29 Best CBD Face Wash in 2023

By Amber SmithAug 1, 2023 4:00 AM
Homemade Face Wash With Penguin CBD Oil


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, CBD has emerged as a prominent ingredient, garnering attention for its potential benefits. CBD-infused products have gained immense popularity, and one area where it has made a significant impact is face washes. This article will show you the 29 best CBD face wash in 2023 so that you can make an educated buying choice today!

From soothing inflammation to promoting a healthy complexion, these products offer a unique blend of CBD's therapeutic properties and effective cleansing. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast or someone seeking natural alternatives, this comprehensive guide will navigate you through the top CBD face washes, ensuring you make an informed decision to elevate your skincare routine in the CBD-infused era.

29 Best CBD Face Wash in 2023

  1. Homemade Face Wash with Penguin CBD Oil

  2. Homemade Face Wash with Everest D8 Oil

  3. Truly CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Facial Serum

  4. The Body Shop CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask

  5. Calm Sexy Hair with CBD

  6. Pur Skin Haze

  7. Perricone MD Soothing Hydrating Eye Cream

  8. No, Thank you A Mask for Night

  9. Mind Naturals Refresh Cleanser

  10. Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer

  11. Josie Maran Skin Dope

  12. Herbivore Emerald CBD Deep Moisture Glow Oil

  13. Happy Dance Whipped Body Butter

  14. Cannabliss Organic Revitalizing Face Serum

  15. Briogeo B Well Soothing Skin and Scalp Oil

  16. Ildi Pekar Tissue Repair Serum

  17. Sweet Earth CBD Hydrating Oil

  18. CBD for Life Face & Body Cleanser

  19. Onyx + Rose Start Fresh

  20. Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser

  21. Hempz CBD Clean Sweep Foaming Facial Cleanser

  22. LeaBlack Beauty Anti Aging Face Serum

  23. Mineral Health Cleanse

  24. Dieux Skin Deliverance Serum

  25. Koi Full Spectrum Balm 

  26. Origins Hello Calm

  27. Indie Lee Brightener Cleanser

  28. Krave Beauty matcha Hemp Hydarting Cleanser

  29. Miss Buds Hemp Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser

CBD face washes provide numerous benefits for the skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps reduce redness and irritation, making it ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin. It also has antibacterial qualities that combat acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, CBD face washes moisturize and hydrate the skin, preventing dryness and promoting a healthy complexion. Its antioxidant properties protect against environmental damage and minimize signs of aging. CBD's soothing effects alleviate skin discomfort, while its ability to balance sebum production helps control oiliness. It's important to consult a skincare professional before using CBD face washes, as individual results may vary.

1.     Homemade Face Wash with Penguin CBD Oil

Making your own homemade face wash with Penguin CBD oil is a great way to keep your skin clean and healthy. This natural, plant-based cleanser will help remove dirt, oil, and other impurities while providing nourishing vitamins and minerals to your skin cells. Plus, the added benefits of Penguin CBD oil can help soothe inflammation and reduce redness for a clearer complexion. 

2.     Homemade Face Wash with Everest D8 Oil

Making and using homemade face wash with Everest D8 oil is an easy way to get the benefits of a natural, plant-based cleanser while also providing nourishing vitamins and minerals to skin cells. The added benefits of Everest D8 oil can help reduce redness and inflammation, leaving your complexion looking clearer and healthier than ever before. 

3.     Truly CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Facial Serum

Truly CBD jelly anti-blemish facial serum is an all-in-one solution for clear and healthy skin. This powerful yet gentle formula helps reduce blemishes, even out complexion, and reduce inflammation. Truly CBD jelly is packed with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that help your skin look its best. 

4.     The Body Shop CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask

The CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask from The Body Shop offers a distinctive pore-purifying experience. This remarkable product combines kaolin clay with a delightful gel-to-milk texture, providing a soothing sensation during its five-minute application. Enriched with squalane and vitamin E, it effectively moisturizes dry skin, leaving it noticeably hydrated once rinsed off.

5.     Calm Sexy Hair with CBD

As a noteworthy addition to Sexy Hair's Calm collection, the Wetfix & Chill All-Style Dry Creme incorporates CBD for an extra touch of luxury. This cream, infused with hemp flower, not only deserves recognition for its clever name but also for its remarkable benefits in your hair-care routine. It excels in improving the heat-styling process by effectively working with and protecting your hair up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, thanks to the nourishing properties of avocado and macadamia oils, it also enhances your air-drying days, leaving your hair looking and feeling fabulous.

6.     Pur Skin Haze

Pur Skin Haze's CBD-Infused Toner is specially formulated to help balance your skin's natural pH and reduce the appearance of pores. This unique combination of ingredients contains soothing aloe vera, regulating witch hazel, and calming chamomile extracts that will leave your complexion looking refreshed and hydrated. 

7.     Perricone MD Soothing Hydrating Eye Cream

Like many eye creams on the market, the Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Soothing & Hydrating Eye Cream offers the potential to reduce the appearance of fine lines while providing firming and moisturizing benefits. However, its primary focus lies in addressing the needs of individuals with sensitive skin around the eyes by alleviating and preventing irritation. Alongside CBD, this cream harnesses the soothing power of vitamin E, bisabolol, and calendula to effectively fulfill this gentle yet essential task.

8.     No, Thank you A Mask for Night

As a nightly ritual, No, Thank You's A Mask for Night-time is the perfect way to end your day with a bit of CBD. Enriched with shea butter and rosehip oil, this mask hydrates and soothes skin while you sleep. 

9.     Mind Naturals Refresh Cleanser

Mind Naturals Refresh Cleanser is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients and CBD, making it perfect for those looking to cleanse their skin without harsh chemicals. This gentle cleanser uses aloe vera, jojoba oil, chamomile extract, and other botanical extracts to soothe inflammation while removing dirt and oils from the surface of your skin. 

10.  Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer

In contrast to numerous beauty brands that have incorporated CBD into their product offerings as a trend, Lord Jones has consistently been dedicated to CBD-infused formulations. Moreover, the brand demonstrates remarkable expertise in the realm of skincare, exemplified by the Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer. This product specifically aims to reinforce the skin's moisture barrier through the inclusion of ceramides, which have a proven track record in doing so. With the added benefits of hyaluronic acid and sugar-derived squalane, this moisturizer ensures a content and well-hydrated complexion.

11.  Josie Maran Skin Dope

Within the Skin Dope range, Josie Maran presents a selection of CBD-infused skincare products, among which the Organic Glow Oil stands out as particularly captivating. This oil grabs attention due to its unique composition—50 percent hemp seed oil and 50 percent argan oil, which has been a cornerstone of Josie Maran's successful brand. By harnessing the exceptional moisturizing properties of argan oil and the rich omega fatty acids abundant in hemp oil, this product promises to bestow a resilient and radiant complexion from the very first use.

12.  Herbivore Emerald CBD Deep Moisture Glow Oil

Herbivore is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned brands in the world of CBD skincare. Within its extensive product list lies the Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil, an exquisitely crafted elixir that promises to reinvigorate your complexion with exceptional results. Boasting anti-inflammatory properties and notable concentrations of omega fatty acids, this oil provides the ideal environment for your skin to thrive in. 

13.  Happy Dance Whipped Body Butter

Happy Dance's Whipped Body Butter is an exquisite treat for your skin, thanks to its incredibly dreamy texture that will leave it feeling soft and nourished. This luxurious body butter combines shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax with the reparative properties of CBD to bring you a truly unique product. 

14.  Cannabliss Organic Revitalizing Face Serum

The Revitalizing Face Serum by Cannabliss combines the rejuvenating benefits of hemp-derived CBD with a carefully curated selection of other efficacious ingredients. Alongside the revitalizing CBD, this serum features brightening vitamin C and licorice, moisturizing glycerin, and a fermented variant of the potent antioxidant resveratrol. This thoughtful formulation aims to soothe and energize the skin, ensuring a calm and radiant complexion.

15.  Briogeo B Well Soothing Skin and Scalp Oil

Briogeo's B.Well Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil offers a remarkable calming effect on the skin, particularly on the scalp, that you'll find yourself wanting to extend its benefits to the rest of your body. The combination of arnica and tamanu seed oils, working in harmony with CBD, helps combat inflammation effectively. Whether applied at the roots of your hair, on your face, or on your elbows, this versatile oil provides substantial moisturization, leaving your skin deeply hydrated.

16.  Ildi Pekar Tissue Repair Serum

This remarkable serum combines the benefits of CBD with the hydrating prowess of hyaluronic acid, as well as the skin-rejuvenating properties of vitamins C and B3. Complementing these key ingredients, the Tissue Repair Serum features a thoughtfully selected array of additional elements, including probiotics and natural extracts like bilberry and organic orange, to create a simple yet effective formulation.

17.  Sweet Earth CBD Hydrating Oil

The Sweet Earth CBD Hydrating Oil is a remarkable multitasking product, designed to nourish your skin with an entirely all-natural composition. This oil features a blend of organic jojoba, hemp seed, and avocado oils that work together to soothe irritations and protect the skin from environmental stressors. Combined with the reparative properties of full-spectrum hemp extract, this oil promises to soften and restore your skin's natural glow. 

18.  CBD for Life Face & Body Cleanser

CBD for Life offers the perfect solution for those looking to cleanse their skin without subjecting it to harsh chemicals. The Face & Body Cleanser utilizes a blend of natural ingredients, including aloe vera, jojoba oil, and chamomile extract, combined with full-spectrum hemp extract to provide gentle yet effective cleansing. This product also works to soothe inflammation and help your skin retain its natural moisture. 

19.  Onyx + Rose Start Fresh

Beautiful skin begins with proper cleansing, and that's exactly what Start Fresh offers. This facial cleanser provides a luxurious lather that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. What sets it apart is its eco-friendly exfoliating beads, which gently remove impurities and dead skin cells, promoting a smoother complexion. The formula is thoughtfully crafted to nourish the skin without stripping away its natural moisture, making it suitable for daily use. Infused with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, Start Fresh combines the benefits of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC to potentially enhance the overall wellness of the skin.

20.  Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser

Perricone MD's Gentle Cleanser offers a unique combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that help to soothe and protect the skin. This cleanser is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, as it works to eliminate impurities without causing irritation or tightness. 

21.  Hempz CBD Clean Sweep Foaming Facial Cleanser

Achieve a refreshing cleanse both morning and night with this gentle foaming cleanser. Formulated with nourishing hemp seed oil and infused with up to 120 MG of CBD, it works to soften and moisturize the skin effectively. The convenient pump bottle ensures easy and mess-free dispensing, making it a convenient addition to your skincare routine.

22.  LeaBlack Beauty Anti Aging Face Serum

LeaBlack Beauty's Anti Aging Face Serum is a luxurious blend of natural oils and extracts, infused with CBD to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The combination of rosehip seed oil, squalene, and licorice root extract helps to plump up the skin while offering superior hydration for long-lasting comfort. 

23.  Mineral Health Cleanse

Incorporating the power of whole-plant hemp, this antioxidant-rich cleanser is designed to deliver a thorough and effective cleanse. Infused with CBD, CBC, and CBG, it offers a range of beneficial compounds to the skin. With its low-foaming formula, this cleanser gently purifies the skin, leaving it feeling comforted and revitalized. Alongside its cleansing properties, it also features mood-improving botanicals, enhancing the overall skincare experience.

24.  Dieux Skin Deliverance Serum

This fast-absorbing serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, thanks to its unique formula of powerful ingredients. It features a variety of oils and extracts, including CBD, lavender, chamomile, and blue tansy that help restore balance and clarity to the skin. 

25.  Koi Full Spectrum Balm 

Packed with a superior concentration of 3000 mg and a comprehensive array of terpenes and valuable compounds naturally found in hemp, this balm offers an entourage effect that can be felt. Combining these benefits with a blend of over a dozen natural oils, this deep relief formulation provides swift comfort to tired muscles and joints, while also providing long-lasting moisturization to soften dry and rough skin. 

26.  Origins Hello Calm

Origins has created a unique mask that works to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin, thanks to its blend of natural ingredients. Its star ingredient is full-spectrum CBD, combined with rose water and hyaluronic acid to provide long-lasting moisture. 

27.  Indie Lee Brightener Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is the perfect start to any skincare routine. Formulated with full-spectrum hemp extract, it helps to reduce inflammation and redness while also brightening the complexion with its blend of natural ingredients. The addition of papaya fruit enzymes gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving behind a more vibrant-looking complexion. 

28.  Krave Beauty matcha Hemp Hydarting Cleanser

Krave Beauty has created a cleanser that helps to remove impurities while providing intense hydration to the skin. Organic matcha green tea, hemp seed oil, and cucumber extract work together to leave behind a fresh and clean feeling without stripping away vital moisture. 

29.  Miss Buds Hemp Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser

This exceptional cleanser creates an instant foaming action enriched with Saponin, a naturally occurring compound found in tropical regions. The luxurious foam delicately eliminates dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin without causing dryness. Experience a gentle and effective cleansing experience with Miss Buds Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser, harnessing the nourishing power of Hemp seed oil.

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