11 Best Science Gifts for Kids

Our list of science gifts for kids is a great place to start your holiday shopping and make sure you’re finding quality options that will encourage learning.

By Halla Mannering
Nov 18, 2022 9:30 PMNov 22, 2022 4:51 PM
(Credit: SmarterKids)


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It’s already time for holiday shopping. If you’re looking for a gift for the young academic in your life, scroll through our list of the best science gifts for kids. We’ve referenced product descriptions, extensive reviews and popular purchases, and compiled this list to help guide your holiday shopping.

Finding Science Gifts for Kids

Presents should be fun, but they can also encourage learning. Science gifts are a great opportunity for hands-on learning and exploration. From setting up experiments to growing crystals and playing with light, you can’t go wrong when you purchase science gifts for kids.

Age Appropriate

Finding age-appropriate gifts is perhaps one of the hardest parts of holiday shopping. From making sure that presents are safe to ensuring that they’re fun, shopping for little ones can be challenging. Our list only includes gifts intended for kids, so know you’re on the right track with our top picks.


Gifts shouldn’t break the bank. This holiday season, you can choose from budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality. These products combine affordability and quality, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet or the durability of your gifts.

Our Top Gifts

Let’s dive into some of our top science gifts for kids this holiday season. Inspire your little scientist with the following products and watch their love for learning grow.

1. Crystal Creation

(Credit: Fat Brain Toys)

A unique take on a classic science experiment, this crystal kit lets your child grow their own hedgehog friend. Encourage child curiosity with this fun hands-on experience, best suited for kids 10 and up. The hedgehogs are simple to make, the crystals grow within one day, and your young scientist can keep their crystal pet for years to come.

2. Age-Appropriate Lab

(Credit: Fat Brain Toys)

Does your little one want to become a scientist when they grow up? This lab kit is a good place to start. An incredible learning opportunity, this chemistry lab in a box can help your child conduct up to 40 experiments. Use it to explore chemical reactions, learn about fluid dynamics and air pressure, and experiment with pH strips. The kit comes with all the tools you need, easy-to-follow instructions and real scientific explanations for everything. Ideal for kids age 8 to 10.

  • Price: $

  • Special Feature: From controlling air pressure to experimenting with pH, this lab kit is a great introduction to the sciences.

  • Shop Now: https://fave.co/3gausIW

3. Encourage Ingenuity

(Credit: LEGO)

The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set is the perfect STEAM learning option for little engineers. Intended for children ages 10 and up, the SPIKE system lets kids design and build robots, dynamic devices and other interactive models. This gift will translate to hours of fun, with more than 40 guided lessons and step-by-step building and coding instructions, and an app that makes programming fun and easy!

4. Optical Fun

(Credit: Smallable)

Kids can play with light when you choose this optical science present. Made from wood and plastic, this setup features eight different experiments and is made for kids ages 4 and up. This kit has an element of invention and creativity, so plan on hours of fun for your child when you purchase this product.

  • Price: $

  • Special Feature: Perfect for children as young as four, this is an accessible and unique option.

  • Shop Now: https://fave.co/3GkUCU6

5. Chemistry Set

(Credit: KiwiCo)

A KiwiCo gift is the perfect way to inspire your little scientists. They have subscription boxes that combine both science and art, plus they always feature a hands-on activity. If you’re more interested in a one-time gift, then their chemistry set is a great option. The youngest budding scientists can learn about color mixing, chemical reactions and kitchen experiments with this colorful kit.

  • Price: $

  • Special Feature: Save some supplies and consider using this kit multiple times.

  • Shop Now: https://fave.co/3ObNye5

6. Slime, Slime, Slime!

(Credit: JCPenny)

This 17-piece Ultimate Science Kit explores chemistry, physics and archaeology. Kids ages 8 and up can use this kit to make slime and goop, make a volcano erupt and chisel for gemstones.

  • Price: $$

  • Special Feature: The creators of this kit thought of everything and included the supplies you’ll need for all the experiments, so no additional purchases are necessary.

  • Shop Now: https://fave.co/3V4fOSh

7. Sweet Treat

(Credit: Macy's)

This food science kit combines education with a delicious treat. Your little scientist can make shaved ice, popsicles and ice cream while exploring the basic principles of chemistry. Ideal for ages 8 and up.

8. Talking Microscope

(Credit: SmarterKids)

This talking microscope comes with everything your little one will need to see insects close-up, with 12 slides of bugs! Ideal for ages 3 to 6, this microscope will teach kids fun facts about critters while they explore them in great detail.

  • Price: $$

  • Special Feature: This microscope comes with slides that are already prepared, so you know they’ll get a quality viewing experience.

  • Shop Now: https://fave.co/3EHPE2y

9. Solar Bug Kit - 4 pack

(Credit: My Science Shop)

Perfect for educators and families, our first-ever line of STEM kits includes the supplies you need to create your own projects while learning the basics of electronics, circuitry, and solar energy.  The included step-by-step guide is easy to follow whether you are a seasoned educator or a parent looking for something fun to do with your child.

10. Butterfly Garden Kit

(Credit: My Science Shop)

Engage children of all ages with STEM toys that will encourage them to explore, understand and be inspired by the world of science, technology, engineering and math. Grow your own butterflies with this nature kit.

To get started, simply redeem your included voucher online and receive 5 baby caterpillars and their nutritious food. Then watch your caterpillars grow, hang upside down and form chrysalides, emerge into beautiful butterflies, and then release them into nature!

11. Galileoscope Telescope Kit

(Credit: My Science Shop)

The Galileoscope is a high-quality educational telescope kit created by astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators. Learn how telescopes work and experiment with lenses as each of the components are assembled (don't worry - it's an easy 5-minute assembly!).

Purchasing Science Gifts

It’s never too early to encourage a love of science. Purchase a science gift for the child in your life and foster creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking. From colorful crystals to delicious ice cream, there are many different gift options this holiday season.

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