Total War Pre Workout Review: Why we Love it

By Amber Smith
Jun 3, 2023 12:00 PMJun 3, 2023 2:30 PM
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Total War has quickly become a favorite pre-workout supplement among gym-goers. Its blend of ingredients not only provides extra energy, focus, and motivation during workouts, but it also allows people to lift heavier weights and train for longer periods of time! In this post, we'll explore what makes Total War so popular and some of its potential benefits.

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Pre-workout supplements are a type of supplement that people take before working out. They usually include elements such as caffeine and protein, which can help you exercise while providing energy. Some folks believe that pre-workout supplements can help them complete their chores faster.

Many individuals tend to believe that artificial ingredients or steroids are present in pre-workout supplements. However, this assumption is false. Your body only requires a handful of key nutrients to function well during exercise, all of which can be found in these types of supplements. These elements include caffeine, protein, and B vitamins.

Caffeine offers a quick dose of energy to help you get through your workout, while protein helps rebuild any muscles that were damaged during the exercise. B vitamins also play an important role by converting food into energy that your muscles can use.

Creatine is a molecule that occurs naturally in the human body and helps to build muscle mass. By taking creatine supplements, you may see improved results from your workouts.

A pre-workout supplement is the perfect way to get an energy boost before your next workout. It can help you push through tough exercises and reach your fitness goals. Pre-workouts typically come in powder form that you mix with water. They're easy to find at sports stores or online.

For the greatest results, combine the suggested amount with water and drink it 30 minutes before beginning your exercise program. Don't take too much; if you do, you might become ill. Start by taking a smaller dose and gradually increasing it as needed.

It's no secret that there are a lot of pre-workout brands on the market—so many, in fact, it might be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Today, we'll go through all there is to know about Total War pre-workout: our favorite aspects and what to look for when buying a powder that meets your health goals.

What is Total War pre workout?

The all-in-one pre-workout supplement by The Pre Workout Company is called All in One Max. Pre-workouts are designed to boost endurance, enhance focus, and increase energy through evidence-based ingredients. Redcon1 LLC owns the brand, which claims to deliver great value with its goods and provides a money back guarantee if you're not happy with them.

The supplement has also been verified to be free of banned drugs through third-party analysis. We'll quickly evaluate the available components in this Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout review to see if this product is effective and conduct an evidence-based evaluation of its efficacy. 

So, if you were looking for a trustworthy pre-workout mix, keep reading this Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout review to find out whether it's what you're searching for.

Benefits of Total War Pre Workout

The Total War Pre workout consists of caffeine and beta-alanine to deliver energy that lasts, as well as mental sharpness, strength, and endurance. Although some ingredients act as stimulants due to the presence of adequate stimulant chemicals, Total War pre workout ingredients are mainly used to enhance energy levels and stamina. 

Redcon1's Total War Pre Workout not only provides you with long-lasting energy, but it is also packed with nutrients that are good for your health. And if that wasn't enough, it comes in a variety of delicious flavors to choose from!

Take it 30-60 minutes before working out for the greatest effects. However, if you take it earlier in the day, you'll have greater success, since it might make sleeping difficult and cause a higher heart rate at night. Taking Total War in the morning should reduce these negative side effects.

Some people may feel a mild tingling sensation called paresthesia while taking larger dosages of Total War, owing to the increased beta alanine content in the solution.

Total War Pre Workout Ingredients: Separating Fact from Fiction 

The formulation of pre-workout supplements often contains a plethora of components, which can be daunting to understand. Does the product contain more of what I need? What exactly are these ingredients and how do they work? In this Total War review, we will explore the benefits two scoops per day offer.

Below is a quick summary of the science behind some key components in Total War Pre Workout.


Because beta-alanine's intake has been linked to improved health and exercise performance, it is extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts as a pre-workout supplement. Carnosine is a dipeptide produced by beta-alanine that inhibits the formation of lactic acid in your muscles during exercise. It may be found in most pre workout supplements.

When glucose is broken down in the body, muscle acidity rises, limiting their ability to contract and causing fatigue. Beta-Alanine raises carnosine levels in the body, which acts as a buffer against acidity and reduces tiredness.

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine Sulfate has boomed in popularity recently in the weightlifting industry. People take it to increase their hormone levels, but it's just a regular amino acid that comes from L-arginine. That said, anabolic function while you're lifting weights and trying to bulk up.

Redcon1 Total War pre-workout provides you with 1 g of L-arginine per serving. This allows you to get the benefits of L-arginine at a higher concentration while taking a lower dose.


Taurine is an amino acid that can be found in energy drinks. It has been referred to as a “Wonder Molecule” by some researchers and there is evidence proving its effectiveness for improved sports performance with no known side effects when consumed in adequate doses.

Taurine is also known as conditionally essential since, unlike most amino acids, it is not utilized to create proteins. While your body can manufacture Taurine, supplementation is recommended.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is a type of caffeine that is manufactured by filtering out water and other chemical components in the lab. This variant is more concentrated and powerful than ordinary caffeine, which has made it quite popular as a pre-workout supplement for better performance.

When compared to brewed beverages, caffeine anhydrous delivers a more uniform dose with less effort. Caffeine in its pure form, on the other hand, is quite powerful and may lead to overdose as a consequence of tiny calculation mistakes. Many people take in too much caffeine at one time, which can also result in an overdose.

Juniper Extract

Juniperus communis, commonly known as Juniper, is a perennial shrub that may be found in many different areas of the world. It has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and several current studies suggest that it may have health advantages.

Di-Caffeine Malate

Di-caffeine Malate is a type of caffeine that is chemically bound to malic acid. This creates an ionic bond which results in a sustained release of caffeine into the bloodstream, making it an ideal ingredient for pre-workout supplements.


Theobromine, which was formally known as xantheose, is a bitter alkaloid found in cacao beans and tea leaves. It generally has a stimulating effect on humans by increasing oxygen flow to the lungs and relaxing the body's lung muscles.

According to studies, very few natural substances can effectively promote weight loss like caffeine can. As it is also a stimulant, you will have more than enough energy to carry out your workout without tiring easily.

Green Tea Extract

According to health experts, green tea is one of the best drinks you can consume regularly. It's rich in antioxidants, which come with a host of benefits like boosted brain function, weight loss, and protection against heart diseases.

It includes a catechin known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which according to certain researchers, has been shown to possess medicinal properties. It protects molecules and cells from harm by reducing the production of free radicals in the body.


Naringin is a water-soluble flavonoid found in citrus. While naringin itself provides no nutritional value, its aglycone Naringenin variant and supplements are associated with a variety of potential health benefits.

It's used in pills as a preservative, allowing them to operate more effectively. Furthermore, it has a high content of antioxidants and anti-fungal effects due on its primary advantages.


BioPerine is an extract of Piperine, a compound found in black pepper. Some studies suggest that piperine can help increase the absorption of nutrients, which is why it is used commonly in many supplements.

A study on piperine found that it can not only reduce inflammation, but also protect the health of brain cells in mice with chemically induced Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, piperine may prevent mental impairment related to Alzheimer’s disease.

How safe is Total War pre workout?

It is safe for human consumption because every component in Total War has been studied and deemed to be safe. Furthermore, because this item does not include any Schedule I drugs, you may feel secure that it will not cause problems during drug testing.

The pre-workout supplement The End is a fat burner that increases athletic performance, strength, and focus in users. Furthermore, this pill can help you exercise for longer periods of time without becoming weary by reducing tiredness during activity.

If you're an athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants to achieve greatness in the gym, Total War pre workout is perfect for you.

Total War Pre Workout is a fantastic pre-workout supplement that's both affordable and pleasant. Total War Pre Work out will not disappoint you because to its reasonable components that have been researched thoroughly. Don't put it off any longer; go for it now!

The Evidence: Is There Real Scientific Support of Using Pre Workout?

In recent years, more and more athletes have started taking pre-workout supplements. The National Library of Medicine has studied the effects of caffeine on performance factors such as anaerobic power, upper body strength, and lower body power.

A total of eight males participated in this study, with each one being subjected to several tests to verify if he met the criteria. Those who took the pre-workout pill improved more in terms of anaerobic peak and mean power than those who received a placebo or no supplements.

Although there was no observable increase in strength, when taken before exercise, caffeine-containing pre-workout supplements may improve anaerobic power output.

The bottom line is that, depending on how long it takes you to make your pre-workout drink, you may boost endurance, energy, and attention in 30-90 minutes. This will help you develop muscle more quickly while maintaining a high level of energy during strenuous activities.

Here are some of the advantages that pre-workout users claim:

  • Increasing your brain power can help you think more clearly.

  • Lean muscle growth. 

  • You may sleep better and longer as a result of fewer disruptions. You will have more consistent sleep cycles, and you will sleep soundly and deeply more often.

Pre-workout cannot cure ailments, but it can provide you with a boost of energy before exercise. However, keep in mind that to have effects, you must put in consistent effort. A pre-workout can supplement a healthy diet and fitness routine to help you achieve your desired fitness level.

Where to buy Total War Pre Workout

You can buy Total War pre workout on their website along with other reputable website, such as When ordering directly from Total War's website, you can save 30% off their retial price by subscribing to auto-shipment. Options to buy Total War pre workout include; 

  • For just $42.99 you can buy a 30 servings package with too many flavor options to choose from. 

First check your tolerance for this pre workout supplement by taking ½ scoop at least 20 to 60 minutes prior to training for a couple of days. After that, you can mix one scoop with 4-6 ounces of water and consume it at least 30 minutes before starting your session.

You should also not take more than one scoop within 24 hours. According to reports, taking this supplement won't lead to any harmful side effects other than the 3.2 grams of beta-alanine, which only causes light tingling sensations throughout your body.

Keep in mind that the 250 mg of caffeine is equivalent to around 2.5 cups of coffee, even though it's a small amount. Everybody reacts differently to different ingredients, so be wary of how you might react.

Who is Redcon1s as a company?

Redcon1 makes high-quality sports nutrition products that use only the best ingredients, which are backed by science. Our supplement labels show everything that's in our products so you know exactly what you're taking.

They carry everything from standalone supplements to products that will complete enhance your performance. This brand says they set the gold standard in quality and safety.

Redcon1 goods are produced in GMP factories in the United States and are carried at military exchanges and commissaries by the United States military.

Our Top Choices for Pre Workout

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  5. Gorilla Mode

  6. Total War

  7. Ghost

  8. Woke AF

  9. Alani Nu

  10. Dark Energy

  11. Mr Hyde

  12. Lit

Total War pre-workout is our go-to for several reasons. We use it to help with muscle and bone growth during workouts, which in turn helps us achieve our fitness goals. That said, we recognize that this product should be used as part of a greater effort that includes staying active and eating well outside the gym.

We hope that our content has provided you with the important information you need to purchase Redcon1's Total War pre-workout and other fantastic items offered today.

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