The Best Supplement for Menopause Joint Pain  

By Amber Smith
Sep 21, 2023 5:00 AMSep 21, 2023 1:49 PM


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Many women experience joint pain, muscle pain, and a general stiffness around the time of the menopause. This is because there are estrogen receptors all over the body, including in the joints, and declining hormone levels brought on by the menopause can lead to pain in the joints caused by inflammation. Joint pain supplements for menopause can make a big difference for many women. They alleviate joint pain and make the experience of going through the menopause that much more tolerable.

Joint inflammation, and the pain it causes, can be debilitating as well as uncomfortable. The pain can restrict movement affecting the ability to continue life as normal. Using joint supplements combined with healthy eating and gentle exercise can ease joint pain and make it easier to get on with life.

There are many joint pain supplements available but only a handful offer the kind of joint pain relief needed when going through the menopause. With this in mind, we've reviewed the best menopause joint pain supplements, starting with the best.

Our Top 3 Picks

FlexAgain – Best Joint Supplement for Menopause

EstroCare – Best MenoPause Supplement Overall

Elm and Rye – Best Standalone Supplements

Best Over all Joint Pain health supplement - FlexAgain

FlexAgain is a high-strength joint pain supplement that is created using in blend of 12 high-quality, clinically proven, optimally dosed natural ingredients. It is designed to not only relieve joint pain but also to promote healthy joints, to prevent joint pains and issues from developing in the first place. The FlexAgain formula consists of glucosamine sulfate, omega 3 fatty acids, curcumin extract (turmeric), chondroitin sulfate, ginger and blue galangal extracts, bromelain, resveratrol, boswellic acid, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), vitamin k, and vitamin d. And if that looks like a lot, it's because it is, there's a reason we rated it as the best supplement for menopause joint pain and that's because if there's an ingredient known to reduce joint pain, and you can fit the correct dose into a 4 capsule supplement, then it's in FlexAgain. 

FlexAgain Pros

·       All of its ingredients are clinically proven to ease painful joints.

·       Everything in the supplement is optimally dosed to offer maximum efficacy without any side effects. 

·       12 natural premium ingredients scientifically backed to improve joint health.

·       Can combat joint pain and boost joint health at the same time. 

·       Has the ability to treat all the symptoms of menopausal women who experience joint pain.

·       Excellent reviews on Reddit and Amazon.

FlexAgain Cons

·       Quite expensive

Check FlexAgain Deals

Estrocare - The Best Menopause Supplement to Relive Hormonal Joint Pains

EstroCare is one of the newest menopause supplements on the market but it is fast becoming one of the most popular. While its range of optimally dosed, clinically proven ingredients can help with the majority of symptoms menopausal women will face, it is particularly useful for relieving menopause joint pain. Estrocare has one ingredient we saw already, vitamin d, plus DHEA, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin C, zinc, black cohosh, red clover, ginseng extract, Bifidobacterium animalis, lactobacillus gasseri, 5-htp, chromium, soy isoflavone, calcium citrate, magnesium, maca root extract, and Siberian rhubarb extract.

EstroCare Pros and Cons


·       Can relieve menopausal joint pain, as well as virtually all other symptoms of menopause. 

·       Contains a diverse range of ingredients that support menopausal women from every angle. 

·       All of its ingredients are optimally dosed to deliver maximum efficacy, without causing side effects.                                                                                                         

·       Does not feature anything that is not clinically proven.

·       12 premium ingredients all dosed as proven scientifically to give the best results available.

·       Excellent reviews.


·       EstroCare currently only available directly from the official Estrocare website.

Check EstroCare Deals

 Elm & Rye - The Best Single Ingredient Supplements For Menopause Joint Pain

A supplement that contains nothing but the optimal daily dose of 100% pure vitamin d, it is guaranteed to prevent you from developing a deficiency, while offering additional benefits like helping to stimulate the growth and recovery of muscle cells and balance your estrogen levels. It's also available in a choice of either capsules or gummies, and with great discounts to be had if you buy in bulk, Elm & Rye Vitamin D3 has options available to suit women of virtually all tastes and budgets.

Pros and Cons


·       Contains known and scientifically proven ingredients to assist with joint pain.

·       Premium ingredients.

·       Can be purchased as a “Gummie”.

·       Great discounts to be had if you buy in bulk.


·       Limited ingredients to be an all round premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal supplement.

Check Elm and Rye Deals

WEJOY. Active - Most Unique Ingredients

We found this supplement interesting due to its choice of ingredients. Supplements within this blend are all from various mushroom extracts. Most of the extract being made up of “Lions Mane Mushroom 4:1 Extract”.

In fact, a 2012 study examining the antioxidant abilities of 14 different mushroom species found that lion’s mane had the fourth highest antioxidant activity and recommended it be considered a good dietary source of antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and help keep joints healthy.

Pros and Cons


·       Promotes better memory and cognitive function.

·       Strengthens the immune system.

·       Improves gut health and digestion.

·       Made from 100% natural ingredients.

·       Vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, hormone-free, and estrogen-free

·       Some improvement in joint pain.


·       May not be suitable for individuals with mushroom allergies.

·       Results may vary for each individual.

·       More research required.

·       Not the all-in-one menopause solution that many women are looking for.

Profemin Ultra Menopause Supplements for Women

Profemin Ultra Menopause supplement is branded as a high-end premium supplement. Profemin is a menopause relief supplement that promises to reduce hot flashes, mood swings, irregular heartbeats, nocturnal sweats, and disturbed sleep.

Profemin uses a proprietary blend. Unfortunately, proprietary blends are one of our dislikes, whilst the ingredients within the blend “maybe” are the right ingredients and "maybe" they are dosed as specified by the latest scientifically proven data, since it is a proprietary blend we have no way of proving this one way or the other. In short, we can't really confirm what's in this supplement.

Profemin Pros & Cons 


·        It offers a hormone-free alternative to hormonal treatments.

·        It claims to help relieve the most common symptoms of menopause.

·        It uses a natural formula, the ingredients of which are proven by clinical studies.


·        Its effects may vary among individuals, and one of the main ingredients can react negatively to the body.

·        Consultation with a physician is needed if you are already using medication.

Now D3 + k2 - Best For Bone Density (Best Value Option)

“Now” Vitamins:  Vitamin D-3 and K-2 is a top pick to support bone density during menopause because it is third-party tested, provides 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, and 45 mcg of vitamin K-2. Studies show that vitamin K and vitamin D taken together can significantly increase bone density, specifically in postmenopausal women. Bone density is important for maintaining healthy bones and preventing joint issues from developing or worsening.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Kosher, non-GMO, halal, soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free

  • Correctly dosed ingredients.

  • Mixed reviews, mainly positive


  • Vitamin K should not be taken alongside blood thinners.

  • Not the all rounded product most women require.

Theralogix IsoRel Whole Soybean Extract Supplement

A specially formulated soybean extract that supports bone health in women, reduces hot flushes, and can improve heart health. Theralogic IsoRel contains a isoflavones, which are often used for treating hormonal changes in the body, including joint and bone related issues such as osteoporosis. Isoflavones are found naturally in soy beans and Theralogic IsoRel contains the same ratio of isoflavones as occurs in the bean.


  • Alleviates multiple menopause symptoms

  • Improves bone health


  • Not as good as FlexAgain.

  • Not an all-round product as it contains only one ingredient.

  • Not available on Amazon.

  • Mixed reviews.

  • Contains Soy (allergy warning).

Phenology Menopause Relief Daily Duet with Melatonin 3mg

Phenology is a menopause relief company that offers several products aimed at reducing symptoms of menopause. It contains the powerful vitamin d + vitamin K2 combination that can help to relieve joint stiffness and improve overall joint health. It also contains melatonin to improve sleep quality, saffron to reduce stress, and biotin to support healthy hair, nails, and skin, all of which can be affected by menopause. While it can reduce menopause joint pain, joint health is by no means the primary focus of this product.


  • Relief from the most common menopause symptoms.

  • Estrogen-free (non-hormonal) and drug-free.

  • Access to an intuitive, easy-to-use app and real coaches who are RDs or RDNs.

  • Gummies for those who do not like taking capsules.


  • Very expensive, especially if joint pain is the main concern as the joint pain relief ingredients it contains are much cheaper elsewhere.

  • Some of the ingredients might be unfamiliar, be sure to read the ingredients label carefully and check with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

  • Not as good as our preferred choice FlexAgain for Menopausal joint pain as only a couple of the ingredients actually target joint pain.

  • Many mixed reviews with only a 3.5-star rating on Amazon.

FEMINELLE Original Formula 

The ingredients in Feminelle work together to ease menopause symptoms. Red clover, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, and Chaste tree are all natural plants that have been used traditionally to improve menopausal health. This results in boosted mood and energy levels and reduced night sweats and hot flushes. Feminelle also contains microcrystalline cellulose that preserves its integrity. Unfortunately, Feminelle uses a proprietary blend so it's unclear exactly what's in it. The soy isoflavones complex will likely improve joint health by developing bone mass, but other than that the ingredients don't do much to reduce joint pain.


·       Feminelle claims to balance and replace hormones lost during menopause.

·       It may ease hot flashes, night sweats, and low sex drive.

·       It may reduce anxiety and depression and also promote a positive mood.

·       Feminelle also reduces the incidence of excessive weight gain. 


·       Some of the ingredients may cause some side effects.

·       The manufacturer offers no free samples or refund policy.

·        Includes one of our pet hates, a “Proprietary Blend”, which means no breakdown of amounts of ingredients used.

·       Is not very focused on joint pain - only one ingredient really supports the joints.

·       No Reviews on Amazon  

Final Thoughts on The Best Menopause Supplements for Managing Joint Pain

Things like hormone replacement therapy and a healthy diet free from processed foods can both help ease the joint pain women experience when their estrogen levels drop, but neither is as effective as a specially made joint pain supplement. As you can see, there are a number of these available, but none are anywhere as good as FlexAgain.

FlexAgain has potent, natural, and scientifically-based anti-inflammatory properties that relieve joint pain and combat the reason the joints hurt to begin with. This ensures women can enjoy a healthy body free from achy bones and joints as they go through this natural process, no matter what their oestrogen levels are or whether or not they eat a balanced diet.

Other ways to improve joint pain during the menopause?

Many women turn to hormone replacement therapy for help reducing pain in the joints, but this is not always the best way to ease menopause symptoms.

There are risks with HRT treatments which your physician will be happy to discuss with you.

Things like an anti-inflammatory diet, fish oil, green tea, and herbal remedies are great ways to relieve pain in the joints in a much safer way, but specially designed supplements are easily the most effective option.

Daily exercise will potentially easy joint pain, although with the modern-day lifestyle this is not always possible. 

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