Best Fat Burners UK

By Matt Cooper
Oct 21, 2022 5:00 AMOct 21, 2022 2:50 PM


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Fat burners are a great way to supplement your diet and exercise program. They can help you to reduce your appetite, increase your metabolic rate, and prioritise fat burning. But what are the best fat burners in the UK? This article will look at ten of the best.

10 Best Fat Burners in the UK

We've selected our ten favourite fat burners that are available in the UK. They are:

  1. Instant Knockout Cut

    (Best overall fat burner)

  2. Hunter Burn

    (Best low-stim fat burner)

  3. Hourglass Fit

    (Best women's fat burner)

  4. PhenGold

  5. Burn Lab Pro

  6. ThermoPro Burn

  7. Animal Cuts

  8. Brutal Force CCUT

  9. Complete Thermogenic

  10. ThermoPure

Each fat burner will be looked at in detail, with the ingredients list checked. We will also look at the pros and cons of each supplement and give you a review. After that, we will take a look at how fat burners work and why they are so popular in the supplement industry.

#1 Instant Knockout Cut (Best UK Fat Burner overall)

We are starting off with our number one fat burner: Instant Knockout Cut. This supplement is often used by professional fighters in the boxing and MMA world to lose weight before a fight. Its fat-burning abilities are well known in the industry, and Cut is now popular with non-fighters too!

Instant Knockout Cut is a stimulatory fat burner. It uses caffeine and other metabolism-boosting ingredients alongside appetite-suppressant ingredients such as konjac root to help you create and maintain a calorie deficit.

This multi-faceted approach helps it to stand out from many fat burner supplements. Combined with a healthy diet, this is the best fat-burning supplement on the market.

Instant Knockout Cut Summary

There are nine ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut, and you are supposed to take four capsules per day spread out across the day for optimal results.

Cut can be combined with Instant Knockout's other supplement, the meal replacement Instant Knockout Complete. Both work incredibly well when taken together, but they are also highly effective as standalone supplements.


  • Well-dosed ingredients

  • Caffeine can boost metabolic rate effectively

  • Appetite-suppressant qualities

  • Mood-enhancing ingredients such as l-theanine

  • Very high in vitamin D

  • Excellent value for money


  • Premium price for high-quality ingredients

  • Only available from the Instant Knockout website

Instant Knockout Cut Ingredients

The first ingredient on the nutrition label is vitamin D, and Instant Knockout Cut is packed full of it! There are 45ug per serving, which is almost double the daily dosage. This is excellent as a vitamin D deficiency is a common contributor to obesity.

A 2018 study found that after six weeks of vitamin D supplementation, weight loss, body mass index scores, and hip and waist circumference were reduced in overweight and obese women. Studies have also found vitamin D to be effective for men who want to lose weight.

There are also high doses of vitamin B6 and B12. There is some evidence that being deficient in B vitamins can be linked to an increased risk of obesity, but not much evidence that taking B6 or B12 in supplements burns fat.

Cut also contains Glucomannan (also known as konjac root). This is a form of soluble fibre that is very effective at suppressing appetite and helping you to reduce your calorie intake. It is perfect for people trying to lose excess body fat because it makes it easier to stay in a calorie deficit.

There is 500 mg of green tea extract in each serving, and 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is in a good range for appetite suppression. Cut has cleverly included the amino acid l-theanine which can help to prevent any side effects associated with caffeine use (nausea, the jitters, headaches etc) and it can also relax you and raise your mood and energy levels.

Cayenne has been added to combine with the caffeine and boost your metabolism. Finally, black pepper extract (bioperine) has been added to assist with absorption.

Instant Knockout Cut Review

Not only does Instant Knockout Cut have a whole host of well-chosen ingredients, it can also claim to have fully-dosed ingredients. This is a highly stimulatory fat burner, which makes it very good at burning fat. But not everyone is a fan of stimulants, so keep this in mind.

If you want the best fat loss experience, then Instant Knockout Cut is an amazing choice. It will help you to eat less thanks to the appetite suppressant ingredients such as glucomannan and l-theanine, while the caffeine, cayenne, and green tea extract will help you to burn fat and raise your metabolism.

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#2 Hunter Burn (Best Low-Stim Fat Burner)

Hunter Burn is the most effective low-stim fat burner on this list. It is packed full of ingredients that can help you to reduce your calorie intake while also helping you to burn more calories. It does this with a formula that is light on stimulants, and packed full of appetite suppressing ingredients such as konjac root.

Hunter Burn is best known for having the most well-dosed ingredients of any fat burner. Often providing double the dosage of certain ingredients compared to the competition. That's why it is one of the top fat burners for losing weight.

Hunter Burn Summary

Hunter Burn contains six ingredients. You are supposed to take six capsules per day, which equals one serving. You can also try combining it with Hunter Test and Hunter Focus to improve your physical and mental health.


  • Well-dosed ingredients

  • Very high vitamin D dosage

  • Packed full of top-quality ingredients

  • Appetite suppression is excellent

  • Low-stim formula offers best of both worlds


  • Expensive, due to the premium ingredients

  • Only available from the Hunter Evolve website

Hunter Burn Ingredients

The first thing that you notice when checking the nutrition label is how generously dosed everything is. There is 3,000 IU of vitamin D per serving, which is even higher than Instant Knockout Cut has!

The fat burner also has 3,000 mcg of konjac root extract, which is great for helping you to create a calorie deficit. A really interesting ingredient is the carb-blocker white kidney bean extract. This ingredient helps to reduce absorption of carbohydrates. Meaning that if you ate a normal portion of carbs your body would absorb fewer calories than you would usually.

L-theanine is a great way to reduce your appetite while also improving your mood and relaxing you. Then there is matcha green tea extract which can help with fat oxidation and weight loss.

Finally, there is cayenne which can raise your metabolism through thermogenesis and increase energy levels. This is a really good fat burner.

Hunter Burn Review

If you are looking for an excellent fat burning supplement then this is a great choice. The combination of soluble fibre, green tea, and ingredients that can raise your calorie burning make Hunter Burn a superb fat burner. Perfect for your weight loss journey.

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#3 Hourglass Fit (Best Fat Burner for Women in The UK)

While both Instant Knockout Cut and Hunter Burn are suitable for women, there is some merit to using fat burning supplements that are exclusively for women. Hourglass Fit is a natural fat burner that caters exclusively for women. It is also a non-stim fat burner, which means that it doesn't contain caffeine or green tea extract.

If you are looking for a fat burner that focuses more on improving your mood and reducing your calorie intake then Hourglass Fit is the perfect fat burner for you.

Hourglass Fit Summary

There are nine ingredients in Hourglass Fit, five of them are essential vitamins and minerals, while the others are aimed at reducing your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate. The serving size is four capsules per day.


  • No-stim fat burner

  • Very high dosage of konjac root, excellent appetite suppressant

  • Mood enhancement

  • Well-dosed cayenne helps raise metabolic rate

  • Excellent value for money

  • Made specifically for women


  • Only available from the Hourglass website

  • As a no-stim fat burner, it won't be as effective as stim fat burners

Hourglass Fit Ingredients

There are three B vitamins in Hourglass Fit: vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin B2. Hourglass Fit also contains chromium and zinc. The addition of zinc could be to help with PMS, as studies have shown it to be highly effective.

Chromium has been added as there is some evidence that it can help to lower appetite, particularly in women. A 2008 study on obese women found that chromium supplementation led to a 25% reduction in food intake compared to an 8% reduction in the placebo group.

The main ingredient in Hourglass Fit is konjac root extract (also known as glucomannan). This fibre has been shown to reduce stubborn fat via appetite suppression.

Then there is 100 mg of cayenne (Capsimax) which can help to raise your metabolism via thermogenesis to help create that calorie deficit, and you have 5-HTP which can raise your mood (always important during a diet), and it can help with appetite regulation by controlling the hormones responsible for hunger and satiety.

Black pepper extract (Bioperine) rounds off the ingredients, and it is used to increase the absorption of the other ingredients.

Hourglass Fit Review

Hourglass Fit is a non-stimulatory fat burner. This means that it will not be as powerful a thermogenic fat burner as others on this list. But it also means that it won't have any of the downsides associated with stimulants (for example, you can take it late at night without it affecting your sleep).

Instead of focusing too much on revving your metabolism up, Hourglass Fit focuses more on reducing your calorie intake and raising your morale during a diet. This is a really clever way to lose fat. Hourglass Fit has been designed specifically for women, and there are many ingredients that can help women in particular.

That being said, men can also benefit from these ingredients, so if you are male and like the sound of this formula, then feel free to grab yourself a pack.

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#4 PhenGold – Best UK Fat Burner Runner Up

PhenGold has a really interesting formula, which is packed full of ingredients that work really well, and ingredients that are pretty useless. Overall though, it's a really decent thermogenic fat burner.

It is high in caffeine, high in green tea extract, and cayenne. But it also contains ingredients to improve your mood and reduce stress, such as l-theanine and Rhodiola Rosea. Still, it's not perfect. Green coffee bean extract makes an appearance, which is frustrating as it is one of the most overrated fat-loss ingredients.

That being said, PhenGold is one of the best fat burners on the market and deserves its place on our list. If you are looking for a great way to burn body fat and lose weight, then this should be one of your go-to products.

PhenGold Summary

There are 12 ingredients found in PhenGold. Three of the ingredients are B vitamins. Each serving is made up of three capsules.


  • High-quality fat burner

  • Promote weight loss

  • Great for burning calories


  • Contains green coffee, which is useless

  • Doesn't have any appetite-suppressing ingredients

  • money back guarantee does not apply to one month supply

PhenGold Ingredients

The first ingredients that you notice are the B vitamins (B3, B6, B12), and then there is 500 mg of green tea extract, 100 mg of green coffee bean extract, and 225 mg of caffeine.

500 mg of green tea should contain around 40-50 mg of caffeine, and green coffee extract contains around 2 mg per 100 mg. So that's roughly 270 mg of caffeine per serving. This is decent, but obviously doesn't quite compare to the 300 mg found in Instant Knockout Cut.

There is 250 mg of the amino acid l-theanine in each serving, which is great as l-theanine can help to prevent the side effects of caffeine. L-theanine can also help with appetite suppression, but we would still like more appetite-regulating ingredients in this formula.

There is 200 mg of cayenne in each serving and 150 mg of dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) that is there to provide cognitive and mental boosts.

PhenGold Review

PhenGold is one of the best fat burners on this list, but it doesn't do quite enough to oust any of the top three fat burners from their positions. It is really good at raising your metabolism, and it is great to see so much caffeine combined with the amino acid l-theanine.

But what's holding PhenGold back from being in the top three fat burners is the lack of focus on appetite regulation. This is where the top fat burners have an advantage. Still, this is a really effective fat burner and well worth checking out if you are looking to burn fat.

#5 Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro is always worth looking at, just because it is so different to other fat burners. Instead of directly causing you to lose weight, Burn Lab Pro focuses on improving your ability to train at a high intensity while in a calorie deficit.

This is a really smart move, as it will suit people who are already working hard to reduce their body fat through diet and exercise. Obviously, if you are looking for a supplement that will raise your metabolism and help to prioritise fat oxidation, then Burn Lab Pro may not be right for you.

But if you lift weights regularly and don't want your performance to suffer while you enter a calorie deficit, then Burn Lab Pro has a lot to offer.

Burn Lab Pro Summary

There are six ingredients in each serving requires you to take three capsules.


  • HMB is effective at reducing muscle damage during a diet

  • Chromium is effective at suppressing appetite

  • Coleus Forskohlii can help to reduce fatigue, allowing you to train harder

  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Not enough fat-burning ingredients

  • Not great if you purely want to lose body fat

  • Would be nice to see more appetite regulation

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

There is 262.5 mg of calcium in each serving of the fat burner. Why? We have no idea. There is no mention of calcium in their ingredients section, and it isn't mentioned anywhere on the website except on the nutrition label. As far as we know, calcium has no fat-burning potential.

There is 90 mcg of chromium per serving. As we mentioned in the Hourglass Fit section, chromium has been shown to reduce calorie intake. But 90 mcg is a very small serving size.

The highest-dosed ingredient in this formula is HMB. This ingredient is particularly effective at preventing muscle damage and protecting lean muscle mass during weight loss diets. Studies have shown that high doses of HMB can prevent muscle damage, it does not appear to increase strength or size though, which is a commonly mentioned benefit.

There is quite a lot of Coleus Forskohlii in each serving. There is some evidence that this can help to reduce fatigue, which is something that the best fat burner supplements should concentrate on.

Thermogenic fat burner products do contain Capsimax (cayenne pepper extract), but the dosage is only 75 mg, which is quite low compared to, say, PhenGold. Cayenne can help with fat loss, but you would need a bigger dosage to see proper weight loss.

The final ingredient in this fat burner is Bioperine, which is great for increasing absorption. Bioperine is found in almost all fat burner supplements.

Burn Lab Pro Review

A fat burner that doesn't increase fat oxidation or lower your body fat percentage doesn't sound great on paper. But Burn Lab Pro does a lot to promote weight loss by allowing you to train harder during a workout.

The way that it can reduce fatigue and muscle damage should not be overlooked. If you want to lose weight through a balanced diet and exercise, then this supplement could make for a smoother fat-loss journey. But unlike the other products on this list, it won't directly contribute to a calorie deficit.

#6 ThermoPro Burn

ThermoPro Burn is a weight loss supplement from The Protein Works. It contains a number of effective ingredients that can help you to lower your body weight, but they aren't particularly well-dosed.

That being said, the dosages have been designed so that you can safely double the dosage. This obviously increases the price per serving, but ThermoPro Burn is one of the cheapest fat burner products out there, so this isn't that big a deal.

ThermoPro Burn Summary

There are 15 ingredients in each serving of ThermoPro Burn. The serving size is one capsule, but due to the low dosages of each ingredient, it may be a good idea to double your serving size to two capsules.


  • Incredible value for money

  • Good metabolism-raising ingredients

  • Carb-blocking ingredients

  • Ability to safely double the dosage by taking two servings


  • Underdosed ingredients

  • Would be nice to see more appetite regulation

ThermoPro Burn Ingredients

There are three B vitamins in ThermoPro Burn, B5, B7, and B12. You also have 60 ug of chromium.

There is 200 mg of tyrosine, which is best known as a mood enhancer and cognitive enhancer. But tyrosine also appears to be useful at improving impulse control, something that is very useful when dieting.

There is 150 mg of caffeine, which is a little low for fat loss. You would usually want around 200-300 mg. But as mentioned earlier, you can double your dosage to hit that target.

There is 100 mg of l-carnitine, which can help with fatigue and may also preserve muscle mass but is not seen as particularly effective at lowering your body fat percentage over time.

There is also bitter orange extract, which is also known as synephrine, a massively overrated fat-loss aid.

There is 50 mg of green tea extract, but this is way too small to be effective even if you double the dosage.

There is 25 mg of phenylalanine, but we have no idea why! The inclusion of green tea and phenylalanine seems entirely pointless.

White kidney bean extract is a well-known carbohydrate blocker, but there is only 24 mg per serving. To give you some context, Hunter Burn contains 500 mg per serving!

The same issue affects the green coffee extract and the guarana (though we know that green coffee is fairly useless in any case).

ThermoPro Burn Review

If you can grab yourself a pack of ThermoPro Burn during one of the Protein Works' many sales then you won't find a cheaper fat burning capsule on the market. The very low cost allows you to double the serving size and get decent dosages of some ingredients.

But there are many ingredients that are so low in dosage that they are essentially useless. This is frustrating, as ThermoPro Burn could be just as good without them. Saving the company money and almost certainly saving the customer money.

ThermoPro Burn is one of the better fat burners on the market, with a great price and some interesting ingredients. But the number of low-dosed or useless ingredients is quite high, which holds it back slightly.

#7 Animal Cuts

If you have spent any time in bodybuilding circles then you have probably heard of Animal Pak. It has been the go-to vitamin and mineral supplement for the bodybuilding world for years.

Animal Cuts is their entry into the world of fat burners, and it is one of the most controversial supplements on this list. Most fat burners these days avoid the use of proprietary blends. This is where you group a number of ingredients together into a blend to disguise the dosages of each individual ingredient.

Sadly, Animal Cuts uses multiple proprietary blends, which at this point is pretty unjustifiable. Which is a shame, because there is a lot to love about Animal Cuts, and it could well outperform many fat burner supplements. There's just no way to prove it.

Animal Cuts Summary

Unlike many fat burners, Animal Cuts is comprised of multiple pills, you take them as a pack (Pak). Two packs per day, one immediately after you wake up and one 4-6 hours later. Each pack consists of nine pills:

  • 1 x stimulant complex,

  • 1 x nootropic complex,

  • 2 x water shedding complex,

  • 1 x CCK boosting complex,

  • 1 x metabolic complex,

  • 1 x thyroid complex,

  • 1 x cortisol inhibiting complex

  • 1 x bioavailability complex

You take the pills every day for 3 weeks, then have a week off. You can turn Animal Cuts into a non-stimulatory weight loss supplement by removing the red stimulant complex pill.


  • A lot of excellent ingredients

  • Cortisol inhibiting complex is a nice touch

  • Nootropic complex is a smart choice

  • Ability to separate the stim ingredients and use/avoid them


  • Uses proprietary blends, so you have no idea what you are consuming

  • The water shedding complex is potentially dangerous

  • Several useless ingredients such as raspberry ketones

Animal Cuts Ingredients

There are over 35 ingredients in Animal Cuts, so it is a little difficult to give you a breakdown of each one. Instead, we will take a look at each of the eight complexes:

  • Stimulant Complex 750 mg - Contains caffeine, kola nut, guarana, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, coleus forskohlii, and evodiamine. The caffeine is obviously a great choice, and there are some benefits to coleus forskohlii, but the others are a little pointless.

  • Metabolic Complex 750 mg - The green tea leaf extract can be effective, while the others are not particularly effective at causing fat breakdown. If you are taking the stimulant complex, then the metabolic complex is unnecessary. It's a good option if you avoid the stimulants though.

  • Water Shedding Complex 780 mg - The most controversial complex in Animal Cuts. This complex is packed full of diuretics such as dandelion root. Don't take this if you have a health condition and remember to drink lots of water if you do take it.

  • Nootropic Complex 500 mg - This is a great idea, and it is refreshing to see that Animal Cuts isn't only about fat breakdown, it also wants to improve your mood and cognition. Keeping you motivated and focused.

  • Cortisol Inhibiting Complex 500 mg - Chronically high cortisol levels can often lead to weight gain and obesity. So this complex is a good idea, though it probably won't make too much difference.

  • CCK Complex 300 mg - This complex is designed to reduce your appetite, but to be honest, there are better appetite suppressants out there. It would have been nice to see some konjac root or 5-HTP.

  • Bioavailability Complex 500 mg - This is packed full of ingredients that can help with absorption. A necessary addition, but not particularly interesting to read about.

Animal Cuts Review

There is so much to like about Animal Cuts, but the fact that they use proprietary blends is a huge stumbling block.

We have no idea why they do this, it's unlikely that they are massively under-dosing their ingredients, but while they hide behind proprietary blends you have to assume that something is up. Hence our inclusion of Animal Cuts at number 7 on our top ten list.

#8 Grenade Thermo Detonator

Is there anything more arresting than the site of a supplement that is designed to reduce fat storage that is shaped like an actual grenade? Probably not. You have to admit that Grenade have absolutely won at product packaging, but how good is the actual supplement?

Like Brutal Force CCUT, Grenade thermo detonator has placed a lot of faith in bitter orange powder (synephrine). But this faith is misplaced, as it is a pretty poor supplement ingredient. Luckily for Grenade, the other ingredients it contains are decent.

There's a lot of green tea, an okay amount of caffeine, some cayenne pepper, and phenylalanine which can help with your mood.

Grenade Thermo Detonator Summary

Grenade advice taking one capsule, twice per day for the first seven days as a way to test your tolerance. After that, the recommended dosage is two capsules upon waking, followed by two before your lunch, you can also take two before your workout.


  • Good dosage of green tea extract

  • Phenylalanine for mood and depression is a good choice

  • High dosage of cayenne pepper

  • Caffeine is low for one serving, but you can double up


  • Not any appetite suppression

  • Bitter orange is fairly useless

  • Green coffee is useless

Grenade Thermo Detonator Ingredients

Unlike in our previous supplement (Animal Cuts) Grenade Thermo Detonator has a fairly modest ingredients list, with just six ingredients in total. There is 500 mg of green tea extract which is a standard dosage, 175 mg of caffeine, which is a little low.

200 mg of cayenne pepper is generous, but then there is phenylalanine which is massively underdosed, and green coffee which is not only useless but also underdosed.

Then you have 420 mg of bitter orange powder. Which is very confusing. Considering the fact that most of the ingredients are underdosed, for some reason bitter orange powder is hugely overdosed.

The standard serving size is 50 mg, the only explanation that makes sense is that the bitter orange powder used in Grenade Thermo Detonator is diluted somehow. There is evidence that bitter orange (synephrine) can raise your metabolism, so you can expect a small increase in energy levels and raised fat metabolism, but not much.

Also, if you have a heart condition, then it is best to avoid supplements that contain bitter orange powder. Though you should be avoiding stimulants full stop!

Grenade Thermo Detonator Review

Grenade Thermo Detonator appears to be good at increasing your energy levels, and it may also increase fat metabolism, but it contains a few too many underdosed ingredients.

It would have been nice to see more ingredients that can help you to remove more calories from your diet such as 5-HTP, l-theanine, or glucomannan. But considering the price, it's a decent supplement.

#9 Complete Thermogenic by Bulk

Complete Thermogenic is a supplement sold by Bulk, it is high in caffeine, high in green tea, and has a decent amount of cayenne. There is also l-theanine, which is a great ingredient for regulating appetite and keeping your stress levels down.

Complete Thermogenic Summary

There are eight ingredients in Complete Thermogenic. The serving size is three capsules per day. You are directed to space them out evenly, and to ensure that you stop taking them four hours before bed. Due to the caffeine content, we'd recommend increasing that gap to six hours.


  • High caffeine content

  • Well dosed ingredients

  • Excellent price per serving


  • Uses bitter orange

  • Not much focus on reducing appetite

  • Side effects are an issue due to caffeine, kola nut, and bitter orange

Complete Thermogenic Ingredients

There are eight ingredients in Complete Thermogenic and they all contribute to a highly stimulating formula. 300 mg of caffeine is a great dosage, then you have 300 mg of green tea extract, 450 mg of bitter orange, and 150 mg of kola nut (which is also contains caffeine).

This will make it highly caffeinated, and even though it does contain l-theanine, you can expect to see some side effects such as jitteriness, nausea, headaches etc.

The bitter orange is an issue that we have covered in the previous product, and again the dosage is very high.

The addition of l-tyrosine and l-theanine can help to prevent cortisol from being too high, and they may help with mood and cognition. But this really is a sledgehammer of a supplement. Some of you will absolutely love that, while others may find it too extreme.

Complete Thermogenic Review

If you are looking for the ultimate stimulatory supplement, then Complete Thermogenic by Bulk has to be an option. But there is no subtlety here, and it could really do with some ingredients that can stifle appetite and increase satiety. Of all the supplements on this list, this is the one most likely to give you some unwanted side effects. But perhaps the results are worth it.

#10 ThermoPure

The final product on our list is ThermoPure by MyProtein. As you can imagine, it is a low-cost, yet highly effective supplement that can provide some decent results. There are some underdosed ingredients, as you would expect for the price, but it is so cheap that it still works out as great value for money.

ThermoPure Summary

There are nine ingredients in ThermoPure. Serving size is three capsules. You can either take them all just before a workout, or if it is a non-workout day, then take one capsule three times per day spread out.


  • Incredible value for money

  • Good stimulatory ingredients

  • L-theanine and l-tyrosine improve mood and cognition


  • Underdosed ingredients

  • No focus on regulating appetite

ThermoPure Ingredients

ThermoPure contains 198 mg of caffeine, but only 50 mg of cayenne. There is a good amount of l-tyrosine and l-theanine, alongside some vitamins and minerals. The l-theanine can help a little with appetite regulation, but this is mostly a stimulatory formula that focuses on raising your metabolism.

ThermoPure Review

It's a decent product when you factor in the price per serving, but other than that this is an unspectacular supplement. It would have been a better idea to increase the dosages and perhaps add some alternative ingredients, even if that meant that the price increased. Most customers would not mind.

How Fat Burners Help You Lose Weight

Taking fat burners helps you to lose weight in three ways:

1) They can help you to reduce your calorie intake by helping you to feel full. Ingredients such as glucomannan can increase satiety.

2) They can increase your metabolic rate. Ingredients like caffeine can stimulate your metabolism and help you to burn more calories. Raising your energy levels is also part of this. Allowing you to train harder and burn belly fat.

3) Emotional support. Dieting is very hard, trying to burn fat cells can be boring and demotivating. Many fat burners provide ingredients that can lower stress, raise your mood, and banish fatigue. Making the dieting process more manageable and increasing your chances of success.

While not a direct benefit, it should also be noted that certain fat burners can also help to preserve lean muscle. Very important if you are looking to maintain a strong and healthy physique.

Final Thoughts

We've taken a look at ten excellent supplements in this article, but our absolute favourite has to be Instant Knockout Cut. It is a great all-rounder, that has every base covered. It's not just about raising your metabolism, it also improves your mood, regulates your appetite, and will make a huge difference to your overall diet experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fat Burners Help You Burn Body Fat?

Yes, they can help you to create a calorie deficit which is crucial for weight loss, and they can also help your body to prioritise burning fat. But they won't work on their own. You need to pair them with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Are Fat Burners Safe?

Yes, any fat burners that are on the market right now will be safe. However, this has not always been the case. There are many fat burner ingredients that have been banned in the past such as ephedrine. But all of the fat-burning supplements on this list are perfectly safe.

What Side Effects Do Fat Burners Have?

That depends on the individual fat burners. Ones that have high caffeine contents may cause nausea, jitters, headaches, and digestive issues and raised testosterone [9]. However, if the supplement also contains l-theanine, then those side effects can be mitigated. Other ingredients such as cayenne pepper may cause you to feel hot and sweaty, as they work by raising your body temperature.

Do Fat Burners Work?

Natural fat burners work when they are taken alongside a calorie deficit and regular exercise. They should be used to make the weight loss journey easier, and to enhance the results that your hard work is already producing.

Do Fat Burners Make You Sweat?

Yes, most fat burners will make you sweat. That's because one of their main ways to help with fat burning is to increase your metabolic rate via thermogenesis. This is where certain ingredients such as cayenne pepper will cause your body to increase body heat. Leading to flushed skin and sweat. This will reduce over time and shouldn't affect you too much.

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