25 Best Supplements for Depression in 2024

By Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2024 4:00 AMJan 11, 2024 6:00 PM
Penguin CBD oil


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This article contains affiliate links. This review represents the independent opinions of the author. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These product are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. These statements are not intended as general medical advice. This product is not a replacement for prescription medication. Please consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

Depression is a common mental disorder that can cause feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities. It can be very debilitating and interfere with daily life. While there are many different treatment options available for depression, some people may prefer to use supplements as a way to manage their symptoms. In this article, we will discuss the 25 best supplements for depression.

25 Best Supplements for Depression

  1. Penguin CBD Oil

  2. Elm Magnesium

  3. Everest Gummies

  4. Vitals Brand Herbal Remedy For Depression

  5. Centrum Calm & Reset, Gummies, Cherry

  6. Now Foods Mood Support with St John's Wort

  7. Hum Nutrition Big Chill - Stress Management Supplement

  8. Life Seasons Anxie-T Stress Support, Capsules

  9. Les Labs Mood Boost, Anxiety Relief Supplement

  10. Natrol Stress & Anxiety Formula, Mood & Stress

  11. Complete Natural Products Anti Anxiety & Calming Superfood Powder

  12. Garden of Life MyKind Organics, Ashwagandha

  13. Bluebonnet Stress B-Complex

  14. Nature Made B-Complex, Stress, Tablets

  15. Nature's Bounty Anxiety & Stress Relief,

  16. Natural Factors Stress-Relax Suntheanine L-Theanine

  17. Protazen Mood Support 

  18. The Nue Co. MOOD, 30 Capsules.

  19. Natural Vitality Natural Calm

  20. Solaray SharpMind Mood - 30 VegCaps

  21. Pure Synergy - D3 + K2 Complex

  22. Gaia Herbs Emotional Balance

  23. Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer

  24. Olly Daily Energy, Gummies, Tropical Passion

  25. Nature Life Labs Ashwagandha 

The signs that you're depressed can vary, but some common symptoms include feeling sad or hopeless, having a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, experiencing changes in your appetite or weight, having problems with sleeping, and feeling excessively tired. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to talk to a doctor about your mental health.

What kind of supplements are good for depression?

There are many different types of supplements that may help with depression, including certain vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies. Some of the most commonly recommended supplements for depression include omega-3 fatty acids, St. John's wort, 5-HTP, SAMe, and magnesium. 

These supplements can be taken either alone or in combination with other treatments for depression, such as therapy and medication. If you are considering using supplements to help with your depression, it is important to talk to a doctor or healthcare provider first so that they can help you determine which ones might be right for you and how much of each supplement you should take. 

Some supplements may also interact with other medications that you are taking, so it is important to be aware of any potential interactions and to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Whether you choose to use supplements or other forms of treatment for depression, it is important to remember that mental health is a serious issue that should always be taken seriously. If you are struggling with depression, get help as soon as possible so that you can start feeling better and reclaiming your happiness.

1.     Penguin CBD Oil

Image courtesy Penguin CBD 

Looking for a CBD oil that can help you feel your best? Our Oregon-grown hemp oil is perfect for just that. Each batch is made with a broad-spectrum extract and refined for maximum potency. And to make things even better, we offer it in five delicious flavors: mint, citrus, natural, strawberry and cookies & cream.

At our store, you can buy CBD oil in either four strengths--250mg, 600mg, 1,000mg or 2,500mg--or five exciting flavors: mint, citrus strawberry cookies & cream or natural. Plus, it's always made to order so when you purchase from us freshness is guaranteed.

2.     Elm Magnesium

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

Elm and Rye's magnesium supplement is a daily pill containing magnesium, an essential mineral involved in many biochemical processes. Some of these 300+ reactions include crucial functions such as cell division, energy production, protein synthesis, and muscle contraction.

Magnesium is essential for human health, playing a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. This mineral helps to maintain normal blood pressure and supports heart and bone health.

Magnesium is essential for the formation of healthy bones. Not only does magnesium strengthens bones directly, but it also regulates calcium and vitamin D levels - two other nutrients that are essential for bone health.

3.     Everest Gummies

Image courtesy Everest 

Everest Gummies are delicious, full-spectrum CBD gummies that provide all the benefits of CBD in an easily digestible form. With 25mg of CBD per gummy, they are perfect for people who want to get the most out of their CBD supplements. The natural cannabidiol in each gummy is extracted from organically grown hemp and contains 5mg of THC, so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any major psychoactive effects.

4.     Vitals Brand Herbal Remedy For Depression

Image courtesy Vitals 

Our High Potency 5-HTP Depression Relief Supplement is the best on the market. It's formulated and manufactured in a unique way to capture the full spectrum of 5-HTP depression relieving benefits. This advanced mood, sleep, and brain boosting supplement contains 200mg of pure 5-HTP with extra 328mg of Calcium per serving to enhance deeper and longer sleep, and promote greater tranquility and calmness. Recommended By 200+ Experts In The USA.

5.     Centrum Calm & Reset, Gummies, Cherry

Image courtesy Centrum 

These Centrum Calm & Reset adult gummies help you feel more relaxed so that you're better prepared for the day ahead. They contain clinically studied organic KSM-66 ashwagandha, which is a natural adaptogen to gently reduce stress. Additionally, these calm supplement gummies also have vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 to support normal brain and nervous system function.

Centrum Calm & Reset relaxation gummies are an easy and convenient way to take your ashwagandha supplement. These vegetarian stress gummies are made in a GMP facility with no gluten, dairy, soy or nuts. With over 40 years of nutritional science expertise behind it, Centrum Calm & Reset is part of a new line of vitamins from Centrum purposefully crafted to support your mind and body

6.     Now Foods Mood Support with St John's Wort

Image courtesy Now Foods 

Looking for a natural way to support your mood and help relieve occasional stress? Now Foods Mood Support is a powerful herbal supplement that uses St. John's wort, an herb that has been traditionally used as a mood-boosting remedy. Our formula also contains B vitamins, magnesium, and folic acid to help you feel calm and energized, and it's free from common allergens like gluten and dairy.

If you're looking for a natural way to support your mood, look no further than Now Foods Mood Support with St. John's wort. This powerful herbal supplement is designed to help relieve occasional stress and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. 

7.     Hum Nutrition Big Chill - Stress Management Supplement

Image courtesy Hum Nutrition 

Rhodiola rosea root extract, which has been shown to reduce stress in clinical trials, is a great way to naturally balance out stress levels and promote relaxation. This daily supplement helps you think more clearly through the stressors of everyday life.

8.     Life Seasons Anxie-T Stress Support, Capsules

Image courtesy Life Seasons 

Anxie-T not only soothes the body but also the mind by nourishing the nervous system. It rundown of benefits include reducing common symptoms of stress such as muscle tension, fearfulness, and sleep problems.

9.     Les Labs Mood Boost, Anxiety Relief Supplement

Image courtesy Les Labs 

If you're looking for a natural remedy to relieve mild symptoms of stress and anxiety, Mood Boost from Les Labs may be the perfect supplement for you. This powerful herbal blend uses a combination of herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, and holy basil to promote feelings of calmness and balance. And because it's made with all-natural ingredients, you can trust that it's safe to use every day without worrying about side effects.

10.  Natrol Stress & Anxiety Formula, Mood & Stress

Image courtesy Natrol 

MoodBoost is a dietary supplement designed to help reduce stress and anxiety. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain amino acids and herbs that have been shown to improve mood and relieve anxiety.

11.  Complete Natural Products Anti Anxiety & Calming Superfood Powder

Image courtesy Complete Natural Products 

A patented formula that experimentally and clinically has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, promote relaxation, enhance mental focus and clarity, and support positive mood.

Natrol SAF is an advanced dietary supplement that has been specifically formulated to ease day-to-day stress and provide relief from "mental fog". Don't let the negative effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue and other mood related issues bring you down. The Stress-Anxiety Formula can help you feel calmer by combating stress and anxiety throughout the day. Try out this vitamin approach for yourself today with Natrol SAF!

12.  Garden of Life MyKind Organics, Ashwagandha

Image courtesy Garden of Life 

If you are struggling with anxiety, our Green Anti Anxiety Superfood Powder Blend is here to help. This top-of-the-line blend of high fiber, antioxidant foods goes beyond the bitter taste of organic grasses, seaweeds, algae, fruits and vegetables to provide relief from anxiety symptoms.

Anti anxiety medications often do more harm than good, but this base blend is a natural and gentle remedy that will help to calm your nerves and ease your anxiety. Made with only the best ingredients, this organic food-based remedy is packed full of calming herbs, vitamins, and minerals that will help to get your body back in balance.

13.  Bluebonnet Stress B-Complex

Image courtesy Bluebonnet 

With Vitamin C Bluebonnet's Stress B-Complex with Vitamin C is a comprehensive, low-sugar and gluten-free formula that provides 1,000 mg of buffered vitamin C. Other ingredients include thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (B2) niacinamide (B3), pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

If you are looking for a high-quality supplement to support your mental clarity and reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety, look no further than Bluebonnet Stress B-Complex. This formula is packed with essential B vitamins that are vital for proper brain function, and it is also free of gluten and added sugars. So if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, try taking a daily dose of Stress B-Complex to help keep your mind clear and your mood balanced.​

14.  Nature Made B-Complex, Stress, Tablets

Image courtesy Nature Made 

The Nature Made Stress B-Complex Supplement uses eight different B vitamins to aid in converting food into cellular energy, keeping you uplifted throughout the day. Vitamin C and zinc also provide fuel for a healthy and robust immune system to protect against illness. This supplement contains no artificial flavors or added colors and is gluten-free. The 75-count bottle features a flip-top lid for easy dispensing.

15.  Nature's Bounty Anxiety & Stress Relief

Image courtesy Nature’s Bounty 

Introducing Nature's Bounty's new Anxiety and Stress Relief tablets. With the use of a clinically studied ingredient known as Ashwagandha KSM-66, we've developed a formula that helps support a healthy response to occasional stress and anxiety.

16.  Natural Factors Stress-Relax Suntheanine L-Theanine

Image courtesy Natural Factors 

This product, Suntheanine, contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been found to provide mental calmness and relaxation. It is produced with a proprietary enzymatic process for essentially pure L-Theanism. The chewable tablet is also fruit flavored! In addition, Natural Factors' priority is enhancing people's health; they offer more than 300 different formulas available exclusively at natural health stores.

17.  Protazen Mood Support 

Image courtesy Protazen 

Protazen mood support is the best supplement on the market to help you take control of your emotions and eliminate stress and anxiety. This powerful, all-natural formula contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and natural herbs that work together to calm your nerves, balance your hormones, and improve your overall emotional well-being.

18.  The Nue Co. MOOD, 30 Capsules

Image courtesy The Nue Co.

When feeling stressed or low, you might be experiencing vitamin deficiencies. MOOD is formulated with all the key nutrients needed to support good mental wellbeing, including vitamin D, essential B vitamins, and Ayurvedic ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to decrease stress levels by 62.2%. Like a multivitamin for your mood, it reduces cortisol (stress) in the body while stabilizing your overall mental wellbeing.

19.  Natural Vitality Natural Calm

Image courtesy Natural Vitality 

At Natural Vitality, we pride ourselves on providing products that are not only effective but also great-tasting. Our Calmmagnesium gummies are no exception! They promote healthy magnesium levels and help balance calcium so you and your family can feel relaxed and calm. Made with the same easily-absorbable magnesium found in our best-sellingNatural Vitalitys Calm, they're perfect for the whole family - adults and kids alike. So whether you're at home or on the go, reach for a bottle of Natural Vitality's Gummies to help promoting a sense of calm throughout your day.

20.  Solaray SharpMind Mood - 30 VegCaps

Image courtesy Solaray 

Solaray SharpMind Mood is a dietary supplement designed to provide nutritional support for the neurotransmitter system, mood and mental health. In addition to B-vitamins, this product contains L-Tyrosine, which helps the body produce dopamine and norepinephrine, chemicals that help stimulate memory, attention span and mental energy. 

21.  Pure Synergy - D3 + K2 Complex

Image courtesy Pure Synergy 

Pure Synergy D3 + K2 Complex 60 V-TabsD3 + K2 features vitamin D3 derived from algae, combined with plant-based MK-7 form of K2 (from fermented natto) and fermentedK1. It also includes organic whole foods like immune-supporting shiitake mushrooms, vitamin C rich camu camu berry and nourishing green vegetables and sprouts. Pure Synergy's vegan Vitamin D3 is extracted from algae grown in indoor tanks that are sealed to prevent contamination.

22.  Gaia Herbs Emotional Balance

Image courtesy Gaia

We all know how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy emotional state. Emotional Balance is here to help. This award-winning formula supports mood health and a positive outlook with a blend of herbs traditionally used to help the body cope with daily stress.

23.  Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer

Image courtesy Jarrow Formulas 

This dietary supplement offers support for protein synthesis and motor activation, helping your body to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. The full spectrum anabolic amino formula provides the key building blocks needed for muscle growth, recovery and repair.

24.  Olly Daily Energy, Gummies, Tropical Passion

Image courtesy Olly 

Daily Energy Gummies from Olly make an excellent daily vitamin for anyone looking to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day. This vegetarian-friendly dietary supplement is created with a blend of B vitamins, along with Siberian ginseng and eleuthero root extracts that work together to promote mental alertness, stamina, and physical endurance.

25.  Nature Life Labs Ashwagandha 

Image courtesy Nature Life Labs 

NaturaLife Labs' 100% organic Ashwagandha root powder and extract comes with black pepper extract to promote absorption, is gentle on your stomach, and helps the body cope with stress. With 2100 MG per serving of vegan capsules, it's one of the most potent available.

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