The 13 Best Grain Free Dog Foods

By Arthur Williams
Jun 3, 2023 5:00 AMJun 3, 2023 7:21 PM
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Our team went out into the field looking for the best canine nutrition products in the world. Our winner for this year is Pupper, which topped our charts in terms of ingredient quality as well as science backed claims.

When you’re buying dog food, it can be a challenge to get away from brands that use a lot of filler ingredients. Fillers help the food batches go further, thus increasing the profit margin for the companies producing the food. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on your dog, and can lead to several health complications. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our friends happy, healthy, and safe, and part of doing so means taking a stand against lower-quality foods.  

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most important talking points about grain free dog food, including cost, why you should avoid grain in your dog’s diet, and, of course, the 13 best grain-free dog food varieties out there today. It’s important that we take care of our doggos, so let’s feed them the best dog food money can buy!  

Why Dog Foods Use Grain 

Many dog food brands utilize grain in their recipes in order to stretch batches, making it more cost-effective to produce. Also, there’s a belief that dogs need grains for carbohydrates, which help produce energy. What’s the truth? The truth is that the amount of grain, if any, that your dog needs comes down to breed, age, and personal preference. Let’s not forget about the vet’s advice, either. Consult with your vet to see how much grain your dog might need, and then choose a dog food from there. Anytime you switch foods, be sure to let the vet know!  

Why Some Dogs Need Grain Free  

While rare in most dogs, grain allergies and other food sensitivities do exist, and that’s why grain-free dog foods exist. Some people also prefer to feed their dogs meat-based diets under the assumption that dogs are obligate carnivores. This is actually untrue, as dogs are omnivores, and can eat both meat and plant-based foods. However, as we’ve already mentioned, it comes down to breed, personal choice, vet advice, and the needs of your doggo.  

The Best Grain-Free Dog Foods 

There are hundreds of grain free dog food brands out there, so we’ve taken the time to collect 13 of the best and bring you everything you need to know about them. You’ll find information on price, availability, ingredients, and more. Let’s get started!  

Ingredients: Pupper brings you only the highest-quality ingredients, including chicken, chicken liver, chicken gizzards, brown rice, flax, sweet potato, apples, ginger, krill, sea salt, kelp, mixed tocopherols, and vitamin mineral. Everything is freeze-dried, ensuring those potent nutrients are locked in place for maximum nutrition.  

The Difference: Pupper freeze-dries ingredients to lock in nutrients, uses only naturally sourced ingredients, and loves their pets! A brand that cares is a brand that will never fail to impress. Get your bag today to see the difference Pupper makes.  

2. Pupper Beef Topper

Ingredients: Pupper makes another blend your pup is sure to love! This beef blend contains Beef, beef heart, beef liver, barley, flax, carrots, beets, cranberries, parsley, sea salt, kelp, mixed tocopherols, and vitamin mineral. If you’re looking for taste, nutritional value, and a good buy, this is it! Pupper takes serious care to ensure every ingredient is of the highest quality.  

Price/Where To Buy: All of Pupper’s awesome pet food blends can be found online here

This beef blend costs $34,99, making it one of the best values when it comes to dog food.  

The Difference: Pupper loves pets, uses only the best ingredients, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg—even your dog knows this is the smarter choice!  

3. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie  

Ingredients: Grain-free is the motto of Taste Of The Wild. Featuring a potent blend of natural ingredients, including free-range bison meat, this blend is for dogs who can’t eat grain or whose owners want a more ancestral diet for their pets. You won’t find anything but the best ingredients from a brand like Taste Of The Wild, and your pet deserves the best. 

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy a 28-lb. bag of Taste Of The Wild High Prairie for about $48 on sites like Chewy and other pet food outlets. You can also find it in some stores.  

The Difference: Taste Of The Wild High Prairie blend provides optimal nutrition while keeping your pet grain-free. Many people prefer a more ancestral diet for their pets, but if you’re not getting high-quality food, it won’t make a difference.  

4. Merrick Grain-Free Dog Food 

Ingredients: Merrick’s grain-free beef blend contains high-quality Texas beef and other meats. Free of grains, additives, and artificial ingredients, this is a great treat for pups of all sizes and breeds. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind when you buy Merrick products, thanks to the company’s quality commitment.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy a 30-lb. bag of Merrick’s beef/grain-free blend for about $74 on Chewy. It’s also available elsewhere online at pet food outlets, and in some grocery and pet food stores. Check local options to see if it’s in stock.  

The Difference: Merrick’s difference is easy to see when you pour a bowl for your dog. They’ll know, too. As soon as they taste this natural, high-quality dog food, they’ll want nothing else!  

5. Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Grain-Free Dog Food 

Ingredients: Life’s Abundance combines the convenience of dry food with the wholesome, natural ingredients the brand is so well-known for. Inside, you’ll find only high-quality ingredients like chicken, eggs, antioxidants, healthy fats, and more. Every ingredient is sourced naturally and sustainably when possible, so you’re supporting a brand that cares about the future of our planet as well as the health of your dog.  

Price/Where To Buy: Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Grain-Free Dog Food is available on the Life’s Abundance website. You can get a 36-lb. for about $88. If you subscribe to an auto-ship plan, you can save up to $7 per bag! 

The Difference: Life’s Abundance is made for dogs of all sizes and breeds with health in mind. All-natural ingredients and no fillers make a huge difference that you can see, and your dog can feel.  

6. Pristine By Castor and Pollux 

Ingredients: This delicious, potent, and high-quality grass-fed beef and sweet potato recipe is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. You’ll notice a difference in your dog as soon as they start regularly eating this hand-crafted blend from Castor and Pollux. Each bag contains only the finest ingredients, with grass-fed beef for a higher quality that speaks volumes.  

Price/Where To Buy: Pristine By Castor and Pollux is available on with free shipping if you order $50. An 18-lb. bag of this delicious, potent dog food is about $71.  

The Difference: Castor and Pollux is a brand you’ll want to look twice at. With a commitment to quality and service, the brand has been serving pet lovers for years with delicious, premium ingredients that you and your dog will love.  

7. The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Grain-Free Turkey Recipe 

Ingredients: If you’re looking for wholesome, quality ingredients, you need this grain-free turkey blend from the Honest Kitchen. This dog food blend is formulated for all breeds, sizes, and ages, and packs a punch with the best ingredients, including turkey and coconut oil for healthy skin and hair.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy this awesome whole food grain-free blend at and in stores. You can also find it at several online pet outlets and in retail stores.  

The Difference: When it comes to dog food, The Honest Kitchen takes a pledge of transparency and quality that you and your best friend will love.  

8. Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Dog Food 

Ingredients: Earthborn takes a different approach to natural dog food, with this holistic primitive blend that contains only high-quality lamb proteins and other carefully chosen meat sources. You’ll also find a myriad of chosen vegetables and fruits for all-around health.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy a bag of Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Dog Food on A 25-lb. bag costs about $51 and qualifies for free shipping. This product is also available elsewhere online, but this is the best deal.  

The Difference: Your dog will love the taste and you’ll love the incredible health benefits that a more natural, balanced diet provides. Earthborn’s holistic blend is designed to give dogs everything they need from a natural, high-quality diet.  

9. Supreme Source Super-Premium Salmon Blend 

Ingredients: We love salmon, so it’s no surprise that man’s best friend also enjoys this tasty, fatty-acid-rich fish straight from the oceans and streams of the northern waterways. Supreme Source super-premium salmon blend is grain-free and contains only the highest-quality salmon products for a taste your dog will love.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy a bag of Supreme Source Super-Premium Salmon Blend online at for about $42 for a 22-lb. bag. This item doesn’t qualify for free shipping.  

The Difference: Supreme Source is dedicated to sourcing only sustainable, high-quality ingredients you and your dog will love. It’s also one of the more affordable brands out there.  

10. ACANA Grain-Free, Ranch-Raised Red Meat Dog Food Blend  

Ingredients: What makes good dog food stand out? Good ingredients, of course. With ranch-fed red meat in this potent grain-free blend, you won’t want to go back to your old dog food. Acana takes a simple approach to dog food but lacks nothing for quality and consistency.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can find Acana’s premium, ranch-raised red meat blend online from Petco and other pet stores. A 25-lb. bag costs about $67.  

The Difference: Your dog will taste the difference that premium ranch-raised red meat with every bite. And you’ll be able to provide your best friend with amazing quality dog food for a good price.  

11. Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Chicken Grain-Free Recipe 

Ingredients: Grandma Lucy has a lot to say about dog food; mainly that there aren’t enough high-quality options out there, and the brand has changed that with its awesome artisan chicken recipe. Completely grain-free and made from premium chicken, your dog will come running when you crack open a bag of this potent premium dog food.  

Price/Where To Buy: Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Chicken Grain-Free Recipe is available online at The only drawback is that you can only buy up to a 10-lb. bag. This will cost you about $79.  

The Difference: Grandma Lucy’s potent, premium artisan chicken blend combines flavor and quality in a way that every dog can get behind. It’s a bit expensive, but you’re paying for high-quality ingredients and service.  

12. I and Love and You Nude Super Food Grain-Free Dog Food 

Ingredients: When it comes to grain-free dog food, I and Love and You had to make the top 13 list. This particular nude super food blend contains red meat as the first ingredient and doesn’t have any of the fake stuff the other guys put in their food.  

Price/Where To Buy: You can buy a 23-lb. bag of I and Love and You Nude Super Food Grain-Free Dog Food online for about $58, depending on the outlet. This product is available on and other pet food supply stores.  

The Difference: I and Love and You was founded with pets in mind by people who love their own pets. That makes a huge difference in quality and consistency!  

13. Crave Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food 

Ingredients: Made with premium ingredients like salmon chickpeas, and more, this blend is perfect for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. It comes in three flavors, including salmon, lamb and venison, and chicken.   

Price/Where To Buy: Crave dog food is available from VitaCost. A 22-lb bag of this particular variety will cost you about $42 at  

The Difference: Crave includes high-quality ingredients and a good price tag for healthy eating on a budget. Whatever breed you’re working with, don’t settle for less—choose Crave for an affordable option you’ll both love.  

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