie intake by 441 calories each day. (15)

Digesting and Metabolizing Protein Burns Calories - After you eat, the calories you’ve consumed are used in order to digest and metabolize the food. This is known as the thermic effect of food. Some of the calories you eat are used to then digest and metabolize that food.

Compared to other foods, protein has a strong thermic effect (20-30%). Carbs have a thermic effect of (5-10%) while fat has a thermic effect of (0-3%). So for every 100 grams of protein that you eat, only 70 grams are usable.

Protein Makes You Burn More Calories - Because protein has a high thermic effect, eating a high protein diet will help your body to burn more calories, even when you’re sleeping! A high protein diet also boosts your metabolism and keeps your body burning.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Another fat burning food that you’ll want to add to your diet are omega 3 fatty acids. This type of fatty acids is essential to overall health and wellness. Omega 3s are mostly found in fatty fish, nuts, and legumes. There are also tons of dietary supplements on the market if you want to ensure that you’re taking in enough.

A diet high in omega 3 fatty acids offers many benefits, including improved heart, brain, and skin health. These fatty acids also support brain and cognitive function.

Outside of these benefits, omega 3s may also reduce hunger and increase levels of fullness hormones. Together, these benefits can help you lose weight by reducing your caloric intake. One study found that participants who were given 1.3 grams of omega 3s per day reported feeling full two hours after a meal.(16)

Green Tea

If you look at fat burner and weight loss supplements, you’ll notice that many of them contain green tea or green tea leaf extract. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants, which are very beneficial to overall health.

Contains weight loss compounds - Green tea also has caffeine, which can help the body to burn fat more efficiently while also offering a mild energy boost. (17)

Even more impressive is that green tea contains powerful antioxidants known as catechins (18). These antioxidants, namely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), is known to boost metabolism.

There is a reason why many weight loss supplements contain green tea. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and is very beneficial to your health. Some even claim that it can help you to burn more fat and lose weight.

Can Mobilize Fat From Fat Cells - In order for your body to burn fat, it must first break down fat cells and then move them into your bloodstream. Green tea aids this process by boosting the effects of fat-burning hormones. (19)

Increases Fat Burning, Especially During Exercise - Green tea not only burns fat naturally, it may also increase fat burning when you exercise. One study that involved men found that those who took green tea extract burned 17% more fat when exercising. (20)

Boosts Your Metabolic Rate - Even when you’re sitting on the couch or sleeping, your body is always burning calories. By taking a fat burner supplement that contains green tea extract, you’ll burn more calories at rest. Studies have found that green tea may increase basal metabolic rate anywhere from 3-4%, or sometimes as much as 8% (21)

Fact Check: Another ingredient that is claimed to increase fat burn is apple cider vinegar. However, there is very little scientific evidence that supports this claim.

Fat Loss Tips

As discussed earlier, in order to burn fat, you have to consume fewer calories than you burn, or burn more calories than you consume. While there are supplements and certain foods that you can eat in order to finally shed those extra pounds, there are also certain tips and tricks that can aid you on your weight loss journey.

Here are some of our top weight loss tips that will give you that extra push to reaching your fat loss goals.

Intermittent Fasting

One of the biggest trends in the diet and weight loss world is intermittent fasting (IF). People around the world have embraced IF as a way to lose weight, feel better, and even to improve their overall health.

Intermittent fasting involves setting a window of eating and then a window of fasting. The most common is a 16:8 split, which means you fast for 16 hours and eat your allotted calories for the day in an 8-hour time window. Other common splits include 18:6 and 20:4.

Some people choose to fast for 24 hours one or two days a week. By limiting the amount of time you can consume calories offers many different benefits.

IF lowers the risk of overeating and consuming too many calories that could negate your weight loss goals. Fasting also gives the body the time it needs to properly digest food, which can give you more quality sleep at night.

Fasting isn’t anything new! Ancient hunter-gatherers didn’t always have access to food. This means that the human body can properly function with little to no food. Fasting is also a common practice in certain religions.

How It Affects Your Cells and Hormones

Intermittent fasting also has profound impacts on certain hormones. Here’s what you need to know.

●      Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - Levels of HGH skyrocket with intermittent fasting, sometimes increasing by 5 times. This offers great benefit for gaining muscle while also losing weight. (22)

●      Insulin - When intermittent fasting, insulin levels drop dramatically. This makes stored body fat much more accessible to be used as energy. (23)

●      Cellular repair - When the body is in a fasted state, cells initiate cellular repair processes. (24)

A Very Powerful Weight Loss Tool: With a smaller window of time to eat, most people will automatically consume less calories. Intermittent fasting increases fat-burning hormones and also lowers insulin levels. IF can also increase your metabolic rate by 3.6-14% (25). A 2014 study found that participants lost around 4-7% of their waist circumference. (26)

Side Effects: As with any lifestyle choice, intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone. Some people report feelings of weakness and being unable to focus. However, these side effects usually go away once your body adjusts to the fasting schedule.

For those with medical conditions such as low blood pressure or diabetes, IF may not be a suitable option. If you have any underlying health conditions, consult with your doctor before switching to this kind of eating pattern.

Intermittent fasting might not be suitable for pregnant women, women who are trying to get pregnant, or those who have a history of eating disorders.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The second part of a solid weight loss plan is exercise. Physical activity not only burns calories, it keeps you in good physical and mental health. The more active you are, the healthier your heart, bones, joints, and muscles will be.

As part of your weight loss plan, be sure to incorporate both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises such as running, biking, and HIIT all get your heart pumping and the blood flowing.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting and yoga, are less strenuous but still burn plenty of calories. In fact, anaerobic exercise may be more beneficial than aerobic exercise. This is because anaerobic exercise cases lactate production.

Anaerobic exercise is also beneficial in that it:

●      Increases Metabolism: Anaerobic exercise increases strength and muscle size. This in turn speeds up your metabolism.

●      Afterburn Effect: In order to return to its natural resting state, the body has to continue to consume oxygen. This is known as post- exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). So even after you’re finished working out, you continue to burn calories.

●      Time Saver: With anaerobic exercise, you’re able to burn more calories in less time than you would by participating in steady state cardio.

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Losing weight is only one part of the battle. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, the next step is to find ways to maintain a healthy weight. One of the most important factors in keeping the weight off is balancing your blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar is the body’s go-to source for energy. We feel energized when our blood sugar levels are balanced. Proper levels provide a constant flow of energy and can keep cravings at bay. An effective way to balance blood sugar levels is to eat a balanced diet of protein, fat, and fiber.

How Insulin Works - The pancreas creates insulin, which is a hormone needed to maintain blood sugar levels. When you eat a diet that’s high in carbohydrates, which quickly turns into sugar, the pancreas has to work harder to produce a larger amount of insulin.

When this happens, it tells the body that there is tons of energy available and that the body should stop burning fat and store it instead. Understanding how insulin works makes it easier to maintain long-term weight loss

How to Balance Your Blood Sugar - You don’t need to take a special supplement in order to keep your insulin levels in check. The best way to balance your blood sugar is by avoiding high-sugar foods and foods that are high in simple carbohydrates. Though it can be hard to keep your sweet tooth at bay, eating too many sweets can backfire.

To maintain your weight loss, choose foods that are high in protein, fiber, and/or fat. While high fat foods such as almonds and avocados are high in calories, fats offer slow meal absorption and actually help to avoid blood sugar spikes.

CBD for Weight Loss

Earlier in this guide we briefly touched on CBD as a top supplement to use for weight loss. As a growing number of studies are conducted, there’s more and more evidence that shows the benefits CBD can have on those looking to lose weight.

So how does CB help with weight loss? The body has a natural endocannabinoid system that interacts with naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. The endocannabinoid system plays a role in most physiological functions, including:

●      Mood

●      Sleep

●      Inflammation

●      Stress levels

●      Temperature

The endocannabinoid system even plays a role in appetite. With a high-quality CBD supplement, you can reap all of these benefits.

Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it can improve metabolism. CBD may also turn white fat into brown fat. Brown fat is much easier to burn than white fat, so you’ll lose weight a little faster. The process of converting white fat to brown fat also has a thermogenic effect, which further aids in fat loss.

CBD also helps you get the quality sleep you need while also reducing stress and anxiety levels. When you’re well-rested and not stressed, it’s much easier to lose weight.

Fat Burning Breakfast Recipe

Your first meal of the day is the most important meal! What you eat for breakfast plays a large role in your appetite for the day as well as your metabolism. You want to eat a meal that will fuel you with all of the vitamins and nutrients you need.

But, for all meals that you eat, it’s important to know what’s healthy and what isn’t. Most people eat lean proteins and vegetables for these meals, but choosing a healthy breakfast takes a little bit more careful planning.

In fact, some people think that not eating breakfast is the best option for losing weight. But, unless you are intermittent fasting, eating breakfast is a smart thing to do. With sensible foods that have a high satiety level, you’ll boost your metabolism and stay full for longer.

Do you struggle to wake up in the mornings? Find yourself rushing around with very little time to prepare a healthy meal? Check out these quick simple fat-shredded recipes that are perfect for any breakfast.

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

If you’re someone who likes to work out in the mornings but has very little time to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast, a smoothie is a great option. Making a smoothie is quick and easy. All you have to do is put the ingredients into the blender and voila!

This first recipe is an energy-producing, fat-burning powerhouse that combines delicious flavors like peanut butter and banana. This smoothie is the perfect meal to start off your day.


●      ½ cup unsweetened almond milk (or any plant-based milk alternative)

●      1 scoop of chocolate plant-based protein powder

●      1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

●      ½ banana

●      ½ natural peanut butter

●      Cup of ice


Combine all ingredients in a blender. Add ice last, blending until you achieve your preferred consistency.

Mediterranean Egg Scramble

If you don’t like smoothies or want a breakfast that offers a little more sustenance, check out this Mediterranean Egg Scramble. This recipe takes just 5 minutes to make and offers a healthy combination of protein and simple carbs.


●      2 large eggs

●      Pinch of kosher salt

●      ½ tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

●      Pinch of red pepper flakes

●       ½ cup baby spinach, packed

●      1 sun-dried tomato, halved and finely chopped

●      1 tablespoon finely chopped red bell pepper

●      1 tablespoon parmesan cheese

●      Cracked black pepper, to taste

●      Toast (optional)


1. Beat eggs together. Spray skillet with non-stick cooking spray and turn to medium heat.

2. Add eggs to the skillet along with other ingredients.

3. Cook until the egg is cooked to your liking and spinach is wilted.

4. Serve with toast or eat as is, with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Natural Fat Burner Supplements Recap

A healthy diet is a critical part of losing weight. The only way that you can burn excess fat is by eating fewer calories than your body needs. Aside from eating less calories, there are several other things you can do to help on your weight loss journey.

Other ways to see a decrease on the scale include cutting down on sugary foods, eating less simple carbohydrates, and focusing on high-protein meals. Intermittent fasting is another option to consider.

In addition to dietary changes, adding a fat burner supplement to your daily routine can also help you burn fat and lose weight for good. A fat burner with all-natural supplements can be greatly beneficial. Not only do these products help your body to burn more fat, but they also increase energy so that you can power through workouts and stick with your weight loss program.

If you decide to try a fat burner supplement, be sure to only use one that contains proven, high quality ingredients, such as Elm & Rye Fat Burner. It’s also best to discuss with your doctor before adding any new supplement to your daily routine.

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