5 best bladder control supplements for dogs in 2024

By Amber Smith; Medically Reviewed by Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPH
Dec 24, 2023 4:00 AMDec 31, 2023 3:41 AM
Pupper Canine Bladder UTI Soft Chew


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Is your furry friend struggling with bladder control? It's time to put an end to those unwanted accidents and help them regain their freedom. Maintaining optimal bladder health is crucial for dogs, just like it is for humans. From frequent urination to urinary incontinence, our canine companions can face various bladder control issues that affect their quality of life. But fret not! There's a solution at hand – bladder control supplements specially formulated for dogs.

These supplements offer a range of benefits, helping support and improve your dog's bladder function. Whether it's strengthening the muscles or reducing inflammation, they can make a remarkable difference in your pet's well-being. So let's jump right in and discover the ultimate solutions to keep your dog happy, healthy, and accident-free!

Best bladder control supplements for dogs in 2023

  1. Pupper Canine Bladder / UTI Soft Chew

  2. Bee Pollen Dietary Supplement and Dog Bladder Control

  3. Nutrivet Bladder Control Supplement

  4. Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs

  5. Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement

Benefits of Bladder Strength Supplements

Bladder strength supplements for dogs offer a range of benefits that contribute to maintaining a healthy urinary tract and minimizing bladder issues. By strengthening and toning the muscles of the urinary tract, these supplements help support overall bladder health in dogs. Let's explore the key advantages in detail:

Strengthening and Toning the Muscles of the Urinary Tract

Bladder strength supplements contain ingredients specifically formulated to enhance muscle tone in the urinary tract. These supplements often include nutrients such as cranberry extract, pumpkin seed powder, and marshmallow root, which work synergistically to promote optimal muscle function. By strengthening these muscles, bladder control is improved, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Promoting Healthy Urine Flow and Reducing Accidents

One of the primary benefits of bladder strength supplements is their ability to support healthy urine flow in dogs. When dogs experience weakened bladder muscles or other urinary system issues, they may struggle with controlling their urine flow properly. Bladder strength supplements can help address this by improving muscle tone and enhancing overall urinary tract health.

Supporting Overall Urinary System Health in Dogs

Maintaining a healthy urinary system is crucial for your dog's well-being. Bladder strength supplements provide comprehensive support for various aspects of urinary system health. They assist in maintaining normal bladder function by promoting a balanced pH level within the bladder walls and supporting immune health. These supplements often contain antioxidants that help minimize inflammation and discomfort associated with common bladder issues like infections or stones.

Minimizing Inflammation and Discomfort Associated with Bladder Issues

Bladder infections or stones can cause significant discomfort for our furry friends. Bladder strength supplements aim to alleviate this discomfort by reducing inflammation within the urinary tract. Ingredients like cranberry extract possess natural antibacterial properties that can help prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Top Bladder Control Supplements for Dogs in 2023

If your furry friend is struggling with bladder control issues, finding the right supplement can make a world of difference. To help you in your search, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best bladder control supplements for dogs in 2023. These supplements have been highly recommended by experts and pet owners alike, ensuring that your dog gets the relief they need.

Pupper Canine Bladder/UTI Soft Chew is a remarkable supplement specially designed to support dogs with urinary tract issues. These soft chews are packed with powerful ingredients that promote a healthy urinary tract and help prevent infections in our furry friends.

Maintaining a healthy urinary tract is crucial for dogs' overall well-being, as frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) can cause discomfort and lead to more serious health problems. The Pupper Canine Bladder/UTI Soft Chew supplement works wonders in preventing such issues by providing essential nutrients that support optimal bladder function.

One of the key features of this supplement is its ability to reduce the risk of dog urinary tract infections. The carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to create an environment that discourages bacterial growth in the urinary tract. By doing so, these soft chews effectively minimize the chances of your dog developing a UTI.

Customers have been raving about the effectiveness of Pupper Canine Bladder/UTI Soft Chews. Many pet owners have witnessed significant improvements in their dogs' urinary health after incorporating this supplement into their daily routine. Positive testimonials highlight how these soft chews have helped their pets regain normal urination patterns, reducing urine leakage and discomfort.

Apart from its primary benefits, there are additional advantages that make Pupper Canine Bladder/UTI Soft Chews stand out among other supplements on the market. Firstly, these chewable tablets are specifically formulated to be palatable for dogs, making it easier for pet owners to administer them without any hassle or resistance from their furry companions.

Furthermore, Pupper Canine Bladder/UTI Soft Chews are particularly beneficial for female dogs prone to urinary tract infections due to their unique anatomy. The supplement's targeted approach ensures that female dogs receive the necessary support required for maintaining a healthy urinary system.

In addition to supporting bladder health, these soft chews also provide essential nutrients that contribute to your dog's overall well-being. The carefully selected ingredients not only promote a healthy urinary tract but also support other vital functions in your pet's body.

Bee Pollen Dietary Supplement and Dog Bladder Control

Bee pollen is a natural dietary supplement that has gained popularity for its potential benefits in supporting canine bladder health. Dogs, like humans, can experience issues with bladder control, leading to discomfort and inconvenience for both the pet and their owner. Incorporating bee pollen into a dog's diet may offer a natural solution to promote better urinary system function.

One of the key reasons why bee pollen is beneficial for dogs' bladder control is its rich composition of nutrients and natural properties. This supplement contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants that support overall health, including the urinary system. The presence of compounds such as echinacea saw palmetto extract, wild yam extract, pumpkin seed powder, soy protein, and isoflavones further enhances its effectiveness.

Echinacea found in bee pollen helps boost the immune system in dogs. A stronger immune system can aid in preventing infections or inflammations that may affect the bladder. Saw palmetto extract has been linked to promoting healthy prostate function in male dogs. As an enlarged prostate can contribute to bladder control issues in older males, incorporating this ingredient into their diet may provide relief.

Furthermore, wild yam extract present in bee pollen offers hormonal support for female dogs experiencing hormonal imbalances that could impact their urinary health. By helping regulate hormone levels naturally, this extract aids in maintaining optimal bladder control.

Pumpkin seed powder is another vital component of bee pollen supplements known for its positive effects on canine urinary health. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids like omega-3s and 6s, pumpkin seeds help strengthen the urinary tract muscles while also reducing inflammation.

When considering using bee pollen as a dietary supplement for your dog's bladder control needs, it is essential to be aware of potential side effects or precautions associated with its usage. While generally safe for most dogs when given in appropriate doses, some animals may experience allergic reactions to bee pollen. It is advisable to start with a small amount and monitor your dog's response before increasing the dosage.

Recommended dosage guidelines for bee pollen supplements vary depending on the size and weight of your dog. It is best to consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate dosage for your pet. Bee pollen can be administered in various ways, including mixing it with regular food or providing it as a standalone treat.

Nutrivet Bladder Control Supplement

Nutrivet Bladder Control Supplement is a veterinarian-recommended bladder control supplement specifically formulated to address canine bladder issues. This highly effective supplement contains key ingredients known for promoting urinary health in dogs, making it one of the best options available on the market.

Bladder control problems can be quite common in dogs, especially as they age. These issues can lead to accidents in the house and discomfort for your furry friend. Nutrivet's bladder control supplement aims to alleviate these problems and provide support for a healthy urinary system.

Formulation Designed for Canine Bladder Issues

Nutrivet's bladder control supplement is carefully formulated with a combination of ingredients that work synergistically to support bladder health in dogs. This unique blend includes vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that target the underlying causes of urinary problems.

One of the key ingredients found in Nutrivet is Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in maintaining proper kidney function and helps regulate urine production. By including this essential vitamin, Nutrivet provides comprehensive kidney support for your dog.

Key Ingredients Promoting Urinary Health

In addition to Vitamin B6, Nutrivet incorporates other important ingredients known for their beneficial effects on urinary health in dogs. These include:

  1. Cranberry Extract: Cranberries are well-known for their ability to promote a healthy urinary tract by preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls.

  2. Pumpkin Seed Powder: Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, pumpkin seed powder supports overall urinary tract function.

  3. Marshmallow Root Extract: This herb has soothing properties that can help relieve irritation and inflammation within the urinary system.

  4. Dandelion Leaf Extract: Dandelion leaf extract acts as a natural diuretic, aiding in flushing out toxins from the kidneys and promoting healthy urine flow.

Clinical Studies and Scientific Evidence

Nutrivet's effectiveness is backed by scientific evidence and clinical studies. A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine demonstrated that dogs supplemented with Nutrivet showed significant improvement in bladder control compared to a control group.

The study revealed that dogs who received Nutrivet experienced a reduced frequency of accidents and improved overall urinary health. These findings provide strong support for the efficacy of Nutrivet as a bladder control supplement for dogs.

User Experiences

Many dog owners have reported positive experiences after using Nutrivet Bladder Control Supplement for their pets. They have noticed improvements in their dogs' bladder control, leading to fewer accidents and increased comfort for their furry companions.

One user mentioned that after incorporating Nutrivet into their dog's daily routine, they observed a remarkable decrease in accidents within just a few weeks. Another user highlighted how their senior dog regained better bladder control, allowing them to enjoy longer walks without interruptions.

Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs

Cranberry is a powerful ingredient that plays a crucial role in supporting bladder health and preventing urinary tract infections in dogs. Zesty Paws Cranberry supplement stands out as an excellent choice. Let's explore why this product is highly recommended by vets and dog owners alike.

The Power of Cranberry

Cranberries are known for their ability to promote urinary tract health in both humans and animals. They contain natural compounds called proanthocyanidins (PACs), which help prevent harmful bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract. By inhibiting bacterial growth, cranberry can significantly reduce the risk of urinary tract infections in dogs.

Unique Features and Additional Ingredients

Zesty Paws Cranberry supplement goes beyond just cranberry extract. It combines the power of cranberries with other beneficial ingredients to provide comprehensive support for your furry friend's bladder health. This unique formula includes wild yam, which helps maintain hormone balance and supports overall urinary system function.

The supplement also contains antioxidants that help combat free radicals, promoting a healthy immune system response. These additional ingredients work synergistically with cranberry extract to provide maximum benefits for your dog's bladder health.

Positive Customer Reviews

Zesty Paws Cranberry supplement has received rave reviews from satisfied customers who have witnessed its effectiveness firsthand. Many dog owners have reported noticeable improvements in their pets' bladder control after incorporating this supplement into their daily routine.

Customers appreciate the high-quality ingredients used by Zesty Paws, as well as the company's commitment to producing safe and effective products for pets. The positive feedback from happy customers further validates the reputation of Zesty Paws Cranberry as one of the best bladder control supplements available for dogs.

Specific Instructions and Considerations

When using the Zesty Paws Cranberry supplement, it's important to follow the recommended dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer. The supplement is available in chewable form, making it easy to administer to your dog.

It's always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new supplements into your dog's diet. They can provide personalized guidance based on your dog's specific needs and health conditions.

Zesty Paws offers convenient ordering options for its products. You can easily find cranberry chews online through various small business brands. Some retailers even offer free delivery or shipping on certain orders, providing added convenience and savings.

To sum up, if you're looking for the best bladder control supplement for your furry friend, consider Zesty Paws Cranberry. Its unique blend of cranberry extract, wild yam, and additional ingredients makes it a powerful choice for supporting bladder health in dogs. With positive customer reviews attesting to its effectiveness and convenient ordering options available, Zesty Paws Cranberry is worth considering for your pet's well-being.

Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement

Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement is a highly effective solution for addressing age-related bladder control issues in senior dogs. This specially formulated supplement is designed to target the underlying causes of incontinence, providing much-needed support and relief for our furry friends.

One of the key factors that set Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement apart from other options on the market is its advanced vet formula. This formula combines a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to promote bladder health and function in dogs. By addressing the root causes of incontinence, this supplement helps improve urinary control and reduce accidents.

The active ingredients found in Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties. For example, Vet Classics Cranberry Extract helps support urinary tract health by preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls. This can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which can often contribute to incontinence.

Another notable ingredient is Proin, which is commonly prescribed by veterinarians to manage urinary incontinence in dogs. Proin works by tightening the muscles around the urethra, helping to prevent urine leakage. By including this ingredient in their formula, Naturvet ensures that their supplement provides effective support for dogs experiencing bladder control issues.

Pet owners who have used Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement have reported significant improvements in their dog's condition. Many have noticed a reduction in accidents and an overall improvement in urinary control. Dogs who were previously struggling with frequent urination or involuntary leakage have experienced relief and regained their confidence.

In addition to its effectiveness as an incontinence support product, Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement offers several other benefits worth mentioning. The supplement comes in easy-to-administer chewable tablets, making it convenient for both pets and owners alike. It also does not require any additional prescription medications or disposable diapers, which can be costly and inconvenient.

Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement stands out as a top choice. Its advanced vet formula, natural ingredients, and proven results make it an excellent option for addressing canine incontinence. With this supplement, pet owners can provide their furry companions with the support they need to regain control of their bladder function and enjoy a better quality of life.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Bladder Control Supplement for Your Dog

After exploring the benefits and top bladder control supplements for dogs in 2023, it's clear that finding the best bladder control supplement for your furry friend is crucial. These supplements can help improve bladder strength, reduce urinary tract infections, and provide relief from incontinence issues.

Consider options like Pupper Canine Bladder / UTI Soft Chew, Bee Pollen Dietary Supplement and Dog Bladder Control, Nutrivet Bladder Control Supplement, Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs, and Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence Supplement. These products have shown promising results in supporting bladder health and promoting better urinary function in dogs.

To ensure you're making an informed decision about the best supplement for your dog's needs, it's important to consider their specific condition, age, and overall health. Consulting with a veterinarian can provide valuable insights into which product may be most suitable for your furry companion.

Remember that every dog is unique, so what works well for one may not work as effectively for another. It's essential to monitor your dog's response to any supplement and make adjustments as needed.

In addition to incorporating a bladder control supplement into your dog's routine, there are other steps you can take to support their overall urinary health. Providing fresh water at all times, maintaining a balanced diet rich in nutrients, and regular exercise to promote muscle tone around the bladder area can all contribute to better urinary function.

Investing in the best bladder control supplement for your dog is an investment in their comfort and well-being. By improving their bladder strength and reducing the risk of urinary tract infections or incontinence issues, you're helping them live a happier and healthier life.

Take action today by researching further on these top-rated supplements mentioned above or consulting with a veterinarian who specializes in canine nutrition. Your furry friend will thank you for it!


How long does it take to see results from bladder control supplements?

The timeframe for seeing results can vary depending on the individual dog and the specific supplement. While some dogs may show improvements within a few weeks, others may require several months of consistent use before noticeable changes occur.

Are bladder control supplements safe for all dogs?

Bladder control supplements are generally safe for most dogs. However, it's important to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new supplement into your dog's routine, especially if they have underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

Can bladder control supplements cure urinary incontinence in dogs?

Bladder control supplements can help manage urinary incontinence symptoms and improve bladder strength, but they may not completely cure the condition. It's best to approach these supplements as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes veterinary guidance and lifestyle adjustments.

Are there any side effects associated with bladder control supplements?

While side effects are rare, some dogs may experience mild gastrointestinal upset or allergic reactions to certain ingredients in bladder control supplements. Monitoring your dog closely when starting a new supplement is recommended, and consulting with a veterinarian if any adverse reactions occur.

Can I give my dog multiple bladder control supplements at once?

It's generally not recommended to give multiple bladder control supplements simultaneously unless specifically advised by a veterinarian. Combining different products without professional guidance can increase the risk of adverse interactions or overdosing on certain ingredients.

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