30 Best Over the Counter ED Pills That Work Fast in 2023

By Amber SmithJun 2, 2023 5:00 AM
Elm and rye performance enhancer


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

If you are looking for the best over the counter ED pills that work fast in 2023 you have come to the correct place. These 30 options are the greatest currently on the market and can help you regain control of your love life with longer-lasting and harder erections.

30 Best Over the Counter Testosterone Boosters That Work Fast in 2023

  1. Elm & Rye Performance Enhancer

  2. Penguin Male Libido

  3. Everest D8 Gummies

  4. Performer 8 

  5. Prime Male Enhance

  6. TestoMax 

  7.  Testogen 

  8. TestRX 

  9. TestoFuel

  10. Barbarian XL

  11. Testodren

  12. Hunter Test

  13. T20 

  14. Testo 911

  15. TestoLab 

  16. GNC Men’s 

  17. UME Ultimate

  18. UMZU 

  19.  1st Phorm 

  20. SNAP Nitric Oxide 

  21. Nutricost 

  22. The Sunny D3

  23. Anthony’s Fenugreek Seeds

  24. Life Extension 

  25. T-DRIVE Supercharge Testosterone and Muscle Gains

  26. Sculpt Nation Testo Boost Max

  27. Roman Testosterone Support Supplements

  28. NOW Foods, TestoJack 300

  29. VirilX Male Booster

  30. Mdrive Prime 

What are some other ways to boost testosterone to help ED fast? 

There are several natural ways to boost testosterone levels, although it is important to note that testosterone levels naturally vary throughout a person's life and are generally highest during adolescence and early adulthood and begin to decline after the age of 30. Here are a few natural ways to boost testosterone levels:

  • Exercise regularly: Resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) have been shown to increase testosterone levels.

  • Get enough sleep: Testosterone levels are highest in the morning, so getting a good night's sleep can help boost testosterone levels.

  • Reduce stress: High levels of stress can lead to low testosterone levels. Try techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to reduce stress.

  • Eat a healthy diet: A diet that is high in protein and healthy fats (such as avocados and olive oil) can help increase testosterone levels.

  • Avoid environmental toxins: Exposure to toxins such as plastics, chemicals, and pesticides can disrupt the endocrine system and lead to lower testosterone levels.

It's worth noting that while these methods may help increase testosterone levels, they are not guaranteed to work for everyone. If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, it is always best to speak with a healthcare professional.

How do some vitamins help with ED fast? 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including physical and psychological issues, and certain medications. There is some evidence to suggest that certain vitamins and supplements may help improve ED. However, it is important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the effectiveness of these treatments and they should not be used as a sole form of treatment for ED.

Here are a few vitamins and supplements that have been studied for their potential to improve ED:

Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to ED. Supplementing with vitamin D may help improve symptoms of ED.


This mineral is important for testosterone production and may help improve ED symptoms in men with low testosterone levels.


This amino acid is converted into nitric oxide in the body, which is important for achieving and maintaining an erection. Some studies have found that taking arginine supplements may help improve ED.

Ginkgo Biloba

This supplement is made from the leaves of the ginkgo tree and has been used for centuries to improve circulation. Some research suggests that it may help improve ED symptoms.

How to Choose the Best Over the Counter ED Pills that Work Fast in 2023

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try to find the best OTC ED pills that work fast. Here are a few things to consider when selecting an OTC ED pill:


The most important factor to consider when choosing an OTC ED pill is its effectiveness. Look for pills that have been clinically tested and shown to be effective in improving erectile function.


Pay attention to the ingredients in the OTC ED pills you are considering. Look for pills that contain natural ingredients, as these are generally safer and have fewer side effects than pills with synthetic ingredients. Some common natural ingredients found in OTC ED pills include horny goat weed, ginseng, and L-arginine.

Side Effects

All medications have the potential to cause side effects, and OTC ED pills are no exception. Be sure to read the label carefully and consider the potential side effects before selecting a pill.


OTC ED pills can vary widely in price, so it's important to consider your budget when selecting a pill. Keep in mind that the most expensive pill isn't necessarily the best, and vice versa.

Ease of Use

Some OTC ED pills require a prescription, while others are available without a prescription. Consider whether you are comfortable discussing your ED with a healthcare provider, and choose a pill that fits your needs.


Research the reputation of the company that manufactures the OTC ED pills you are considering. Look for companies with a good track record of producing high-quality products.

The bottom line is, when selecting an OTC ED pill, it's important to consider its effectiveness, ingredients, side effects, cost, ease of use, and reputation. By taking the time to research the below 30 best over the counter ED pills that work fast in 2023, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

1.     Elm & Rye Performance Enhancer

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

This vitamin should be taken regularly to improve your overall sex performance. L-arginine, ginseng, tongkat ali, muira puama, and other organic compounds improve sex performance in various sections of your body.

This meal contains a sizable amount of the Amazonian muira puama shrub. The root and wood are used to create medicine. Muira puama has traditionally been used to cure a number of illnesses, such as joint discomfort, irregular menstruation, erectile dysfunction, and abnormal sexual behavior.

Tongkat Ali, a herbal supplement made from the roots of the Southeast Asian native green shrub tree Eurycoma longifolia, is a component of our Male Libido tablets.

2.    Penguin Male Libido

Image courtesy Penguin CBD 

This is the best CBD oil for treating erectile dysfunction currently on the market. Penguin CBD takes pleasure in using the highest-quality Oregon hemp to make these delectable delights. These purified broad-spectrum extract gummies have delicious taste options that you will appreciate.

Another benefit of using Penguin CBD candies for erectile dysfunction is that no one will be able to tell what they are because they look like candy.

3. Everest D8 Gummies

Image courtesy Everest

The vegan, non-GMO, and high-quality hemp that is naturally farmed in the USA goes into making Everests' Delta-8 THC gummies. 30 gummies overall, each containing 20mg of Delta 8 THC, are contained in each bottle. available in the flavors of peach, watermelon, and blue raspberry.

4.     Performer 8

Performer 8 is a natural ED fighter that gives you massive advantages over problematic ED symptoms. For example, it empowers users with better sexual energy, more drive, and increased stamina. It also helps you to achieve bigger, more satisfying erections. It doesn’t require a prescription. Plus, it ships with a lifetime guarantee. How does it work? Well, the ‘secret sauce’ can be found in the effective herbal complex formula used to create the product. It uses often unutilized ingredients like Muira Puama, Ashwagandha, and Ferrous Bisglycinate to really amp up your natural male virility.

5.   Prime Male Enhance 

Image courtesy Prime Male

Men over the age of 30 are the intended market for this testosterone supplement. Like the other items on our list, this one is sold over the counter. You ought to boost your T levels with the resources in it.

Lutein is a citrus flavonoid found in the hormone-stimulating supplement Prime Male that aids in blocking the aromatase enzyme. The conversion of testosterone into estrogen by this enzyme is a common problem in overweight men.

  6. Testogen 

Image courtesy Testogen

This booster was created using components that have scientific support to help men with erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues. Consider the numerous online customer reviews for this business, which has been in business since 1999, before making a purchase.

7.     TestoMax 

Image courtesy Crazybulk

This booster is used by many men to help increase muscle for the bodybuilding industry. Due to its all-natural, high-quality ingredients, it was selected for this list of the 30 best over the counter ED pills that work fast in 2023. 

Along with magnesium and other all-natural testosterone-boosting ingredients, this booster includes vitamins K1, B5, and D-aspartic acid among its ingredients.

8.     TestRX 

Image courtesy TestRX

Since 2001, testerol tablets have been available for purchase. Since then, thousands of men worldwide have loved and trusted TestRx's product, and no unfavorable incidents have been documented.

The strongest dosage of this TestRx blend may be beneficial for athletes, bodybuilders, and professional fighters. ZMA, a customized zinc supplement created by TestRx, will help raise testosterone levels generally and is particularly advantageous for people who perform strenuous physical activity or manual labor.

9.     TestoFuel

Image courtesy Testo Fuel

The best ingredients in this testosterone booster will safely raise your T levels. The oyster extract is the component that is most easily recognized. None of the other testosterone boosters from the year contain this component.

Oyster flesh has a long history of being an effective aphrodisiac, which makes it useful in preventing erectile dysfunction, which can happen when T levels fall. You will appreciate knowing that using this vitamin to increase testosterone can increase both your T and libido.

10.     Barbarian XL

Image courtesy Zenith Labs

Boswellia Resin Extract (Frankincense), Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Shilajit, and Korean Red Ginseng are the five all-natural ingredients that make up the cutting-edge supplement Barbaric XL. Together, they improve the body's capacity to perform normally in any circumstance.

These elements, along with numerous vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc, according to the doctor who developed this unique male hormone booster, are said to be responsible for promoting healthy levels of testosterone by enhancing the bioavailability and absorption of the other ingredients.

11.     Testodren

Image courtesy Tesodren

The market has seen testosterone boosters like these before. Due to their longevity, they have to be included in the top over the counter ED pills that work fast in 2023. Although the company has traditionally offered wellness supplements, this particular product was not released until 2021.

12.  Hunter Test

Image Hunter Test

People usually cite this testosterone booster known as Hunter Test as the top quality testosterone booster when searching for the greatest enhancer to use for better sexual health. In order to increase testosterone, you must choose a reliable and potent brand.

13.  T20 

Image courtesy Jaylab Pro

TestoFuel's manufacturers assert that the supplement can aid in improving blood flow, sex drive, energy levels, and endurance as well as in lowering belly fat and waist circumference, improving cardiovascular health, and easing frequent aches and pains.

The product is legitimate because it was made by licensed dietician and strength and conditioning specialist Jayson Hunter. This will reassure clients.

14.  Testo 911

Image courtesy Phytage

To get past their mild to moderate ED symptoms, many men have taken this all-natural testosterone booster. This vitamin will support healthy sexual function and long-lasting erections.

15.  TestoLab 

Image courtesy Testolab

Testo lab Pro T-Booster is a must-try for anyone who exercises and wants to raise their testosterone. It is a secure, moral, and right decision for a man to address his erectile dysfunction with over-the-counter drugs.

16.  GNC Men’s

Image courtesy GNC

A testosterone booster with scientific backing will assist in bringing T levels back to normal. They will give you the components you require for a dietary supplement that will support healthy levels of testosterone and libido and fuel your finest workout performance.

The components in GNC Men's Advanced Testosterone have been scientifically shown to raise T levels for the highest performance.

17.  UME Ultimate Male Extreme

Image courtesy UME

The supplement that will increase blood flow and male function is called Ultimate Male Extreme. The Pure Performance Complex and Ultimate ZMA Matrix are paired to enhance your performance and yield results.

18.  UMZU 

Image courtesy Umzu

Testro-X is a nutritional supplement that can assist you in increasing the capacity of your body to naturally manufacture more testosterone in order to treat erectile dysfunction. When used as directed, most men can experience improved strength, hormonal balance, and other advantages within a few weeks of use.

19.   1ST Phorm 

Image courtesy 1ST Phorm

1st Phone, a leading provider of nutritional supplements, is ranked among the best over the counter ED pills that work fast. This 1st Phorm supplement can increase the body's levels of free testosterone, making it a crucial addition for anyone looking to gain muscle and lose fat for greater health and wellness.

20.  SNAP Nitric Oxide 

Image courtesy SNAP

Daily use of SNAP Nitric Oxide will enhance blood flow, boost your endurance, and enable you to have firmer, more durable erections. This nutritional supplement will help lower your risk of acquiring heart disease, according to the company's website.

21. Nutricost 

Image courtesy Amazon

The purest D-aspartic acid product available right now is this. These easy-to-take capsules are a dietary supplement for men who are ready to take an over the counter ED pill that works fast in 2023. 

22. The Sunny D3

Image courtesy Care/Of

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in hormone and mood regulation, which helps you have less ED episodes and more fulfilling sexual experiences, as was previously described in this article. When used in conjunction with other testosterone-boosting treatments, Care/Of The Sunny D3 will assist you in regaining control so that you can take pleasure in more personal interactions.

23. Anthony’s Fenugreek Seeds

Image courtesy Amazon

Anthony's Organic Fenugreek Seeds have a wide range of uses in both food and cosmetics. They taste incredibly good and have an earthy scent and wonderful golden brown color.

Both he and everyone else will appreciate these. This brand says that they guarantee that whether you use them in cooking or add them whole to your favorite dish, they will taste fantastic!

24. Life Extension 

Image courtesy Walmart

The proper functioning of our bodies depends on the hormone DHEA. Levels of this protein fall as people age, so taking a supplement could help preserve existing hormonal balances (such those pertaining to immunity or mood) or perhaps create new ones (such as increased lean muscle mass for more energy).

25.T-DRIVE Supercharge Testosterone and Muscle Gains

Image courtesy Innosupps

T-Drive includes key components that are known to stimulate healthy testosterone production, increase male vitality in general, and boost vigor in the gym and the bedroom.

26.Sculpt Nation Testo Boost Max

Image courtesy Sculpt Nation 

TestBoost Max is the best dietary supplement for men to sustain normal levels of testosterone. Low test levels can have a disastrous effect on both your physical and mental health, resulting in everything from muscle loss and decreased libido to increased belly fat. Test Boost Max was developed to stimulate your body to produce more naturally occurring testosterone.

27.Roman Testosterone Support Supplements

Image courtesy Roman 

This special mix of five active ingredients is exclusive to this product and is backed by studies that shows improvement in at least one component of male virility. + one crucial element for good health in general.

28.NOW Foods, TestoJack 300

Image courtesy Now Foods

Eurycoma with long leaves Tongkat Ali, Malaysian Ginseng, or Longjack are the three names for this plant that are most commonly used. The root is the part of the tongkat ali plant that traditional herbalists in Southeast Asia like to use. One or two of the naturally occurring bioactive compounds that Tongkat Ali is known to have include eurypeptides and saponins. A non-GMO tongkat ali extract equivalent to 300 milligrams is contained in each NOW® TestoJack 300TM pill.

29.VirilX Male Booster

Image courtesy Dignity Biolabs

This company works hard to provide its customers with secure, all-natural items. Their entire line of dietary supplements is produced in an FDA-registered facility following good manufacturing procedures (GMP). Additionally, each of their products comes with a certificate of analysis attesting to their safety from a reliable outside laboratory.

A doctor should always be consulted before taking any dietary supplements, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions, are pregnant, or are nursing. This brand guarantees the quality of their goods, but it is always a good idea to do so.

30.Mdrive Prime

Image courtesy Mdrive 

Mdrive Prime was created specifically as a starting supplement for guys who want to refocus on their health. This company is aware that it gets simpler as you get older to prioritize your welfare over obligations to your family, job, and other commitments. As a result, they used 4 ingredients to make Prime, which have been scientifically proven to improve sexual health, body fat loss (when used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise), and mental stress reduction. To start feeling better, DHEA and a natural nitric oxide booster are also added.


In conclusion, there are a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) ED pills available that may offer potential benefits for individuals looking to improve sexual function and performance. According to recent statistics, ED affects millions of men worldwide, and the demand for effective and fast-acting ED pills is on the rise. When choosing the best OTC ED pills that work fast, it's important to look for products that are safe, effective, and made by reputable manufacturers. Many OTC ED pills contain natural ingredients such as herbs, amino acids, and vitamins that have been shown to improve sexual function and performance. It's also important to choose OTC ED pills that have been clinically tested and shown to be effective. Many manufacturers offer third-party lab testing and verification to ensure their products are of the highest quality. The best OTC ED pills that work fast may offer potential benefits such as improved erections, increased sexual desire, and enhanced stamina. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider before using OTC ED pills, especially if taking other medications or have underlying health conditions. The best OTC ED pills come in a variety of forms, including capsules, tablets, and gummies, making them convenient and easy to use. Many also offer vegan and gluten-free options to accommodate different dietary needs. Additionally, some OTC ED pills are formulated with other beneficial ingredients, such as L-arginine or ginseng, to provide additional support for sexual function and performance. While OTC ED pills may offer potential benefits, it's important to remember that they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle that supports sexual health, such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management. Overall, the best OTC ED pills that work fast may provide a natural and effective way to improve sexual function and performance. By choosing high-quality products and using them responsibly, individuals may be able to maintain optimal sexual health and improve their quality of life.

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