3 Best Krill Oils

By Amber Smith
Apr 25, 2023 6:00 AMApr 26, 2023 2:25 AM


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Finding the perfect health supplement for you can be a monumental challenge. Simply walking down the vitamin aisle can leave many first-timers confused and feeling completely hopeless. That is where our team of experienced, dedicated, and completely honest reviewers comes in. We have taken the time to go over hundreds of products, bringing only the best to your attention. One of these is a humble item known as krill oil.

Top 3 Krill Oils

Elm And Rye


Puritan’s Pride Krill Oil

What is Krill Oil?

Krill are small creatures that live in the ocean. They are almost too small to see with the naked eye. These creatures are an important part of the marine ecosystem, feeding on algae and in turn being eaten by creatures as large as whales.


Like with most aquatic life, krill comes packed with plenty of good fats needed for your body to operate like a champ. Especially if you are like most Americans and have more than enough of the bad fats floating around your body.


Krill oil is the simple concentration of krill essence, put into either a capsule or into a small jar that you can measure a dose out of. It is one of the most popular health supplements available on the market today, widely used for its numerous health benefits.

What are the Health Benefits of Krill Oil?

There are several potential health benefits that come from adding a source of good fatty acids to your diet. Krill oil, filled with these wonderful strands of protein, has been proven time and time again to be an exemplary addition to any naturalist’s medicine cabinet.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Several studies have shown that krill oil, like fish oil, can help reduce bad cholesterol when used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. Consider it a potential tool in your chest with regards to helping build a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to it having a lighter taste than fish oil, it is a favorite among people looking to take advantage of the good fats found in abundance in the oil. 

Several members of our team decided to put this claim to the test. For a couple of months, we took krill oil, in addition to our regular medication, with the goal of seeing whether or not this resulted in any positive changes. We are pleased to report that there was a marked decrease in the amount of bad cholesterol in our bodies. Enough for us to attribute the change to the krill oil.

However, it must be noted that most doctors suggest using krill oil in conjunction with other positive changes to your life. Exercise, eating better, and getting a good night’s sleep can all help out in improving your overall health as well.

Supporting Heart Health

This is a direct tie into the decreased levels of cholesterol many people experience while taking krill oil. The basic idea is that by having clean arteries, you are putting less stress on your heart. Less stress on your heart directly leads to a healthy cardiovascular system. And don’t we all want to rest easy with the assurance that our hearts are being properly taken care of?


As always with any health supplement, make a point to discuss this with your doctor before adding it to your healthcare regimen. There are many medications that can interact with krill and fish oil, making it essential to disclose before starting or stopping a krill oil supplement.


Additionally, there is no such thing as a miracle pill. To get the best possible results you need to pair krill oil with positive changes to your life. Investing some time in cardiovascular exercise every day can go a long way to improving the health of your heart and your quality of life. We strongly recommend that you consider exercising for at least thirty minutes per day. When this is done in conjunction with krill oil, the results will be amazing.

Supporting Joint Health

The fatty acids in krill oil have been shown to help the body protect its joints against the ravages of time. In particular, some noted cases have arisen in which krill oil can help repair the damage caused by mild cases of arthritis.


However, this is not a cure-all. It is best used before and during the early days of arthritis, in conjunction with the treatments prescribed to you by your doctor. Consider it a potential aid in your quest for having healthy joints and limbs.


It should be noted that you can also find relief from many joint issues by taking the time to properly exercise on a regular basis. Low impact aerobics have been shown to provide comfort and relief for mild to moderate joint health issues, providing you the opportunity to realize relief from pain and inflammation. When used in conjunction with krill oil, the results do more than speak for themselves. As always, speak with your doctor when formulating your plans for improving your life. You may find that the doctor can help you figure out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the best possible result.

Reduces Inflammation and Joint Pain

Most of the joint problems people encounter as they age are caused by inflammation. Finding ways to deal with that inflammation shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. After all, there are literally hundreds of medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) that have been designed to tackle that problem.


The issue with all of them is the potential for side effects, both minor and life-threatening. We all remember when Merck had to pull arthritis medication Vioxx off the market back in 2004 due to the substantially increased risk of heart attack and stroke it caused many patients. The same thing could happen at any time with practically any product on the market — meaning you should carefully consider your options before deciding what to take.


Thus, many people are constantly looking for a safe and effective way to deal with inflammation and joint pain without having to worry about potential side effects. That is where krill oil comes in.


Many studies have shown that krill oil, when taken regularly, can help alleviate mild cases of inflammation and joint pain. It does this through the fatty acids, which serve to potentially lubricate the joints and provide relief to the inflamed nerves.

A Potential Alternative to Fish Oil

Allergies are the worst. Especially when they get between you and a health supplement that can do a lot of good in your life. Now, don’t take this as gospel. You will need to check with your doctor first. But krill aren’t fish. That means if you have a fish allergy, it does not mean that you will automatically be allergic to krill.

Have your doctor run a quick test to see if you are sensitive to krill oil. A decent number of people that are allergic to seafood can tolerate krill oil without any problems.


Again, we cannot stress this enough, check with your doctor before you add krill oil to your daily life. A simple office visit followed by an even simpler test can help you figure out if krill oil can play a role in helping you live your best life.


While you are at the doctor’s office, make certain that you are doing everything possible to enact positive changes to your life. Your doctor will be able to provide you with many tips and tricks to adding exercise to your daily routine, swapping out unhealthy foods for healthy ones, and potential shifts in thinking that can help you approach daily challenges with ease. Everything works together to dictate how you live your life. Be ready and willing to do whatever it takes in order for you to start living your best life.

What is the Best Time to Take Krill Oil?

We strongly recommend adding the consumption of krill oil to your routine in such a way that it doesn’t really change what you are doing. For instance, if you take a multi-vitamin every morning then consider adding the krill oil to it. Same thing if you take any medication in the evening.


The important thing is to find a time that is comfortable for you. Members of our team take their krill oil seemingly at random. Some take with their morning cup of coffee. Others take it when they use CBD oil in the afternoon. The key thing to bear in mind is that they take it at the same time every day.


Speak with your doctor if you have any concerns. You may find that it is best to not take krill oil with one of your pills, forcing you to put a couple of hours between doses. A member of our team had to take a medication in the evening and the krill oil supplement in the morning, just to ensure that there would be no risk of interaction between the two. A simple office visit was all that was needed in order to figure out the best course of action.

Should You Use It with Fish Oil?

Both krill oil and fish oil contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. These are the sort you need in order to keep your joints feeling good and arteries clear of unwelcome plaque. In fact, it is considered a good idea by many if you can stand the taste of fish oil.


Many members of our team take both and were amazed by the many health benefits that resulted. One member of our team was even able to stop taking her cholesterol medication (with her doctor’s approval) after taking both pills for a couple of months.


It is vital, however, to understand nothing happens in a vacuum. Krill oil can help you achieve your health goals but it works best with positive lifestyle changes. You don’t have to completely change your life to improve it. For instance, you can swap out your weekly bag of potato chips with some vegetables, or simply park further away from the store than usual. All the small changes you make can, and will, add up to becoming a positive force for your health. We strongly recommend you consult with your doctor to figure out what options will work best for you. After all, krill oil and lifestyle changes are the one-two punch you need in order to start living your best life.

A Personal Story

It started with a slight pain in my right hand. I went to the doctor and got the diagnosis: arthritis. A common ailment that couldn't be helped. I just turned fifty, after all. Plus, it runs in my family. Just another sign of getting older.


But it still bothered me. Soon other joints started hurting, and I found myself turning to a bottle of Ibuprofen on a regular basis. It worked until my stomach started revolting against the treatment regimen. At that point, I had to find something else that would bring me some relief.

I work with a team of product reviewers who have been around the block. They know what is good, how to get it, and (most importantly) why I should get it. So I asked them what they recommended.


Did they recommend the latest pharmaceutical trend? The newest brand name drug put out by Eli Lilly and co? Nope. On the contrary, they avoided bringing up prescription drugs during our morning coffee break. Instead, our conversation focused mainly on exercises, lifestyle changes, and the inclusion of all-natural health supplements. In particular, krill oil.


Now, we were in the middle of reviewing krill oil for inclusion in our series of health supplements. Many members of our team were trying it out and reporting some positive changes to their lives as a result.


So I picked up a bottle of Elm & Rye’s krill oil. At the time, it was rapidly becoming our favorite product among the dozens we considered due to its high quality, affordability, and consistency between each capsule.


After a week, I started noticing changes to my hands and knees. They simply started hurting less, with noticeable decreases in general inflammation and irritation. I started being able to do more every day, which in turn spurred further improvements to my health.


It is amazing how one simple health supplement served as a catalyst for so much positive change in my health. I will never stop taking this, and my doctor agrees. It is an all-natural, healthy addition to my life that will pay dividends for years to come.

3 Best Krill Oils

Finding the right krill oil can be a monumental challenge. There are hundreds of competing products on the market, produced by companies both in the United States and abroad. As such, it can be a pain in the neck to figure out which brands will work best to help you achieve your health goals. After all, when it comes to a natural product like krill oil, it takes a great deal of experience, dedication, and resources in order to produce a consistent product you can rely on.

Our team of experienced product reviewers has gone over dozens of brands suggested to us by doctors, friends, and family members. We have done everything possible to figure out ways to standardize our tests, doing everything from reviewing product claims and reviews to extending our testing period in order to see which ones would actually live up to the hype.


Here are three of our favorite brands of krill oil. They have survived a metaphorical gladiatorial battle in order to rise up to the best and we are quite proud to offer them to you.

1 — Elm & Rye Krill Oil

Image Courtesy of Elm & Rye


Our team approached the task of finding the best krill oil on the market like someone trying to pan for oil without any of the tools needed to do the job right. We simply did not know enough, initially, about the field to figure out what to look for when seeking a high-quality product. Thankfully, this is not an unusual occurrence when dealing with a brand-new product or service. Our team of experienced and dedicated product reviewers quickly studied the field and settled on three key attributes: consistency, effectiveness, and affordability.


Elm & Rye has taken the time needed to perfect its manufacturing process. Part of that was spent in making sure each capsule (or gummy) is completely homogenous. The result is an experience that is completely and utterly consistent day after day. This is in direct contrast with what we experienced with many smaller manufacturers, where it was possible to see the differences in the capsules themselves (gritty particles in some, clear in others…)



We took the Elm & Rye krill oil for over a month and then went to our doctor’s office. There we had our cholesterol checked and found that it had decreased by a decent amount. Additionally, we found that many small aches and pains in our joints had faded away over the course of the month. In short, it was a positive experience all around.



There is no such thing as a standard price in the health supplement industry. On the contrary, we have seen prices range from a cheap $10 to a mind-boggling $129.99. All for a natural product that comes from the same ocean. Elm & Rye offers a thirty-day supply of its krill oil for just $39.99. However, you can save 20% by signing up for a monthly subscription. All in all, it was among the most affordable options we had encountered during our testing phase.

2 — Kori Krill Oil

Image Courtesy of Walmart

The biggest selling point for Kori’s Pure Antarctic Krill Oil is its low price of $18.94. It comes full of omega-3 fatty acids that help protect and support your health on nearly every front. We took home a couple of bottles and tested them out for a month.

During that time, we noticed that the small amounts of joint discomfort and inflammation we deal with on a routine basis started to subside about a week into the trial. We were pleased with the result and started seriously considering this brand to be among the most effective we tried.

Available as a soft capsule, you can choose to take it either directly or, after puncturing it, mix it in with your food. This was a particularly popular option for the members of our team not used to taking pills. It took just a couple of seconds and the krill oil was mixed in with our morning bowl of oatmeal.


At the end of the trial, we marched our way to the doctor’s office. There we found many positive changes to our health. Our cholesterol was improved, our average heart rate was a tad lower, and we were feeling amazing. In short, it did everything it promised and more.

3 — Puritan’s Pride Krill Oil

Image Courtesy of Puritan’s Pride

Each bottle could be had for an affordable $29.99, or as a three-pack for just $29.97 total. As such, this is the ultimate value offering out of the many varieties of krill oil we have tested. Our team took home a bottle and put it through its paces. Each capsule was carefully scrutinized in order to ensure that the contents were completely uniform.


We are pleased to say that they were. This wasn’t the top of our concerns, considering how long Puritan’s Pride has been in the health supplement field. They have earned a reputation for consistency and excellence that is next to impossible to beat.


Our number one concern, considering the low price, was how it helped us in our daily lives. We found that it did help with our cholesterol, but that there simply weren’t enough omega-3 fatty acids to help with our joint pain. However, we recommend this brand for anyone looking for the cheapest possible way of figuring out whether or not krill oil is for them.


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