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Plastic Trees

Collide-a-ScapeBy Keith KloorSep 30, 2009 6:55 PM


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Maybe it's all the cold medication I've been on the last few days, but this reference to "fake plastic trees" as one potential geo-engineering solution to global warming, triggered a memory of Martin Krieger's classic 1973 essay in Science magazine, entitled, "What's Wrong with Plastic Trees?" I remember my head nearly exploding as I read it over ten years ago, while studying environmental policy in graduate school. One of Krieger's numerous provocative passages:

What's wrong with plastictrees? My guess is^ that there is very little wrong with them. Much more can be^ done with plastictreesand the like to give most people^ the feeling that they are experiencing nature. We will have^ to realize that the way in which we experience nature is conditioned^ by our society"”which more and more is seen to be receptive^ to responsible interventions.

The notion that our conceptions of nature are culturally constructed (as in Bill Cronon's Wilderness critique) is anathema to most environmentalists. That doesn't negate the intrinsic value of nature, but it does make you queston (at least for me, it does) some of those cherished (and mythical) ideas about nature. But hey, that's not me talking, it's the NyQuil and Benadryl.

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