6 Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil can benefit you in a variety of ways. Let’s dive into how it can help you.

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Aug 1, 2023 5:00 AMAug 1, 2023 10:59 AM
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In case you didn’t know, CBD oil is all the rage these days. What started with an underground network of sometimes questionable products has blossomed into much more!

What explains this quantum leap? Put simply, CBD really works. Loved by people of virtually all ages and health backgrounds, CBD is the supplement we didn’t know we needed. And in this article, we’ll be taking a look at 6 of CBD’s most significant benefits:

  • CBD + Melatonin for sleep

  • CBD products with Arnica and Menthol for pain relief

  • CBD for Calming Effects

  • CBD for creativity

  • CBD for focus

  • CBD for athletes

How does CBD impact so many different aspects of health, you ask? Largely by its ability to modulate the endocannabinoid system — let’s take a closer look!

CBD + Melatonin for Sleep

Out of all CBD + melatonin’s benefits, the compound’s impact on sleep might just be most noticeable. It’s surprisingly common for new users to take CBD and melatonin and then proceed to sleep better that very night.

How does CBD + melatonin work to promote sleep? For one, it may alleviate some of the psychological hindrances to sleeping well. Those who experience discomfort relief from CBD and melatonin  are also likely to experience better sleep, if only indirectly. 

There’s a more direct mechanism at work here as well. Some studies imply CBD may help regulate one’s circadian rhythm — that’s the internal clock your body uses to stay sleepy at night and wakeful during the day.

* For best results, consider a Medterra sleep-specific CBD product like this one!

Arnica & Menthol for Pain Relief + CBD

Let’s face it: chronic pain can be devastating. It may have simply inflammatory reactions at its roots ... but once full-fledged, chronic pain is a highly complex problem with both physical and mental pitfalls.

But pain cream + CBD  mode of action is equally complex. By acting on receptors in the TRPV1 family, pain cream may help the body keep its inflammation levels in check. Interestingly enough, these same receptors help us sense hot items (like the stovetop) and hot foods (like spicy peppers)!

Need more evidence that Arnica and Menthol pain cream + CBD can work for pain relief? Many anesthesiologists have been adopting this centric approach for their patients ... as it happens, Arnica & Menthol + CBD may also be an effective alternative to opioids. Using Arnica & Menthol + CBD often works best for pain relief.

* For best results, consider pain relief with arnica & menthol + CBD products like this one!

CBD & Calming Effects

Modern science keeps on hinting that calming begins in the gut. Could CBD’s effects on this “second brain” be responsible for some of the calmness its users notice?

Maybe so — but either way, many CBD users with restlessness notice a powerful improvement in their lives. And the tried-and-true CBD tincture seems to act especially fast in times of need, just FYI.

* For best results, consider CBD tincture products like this one!

CBD & Creativity

Might CBD benefit less tangible areas of your health, too? While there’s only one way to know for sure (hint, hint) ... possibly.

Many CBD users describe their creativity improving over time, while others report an increased ability to pick up on seemingly unrelated trends. What could be responsible for this? Some studies say CBD has neuroplastic qualities.

CBD for Focus

One final mental benefit: CBD may help the busy parent or professional truly focus. (Parents who are also professionals can benefit too, of course!)

While it’s not yet known how CBD improves focus, we can go off the experience of users and make some conclusions. It seems CBD may reduce the mental chatter that sometimes gets in the way of focus and flow — all while possibly increasing creativity, don’t forget.

CBD for Athletes

The very same benefits that make CBD so helpful to the general population seem to be making it a favorite of athletes. From pro golfers to surfers, from MMA fighters to World’s Strongest Man champions … Pain cream with CBD and CBD tinctures anti-inflammatory, pro-recovery abilities means it’s a crowd favorite. Recovery is the biggest barrier to improved athletic performance, after all. So if you’d like to boost your fitness levels, consider CBD.

* For best results, consider pain cream with CBD products and tinctures like these!

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