Best CBD Balms in the UK: Top 6 Brands & Buyers’ Guide

By Amber Smith
Jun 9, 2022 5:00 AMJun 21, 2022 7:43 PM


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CBD muscle balms are quickly growing in popularity as an alternative option for aches and pains. CBD, or cannabidiol, the compound found in hemp plants, is well-known for its variety of health benefits. But unlike its counterpart compoundTHC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. This gives these miracle products all of the rejuvenation capabilities, minus the high.

Muscle balms infused with CBD can provide relief from inflammation and pain, with many people using them to soothe sore muscles after exercise. As a result, they offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional pain relief. Curious about how a muscle balm could work for you? We've test-driven some of the best in the UK to find out how useful they truly are.

How we reviewed these CBD balms

There is no shortage of CBD products, particularly balms, on the market. Indeed, choosing the right CBD balm can be a daunting task. With so many of these types of products, it can be difficult to know where to start - not to mention avoid the ones that don't do what they say on the tin.

Luckily, we've done the hard work for you and reviewed six of the best CBD muscle balms on the UK market. When reviewing these products, we look at a variety of criteria. These are as follows:

CBD content

When choosing a CBD balm, we pay attention to the amount of CBD it contains. A higher CBD content means that the skin absorbs more of the active compound, providing greater relief. In addition, a higher CBD content can help to offset the occasionally strong scent of essential oils used in CBD balms. Anything around 150 mg is useful - we would say that 300 mg and above is strong.


Depending on the ingredients present in the balm, there may be synergistic effects that go well with the CBD present. CBD balms usually contain other ingredients, such ascapsicum or other plant extracts. These ingredients can bring benefits that work well together with the CBD. Essential oils are good for their scent and therapeutic properties, helping to enhance the relaxing effects of the balm.


What is the consistency of the balm? We think it's important to look at how easy these balms are to apply topically. But we also consider whether they're stored at room temperature or not. Some balms will melt and lose their chemical structure in warm conditions, which can make the product null and void! Others can be very greasy to the touch or have a scent that is overpowering. We considered all these factors, so you don’t have to.


To say that branding isn't important would be short-sighted. Sure, the product itself is the most important thing, but good branding can help to sell the product. We find that good branding is valuable in helping a particular product stand out from the rest. So, although it may not be the most important thing, we took into account how each balm came packaged and the impact it had on us.


The price of CBD balms can vary quite a bit. We try to assess how efficient the balm is at its price point. This takes into account more than just the price of the balm - how efficient it is, as well as how much is needed to see sufficient effects. We also consider how long the balm lasts. These all come together to give us an idea of the value of a particular product.

Top 6 CBD muscle balms in the UK

Below is our list of 6 balms that we've reviewed - as you can see, we've found some of them to have specific use cases, while others are better for general purpose. Regardless, all of the balms on this list are sure to help you to find relief from pain and inflammation.

  1. Vitality CBD Muscle & Joint Gel 500mg - Best overall UK CBD balm

  2. CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm 150mg - Best performance

  3. Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub 300mg - Best for athletes

  4. Puresport Muscle & Joint Balm 1000mg - Most potent

  5. Infinity CBD Muscle Salve 500mg – Best small brand

  6. Evopure – Best value

Vitality CBD 500mg Muscle & Joint Gel

Priding themselves on creating high-quality products, Vitality focuses on balms for everyday use. Despite the quality of their CBD balms, the price point is exceptionally reasonable. This is why we think the Vitality CBD range provides some of the best value in the country. They source their CBD from organic hemp farms in the US. And you can find their products in over 4,000 stores across the country. It’s clear this is a supplier you can trust, and the product stands up to the test, too.

Vitality CBD is a good choice for those with sore inflamed joints. The anti-inflammatory formula includes peppermint and camphor and provides quick, soothing relief. This combination of extracts works very well with CBD too, allowing it to go to work. And finally, the Gel contains an above-average 500 mg of CBD.

Vitality CBD has a smoother consistency given that it's a gel rather than a balm. However, this makes it easier to apply, and also means it will absorb much more quickly. It also doesn't feel greasy on the skin and makes it enjoyable to massage with. Vitality CBD benefits from a mild and pleasant smell also. Having said that, it comes in a neutral and slightly clinical-looking branding. This isn't a problem, however, and it would fit perfectly on the pharmacy shelf.

At such a fantastic price point, buying this balm is very affordable, coming in at just £21.99. Considering the healthy CBD strength, easy application and good results, all together, we think it gives Vitality CBD the best all-around score of any of the balms we reviewed.

Buy Vitality CBD balm

CERIOUS 150mg Muscle Relief Balm


Created by Victor Casale, founder and chief chemist at the famous MAC Cosmetics, this specially created muscle balm is the result of 30 years of experience. Inside this balm is a 30 ml formula, enhances with a variety of botanicals. It’s also the only balm we’ve come across that boasts time-release technology for long-lasting effects.

With 150 mg of CBD for this 30 ml jar, there is less CBD than other balms on this list. However, as mentioned this is the only balm with time-release technology. While half of the CBD releases immediately on application, the remaining 50% takes effect over a number of hours. And we did find the relief was longer lasting than all the others we tried. It’s just a shame the CBD strength isn’t higher.

This balm also benefits from some unique natural ingredients. Vanillyl butyl gives this balm a warming sensation and increases circulation, while arnica mountain flower allows relief from inflammation. The balm itself has a unique powder finish, making it much less greasy. This is a big plus. In addition, it also meant a small amount went a very long way when applying. Absorption is particularly quick too.

While this product is much more expensive than other balms at £43, it is most definitely a premium product. With a robust formulation and advanced features, we think it’s worth it!

Buy CERIOUS Muscle Balm

Fourfive CBD 300mg Muscle Rub


Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub is the brainchild of George Kruis and Dominic Day to help recover from rugby injuries back in 2018. Discovering how they healed quicker and gained more clarity from CBD, they created a product range with more bioavailability suited for an active lifestyle. Because of their professional sports background, they made sure from the start that their products would be safe for athletes. That’s why the range, including this excellent balm, is Informed Sport and BSCG approved.

Fourfive CBD Rub has an average amount of CBD content, with a 45 ml jar containing about 300 mg. Combined with this is menthol which gives a cooling sensation, along with lavender oil to help calm inflammation. Although this combination of ingredients can lead to an overwhelming smell, the balm has a more robust structure the most other balms. This makes it simpler to apply small amounts to the skin, although it is a bit greasy. This wasn’t a problem for practical use though, as only a small amount is required for good results.

As mentioned, Fourfive also benefits from having an Informed Sport certification. Seeing this logo does away with any doubts about drug test safety. The container itself is easy to store in a gym bag, while the plastic construction of the tub is soon to be replaced with a more sustainable option.

At £30 Fourfive CBD muscle rub is quite affordable, with an application that is better than most muscle balms. The smell can be quite distracting - not an issue for athletes but it does make it less suitable for applying before a meeting, for example. Overall, very good value and effective.

Buy Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub

Puresport 1000mg Muscle & Joint Balm


The immediate draw to this CBD Balm is the strength. At 1,000 mg of CBD in every 50 ml pot, it’s definitely the most potent CBD balm in the UK today. It’s also designed for sportspeople, and created by one too. Grayson Hart founded Puresport CBD as he wanted better quality natural products that work. Despite the sports tilt, it’s not approved for professional athletes, which is a shame. All the same, if you’ve tried a few balms and been disappointed, give this one a try. The super high strength puts it in a league of its own.

When we put this balm on the skin, we were pleasantly surprised by its light lemon scent. And having read some reviews of this product, it’s something quite a few other people comment on as a plus. It’s quite different to other CBD balms, which can often smell a little medicinal. Plus, it’s a smooth texture that absorbs into the skin nicely. After a long run we did find applying this balm gave the relief we hoped for.

At £43 this is as expensive as the CERIOUS muscle balm, but lacks the slow-release technology unfortunately. However, that’s offset by the sheer strength of CBD in the formula.

Buy Puresport Muscle & Joint Balm

Infinity CBD 500mg Muscle Salve

The creators of Infinity CBD are based in Wales and have a really strong local following. Their products are honest, effective, and 100% natural. For this reason we already like them! But aside from this, the Infinity CBD muscle salve is a good value-for-money option on its own. Given its 100 ml size and high CBD content, it is a great all-rounder product. Also notable is that the salve is broad-spectrum, which is a marked contrast to most others, which are isolate.

Aside from the CBD content, this balm also includes camphor, which is commonly used in many other ointments and creams. This gives this salve a greater ability to relieve irritated skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The consistency of the balm is less greasy than some of the others on this list but can take longer to dry also. The scent is mostly crisp too, thanks to the addition of peppermint.

The design of Infinity CBD is quite stylish too, and reinforces its brand identity very well. Plus, at £34.99, this product sits at a very comfortable midpoint in price. All in all, Infinity CBD muscle salve provides great value for money, especially given its generous CBD content.

Buy Infinity CBD Muscle Salve


Founded on the belief that their customers should know what they're putting in their bodies and why, Evopure focuses on clean, traceable ingredients to make their award-winning CBD Relief balm. The eco-conscious brand source all of their CBD from organic hemp grown in the EU, pairing it with high purity natural ingredients to produce some of the highest-quality products available in the UK today. Evopure's Relief CBD Balm is unique due to its deep penetrating cooling effect from the wintergreen and peppermint, making it a good choice for anyone suffering with inflamed joints and muscles. This combination works well alongside the CBD, allowing the balm to provide both instant relief along with the more lasting relief from the CBD itself once absorbed. Independently tested and sourced from organic sustainably grown hemp, Evopure puts a heavy emphasis on full traceability of all its ingredients to ensure their customers know what they are putting on their body and why. This transparent approach ensures they only use clean ingredients and don't include cheap synthetic filling agents in its balm. Clich here to learn more or buy Evopure.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. This means that it does not produce the "high" associated with marijuana use. CBD has been shown to have potential therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety and inflammation. Additionally, pharmaceutical CBD oil is beneficial for treating certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy and chronic pain. Currently, the majority of CBD products on the market come from hemp, as it contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. However, marijuana-derived CBD is also available in some states where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational use.

CBD & inflammation

CBD may have a number of potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation. It could work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system helps to regulate various functions all across the body, including inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD may help to reduce inflammation in a variety of conditions, such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease. The theory is that CBD could be quite effective because it helps to reduce inflammation at the cellular level. This means that it may also help to reduce the symptoms of inflammation without causing the side effects associated with other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Where to apply a CBD balm and how to use it

CBD balms are becoming increasingly popular because of their natural healing properties. But you might be wondering where to apply a CBD balm. A CBD pain relief balm like those you can find in the UK is good for use on any area of the body that is experiencing pain or inflammation. For instance, they can be rubbed into sore muscles or joints to provide relief. Additionally, CBD balms are for applying to the temples or forehead to help alleviate headaches. Balms more for the skin can also be useful on the lips to moisturize and protect them from the sun. Note that they are not recommended for use on broken skin. They can contain ingredients that may cause a stinging sensation.

Is there a CBD balm in the UK for arthritis?

CBD balms are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a natural treatment for various conditions, including arthritis. When applied topically, a CBD skin balm may help to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. There are a number of CBD balms available in the UK that are specifically designed for arthritis sufferers. These products typically contain a higher concentration of CBD than other topical products, making them more effective at relieving symptoms. In addition, many of these balms also contain other ingredients that can further reduce inflammation and pain, such as beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.

The Benefits of CBD Balms

There are so many CBD balms available, offering a wide variety of potential benefits, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and moisturizing the skin. While the balms above are fantastic for many uses, there are so many available that it really does depend on what you need and what you want out of one. Regardless, there's sure to be a balm out there that is perfect for you.

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