23 Best CBD Tattoo Aftercare in 2023

By Amber SmithJul 23, 2023 1:00 PM
Penguin CBD Cream


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

Introducing the 23 best CBD tattoo aftercare products of 2023, this revolutionary collection combines CBD-infused formulations with natural ingredients for accelerated healing, nourishment, and protection. Pain and inflammation are reduced, while skin health is enhanced. With options for every preference, these products meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. Experience the groundbreaking benefits of CBD-infused tattoo aftercare, elevating your healing journey and preserving your cherished ink.

23 Best CBD Tattoo Aftercare in 2023 

  1. Penguin CBD Cream

  2. Elm & Rye Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  3. Everest D8 Oil 

  4. Aspen Green Relief Cream 

  5. Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream 

  6. Medterra Manuka Honey Healing Cream

  7. Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm Stick 

  8. Go Green Hemp CBD Stick

  9. Naternal Rescue CBD Cream 

  10. Calm by Wellness Lavender CBD Lotion 

  11. cbdMD Recovery Tub 

  12. Joy Organics CBD Salve

  13. Cornbread Hemp Lotion

  14. Wellcare Botanicals Hemp Lotion 

  15. Koi Full Spectrum Balm 

  16. Earthly Body CBD Cream 

  17. Onyx + Rose Bliss Balm 

  18. Zen Relief Hemp Balm 

  19. Herba Mana Inner Warrior Hemp Cream 

  20. Equilibria Relief Balm 

  21. Weston Apothecary Hemp Lotion 

  22. Maha CBD CBD Balm 

  23. Papa & Barkley Full Spectrum Releaf Balm 

CBD cream, also known as CBD topical, is a type of product infused with cannabidiol (CBD) that is designed to be applied directly to the skin. It typically contains CBD extract derived from hemp plants and is combined with other ingredients like carrier oils, moisturizers, and sometimes additional herbal extracts.

When used for tattoo aftercare, CBD cream is believed to provide several potential benefits. Here are some ways it may help:

  • Pain relief: CBD has been reported to have analgesic properties, which means it may help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with getting a tattoo. Applying CBD cream to the tattooed area may provide a localized soothing effect and reduce sensations of pain.

  • Inflammation reduction: Tattooing can cause inflammation in the skin due to the body's immune response. CBD has shown potential anti-inflammatory properties, and applying CBD cream could help reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation around the tattooed area.

  • Skin healing: CBD may aid in the skin's healing process. It has been suggested to promote cell regeneration and collagen production, which are crucial for the recovery of the tattooed skin. By applying CBD cream, you may potentially support the healing and rejuvenation of the tattooed area.

  • Moisturization: Many CBD creams contain moisturizing ingredients that can help keep the skin hydrated. Properly moisturized skin is essential for optimal healing and the prevention of dryness or scabbing, which can affect the appearance of the tattoo.

It's important to note that while there is anecdotal evidence and some preliminary studies suggesting the potential benefits of CBD for tattoo aftercare, more research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness and specific mechanisms of action. Additionally, individual results may vary, and it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a tattoo artist experienced in CBD usage before incorporating CBD cream into your tattoo aftercare routine.

1. Penguin CBD Cream

Penguin CBD Cream for tattoo aftercare is a luxurious cream that boasts a silky smooth texture and a cooling sensation upon application. The terpene rich formula it encompasses is carefully crafted for rapid absorption. Consistently praised by its loyal customers, the cream exudes a delightful fragrance that combines the refreshing notes of peppermint with the soothing essence of lavender.

2. Elm & Rye Full Spectrum CBD Oil

At Elm & Rye, their commitment lies in providing individuals with the finest CBD products available, derived from the cultivation and harvesting of robust hemp plants using entirely organic methods. By avoiding the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, they ensure that their customers can indulge in a sense of tranquility, knowing they are choosing a pure, natural, and superior product. Embark on your journey toward a healthier self today by exploring Elm & Rye's offerings.

3. Everest D8 Oil 

Everest D8 Oil presents their collection of Delta-8 THC oils, offering potent concentrations of 1,000mg, specifically designed to aid in tattoo aftercare. Crafted with high-grade and naturally grown hemp, these oils possess qualities that can support the healing process. Infused with a refreshing mint flavor, they provide a pleasant experience during application. Everest D8 Oil takes pride in offering a vegan-friendly and non-GMO product, ensuring that their oils cater to diverse dietary preferences and ethical considerations. Manufactured in the USA, this brand showcases its commitment to quality and supporting local industries, making it an ideal choice for tattoo aftercare needs.

4.      Aspen Green Relief Cream 

For tattoo aftercare, Aspen Green Relief lotion proves to be a highly moisturizing and non-greasy CBD product. It provides swift relief for sore muscles and joints, making it an ideal choice for post-tattoo discomfort. This effective formula combines aloe vera, menthol crystals, and other anti-inflammatory components with 500 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, enhancing its pain-relieving properties. 

The potent mixture not only alleviates discomfort but also deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. As you apply Aspen Green Relief Cream, it effortlessly absorbs into the skin, leaving no oily residue behind. Additionally, the lotion's alluring scent, crafted through a special blend of all-natural elements, enlivens the senses, creating a refreshing and awakening experience.

5.     Charlotte’s Web CBD Cream 

Charlotte's Web CBD Cream is a skillfully crafted body cream infused with hemp to hydrate and revitalize the skin. With a potent blend of Charlotte's Web hemp extract, vitamin B5, aloe, coconut oil, arnica, and shea butter, this cream elevates the appearance of healthy skin. Each 2.5 fl oz bottle contains an impressive 750mg of CBD, delivering a powerful dose of this beneficial ingredient. 

Experience the calming benefits of Charlotte's Web's trusted hemp extract combined with carefully selected botanicals, as they bring the best of nature to your skin through their soothing balm and cream formulations.

6.     Medterra Manuka Honey Healing Cream

Medterra's CBD + Manuka Cream is a powerful blend of CBD and New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 12+, carefully crafted for tattoo aftercare. This incredible cream supports, nourishes, and provides a soothing effect on the skin, in harmony with the natural environment. It comes in two CBD strengths: 125mg and 250mg, allowing for easy customization based on individual needs. 

With its versatility and compatibility for various skincare treatments, this cream seamlessly integrates into your regular routine. Medterra's dedication to harnessing the best of nature is evident in their CBD + Manuka Cream, promoting skin health and overall well-being with its potent combination of ingredients.

7.     Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm Stick

Lazarus Naturals' CBD Balm Stick is a portable and practical solution for tattoo aftercare. With 50mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per stick, it provides targeted relief to small areas. The all-natural formula, enriched with coconut oil, beeswax, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Its convenient size allows for quick and easy application, making it an excellent addition to any skincare routine.

8.     Go Green Hemp CBD Stick

GoGreen Hemp presents the GoGreen Hemp CBD Stick, a potent and practical option containing 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD oil. With a focus on preserving CBD oil in its purest form, this stick is meticulously crafted using only three organic ingredients. The convenient stick design allows for a tidy application, enhancing its overall effectiveness and usability.

9.     Naternal Rescue CBD Cream

Naternal Rescue CBD Cream is a nourishing and luxuriously creamy solution designed to soothe inflamed skin. With a concentrated dose of 500mg full-spectrum hemp extract, this cream offers a high therapeutic potency, making it a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Packed with healthy natural ingredients like rosehip oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, it provides the ideal blend of hydration and nourishment for improved skin appearance. 

10.     Calm by Wellness Lavender CBD Lotion 

Peace and Health Lavender CBD Lotion was meticulously crafted to provide ultimate moisture to dry and sensitive skin. Enriched with a luxurious blend of organic ingredients, this lotion boasts 200mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, effectively sealing in moisture and alleviating irritation. It goes beyond mere skincare, as the inclusion of therapeutic lavender essential oil helps soothe both the body and soul by relieving tension. With its non-greasy formula and quick absorption, this lotion offers all-day hydration without leaving any residue. 

11.     cbdMD Recovery Tub 

Experience relief from joint and muscle stiffness with "Recover," a powerful CBD cream enriched with soothing herbal ingredients. Our premium broad spectrum hemp extract provides the calming benefits of CBD, while histamine dihydrochloride offers temporary relief from minor aches and pains. This pain relief cream is specifically designed to provide optimal care wherever and whenever you need it, thanks to the inclusion of arnica, aloe vera, MSM, and a blend of essential oils.

12.  Joy Organics CBD Salve

Experience the powerful benefits of Joy Organics CBD Salve, a potent blend of natural ingredients that effectively reduces skin irritability, joint discomfort, and muscle aches. Infused with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, along with nourishing beeswax, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, and lavender essential oil, this salve provides long-lasting relief and hydration. Its non-greasy formula swiftly penetrates the skin, inducing relaxation without any sticky residue.

13.  Cornbread Hemp Lotion

Cornbread Hemp presents their organic lotion, a multi-functional product designed to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin. Each bottle contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, providing instant relief and helping restore balance. With its ability to preserve skin moisture, this lotion offers long-lasting hydration. Enriched with skin-friendly emollients such as sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and olive oil, it deeply nourishes the skin. Furthermore, its soothing herbal fragrance promotes relaxation of both the body and mind.

14.  Wellcare Botanicals Hemp Lotion 

WellCare Botanicals Hemp Lotion offers an excellent option for tattoo aftercare. Its creamy and lightweight formula effortlessly absorbs into the skin, leaving no greasy or sticky residue. Enriched with nourishing aloe vera and coconut oil, it preserves and nourishes the skin while providing a soothing sensation. The addition of black pepper oil brings quick warmth and comfort. 

Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this remarkable formulation. The lotion acts swiftly, providing long-lasting comfort and relief. With natural ingredients and botanical extracts, both efficacy and safety are ensured. 

15.  Koi Full Spectrum Balm

For targeted relief of small areas, Koi CBD Full Spectrum Balm is the ultimate solution. Infused with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, this luxurious balm effectively reduces pain and inflammation. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and menthol, it hydrates and soothes the skin. With its calming herbal scent, it becomes a perfect addition to any beauty routine, promoting relaxation of both the body and mind. 

16.  Earthly Body CBD Cream 

Earthly Body's Intensive Cream, a best-selling CBD Cream, is renowned for its rapid pain relief properties. Crafted with high-potency, 100% natural ingredients, this remarkable cream ensures maximum effectiveness. Lavender oil and shea butter not only contribute to its thick and creamy texture, which naturally alleviates pain, but also keep the skin hydrated and supple. 

Since its introduction in 1996, this cream has captured the attention of elite athletes and cosmeticians alike, establishing itself as a preferred choice for exceptional performance and skincare. The Earthly Body CBD Cream exemplifies their commitment to providing top-quality products that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their customers.

17.  Onyx + Rose Bliss Balm 

Discover the rejuvenating power of Onyx + Rose Bliss Balm, a potent blend of therapeutic oils and herbs that provides long-lasting comfort and intense hydration. Infused with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, it effectively eases joint stiffness and reduces inflammation. 

The balm's formulation includes nourishing ingredients like calendula oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, which promote skin hydration. Additionally, the soothing aroma of lavender essential oil helps calm the body and mind, creating a revitalizing experience. 

18.  Zen Relief Hemp Balm 

ZEN Hemp Balm with Hemp Oil offers potential relief for individuals experiencing various types of chronic muscular and joint pain. The balm combines the beneficial properties of hemp oil with ZEN's effective holistic composition, amplifying its pain-relieving capabilities and promoting healing and relaxation. By blending 13 essential oils and botanicals, including peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus, hemp oil, and camphor, this balm works synergistically to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. 

It is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions such as arthritis, backaches, persistent muscle and nerve pain, as well as strains and sprains resulting from injuries. 

19.  Herba Mana Inner Warrior Hemp Cream


ZEN Hemp Balm with Hemp Oil offers potential relief for individuals experiencing various types of chronic muscular and joint pain. The balm combines the beneficial properties of hemp oil with ZEN's effective holistic composition, amplifying its pain-relieving capabilities and promoting healing and relaxation. By blending 13 essential oils and botanicals, including peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus, hemp oil, and camphor, this balm works synergistically to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. 

It is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions such as arthritis, backaches, persistent muscle and nerve pain, as well as strains and sprains resulting from injuries.

20.  Equilibria Relief Balm 

Equilibria introduces their Relief Balm, a remarkable topical solution that effectively penetrates the skin, providing relief from localized discomfort such as cramps, soreness, and achy joints. With a targeted approach, this balm addresses specific trouble spots, offering a tailored strategy to alleviate discomfort and bring relief. 

Its sophisticated formulation ensures accurate and efficient application to the affected areas, guaranteeing optimal absorption. 

21.  Weston Apothecary Hemp Lotion 

Experience the powerful relief of Weston Apothecary Hemp Lotion, a potent topical treatment designed to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort for a temporary period. This extra-strength lotion features a unique blend of ingredients, including 5% hemp seed oil, corydalis, emu oil, and pao d'arco, selected for their soothing effects. 

With its fast and thorough absorption, the lotion delivers targeted relief exactly where it's needed most. One of its key benefits is its ability to leave no stains, ensuring a clean application. Furthermore, the lotion has a pleasant user experience with no noticeable "medicine" smell. 

22.  Maha CBD CBD Balm 

Introducing the revolutionary hemp-based ointment from Maha CBD, specially formulated to address a range of ailments effectively. This unique blend incorporates 500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. With the inclusion of beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, this balm nourishes and soothes the skin, imparting a calming sensation. Its non-greasy formula ensures swift absorption without leaving any residue. Maha CBD's CBD Balm is an excellent all-natural alternative for individuals seeking relief from pain.

23.  Papa & Barkley Full Spectrum Releaf Balm 

Discover the Full Spectrum Releaf Balm, a meticulously formulated product enriched with organic ingredients, now offered by Papa & Barkley. This soothing lotion effectively alleviates pain while nourishing the skin. Experience a tranquil and serene aroma as the nourishing properties of coconut oil harmoniously blend with essential oils like tea tree, peppermint, and lavender, enhancing the balm's calming effects. Treat yourself to the rejuvenating benefits of Full Spectrum Releaf Balm, available for your well-being.

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