Best Weight Loss Pills For Men

By Amber Smith
Sep 21, 2023 5:00 AMSep 21, 2023 1:46 PM


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In any purchase we make, it's natural to want the very best, and of course fat burners are no exception to this rule. You want to know that you're making the right choice whenever you decide to buy, but sometimes it's difficult to really know, and unfortunately easy to be tricked. Well that's exactly why we're here, to not only provide you with what we believe is the choice, but to explain exactly why as we go, giving you knowledge you can then take with you about what to look for in your weight loss pills.

Let's not waste any time and get right on with it.

Our Choices for the Best Weight Loss Pills For Men

  • Instant Knockout Cut

    - The Best Overall Weight Loss Pills For Men

  • Hunter Burn

    - The Best Premium Weight Loss Pills For Men

  • Jacked Factory - Best Budget Option

Instant Knockout Cut - The Best Overall Weight Loss Pills For Men

Developed alongside professional MMA coaches, Instant Knockout Cut was designed with a single vision in mind - Lose weight fast, without sacrificing strength or muscle mass. This was to help the athletes to meet their pre-fight weigh-in goals whilst remaining as competitive as possible, something that was obviously highly desirable. This goal required exhaustive research in order to develop something that was scientifically air-tight, and somehow they achieved it.

After witnessing the success it was having privately, they decided to make it available to the public, single-handedly increasing the standards of the industry as a whole. It's packed to the brim with powerful fat burner supplements that will help you to reduce excess fat and increase lean muscle mass much faster, all dosed effectively so you can finally tackle that stubborn belly fat.

Shop Instant Knockout Cut Deals Here

Highlighted Features

  • Lose weight without sacrificing muscle growth

  • Made in FDA approved facilities

  • Transparent, honest labelling

  • Clinically proven natural ingredients

  • Fast acting weight loss supplement

  • Boost metabolism via thermogenesis

  • Strong appetite suppression

Ingredients Breakdown

Vitamin D3 - 45mcg

This vitamin is a strange one, as it's not merely absorbed through foods as most are, but is also absorbed from the sun, which has led to many calling vitamin D the "sunshine vitamin". This is a great evolutionary advantage as we're sure to get enough, right? Well unfortunately, due to the modern lifestyles mostly taking place indoors, over 41% of Americans are estimated to have sub-optimal vitamin D levels [1].

This has a large impact on overall health and can negatively effect important systems such as your bone health and your brain health, but how would this effect your weight? Well unfortunately there is a link between low vitamin D levels and obesity, specifically in BMI and waist circumference.

This has been observed clinically, such as one study we found that found after 6 weeks of supplementation that there was a significant reduction in weight, BMI and waist circumference when compared to placebo [2].

Vitamin B6 - 5mg

The B vitamins are categorised as such by the roles that they play in everything metabolism, with their hands in everything from system wide energy distribution to cellular metabolism, and everything in between. Vitamin B6 is of course no different to this, being involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions throughout the body itself, with it's main function as protein metabolism [3].

Being so involved in metabolism, B-vitamins are typically well researched for their potential therapeutic effects for obesity. One such study aimed to observe these effects, and found the vitamin B6 supplementation improves body composition and biochemical factors such as insulin resistance, as well as reducing BMI. This led the researchers to conclude that vitamin B6 can have protective effects against obesity [4].

Vitamin B12 - 10mcg

Similar to B6, Vitamin B12 is primarily involved in metabolism, though in a unique way as, although vitamin B12 is involved in the process of providing energy to cells, it's main roles are much more crucial. These roles include the development and function of the central nervous system, healthy red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis to name a few [5].

The association between vitamin B12 and obesity is well documented, as a large, nationally representative sample of U.S adults shows that vitamin B12 levels were inversely associated with obesity [6], though it's unknown whether this is because low vitamin B12 can cause obesity or whether a knock on effect of obesity is low vitamin B12 levels.

There are studies that suggest the former though, through observations that deficiencies in vitamin B12 can result in diminished energy and excercise tolerance, together with fatigue and shortness of breath [7], all of which would promote a more sedentary lifestyle which in turn would lead to obesity.

Glucomannan - 1800mg

When it comes down to it there is really only one way to burn fat, and that's to eat a healthy diet that puts you in a calorie deficit. That is to say that you need to provide yourself with less energy than you're using, which forces your body to access and use the energy stored in your body fat.

This means that if you're trying to lose weight faster, you're going to need some strict discipline in order to keep your food cravings in check, as you're going to be hungry at some point. Anyone who has lost weight in the past or is currently on a weight loss journey would attest to the fact that this is probably the hardest aspect of losing weight, as hunger can affect people in numerous different ways. You can't help but ask yourself if there's any way to make this easier, but that'd be too good to be true, right?

Well in walks glucommanan, the extract of the fibrous Konjac Root which is the answer to everyones prayers for appetite suppressants. How it works is very simple, as it absorbs liquid and increases in size in your stomach, taking up room so that you feel full faster, and being slow to digest meaning you feel full for longer. To put things into context, about 2,000mg of glucomannan will occupy the same amount of space in your stomach as a bagel.

Though it doesn't affect fat burning quite as directly, it helps immeasurably as you're far less likely to make poor dietary choices, helping you to reach that calorie deficit and start burning fat a lot more reliably. This has been observed clinically as during a study in which patients were specifically told not to change their eating habits, the group supplementing glucomannan lost 5.5lbs after an eight week period, showing significantly lower cholesterol with no adverse reactions recorded [8].

Green Tea Extract - 500mg

The cultural drink of choice across most of Asia, green tea is a global phenomenon, with many people choosing to drink it for it's apparent calming and therapeutic effects. It's long been thought to actually help with weight loss too, and science has shown this is very much true. We'll go into this in more detail but green tea contains L-Theanine, which is responsible for the calming effects as well as being helpful for weight loss in it's own ways.

Green tea doesn't just contain L-Theanine however, as with any tea it's loaded with flavinoids, but specifically it's EGCG which is what the focus is here, which is the most abundant flavinoid present in Green tea. It's anti-obesity effects have been extensively researched, making green tea extract (specifically EGCG's) very common across fat burning pills in general.

One such study took 35 obese patients and randomly assigned them 4 cups of water per day, four cups of green tea per day, or two capsules of green tea extract per day (with four cups of water) for eight weeks. The results of the study showed that the green tea extract (EGCG) had the best results, with significantly decreased body weight and BMI vs controls [9].

Caffeine Anhydrous - 300mg

It might be surprising to hear it, but caffeine is one of the best natural fat burners for men. There are many mechanisms that it can help you on your weight loss journey that it's a surprise there's such a stigma around it, though of-course peoples tolerance for caffeine can vary between one sip of coffee giving someone the shakes to someone else drinking 4-5 cups of coffee per day, so there's definitely a market for a stim-free fat burner. For those who can tolerate the caffeine however, it can bolster your weight loss greatly.

First of all let's discuss what is probably the most obvious use of caffeine, and that's it's effects on energy, or rather, your perception of energy. See, though it really does feel like that cup of coffee on the morning gives you energy, really all it's doing is increasing your perception of how much energy you have. It's all a bit of a trick really, though it's effects are very much real. This is why you see caffeine in so many pre-workout drinks, and also why so many people drink energy drinks before/during/after workouts. This has been observed clinically, as without prompt form the researchers, subjects in this trial would push harder and increase the intensity of their workouts after ingesting caffeine than the control, which would ofcourse increase muscle mass gained and calories burned [10].

Secondly lets look at something most coffee drinkers have some experience of, at least to some degree, but is lesser known generally, and that's caffeines effect on appetite. Have you ever been in the office, looking forward to your lunch, but then you have a coffee to perk yourself up and find yourself not very hungry anymore? That's because as your brain perceives you have energy, it doesn't think you need food quite as much, helping to squash food cravings. This has been observed under scientific testing conditions too, as one study found that ingesting caffeine from 30 minutes to up-to 4 hours before a meal reduced energy intake [11].

Finally lets discuss something we're all aware of, but likely don't know the technical name. As mammals, we're warm bloodied creatures, and as such we have systems to regulate our internal body temperature. One such internal system is called thermogenesis, and to put it in simple terms this is your body burning calories in order to generate heat in the muscles. Caffeine has been found to enhance this effect, increasing the amount of heat generated which increases the amount of calories burned [12]. This has the effect of basically increasing your resting metabolism, meaning you reach that calorie deficit that little bit easier.

L-Theanine - 100mg

As we mentioned previously, this amino acid is found in green tea, as is responsible for the calming effect that green tea is largely associated with. When it comes to weight loss, this anti-anxiety effect can do wonders, as stress has been found to promote the wanting, seeking, and intake of palatable high-fat and energy-dense foods [13].

Sleep is also an important factor that many don't consider when it comes to losing weight, as the risk of developing obesity is increased by upto 15% in those not getting enough rest [14]. L-theanines calming effects can help with this, and the ingredient is actually very common in sleep aid supplements because of this.

Lastly, and most interestingly, is the effect that L-theanine has on white adipose tissue, which is essentially the scientific term for stored fat cells. When we store fat, it's stored as white adipose tissue, but when we access said stored fat our body goes through a process of first browning the white adipose tissue, which makes it available for synthesis. L-theanine has been observed to activate this browning effect [15], which has the effect of increasing the efficiency with which our body can access the stored fat for energy.

Cayenne Pepper Extract - 100mg

Where caffeine has thermogenic effects, cayenne pepper extract is the cream of the crop when it comes to thermogenic fat burners. Cayenne peppers are known for their distinctive taste and heat, and this is thanks to capsaicin. When ingested these capsaicinoids improve your bodies thermogenic activity which as we now know also provides a boost to your resting metabolism.

These effects have been observed clinically, as was observed in a study that took 80 participants and randomly assigned them into control and intervention groups. After twelve weeks, the researchers found that the group supplementing capsaicinoids lost 0.4kg more than the placebo group, showing a statistically significant increase to weight loss without any adverse effects being reported, showing that it's a very well tolerated and safe fat burner supplement. [16]

Black Pepper Extract - 10mg

Finally we come to black pepper extract, a very common natural ingredient across all dietary supplements, including testosterone boosters, nootropics and most others. This is because the function that it plays is less of an active ingredient and more of a passive buff to everything else in the formula.

Black pepper has an active ingredient called piperine, and similar to capsaicin this is responsible for both the distinctive flavour of black pepper, as well as the helpful effects it has. What piperine does is it increases the bioavailability of all other ingredients, which is a really fancy way of saying it makes it easier for your body to absorb them, increasing their potency as a result [17].

Customer Reviews

The public perception of Instant Knockout was overwhelmingly positive when it first released, and looking at the customer reviews shows us that this has not changed one bit. You see a good selection of people too, which is fantastic to see due to the originally slim demographic of gym goers that were naturally drawn to Instant Knockout. Over time more and more of your more typical, average person is realising the power of this formula and making Instant Knockout Cut their weight loss supplement of choice.

Here's some excerpts we thought summed things up nicely:

Fabio Passos, USA:

"If you are looking for something to help you getting in shape fast, you have to try this out, this product will not disappoint you."

Kimberley Yeaman, USA

"Instant Knockout Cut curbs my appetite and does not give me any sort of jittery feeling or crash. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to shed some pound and keep it off"


So there's Instant Knockout Cut, out top choice for the best weight loss pills for men. It just has everything you need in order to lose body fat; you have trouble sticking to your diet? Well caffeine and glucomannan will help to keep you on the path and reducing your snacking. Want to push harder in the gym? The caffeine and B-vitamins will make sure you're feeling energetic and pumped up. Having trouble reaching a calorie deficit? It's a very potent thermogenic fat burner thanks to cayenne pepper and caffeine. Let's not forget the more specialised ingredients, such as L-Theanine helping you deal with stress and increasing the efficiency with which you can actually burn fat, and the EGCG's in green tea extract helping to reduce BMI and improve biochemical factors inversely associated with obesity.

From our point of view it's an obvious choice, and we highly recommend you check out this amazing fat burner for men yourself.

Shop Instant Knockout Cut Deals Here

Hunter Burn - The Best Premium Weight Loss Pills For Men

In this industry to fat burning supplements, the companies that develop these products have a difficult tight rope to walk. They need to balance a marketing budget alongside a research and development budget and then price the products to be as affordable as possible whilst covering all of the costs for the ingredients and all that was previously mentioned. This means most brands take a balanced approach, and this works out quite well usually.

Hunter Evolve have taken a different approach with Hunter Burn, and they really stand out from the pack because of it. We'll address the elephant in the room right a way and say that yes, Hunter Burn is a premium fat burning supplement and as such is priced higher than anything else on this list. With such a strong formula though, this is the only reason why it doesn't have top spot. This is how their approach differs, as they've opted to minimise marketing and such in favour of paying out for not only the best ingredients, but the highest doses of them. If you really care about price, then we'd recommend other options on this list, but if it's value that you really want, Hunter Burn is what you're after.

Shop Hunter Burn Deals Here

Highlighted Features

  • Fast acting, premium formula

  • FDA approved dietary supplement

  • Highly dosed formula

  • Strong appetite suppressant

  • Scientifically backed formula

  • Transparent, honest labelling

  • Highly specialised, premium ingredients (no filler)

  • Boosting metabolism via thermogenesis

Ingredients Breakdown

Vitamin D3 - 75mcg

The sunshine vitamin of which 41% of Americans are deficient [1]. It's been observed that when improving vitamin D levels in people who are obese helps to improve weight loss significantly [2].

Glucomannan - 3,000mg

Potent appetite suppressant that works by increasing in size in your stomach, making you feel full faster and for longer [8]. Perfect for dealing with food cravings when dieting.

L-Theanine - 200mg

Reduces stress, which has been shown to increase the intake of energy dense foods [13]. Also increases the efficiency with which your body and synthesis fat [15]

Matcha Green Tea Extract - 200mg

The most abundant flavonoid in green tea is EGCG, which was been shown to help reduce BMI and improve weight loss when compared with placebo [9].

Cayenne Pepper Extract - 125mg

The best of the best when it comes to thermogenic fat burners. The capsaicin found within cayenne pepper improves thermogenic activity within the body, improving resting metabolic rate [16].

White Kidney Bean 20:1 Extract - 500mg

With Hunter Burn, this is the ingredient that elevates it beyond it's peers. It's a very expensive ingredient, which is why it's seldom seen in the weight loss world, but it's effects are almost too good to be true.

How it works is white kidney been extract is able to inhibit the activity of a digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase. The role of this enzyme is to break down carbohydrates for digestion, and as alpha-amylase is present in saliva this is an effect you can test yourself. If you continue chewing bread way beyond when you would normally swallow it, what you'll find is that eventually the bread will start to taste very sweet - almost like cake. This is because the alpha-amylase has broken down the carbohydrates into glucose, which is a type of sugar.

By blocking the activity of this enzyme, what is essentially happening is that white kidney bean extract is reducing the amount of carbohydrates that can be digested, reducing their caloric impact. Now you know what we meant when we said it's too good to be true! But in more realistic terms what this absolutely does not mean is "Eat as many carbs as I want". White kidney bean extract reduces the caloric impact of carbs, it doesn't remove them entirely.

With that in mind it has been shown to have a massive impact on weight loss. We found a study that took 120 obese volunteers and divided them randomly into intervention and placebo groups, with the intervention group taking white kidney bean extract daily before each meal for 35 consecutive days. The results showed that the average weight lost by the intervention group was 2.24kg, whereas the placebo group had lost only 0.29kg, with no adverse or side effects being observed for this period. This led the researchers to conclude that white kidney bean extract can significantly induce weight loss over a short time period [18]

Customer Reviews

With it being a premium product, peoples expectations are set high to begin with. This can be a difficult hurdle and you see a lot of products released as premium options that just fail to stick the landing. Hunter Burn is one of the few that actually made it through to the other side, garnering a great reputation as a high value, "get what you pay for" premium product that is jam packed with the best fat burning ingredients available.

Here's some excerpts we thought summed things up nicely:

Josh Kimmer, USA:

"Wow.. wow, premium product, premium results that's for sure. Hunter Burn has helped cut all that excess body fat without compromising my muscle... JUST what I needed."

Taylor, USA:

"Thought I'd give Hunter Burn a go despite its premium price taf and can honestly say you DO get what you PAY FOR. Just a month in and I'm seeing results"


So that's Hunter Burn. As you can see it has everything you need, and more of it than you knew you wanted. Glucomannan is the best ingredient for appetite suppression, so that's what you. Cayenne pepper extract is the best thermogenic fat burner, so that's what you get. It's just filled to the brim with the absolute best fat burners out there, in every way you might want it. Then we get to white kidney bean extract and you really see how this formula places Hunter Burn firmly ahead of all other weight loss supplements out there with it's ability to reduce the harm carbohydrates have on dieting to lose weight.

As we stated already, if it's value that you're really after, the Hunter Burn is what provides and we recommend you give it a shot, it could be that last push you needed to get your the body you always wanted.

Shop Hunter Burn Deals Here


So there's our picks for the best weight loss pills for men, with Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout Cut taking the lead by quite a margin. There's plenty of good options out there besides these two, but no others are quite as proficient in all departments as these two.

Take Instant Knockout for example, which was informed by a single idea throughout it's entire development, and as such has an incredible focused formula with no filler whatsoever. Everything contained within is complimenting everything else in some way, all working together to create the best weight loss supplement for men that we could find.

Hunter Burn takes a different approach but similarly trims the fat down to having only 6 select ingredients, and cranking up the dosage. Despite this small ingredient list, Hunter Burn manages to hit all of the major selling points for any contender for best fat burner and them some. They do this by simply selecting the very best ingredients from each respective category, such as glucomannan for appetite suppression, and combines them with white kidney bean extract, and ingredient that is as expensive as it is amazing thanks to it's ability to reduce carbohydrate digestion.

We highly recommend you check both of these out, but if you're looking for something less likely to break the bank, read on as we have collected a list of our favourite budget options.

The Best Budget Options

Wen it comes to making a product cheaper for market, there's only really a few ways you can go about it, all of which effect the overall quality of the product in some way. Weight loss pills are no exception to this, so to set your expectations going forward, none of these options are going to blow your socks off in the same way Instant Knockout Cut and Hunter Burn can. What they can do however is provide a more cost-effective way to aid your weight loss.

Our Choice For The Best Budget Weight Loss Pills For Men

  • Jacked Factory - Burn XT

  • Jacked Factory - Lean PM

  • Warrior Blaze Thermogenic Formula

Jacked Factory - Burn XT

Kicking things off here is an offering by a reputable dietary supplements brand: Jacked Factory. They dabble their hands in most gym-esque supplements that you can think of, with everything from pre-workout to whey protein and even branched chain amino acids. If you break things down, Burn XT can almost be thought of as a budget version of Instant Knockout Cut, as the brief is basically the same: A weight loss supplement designed to aid gym performance and burn fat.

One way Burn XT stands out from the usual budget crowd is how it's balanced the doses of it's ingredients to be effective with just one capsule, but not overwhelming if you take two. What it really comes down to here is caffeine tolerance, so if you regularly consume caffeine without issue then you can take two pills and increase the potency of the formula dramatically as a result.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong thermogenic fat burner

  • Enhanced workout intensity

  • Cheap but effective formula

  • Transparent, honest labelling

Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous - 135mg/270mg

This mammoth ingredient has numerous capabilities, such as being able to suppress appetite [10], increase the intensity of workouts [11] and boost metabolism [12].

Green Tea Leaf Extract - 225mg/450mg

The most abundant flavonoid in green tea is EGCG, which was been shown to help reduce BMI and improve weight loss when compared with placebo [9].

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract - 25mg/50mg

The best of the best when it comes to thermogenic fat burners. The capsaicin found within cayenne pepper improves thermogenic activity within the body, improving resting metabolic rate [16].

It's worth noting that the dosage is quite low here, so although it will provide some benefits it's not going to be quite as powerful as the clinical literature has tested as low as 100mg and found it to be effect. That said, working together alongside the caffeine and piperine content here will still have a fairly potent thermogenic effect overall, it's just that cayennes contribution to that will be lessened.

Black Pepper Extract - 2.5mg/5mg

With the active ingredient piperine, this helps to bolster the potency of the rest of the ingredients by increasing their bioavailability, or in other words make it so our bodies can absorb them more easily [17].

Acetly-L-Carnitine - 350mg/700mg

This amino acid plays a very crucial role in energy production via it's role in transporting long chain fatty acids into cells, fuelling them in the process [19].

It's not one of the more flashy fat burning ingredients, but it's far from controversial, being very well researched and offering consistently positive results, there's just usually better options for the more expensive weight loss pills. However it's inclusion here is perfect. We found a systematic review which included 910 participants over 9 individual studies, and this review found an average of 1.33kg more weight lost when compared with placebo [20].


Though there's obviously better out there, nothing really comes close to Burn XT at this price bracket. It's a solid formula of cheaper ingredients that work synergistically to provide a solid weight loss boost, and the clever idea to dose the formula with doubling it up in mind was actually a genius move. The only really caveat is if you are going to double it up, it might be worth looking at something more potent as you're also double the cost as well.

Jacked Factory - Lean PM

Another offering for Jacked Factory here that is actually a really refreshing take on the idea of a fat burner. Lean PM is basically a sleep aid, which can have benefits for weight loss as a whole as not getting enough sleep can really set your metabolism off balance for the day, but it also has some extra spice to help you burn fat more effectively (and even some that do both). The result is a sleep aid that will actually help you to lose weight, and it's very cost effective. If you're struggling to sleep and struggling to keep weight off, Lean PM can solve your problems in one fell swoop.

Highlighted Features

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Appetite support

  • Transparent, honest labelling

Ingredients Breakdown

Vitamin B6 - 10mg

Known for it's versatile role in all things metabolism, vitamin B6 is considered to be effective at improving body composition and biochemical factors associated with obesity [4].

Magnesium - 150mg

One of the most abundant minerals in the body, Magnesium plays many different critical roles in the body, making it highly essential. Such roles are being a cofactor in over 300 enzyme reactions, helping with muscle and nerve function, blood pressure control, blood sugar control and even protein synthesis [21]. Being so highly versatile in it's functions, it's no surprise that it helps with both weight loss and sleep health.

For sleep health, magnesium has actually been studied as a way to treat insomnia. We found a systematic review that compiled the data of 9 published papers on the subject, including 7,582 participants. According to observational studies, the researchers concluded there was an association between healthy magnesium levels and sleep quality [22].

For weight loss, magnesium was found that help to improve insulin resistance which is an extremely common issue that develops alongside obesity. Magnesium has been clinically observed to significantly reduce BMI, as well as improving body weight and waist circumference, though these last two were only observed in those previously suffering insulin resistance issues, or had sub-optimal levels of magnesium to begin with [23].

Green Tea Extract - 300mg

The most abundant flavonoid in green tea is EGCG, which was been shown to help reduce BMI and improve weight loss when compared with placebo [9].

5HTP - 150mg

This interesting chemical compound is actually the precursor to serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which allows it to help counteract the hormonal changes brought about by food cravings. It's been studied extensively for it's weight loss effects, and has been found to induce significant weight loss in obese patients, alongside a reduction of carbohydrate consumption and a consistent presence of early satiety being observed [24].

The positives don't end there though, as 5-HTP is a popular ingredient in both weight loss pills and sleep aid supplements, being studied for it's ability to improve sleep quality since the 20th Century. These studies revealed a potential therapeutic application as it was observed that those who supplemented 5-HTP had better quality, more restful sleep with an increase in REM sleep by 53% [25]

L-Theanine - 200mg

Reduces stress, which has been shown to increase the intake of energy dense foods [13]. Also increases the efficiency with which your body and synthesis fat [15]

Melatonin - 5mg

Our bodies naturally react to the day and night cycle, making us sleepy and tired at night and awake in the morning. Melatonin is the hormone that our bodies use to control these actions, as it is secreted in the brain as a response to darkness. To put it plainly, melotonin is what makes us feel tired and want to go to bed [26].

In terms of "I wonder what ingredients we can synthesise and use to help people fall asleep", you can't really get any better than the hormone our body uses for that exact effect. It's efficacy is undeniable, you feel it working literally every night. With this in mind, it's ofcourse been researched a lot, and as such we managed to find a systematic review that compiled nineteen studies, with the aim to explore if melatonin could help combat insomnia. The researchers observed increased total sleep time as well as a reduced sleep latency, concluding that overall sleep quality was improved in subjects taking melatonin when compared with placebo [27].

Black Pepper Extract - 5mg

With the active ingredient piperine, this helps to bolster the potency of the rest of the ingredients by increasing their bioavailability, or in other words make it so our bodies can absorb them more easily [17].


For the concept alone Lean PM deserved a look, but what secured it a place on todays list is the fact that it actually pulled it off. Clever inclusions such as L-Theanine, 5-HTP and Magnesium show the amount of care and attention that went into this formula, and for how cheap it is you really can't go wrong. We wouldn't recommend you take it if you're not having sleep issues however, so it's usage is quite limited. That being said for those it can help, it will help, and that's what it's all about at the end of the day. It may be a highly specialised product, but it shoots for the moon and has ended up among the stars with an excellent concoction of natural fat burners and natural sleep aids.

Grenade Thermo Detonator

Bringing up the rear we have Grenade Thermo-Detonator, a fine weight loss supplement that makes some questionable choices with dosing, but once you see the price point you realise it's actually outstanding value for money, earning it a place on todays list.

Highlighted Features

  • Low price point

  • Good thermogenic fat burner

  • Honest, transparent labelling

Ingredients Breakdown

Green coffee bean extract - 10mg

We figured we'd get this one out of the way early as, when we mentioned questionable dosing, this is really all we were talking about. 10mg of green coffee is just not going to do any thing at all really, so it's not worth lingering on. Let's move swiftly onwards.

Green tea extract - 500mg

The most abundant flavonoid in green tea is EGCG, which was been shown to help reduce BMI and improve weight loss when compared with placebo [9].

Bitter Orange extract - 420mg

This is an interesting ingredient that you see a lot in cheaper weight loss pills. This is likely because it's quite a cheap ingredient that is fairly reliable to say it can help burn fat more effectively, but it's effects are fairly weak and typically require caffeine to be seen, leading to some skepticism to the effects being observed simply being that of caffeine, but it's likely that the effects and mechanisms are likely similar. A review of the human clinical studies concludes: "when taken for periods of time of up to 12 weeks may result in modest weight loss", and stipulated that when combined with or without other ingredients, bitter orange extract can significantly increase resting metabolic rate [28].

Caffeine - 175mg

This mammoth ingredient has numerous capabilities, such as being able to suppress appetite [10], increase the intensity of workouts [11] and boost metabolism [12].

Cayenne pepper extract - 200mg

The best of the best when it comes to thermogenic fat burners. The capsaicin found within cayenne pepper improves thermogenic activity within the body, improving resting metabolic rate [16].

Phenylalanine - 25mg

We thought we'd end as we began, with the second of Grenades questionable dosing. Typical clinical trials dose Phenylalanine at 3g or above, making it usually a bit too bulky to reasonable fit into a capsule. 25mg is unlikely to have any effects whatsoever, so let's once again move on quickly.


Between the green tea, caffeine and cayenne alone, this is a fantastic weight loss supplement for how cheap it is. The main detractors here is that, you only get 44 capsules so it's only providing you half a months supply, and it has some questionable dosing. In terms of efficacy and value, we'd place this around the same as double dosing on Burn XT, so consider this a good starting place for if you're wanting to dip your toe in the water to test the temperature before cannon-balling into the deep end.


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