How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

By Amber Smith
Aug 1, 2023 4:00 AMAug 1, 2023 10:53 AM
Penguin CBD oil


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Erectile dysfunction is becoming a much more common problem. According to one analysis, the number of men suffering from this condition is expected to increase from 152 million in 1995 to 322 million in 2025. This is an increase of 113%. The world population is only expected to grow 60% in this timeframe, which means the worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction is expected to nearly double.

Part of the problem is that the world population is aging, but this trend alone does not entirely account for the growing number of men who have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also affecting younger men for various reasons.

The good news is that there are many treatments for erectile dysfunction. Men with this condition can take Viagra, Cialis, or Stendra to mitigate the symptoms. However, they can also make helpful lifestyle changes to improve their symptoms. One option is to try using CBD oil.

Best CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Penguin CBD Oil

  2. Everest Delta 8 Oil

  3. Elm & Rye CBD Oil

  4. Green Roads

  5. FOCL CBD Drops

  6. Absolute Nature CBD Drops

What is CBD oil?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is a natural chemical. Many people mistake CBD for THC, because they are both cannabinoids that come from hemp and marijuana plants. However, CBD does not have an intoxicating effect. Therefore, it is legal under federal law.

CBD is used in various products, including oils, topicals, gummies, and vapes. Many people use CBD because it appears to help with a variety of health issues.

CBD oil is administered to treat inflammation, anxiety, pain, depression, epilepsy, and other health problems. Many people that have experimented with it have reported that it can be beneficial. 

Can CBD treat erectile dysfunction?

Scientists have not demonstrated that CBD oil can treat erectile dysfunction. However, there are anecdotal reasons to believe some men with erectile dysfunction can benefit from using it.

There are different reasons men may have erectile dysfunction. Some men develop the problem because they have clogged blood vessels, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or use medications that interfere with their libido. Others have erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

CBD oil probably can't treat erectile dysfunction caused by heart disease or clogged blood vessels. However, it might alleviate the symptoms of men that have erectile dysfunction due to anxiety and depression.

If you have difficulty sustaining an erection due to anxiety or depression, you might want to consider trying CBD oil. Of course, you should speak with your healthcare provider first. They might feel your condition is severe enough to require anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. They might also find that the erectile dysfunction is caused by issues that CBD is unlikely to treat. However, some men can treat mild anxiety or depression with CBD oil, which could negate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, CBD oil might be a preferable alternative since it does not appear to have the same side effects as pharmaceutical drugs. 

How do you take CBD oil to treat erectile dysfunction?

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, you might want to try using CBD oil. You might find it will be the answer to your problems. First, however, you have to know how to administer it.

The first step is determining the correct dose to take. This is one of the trickiest parts for many people. Some people need higher doses than others to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Unfortunately, research on the ideal dose for CBD oil is still limited. As a result, there are no universal, science-based guidelines yet. Nevertheless, some general guidelines will help you determine the right dose:

Your body weight is going to be one of the most critical factors. Some experts suggest taking between 0.2 mg and 0.7 mg of CBD for every pound you weigh. Your tolerance will be very low when you are getting started, and you won't know what to expect with CBD oil. Therefore, it is best to start off with a dose of around 0.2 mg for each pound of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, then you will want to start with a dose of 30 mg of CBD oil. If your erectile dysfunction has not improved at that dose, you can gradually increase it. 

Whether or not you are taking other medications might also affect the amount of CBD you need to consume. Some medicines might impede your body's ability to absorb CBD. Others might make your body more sensitive to the effects of CBD. You will want to speak with your doctor before taking CBD if you are on other medications. They will help you determine whether you need to adjust your dose of CBD accordingly. 

You might also need to adjust your CBD dose if you have a very active lifestyle. You might be metabolizing CBD more quickly if you are exercising a lot or have a job that requires you to be on your feet throughout the day. On the other hand, you might need a lower than average dose if you have a very sedentary lifestyle. You will want to gradually increase the amount that you consume if you are not getting the benefits that you are looking for.

Are there any risks of taking too much CBD oil?

Most research shows that CBD is safe to consume even in very high doses. A couple of studies showed humans could safely use 1,500 mg a day without any safety risks. It is possible that they can take even more, although research has not tested higher doses.

However, you still have to be aware of possible side effects. Some of CBD's most common side effects are nausea, fatigue, decreased appetite, and thirst. CBD could also interfere with other medications that you are taking. CBD is highly unlikely to be dangerous. However, it would be best if you still spoke with your doctor before taking it. You also want to be wary of increasing your dose too quickly. You must find a balance between getting the desired benefits and minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects. 

What are the best CBD oils on the market?

There are a number of great CBD oils that can help with erectile dysfunction. Some of the best are listed below.

Penguin Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Penguin is a very popular manufacturer of THC-free CBD oil and other CBD products. Here is an overview of their CBD oil.


Customers have a lot of options when choosing the strength of their dose. Penguin sells four broad spectrum CBD oil strengths: 250 mg, 600 mg, 1,000 mg and 2,500 mg. Whether you are looking for a mild, moderate or strong dose, you will be able to find what you are looking for with Penguin.


Customers shouldn't have any trouble finding a flavor that they will enjoy. The CBD oil comes in citrus, mint, strawberry, natural and cookies and cream flavors. Unfortunately, the cookies and cream flavor has some artificial flavors added. However, the other flavors are entirely natural.


Penguin uses multiple natural, high-quality ingredients in their CBD oil. Their CBD oil is made with hemp oil, terpenes, MCT oil and natural flavors. There is no THC in any of their products.

Third-party testing

All CBD products Penguin makes are tested by independent laboratories. You can find a copy of the Certificate of Analysis on their website. The lab results are regularly updated on their website.

Everest Delta-8 CBD oil

Everest is a very popular brand of THC-based CBD oil. Here are the most important details about this manufacturer.


This company's Delta-8 THC oils are very strong. They have 1,000 mg of cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC.


Everest only sells mint flavored delta-8 oil. However, many customers have reported that it is a delicious tasting CBD oil, which can make up for the lack of options.


Everest Delta-8 oil is rich in cannabinoids. It also includes hemp oil, MCT oil and both natural and artificial flavors. This oil is vegan friendly and does not contain any GMOs.

Third-party testing

Everest is committed to transparency. They use third-party laboratories to test every batch of delta-8 oil they produce. The results are listed on their website.

Elm & Rye CBD Oil

Introducing Elm & Rye Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil, a premium-grade product meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled wellness experience. Derived from organically grown hemp plants and free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, this CBD oil offers a potent concentration of 1000mg to support your overall well-being. With its full spectrum formulation, it harnesses the power of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients for the entourage effect, maximizing the therapeutic benefits. Extracted using a cutting-edge CO2 method and rigorously tested for purity and potency, Elm & Rye CBD Oil guarantees a safe and reliable product. Simply incorporate a few drops under the tongue or add to your favorite beverage for an effortless and enjoyable addition to your daily routine. Elevate your wellness journey with Elm & Rye Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil and embrace the natural balance it can bring to your life.

Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals specializes in a massive range of CBD products. Aside from a broad and full-spectrum CBD oil line, the company also offers other cannabinoid formulas, like CBG and CBN. They’ve also expanded to capsules, gummies, edibles, and pet products.

Although there are plenty of products to choose from, all of them are made with the same quality, care, and expertise we expect from Colorado Botanicals.


Colorado Botanicals CBD oils are available in 300, 750, 1500, and 3000 mg concentrations. Every bottle contains 30 ml of undiluted oil, meaning CBD concentration per serving can reach 100 mg/ml - a level few vendors can achieve.


Colorado Botanicals has a limited flavor choice. Upon ordering, customers can choose between peppermint or unflavored oil options.


Colorado Botanicals sources its extracts from organically-grown domestic hemp.

Third-party testing

They proactively test the soil for contaminants during cultivation, adding an extra layer of protection before final third-party testing.

Once purified, the CBD extract undergoes independent testing to further check for contaminants and verify that the cannabinoid levels are accurate. Customers can see these results on CoBo’s website.

Green Roads Full spectrum CBD oil

Green Roads is a holistic CBD manufacturer. They offer many different types of CBD oil. Some oils are designed for specific purposes, such as their sweet sleep that is intended for people with insomnia. However, their full spectrum CBD oil is one of their most popular products.

You can find some details about their full spectrum CBD oil below.


This CBD oil has 750 mg of CBD in every vial. In addition, it contains 50 mg of CBD in every milliliter.


This CBD oil comes in a single, natural flavor. Green Roads posts that the oil is delicious tasting with a hint of caramel. Many customers agree that it is tasty. Even better, the flavor is entirely natural.


Green Roads uses full spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, glycerin, sunflower lecithin, and a natural masking in its CBD oil. These ingredients are carefully selected to offer significant health benefits, add a delicious taste and improve absorbability.

Third-party testing

Green Roads tests all of its products with third-party labs. You can find the details of each batch by clicking the “plus” icon next to the "lab sheets" dropdown on their product page.

FOCL premium CBD drops

FOCL is a CBD manufacturer committed to developing products for various purposes. They sell CBD to improve focus, relieve stress, treat pain and improve sleep.

While they have some specialty products, one of the most popular is a line of premium CBD drops. Keep reading to learn more about this product.


This is a very potent CBD oil. Customers can purchase 1,000 mg, 2,000 mg, and 3,000 mg strength vials.


The CBD oil comes in five delicious, 100% natural flavors. The flavors are cherry, mint, orange cream, strawberry lemonade, and natural.


FOCL uses broad-spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, and flavors. All of their ingredients are organic.

Third-party testing

FOCL uses third-party labs to test its products for safety and efficacy. However, the Certificate of Analysis is not easily found on their website.

Absolute Nature CBD 500 mg drops

Absolute Nature CBD is a company that manufactures 100% natural CBD products. One of their most popular products is a full spectrum CBD oil tincture. This oil is made for people who either are getting started on CBD or want a smaller dose.


This full spectrum CBD oil comes in 500 mg vials. It is strong enough to provide essential health benefits. However, the dose is still relatively mild. This oil is intended for people that aren't looking for a highly potent dose of CBD.


Absolute Nature CBD does not mention the product's flavor on the landing page. However, customers have stated in the reviews that it does not have any weird flavors, so it is probably a natural flavor CBD product.


This CBD oil is made with just two simple ingredients. It contains whole plant full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil. The MCT oil is added to help the body absorb the CBD more quickly.

Third-party testing

Absolute Nature CBD uses third-party labs to test its products. The lab reports are published on their website. You can find the link to the lab reports and information about their independent lab testing under the heading "guaranteed CBD potency."

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction might benefit from using CBD oil

Erectile dysfunction is a frustrating problem that affects many men throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is only becoming more common. The good news is that there are options to treat erectile dysfunction. Many different medications help with this condition. However, some men might prefer a more natural approach. They might benefit from using CBD oil. 

CBD oil might not help all men who have erectile dysfunction, but it might be beneficial for those with anxiety problems. If you want to take a more holistic route to treat your erectile dysfunction, you might want to try the CBD oils listed above. They have been rigorously tested and received favorable reviews from independent analysts.

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