Mushroom Coffee Side Effects: Full Guide and Best Products

By Amber Smith
Jun 3, 2023 5:00 AMNov 29, 2023 10:27 PM
Elm and Rye Mushroom Creamer


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Mushroom coffee is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative to traditional coffee. It is made from organic mushrooms and contains antioxidants that help boost energy levels without the jitters associated with regular coffee. But despite its health benefits, mushroom coffee can also have some side effects that you should be aware of before consuming it.

In this article, you can take a look at some of the potential side effects of drinking mushroom coffee so you can decide if it's right for you. We'll also discuss how to minimize any potential risks by drinking the beverage responsibly and in moderation. By understanding what could happen when drinking mushroom coffee, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's something you want to try.

6 Best Products for Mushroom Coffee

  1. Elm and Rye Mushroom Coffee

  2. Nootrum Coffee

  3. Four Sigmatic

  4. Ryze

  5. Renude Chagaccino

  6. Naturealm Sacred 7

Mushroom Coffee is an increasingly popular beverage that has been gaining traction in recent years. It is made by blending ground mushrooms, such as chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, with coffee grounds to create a unique and delicious cup of coffee. 

One of the biggest benefits of mushroom coffee is its nutritional content. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides that are beneficial to the body. Its high levels of beta-glucans make it an ideal choice for those looking to boost their immune systems. Additionally, its natural compounds can help improve mental clarity and focus while providing a sense of calmness and well-being.

Mushroom coffee also contains substantially less caffeine than traditional coffee, making it a great alternative for those who want the flavor of coffee without feeling the jitters or crashing later on in the day. The taste itself has been said to be earthy and smooth with subtle notes of mushroom flavor.

What are the side effects of drinking mushroom coffee?

Like any other caffeinated beverage, mushroom coffee can have side effects if consumed in excess. These side effects could include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, and restlessness. Additionally, those with a sensitivity to mushrooms may experience digestive discomfort or an allergic reaction when consuming the drink. 

It is important to monitor how much mushroom coffee you are drinking and listen to your body for signs of adverse reactions. For best results, it is recommended to speak with a healthcare professional before making dietary changes. 

It is also recommended that pregnant women avoid consuming mushroom coffee as its safety has not yet been established. Anyone considering adding this type of beverage into their daily routine should first consult their physician prior to doing so. The same goes for anyone taking any medications that could interact with the compounds in mushroom coffee. 

Although cautious of potential side effects, many people are still choosing to incorporate mushroom coffee into their diets due to its numerous health benefits. 

Does mushroom coffee interact with medications?

Yes, mushroom coffee has the potential to interact with certain medications. This is due to its high content of beta-glucans, which can affect how quickly or slowly a drug is metabolized in the body. 

If you are taking any prescription medications, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before adding mushroom coffee into your diet. Your doctor will be able to advise if there could be a possible interaction and if drinking this type of beverage should be avoided while taking medication. 

It is also important to note that some over-the-counter drugs, such as antihistamines and thyroid medications, may interact with mushroom coffee compounds as well. 

What happens if you drink chaga every day?

Chaga is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds that may have positive effects on the body when consumed daily. These include aiding in digestion, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, improving cardiovascular health, stimulating the immune system, and more. 

However, it is important to note that chaga can contain a small amount of caffeine which could lead to side-effects like jitteriness and headaches if too much is consumed. Additionally, those taking any medications should consult their physician prior to incorporating chaga into their diet as it has the potential to interact with certain drugs. Lastly, drinking chaga every day for extended periods of time can be toxic in some cases so moderation is key. 

Is chaga good in coffee?

Yes, chaga is a great addition to coffee and can provide extra health benefits. Chaga has many compounds that are good for the body, including antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. 

When mixed with coffee, chaga can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress while providing an immune system boost. The combination of caffeine in the coffee combined with the compounds in chaga may also provide mental clarity and improved focus as well. 

As with any other caffeinated beverage, it is important to be mindful of how much you are consuming. Too much caffeine from chaga-coffee could lead to potential side effects such as jitteriness or headaches. Also keep in mind that those taking any medications should speak with a doctor before adding chaga to their coffee. 

Can children drink mushroom coffee?

No, it is not recommended that children consume mushroom coffee due to its potential side effects. Due to its caffeine content and other compounds, this type of beverage can cause jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, and restlessness in some people. Additionally, those with a sensitivity to mushrooms may have an allergic reaction when consuming the drink. 

Children should only consume mushroom coffee under the supervision of a healthcare professional after discussing any potential risks or interactions with medications they may be taking. It is best for parents to consult their pediatrician prior to giving any mushroom-based drinks to young children. 

What should I look for when buying mushroom coffee?

When shopping for mushroom coffee, it is important to look for quality organic coffee and mushrooms. Choosing an organic product will ensure that the mushrooms are free from pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Additionally, you should opt for products that contain only authentic medicinal mushrooms such as chaga, reishi, and cordyceps rather than generic “mushroom blends” which can contain a variety of different types of mushrooms. 

It is also important to read the ingredients label carefully to make sure there are no artificial sweeteners or added sugars in the product. Many brands add sugar to their mushroom coffees in order to make them more palatable but this defeats the purpose of consuming a healthy beverage.

Finally, pay close attention to the directions when brewing the coffee. Mushroom coffees usually require a longer steeping time than traditional coffee so that all of the beneficial nutrients are extracted from the mushrooms. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your beverage. 

The bottom line is that mushroom coffee has many potential health benefits but it is best to speak with your doctor before incorporating this type of beverage into your diet. Too much caffeine or interaction with medications could have undesirable effects so moderation is key. Children and pregnant women should avoid drinking mushroom coffee altogether until their healthcare provider gives them the green light to do so. With that being said, enjoy your cup of mushroom coffee in moderation. 

Now that you know more about mushroom coffee side effects, here are more details about the best products: 

Image courtesy Elm & Rye 

Enhance your energy levels and support a strong immune system with this delectable creamer! Our blend of chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, and maitake mushrooms contains an array of antioxidants and adaptogens that deliver essential nutrients for optimal health. Every sip is loaded with natural goodness to help fortify your wellbeing.

If you're seeking to bolster your immune system and safeguard your cells, Chaga mushrooms are a terrific source of antioxidants. For improved energy levels, focus, and concentration, two adaptogens that can be highly beneficial are Lion's Mane and Cordyceps. For long-term health advantages as well as enhanced immunity throughout the centuries, Maitake is an exceptional mushroom worth considering!

Are you looking for an easy and nutritious way to add flavor to your diet? Look no further! Our creamer is perfect because it doesn't contain any synthetic components or preservatives. Even better, everyone can enjoy this product since its vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and keto approved - so taste won't be sacrificed even with different dietary restrictions or food intolerances.

2.     Nootrum Coffee

Nootrum are known for their extra high yield mushroom extracts meaning that they simply get more B Glucans, Lectins, Triterpenoids and Polysaccharides (the active ingredients in mushroom coffee) in their products than other people. The interesting thing is that actually means you don’t get nearly as much of a mushroom taste from their coffee than you do from some of the competitors. As a result, if you’re looking for a cup of joe that doesn’t have any mushroom flavor then this is definitely the product for you. They focus in on Chaga and Lion’s Mane, making this a good option for people looking to either bolster their immune system or boost their brain power.

So, if you’re looking to experience a coffee that not only delights your taste buds but also enhances your mind and body. Whether you're starting your day or seeking an afternoon pick-me-up, Nootrum Mushroom Coffee is the perfect choice for those who value both taste and want to boost their brain power.

3.     Four Sigmatic

Image courtesy Four Sigmatic

This celebrated mushroom coffee manufacturer has been providing individuals with the finest quality mushrooms for years. Through a combination of classic coffees beans and mushrooms, they have developed an unmistakable flavor that not only tastes great but also offers added wellness advantages. Regardless if you are new to the game or already familiar with it, their signature mix of ingredients is a brilliant way to incorporate healthful mushrooms into your everyday routine.

Four Sigmatic offers an array of products to choose from, with the cult-favorite "Think" caffeinated coffee and the delectable "Chill" decaf as two of their bestsellers. They come in a variety of forms—such as ground, whole bean or K-cup —to suit any preference. Each sip is sure to bring blissful satisfaction with its unique blend of delicate earthy flavor paired perfectly with classic brewed coffee notes.

4.     Ryze

Image courtesy Ryze 

If you are seeking out a fresh and stimulating way to savor your morning cup of coffee, then Ryze Mushroom Coffee is the perfect solution! All it takes is simply mixing some powdered product into hot water or milk - no brewing necessary. Each bag contains an impressive blend of mushrooms such as cordyceps, lion's mane, reishi, shiitake, turkey tail, and king trumpet in place of standard coffee beans. Treat yourself with this one-of-a-kind flavor for an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more!

Every single sip of this flavorful combination of medicinal mushrooms, Arabica coffee, and creamy MCT oil will make you savor its heavenly taste! But that's not all - it also provides a multitude of health benefits too.

5.     Renude Chagaccino

Image courtesy Renude 

Ready to level up your morning coffee routine? Renude Chagaccino has the perfect solution! Imagine a delicious taste that won't compromise on nutrition – it's all in our powdered mix. Try out this amazing addition and discover how you can upgrade those early hours with ease.

Get ready to be amazed by each sip of Chagaccino! Carefully harvested and powdered wild Chaga mushrooms, coupled with cocoa powder, cinnamon, and monk fruit extract for the perfect hint of sweetness - this mocha-inspired beverage is not only unbelievably delicious but also packed full of benefits.

6.     Naturealm Sacred 7

Image courtesy Amazon 

If you are in search of an unbeatable mushroom blend that is packed with flavor and potency, then Sacred 7 by Naturealm is the perfect choice for you. This vibrant recipe contains seven functional mushrooms, including Chaga, Reishi, Maitake and Shitake varieties - all naturally grown to provide a unique taste like no other.

Begin your morning with this sumptuous, organic powder that offers an indulgent chocolatey and earthy flavor! It is perfect for coffee or tea but also works wonders in smoothies or savory dishes. 

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