Little Einsteins

Cosmic VarianceBy JoAnne HewettNov 12, 2005 2:20 AM


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Building on this blogging gig, the CV team has branched out to new forms of science outreach: children's shows! We are totally dedicated to bring science into everyone's life. Here's the promo:

See, it's us! Sean and Clifford are in the back. Risa's in the front. And I'm the goofy red-head driving the spaceship. You can tell it's me cuz (a) nobody else has such weird hair and (b) I've steered our spaceship to St. Louis. We've just passed The Arch and I'm turning the ship around for one last look at Busch Stadium before it's completely demolished. Mark is absent from the photo as, due to his own admission, he doesn't like pictures of himself. Besides, we could only fit 4 in the spaceship and he drew the short straw. The editorial review of the production is quick to point out that

the characters are instantly likeable with a passion for music and adventure. The journey proves complex, but the ever-cheerful group uses their musical knowledge, careful listening skills, and ingenuity to ensure success.

Seriously folks, this is a Disney production and is #64 on Amazon's DVD List. The average customer review is 4.5 stars and it sounds like a great way to combine education with entertainment for children. Now that we've conquered blogging and children's shows, it's on to the big screen. I'm personally hoping for a gig with Pierce Brosnan.

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