Best Hotel Pillows Review of 5-Star Luxury

This ultimate luxury pillow guide will uncover the science of why hotel pillows are so comfortable and fluffy. Let us take you inside the pillowcase to find out where to buy the best hotel pillow brands.

By Deirdre MundorfDec 15, 2021 12:00 AM
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Best Hotel Pillows Review of 5-Star Luxury

This ultimate luxury pillow guide will uncover the science of why hotel pillows are so comfortable and fluffy. Let us take you inside the pillowcase to find out where to buy the best hotel pillow brands.

There's no doubt that hotel pillows are comfortable and luxurious. They feature large, fluffy, and soft goose-down clusters for the utmost comfort. Some hotels use a combination of feathers and down to create a feeling of luxury and support.

Down is more durable, softer and costlier. Some hotels prefer down alternatives as they’re not only pocket-friendly but also hypoallergenic, making them ideal for allergic guests.

Hotels choose pillows that are comfortable for different sleeping styles. Although side sleepers tend to rest soundly on thicker and firmer pillows, back sleepers sleep better from flatter and at times softer pillows. Soft pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers.

So what makes hotel pillows highly comfortable and a dream to sleep on? The main reason for the luxurious and comfortable feel of hotel pillows is fill material (more about this in the next section).

Hotels put a lot of thought, money, and effort into the process of getting pillows. In addition to a lengthy selection process, hotels replace and wash their pillows often for a fresher, crisper, and plumper feel.

Common Fill Materials for Hotel Pillows

Hotel pillows are softer and more luxurious than ordinary ones mainly because of fill material. Polyester fill is uncommon for hotel pillows because of its lack of conforming ability and durability.

Common fill materials for hotel pillows are:

·   Down

·   Down alternative

·   Feather

·   Memory foam


Down fill emanates from geese and ducks. The fine and soft feathers are found below the tough exterior feathers. A great attribute about down hotel pillows is that they're supportive, light, and soft. Their luxurious feel makes an incredible choice for hotels.

Down Alternative

Down alternative fill is sourced from synthetic fibers. Equally soft and light as real down, down alternative is less costly. The synthetic fibers are allergy-free.


Feather fill utilizes rough outer feathers from geese and ducks. Hotel pillows with this fill have feathers as an inner core or insert. Less costly compared to down, this option is ideal for hotels with guests that desire firm pillows.

Memory foam

Memory foam fill is simply viscoelastic poly-foam that softens to react to body heat but then regains shape upon cooling. Some feature cooling gel or are shredded to prevent overheating. These hotel pillows adjust to different sleeping styles meaning they appeal to an array of guests.

Their downside is that they can be hotter than other fill types.

What Kind of Pillows Do 4-Star Hotels Use?

4-star hotels use 50/50 pillows. Featuring a 50/50 down to feather ratio, these pillows are an inexpensive substitute to their 100% goose down counterparts.

Hotel Pillow Sizes

Hotels use different pillow sizes for their guests. The most common is the standard size as it accommodates many body types and sizes. Some luxury hotels may offer larger king or queen-sized pillows in rooms with bigger beds. They can also use the larger options to accommodate client preferences.

Here are the different hotel pillow sizes:

·   Standard - 20 inches by 26 inches

·   Super Standard - 20 by 28 inches

·   Queen - 20 inches by 30 inches

·   King - 20 inches by 36 inches

Where Do Hotels Get Their Pillows

To come up with a luxurious looking and feeling bed, hotels employ a lengthy process of choosing a mattress, bed sheets, duvet, and pillows as well as pillowcases. All these play a big role in crafting a lofty and relaxing sleeping environment.

Typically, hotels buy pillows wholesale from reputable name-brand pillow companies. In most cases, pillow manufacturers tailor-make pillows according to the specific needs of a hotel.

The purchase of hotel pillows is through department stores, manufacturer websites, hotel chains, and housewares stores. However, in some instances, you can buy directly from the pillow-makers themselves such as Sferra at and

How Do Hotels Pick A Pillow?

Ever wondered how much thought process is put into creating a luxurious hotel bedding experience? A big chunk of a hotel's budget goes into bedding, particularly sheets and pillows.

So how do the under-appreciated accouterments make the experience of guests luxurious and comfortable? Which process is used to settle for pillows that are a great source of sweet slumber?

Hotels consider these factors when in the market for a pillow:

·   Softness

·   Temperature

·   Allergens

·   Loft

·   Weight

·   Fill

·   Cover material


The firmness of a pillow determines its plushness and supportiveness. Hotels choose softer pillows for guests that sleep on their stomachs since they do not need much support. Firmer options are ideal for side sleepers who in most cases need to align their necks.

Back sleepers need a firm pillow to elevate their body's top half to prevent them from snoring. For combination sleepers, the appropriate hotel pillow should be a combination of firm and soft.

Most standard hotel pillows feature a medium-firm feel.


Temperature regulation is an essential feature of hotel pillows. Most of them feature breathable material to prevent retention of excess heat. As aforementioned, hotel pillows with memory foam filling boast strong temperature regulation.

Down alternative pillows, thanks to their breathable fill, have the most cooling airflow. Hotel pillows with an insulating layer enable guests to remain warm in the cold season. Those with a cooling gel ensure guests are comfortable in the summer.


Another factor that hotels consider when sourcing for their pillows has to do with allergens. Some synthetic fibers cause rashes particularly to guests with polyester allergies. For this reason, hotels choose pillows with a hypoallergenic or antimicrobial material.

In addition to this, hotels ask guests if they have any allergic reactions upon arrival.


Loft affects how a hotel pillow lifts a guest's head. For appropriate spinal alignment, guests who are stomach sleepers need low-loft pillows. For back sleepers, a medium-loft option is a good one while high-loft hotel pillows are appropriate for side sleepers.

Because many hotel pillows are tailored to accommodate the needs of many sleepers, mostly they feature a medium-loft.


A guest's weight affects the firmness of a hotel pillow. Often, heavier guests prefer firmer pillows for support while lighter ones are into softer hotel pillows for cushioning. Weight also determines the feel of a pillow.

A firm pillow might feel medium or soft to heavier guests while a soft pillow might feel firm or medium to guests that weigh less.


The fill of a hotel pillow plays a big role in its support, pressure relief, and overall comfort. As already established, fill varies. Some use down and/or real feathers while others utilize microfiber down alternative or polyester.

Most hotel pillows feature high-quality fill that makes them supportive and luxurious. While some filling such as down and feather can feel luxurious and comfortable, allergy sufferers and those concerned with animal welfare might not prefer them.

Down alternative pillows are not only pocket-friendly but also effortless to clean.

Cover Material

A good number of hotel pillows utilize cotton covers in a sateen weave or percale. Other hotel pillows have rayon, polyester, or lyocell on their covers. Cotton is highly popular due to its breathability and smooth feel.

Hotel Pillow Reviews

Comparison Chart:

Here is a breakdown of the reviews of the best hotel pillows:

Marriott Hotel Pillow

For more than 50 years, Marriott has been offering excellence to every guest with high quality and comfy bedding products. The pillows are created and tested to meet Marriott's highest standards.

Marriott hotel pillow is made by Pacific Coast. These pillows promise top quality for their guests. They use Duck feather & down (inner chamber) and a minimum of 75% Goose down.

Down alternative pillows are also available. Exclusive for Marriott, these pillows are available for purchase together with throw pillows, bolster pillows and Euro pillows are Marriott Shop.

The Feather and Down is the hotel's most popular pillow. For firmness, it utilizes a white duck feather inside the inner core. A combination of feather and white duck down around it makes it luxuriously soft.

The pillow sports a 100% cotton cover featuring double-stitched edges and piping for the utmost durability and comfort.

Another striking about the Marriott Feather and Down pillow is that it is allergen-free.

For guests that desire to go feather-free, Marriott hotels provide their Down Alternative pillow. This one features polyester balls to make it as soft as down while maintaining its shape over time. The hotel's Down Alternative pillow is strictly for feather-free rooms.

Another popular Marriott hotel pillow is the Euro pillow. This square-shaped pillow is common for decorating beds and couches. Buyers can choose between down alternative or feather and down as a fill. The pillows are compatible with Marriott Euro shams that can be used for lounging or combined for arrangements.

Hilton Hotel Pillow

Initially, Pacific Coast used to make Hilton hotel pillows. Currently, the pillows are made by Down Dreams. Their fill type is down, down and feather, and down alternative. If guests aren't into feather or down materials, the hotel's polyester pillows are available.

In addition to being allergen-free, Hilton Hotel pillows do not retain heat for maximum comfort. If buying them for home, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze as they're machine washable.

Among the three types, Hilton Hotel Down pillows are the most luxurious. Featuring a 600-fill level makes them plusher and softer compared to others.

Note: Fill power and level determine the quality and fluffiness of down pillows. Most down pillows have 500 fill power.

Hilton Hotel down and feather pillows have a down outer part and feather inner part. This combination results in a long-lasting pillow that's free of quills poking through because down covers the feathers. In terms of the pillow's firmness, guests can choose between firm and soft.

Hilton Hotel down alternative pillow is ideal for guests that do not prefer down and feathers. This pillow combines a cotton-blend cover and synthetic fibers to make it equally comfortable and soft like a down pillow. Homeowners that desire a luxurious down feel should consider the Hilton down alternative.

Radisson Hotel Pillow

The Radisson Hotel pillow is made by The hotel's Down Surround pillow is unique because of its pillow-in-a-pillow design. The design gives it the loft and softness of a down pillow coupled with the firmness and support of a feather pillow.

Both the down and feather are free of allergens and dust. The pillow offers medium support for different sleeping positions.

A soft and durable 100% cotton cover covers the Radisson Hotel pillow. The cover is tailored to prevent the feathers and down from falling out or poking through.

Westin Hotel Pillow

The Westin Hotel Pillow is made by Simmons Beautyrest. The down alternative hotel pillow is a memorable favorite for guests due to its plush loft. It offers superior and unmatched comfort every night.

The synthetic pillow features premium fiberfill for allergy-free and deeply restorative sleep night after night. Its loft offers medium-to-firm support to cradle the neck and head of guests for uninterrupted sleep.

Although soft, the Westin Hotel pillow provides firmer support making it an incredible choice for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

The pillow is not only machine washable and feather-free but also features premium fiberfill and antimicrobial treatment. The antimicrobial feature makes the pillow a great choice for those with allergies.

Wyndham Grand Luxury Hotel Pillow

The Wyndham Grand Luxury Hotel Pillow is made by Sealy. It features 50/50 down and feather fill. The supportive and lofty pillows guarantee a superior guest experience.

The pillow features plush and durable construction. Additionally, it has hypo-allergenic gel fiber.

Doubletree Hotel Pillow

The Doubletree Hotels from all over the world utilize top-of-the-line pillows to provide guests with nothing short of luxurious sleep. Pillow is made by Down Dreams. It has down fill.

Best Western Hotels Pillow

The Best Western Hotels Pillow is made by This medium-density EnviroLoft down alternative pillow boasts just the right amount of loftiness and softness for different types of sleepers.

Guests can stack their pillows with the utmost ease for the right firmness necessary for side sleeping. A great attribute about the Best Western Pillow is that it is odorless, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

The pillow is sewn tightly to keep all fibers inside. The covering and fill with the pillow are hypo-allergenic making it ideal for guests with allergies.

Langham Hotels Pillow

The Langham Hotels Pillow is made by This EnviroLoft down alternative and 25/75 down and feather blend pillows are luxurious and super comfortable. The latter brings with it a unique combination of supportive feathers with an amazing soft down excellently blended in.

The 25/75 pillow makes is a remarkable sham stuffer due to its ability to create a karate chop look and hold its shape on the bed. The feather blend pillow has hypoallergenic filling making it an excellent choice for allergic guests.

Its medium/firm density is appropriate for back or side sleepers. if a guest feels the pillow isn't as firm as they would like it, then a simple hack is to add a pillow protector. Doing this scrunches the filling together for a firmer pillow experience.

The Intercontinental Hotel Pillow

The Intercontinental Hotel Pillow is made by Downlite. The down-fill pillow brings with it a supportive core of feathers with soft down layers from bottom to top.

The chamber-style hotel pillow provides guests with the relaxing slumber they've always wanted. The down fill combines with an excellently-done cover for comfortable and cool night's sleep.

The pillow provides superior support by conforming to the neck and head while relieving common sleep issues such as stiff neck muscles and tension.

It is ideal for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

This pillow is not only machine washable and dry-able but also hypoallergenic.

Conclusion & Best Hotel Pillow Alternative Brand

Whether you're sleeping on a hotel bed or yours at home, pillows play a huge role in the quality of your sleep. The comfort they bring to both body temperature regulation and support should not be overlooked.

Hotels have an intense process when it comes to how they pick their pillows. That intense selection process ensures the land is nothing short of the best pillows that consumers love.

One of the best hotel pillows alternatives is Nature's Sleep Ghostbed Pillows. GhostBed by Nature Sleep boasts a rich experience in the sleep space. With their application of innovative techniques and vast knowledge of consumer needs, their sleep products including pillows are indeed premium.

GhostBed offers three different kinds of GhostPillows

It’s a very popular brand that has sold over a half a million GhostPillows because of the great story behind them. Plus, this viral video on its cooling technology probably didn’t hurt it… as it got almost 5 million views on YouTube

Now, If you work at or own a hotel, Airbnb or bed and breakfast and looking for an affordable luxury pillow for your guests. Then check out GhostBed pillows and mattresses to help ensure 5-Star reviews like this one we found

Precision support and comfort define Ghostbed pillows. Their design meets the needs of different sleeping positions. They provide the desired neck and head support while offering plush comfort.

Plus, they afford and adjustable fill solution to its shredded memory foam GhostPillow

If you're looking to bring the comfort and luxury that's synonymous with hotel pillows into your home, then consider Ghostbed Pillows. Check Price Now.

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