The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

By Deirdre Mundorf
Dec 15, 2021 9:00 PMJan 27, 2022 8:56 PM
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With no exaggeration, everyone should always be wearing blue light filtering glasses when looking at a screen. In fact, the Harvard School of Medicine will supports this. For those of you on the hunt for a new pair or two, we’ve rounded up the best blue light blocking glasses right here.

By filtering out your screen’s blue light, you’ll prevent eye strain, back pain, and you’ll up your quality of sleep.

Each choice here offers all of those to varying degrees, and succeeds in different specific situations. Need some glasses for a long drive? Perhaps you work in low-light conditions. Maybe you’re looking for a particular style. All in all, there’s a pair here for everyone.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is one of three beams emitting from the screen of your computer, phone, and tablet. It’s the highest energy of the three and impacts your body the most. On the bright side, the sun’s naturally occurring blue light is meant to regulate sleep patterns and boost alertness. It’s what ancient man used before caffeine

The drawback is that technology overexposes us. This causes headaches, eyestrain, back pain, and even increases the risk of macular degeneration, a retina disease that can lead to vision loss. If you tend to get headaches in the late afternoon, these beams may be a contributing factor. 

Stay productive (and sighted) with one of these experienced-backed blue light blocking glasses.

1. Best Blue Light Glasses Brand

Tomahawk Shades BlueLight+

As a brand that offers blue light glasses, Tomahawk succeeds on three important fronts. First, their BlueLight+ technology is proven effective. It filters out blue-violet light, all the while reducing digital screen glare, two main culprits of headaches, decreased productivity, and eye fatigue. Second, the price-to-quality ratio is excellent. You won’t find glasses that work this well at comparable, or even higher, price points. And finally, Tomahawk is known for having a wide range of designs. There is very literally a pair for every individual’s personal style, whether you prefer louder aesthetics, classic and elegant looks, or neutral pieces that beg for zero attention.

2. Best Blue Light Glasses for Men

Neuralyzers | BlueLight+ by Tomahawk Shades

Tomahawk’s BlueLight+ catalog includes glasses for all kinds of men, but the Neuralyzers are effectively versatile. They sport a matte black frame with a timeless shape, akin to a Wayfarer style, with a hint of a retro-square aesthetic. And of course, they’re equipped with Tomahawk’s BlueLight+ and anti-glare technology to fend off those pesky blue-violet beams. At just $40, these are a perfect example of why we’re so fond of Tomahawk and their BlueLight+ line. 

Sure, preppy gents may lean towards the Arch Dukes, with their trad-style tortoise shell hue, and trendy folks might be attracted to the fun two-tone palette of the Buxians. The Neuralyzers, however, are neutrally stylish, flattering most face shapes. By all means though, choose a pair based on your personal style — whatever it is, Tomahawk will likely offer it.  

3. Best Blue Light Glasses for Women

Ebekos | BlueLight+ by Tomahawk Shades

Also souped up with BlueLight+ and all its filtration benefits, the Ebekos suits the face shapes of most ladies, in the same way the Neuralyzers do for men. This is thanks to its elegant and versatile round-eye style. On top of that, the classic tortoise shell frames are subtly accented with multiple colors, including neutral blacks, warmer hues of gold and orange, yellows, and even some browns. This allows the Ebekos glasses to complement any woman’s complexion, in any season, with any outfit. 

If you’re looking for UV400 glasses that prevent eye strain, back pain, and headaches, all while pairing beautifully with jeans, a pants suit, or a sundress, the Ebekos succeeds functionally and sartorially. It also succeeds on the price front, with its below-market $45 tag.

4. Best Blue Light Glasses for Gaming

Lightning Bolt Gaming Glasses | Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar’s Lightning Bolt Gaming Glasses are designed not only to filter blue light, but also to alleviate the pressure placed on the gamer’s forehead from their headphones. The lightning bolt-shaped arms create a sturdy wear with minimized temple pressure. It also comes with three temple variations. In addition to the classic standard variation, the lightweight temple options are also extra thin to accommodate large noise-cancelling studio headphones, and the strap variation offers the flexibility of athletic glasses as well as maximum headset comfort. The straps are a perfect choice for those of you who use gamer guns or steering wheels. 

5. Best Blue Light Glasses on Amazon

2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Livho

Top rated on Amazon, the Livho Blue Light Glasses are a two-pack budget option. For their price, the blue light blocking and fatigue reducing qualities are effective enough, and there are several fun style pairings to choose from. 

There’s a fashion-forward combo that pairs leopard glasses with ones sporting a blue and purple two-toned aesthetic. For a more standard and professional look, Livho partners a matte black pair with a clear but subtle variation. Meanwhile, the clear pink glasses paired with the classic matte blacks could be a great his-and-hers set. And this is just to name a few — there are a lot of options available. If you’re looking for blue light filtering glasses that you can experiment with on the style front, and on the cheap, Livho and Amazon have you covered.

6. Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Kids’ Flexible Cat-Eye Glasses | Zenni

Zenni’s Cat-Eye Glasses check all the boxes of necessary features when it comes to glasses for kids. They boast a durable and flexible plastic construction, offering your child comfort and protection. They come with a back strap in case they’re on the move, as kids often are. 

And as with anything obligatory, the best way to get your kids to wear these glasses is by making it fun. The Zenni glasses come in four bright colors for boys and girls, including a pastel hued purple or seafoam turquoise, a soft grey tint, and a dark but delicate magenta tone — basically, all the colors of the department store toy aisle.

7. Best Blue Light Glasses for Driving

Stega ​| BlueLight+ by Tomahawk Shades

As another BlueLight+ Tomahawk offering, the Stega is armed with everything we’ve come to expect from this impressive brand. The UV400 lenses filter blue light and glare, which reduces eye strain, back pain, and dry eye. Of course, these qualities are especially important on long drives. What makes the Stega glasses especially useful for getting behind the wheel is that the frame is extra thin and constructed with lightweight alloy. They won’t obstruct your peripheral view. 

Regardless, the doubled-up nose bridge and plastic temples add style and structure. They ensure the Stegas stay on your face when you’re quickly whipping your head around to check your blindspot, without any distracting tightness. Finally, the lenses aren’t heavily tinted, so you don’t have to worry about color distortions no matter the time of day or where the sun is hitting. Tomahawk has safety, style, and function all covered here.

8. Best Blue Light Clip-Ons

Blue Light Blocking Nighttime Lens ​| Spectra479

If you already wear prescription glasses, avoid constantly subjecting yourself to the changing of the guards by using clip-on blue light filter lenses. The Blue Light Blocking Lenses by Spectra479 are easy to take on and off, and they’re more cost-effective than having several different glasses for several different situations. 

They feature gentle hook-shaped nose pads that simply hang over and clasp onto your seeing glasses. Between the nose pads and the pinch clip, attaching these is a secure and easy one-hand process. Made especially for nighttime, the Spectra479 Blue Light Blocking Clip-Ons are a perfect option for before bed reading, television watching, or phone scrolling.

9.  Best Magnifying Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses ​| GAMMA RAY OPTICS

These no-nonsense no-frills glasses from GAMMA RAY OPTICS come in amber, copper, or bronze tinted lenses. These tints are known to brighten up low-light environments with minimal color distortion. As far as magnification options, GAMMA RAY recommends opting for half of your normal reading power when looking at a laptop, and the regular amount when looking at your phone, tablet, or book. Basically, it’s the difference between being around 20 inches away from the screen or surface you’re looking at, versus being around 12 inches away from it. 

Additionally, these simple glasses get rave reviews and boast a $15 price tag. Go for this practical pair if you need magnification, but also if you’re in overcast or foggy conditions, or if you need color clarity in fluorescent light situations.

10. Best Clear Framed Blue Light Glasses

Amberlight | BlueLight+ by Tomahawk Shades

Clear-framed glasses aren’t just a fun trend that’s managed to stick around, but they’re a practical and universally flattering choice. Translucent frames are great for all face shapes and complexions because their clear style provides minimal obstruction. The original Amberlights were one of Tomahawk’s most popular models. This version is the same exact design, but it’s outfitted with BlueLight+ technology. The Amberlight glasses are a uniquely stylish offering, sporting a golden crystal colorway. Just like a standard clear frame, they complement most, if not all people, but the lively tint is a lot more exciting. 

Of course, Tomahawk offers other excellent clear-framed glasses in their BlueLight+ collection. The Rainers feature a similar beautifully round style as the Ebekos, but in a clear acetate frame for maximized versatility. Meanwhile, the Co-Pilots have a distinct icy look, more frosty than translucent, like the winter answer to the Amberlight’s summer aesthetic. Since the Amberlights are limited editions though, they’re literally one of the most unique pairs out there.

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