HHC - The Best HHC Products 2023

HHC is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids of 2022 and in this article, we’ll introduce you to the best HHC products on the market.

By Atticus McKittrick and Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2023 7:00 AMFeb 20, 2023 6:14 PM


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The market for CBD, THC, and HHC products is exploding. Consumers are expected to spend over $47 billion on CBD products by 2028. Fewer customers know about THC and HHC products, but those products are also gaining traction. Sales of HHC vapes and gummies are rising sharply as many people discover the benefits.

HHC gummies are especially appealing since they have a delicious taste and help customers control the dose of HHC they consume more quickly than other products. They don't have to measure the amount they take with a dropper like they would with a tincture and don't have to worry about inhaling too much with a vape.

Unfortunately, finding the best HHC gummies is not always easy. First, you have to do your due diligence, as you would when making any other purchase.

While there are many potential benefits of HHC, the effects will vary depending on the product you take. Therefore, it is imperative only to use high-quality HHC products from trusted manufacturers.

Best HHC Products

Are you a new HHC user? Have you tried subpar HHC products and want to find better alternatives? Some of the best HHC products are listed below.

1.    Strawberry Burst High Potency by TRĒ House  Everest HHC + THCO Gummies

2.      Everest HHC + THCO Gummies

3.      Tropic Mango - Delta 8 + HHC by TRĒ House

4.      Blue Raspberry - Delta 10 + HHC by TRĒ House

5.      Hydro Sour by Delta Extrax

6.      Atlas by Moon WLKR

7.      Peach rings by Just Delta

8.      Birthday Cake - High Potency HHC Cookie by TRĒ House

9.      Watermelon Hibiscus - HHC Gummies by Urb Finest Flowers

10. Rainbow Belts by Just Delta

11. Mango & Chill - HHC Gummies by Urb Finest Flowers

Strawberry Burst High Potency by TRĒ House

Tre House is a company that sells premium delta-8 and HHC products. This company sells many great vapes, but they are probably best known for their delicious THC and HHC gummies.

Their HHC gummies are very potent. Every gummy has 25 mg of HHC. You will experience feelings of euphoria and feel relaxed shortly after taking them.

The Observer has published an article detailing the benefits of Tre House gummies. The experts that have tested them have said the unique blend of cannabinoids makes them very potent and effective.

These gummies meet the compliance standards of the 2018 Farm Bill, and they are made in the United States. They also come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Everest HHC + THCO Gummies

Everest is a leading manufacturer of THC products. Men's Journal, Discover Magazine, and many other reputable publishers have published articles detailing the fantastic benefits of this product.

Everest sells a line of gummies containing both THCO and HHC. Each gummy contains 125 mg of THCO and 12.5 milligrams of HHC. You will get 30 gummies with your purchase.

These tasty gels are made with 100% organic cannabis that is domestically grown. Everest adheres to the highest standards in organic farming when it grows hemp to produce gummies and other HHC and THC products.

Every gummy is packed with a delectable blue raspberry flavor. While aesthetics probably aren't your primary concern when purchasing THC gummies, these tasty gels from Everest have a pleasant blue hue. This is just one extra reason to buy these amazing HHC sweets.

Third-party laboratories independently test all Everest products. You can find a copy of the certificate of analysis on their website.

Tropic Mango - Delta 8 + HHC by TRĒ House

This is another delicious and highly potent line of gummies by Tre House. They are packed with a delightful tropical mango flavor.

These gummies are ideal for anybody that wants a well-rounded experience with different types of cannabinoids rather than relying on HHC alone. They contain a lower dose of HHC in every serving than the Strawberry Burst gummies but have more total cannabinoids. You will consume 10 mg of HHC, 2 mg of THC-O, 3 mg of full spectrum CBD, and 20 mg of delta-8 THC in every gummy. Every single gummy has 35 mg of total cannabinoids and each bottle has 700 mg of cannabinoids.

This unique blend of cannabinoids provides a euphoric experience that few other HHC gummies will provide. Due to the high HHC and THC cannabinoids in these gummies, you can experience strong psychotropic effects. If you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable high, then these gummies might be just what you need. However, you have to take them carefully.

Blue Raspberry - Delta 10 + HHC by TRĒ House

Tre House also sells a delicious line of blue raspberry gummies with a unique blend of delta-9, delta-10, and HHC. These gummies will tantalize your tastebuds with a delicious combination of tangy raspberry and sweet blueberry flavors.

They have a lower potency than most of the other products sold by Tre House. They have 10 mg of delta-10, 5 mg of delta-9, and 5 mg of HHC in each gummy. Therefore, every gummy has 20 mg of cannabinoids and every bottle has 400 mg. They can be perfect for new CBD users with a lower tolerance or anyone that wants fewer psychotropic effects.

As with the other gummies sold by Tre House, they are made in the United States and come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee. Although they have fewer cannabinoids, Tre House lets customers know they are likely to experience munchies while eating them.

Hydro Sour by Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is a relatively new HHC company, but they have already become very popular. Their products have received very positive reviews from Leafly and other publishers. Many Reddit users have also spoken very highly of their products. According to Redditor JayThaGod2005, you might need to try crack cocaine if you don't get high with these products because they have among the highest potency of any HHC or THC products on the market.

However, they also sell milder products for people who want to ease into their HHC or THC lifestyles. For example, they sell a line of sour HHC gummies called Hydro. These gummies contain 10 mg of HHC each.

You can enjoy a pleasant HHC experience without being overwhelmed. According to the manufacturer, the experience is somewhere between delta-8 and delta-9 THC."

These are great gels for people that enjoy sour flavors. They taste sour at first but leave a sweet flavor by the time you're done with them.

Atlas by Moon WLKR

MoonWLKR is a rising star among HHC manufacturers. Leafly, Discover Magazine, and the Observer published articles discussing the benefits of their delta-8 products. However, MoonWLKR also sells very popular HHC gummies.

One of the most popular products is a line of hemp gummies called Atlas. These gummies contain 12.5 mg of HHC, so every bottle of 25 gummies has 312.5 mg of HHC.

These gummies provide a delightful HHC experience. They have a delicious watermelon flavor. The HHC content is not highly potent, but it is strong enough to provide an enjoyable intoxicating experience.

Peach rings by Just Delta

Just Delta is another up-and-coming THC and HHC company. WayofLeaf, Leafly, and other publishers have endorsed many of their products. Experts say they offer exceptional quality HHC vapes, gummies, and other products at reasonable prices.

One of their most popular gummies comes in a peach flavor. You can choose a bottle of gummies with 1,000 mg of HHC or one with 250 mg, so you can choose the potency that you need.

These HHC gummies are great for people who want a relaxing and euphoric high. In addition, you will get a slight sugar rush as well.

These gummies are perfect for HHC users that like a sweet peach taste.

Birthday Cake - High Potency HHC Cookie by TRĒ House

In addition to selling some amazing gummies, Tre House also sells some fantastic HHC cookies. This cookie tastes like a birthday cake. Each cookie is packed with 50 mg of HHC, so you can get a powerful high from consuming it.

This cookie is one of the tastiest ways to quickly feel a strong high. Like other products sold by Tre House, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can also find independent lab reports on the website if you want to verify the efficacy of this product.

Watermelon Hibiscus - HHC Gummies by Urb Finest Flowers

Many experts have praised Urb's Finest Flowers for offering a premium cannabis experience. This company sells a number of amazing gummies, vapes, and other CBD and HHC products on Lifted Made and CBD.co. The company has earned a number of great reviews on Leafly and Reddit. Many Redditors have said Urb's Finest Flowers products have been excellent for stress relief.

One of their most popular products is a line of watermelon hibiscus flavored HHC gummies. 

Each of these gummies contains 10 mg of delta-9 THC and 10 mg of HHC. There are 25 gummies in every pack so you will receive 500 mg of total cannabinoids with your purchase.

The delicious flavors and blend of cannabinoids provide an excellent overall HHC experience. Urb's Finest Flowers tests each flavor multiple times to ensure the blend is perfect.

Rainbow Belts by Just Delta

Rainbow Belts is another premium line of Gummies by Just Delta. The company states that you can choose either a 250 mg or 1000 mg pack. However, their website says that the 250 mg option is coming soon, so you can currently only order the 1000 mg bottle.

These gummies are ideal for HHC users that want a very mellow high without feeling fatigued afterward. They are packed with many delicious flavors.

Mango & Chill - HHC Gummies by Urb Finest Flowers

If the watermelon hibiscus gummies by Urb's Finest Flowers don't appeal to you, the company has a chili mango flavored line of gummies that you can try instead. These gummies are coated with citrus acid and sugar with a delicious fruity punch.

They have the same potency as most of the other gummies sold by Urb's Finest Flowers. You'll get 10 mg of delta-9 THC and 10 mg of HHC and every gummy. Since there are 25 gummies in every package, there is 500 mg of cannabinoids in every bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HHC?

HHC is the abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. The chemical structure of HHC is the same as THC, except that it has an extra oxygen molecule. 

In a nutshell, this cannabinoid is a hydrogenated form of the cannabinoid THC, which is abundant in cannabis plants. HHC has up to 80% of the potency of THC. Therefore, it is stronger than delta-8 and other cannabinoids that are extracted from hemp plants.

HHC has a number of potential benefits. People take products with this cannabinoid to treat anxiety, promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, minimize nausea and overcome sleep problems.

Does HHC Get You High?

One of the most common questions new HHC users ask is whether they will get high from consuming these products. The short answer is that HHC has psychotropic effects. You will have an enjoyable experience, but still need to be careful about driving, working or operating heavy equipment.

Although HHC can make you high, the effects are not identical to those of THC products. Most people state that the psychotropic effects are similar to THC but do not tend to be as intense as delta-9 THC products. in fact, most users claim that the potency is between 1/5 and 1/3 of regular delta-9 products. However, it appears to be slightly more potent than delta-8 THC.

Most people describe the sensation as being very calming and euphoric. It can be a welcome change for people that experience anxiety using regular THC products.

Does HHC Contain THC?

Although HHC has a very similar molecular structure to THC, it is a distinct chemical. HHC itself doesn’t contain THC and doesn’t appear to show up on drug tests. However, many HHC products also contain THC, so it is important to look at the ingredient list. 

Is HHC Legal?

HHC is legal under federal law, as long as it is derived from hemp plants. However, it is still illegal in 10 states. Surprisingly, California and New York are among the states that ban HHC, even though they are lenient on marijuana use. Other states that have banned HHC are Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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