20 best hydration drinks in 2023

By Amber SmithJun 17, 2023 9:00 PM
Elm & Rye Electrolyte Drink Mix Bag


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75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This is due to only 22% drinking the recommended amount of water, which is 8-10 glasses per day. If you struggle to stay hydrated you may want to consider one of the following hydration drinks. 

20 best hydration drinks in 2023

  1. Elm & Rye Electrolyte Drink Mix

  2. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Powder Packets

  3. BODYARMOR LYTE Sports Drink

  4. DripDrop Hydration - Electrolyte Powder Packets

  5. Gatorade Fit Electrolyte Beverage

  6. Nuun Electrolyte Powder Packets for Rapid Hydration

  7. Ultima Replenisher Hydration Electrolyte Powder

  8. Six Star Ultimate Hydration Powder

  9. Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Packets

  10. Glaxon Astrolyte Hydrating Electrolyte Supplement Drink Powder with Prebiotics

  11. BODYARMOR Sports Drink Sports Beverage

  12. HOIST Premium Hydration Electrolyte Drink

  13. LMNT Keto Electrolyte Powder Packets | Paleo Hydration Powder

  14. G Organic

  15. ROAR Organic Vitamin Enhanced Beverage

  16. Organic Rapid Hydration Packets by Orgain

  17. Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusions

  18. Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Electrolyte Hydration Powder with B12 and Multi Vitamin

  19. Fluid Tactical - Electrolyte Powder Packets

  20. BIOLYTE Electrolyte Drink

Elm & Rye Electrolyte Drink Mix

Taking hydration seriously is essential for anyone, especially athletes and outdoor adventurers. Elm & Rye Electrolyte Drink Mix is the perfect tool to stay hydrated as it contains organic electrolyte-powered hydration with no artificial flavors or colors. Not only that but this hydration drink also comes in convenient single lad packs to make hydration on the go easy whether you're tackling a workout at the gym or a long hike outdoors. Start staying hydrated with Elm & Rye and never worry about dehydration again.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Powder Packets

Packets of liquid I.V. hydration multiplier powder that are convenient for travel are a terrific way to stay hydrated. In addition to being convenient and easy to make, this hydration drink has health benefits that ordinary water does not. Since the powder mix contains nutrient-rich electrolytes like salt and potassium as well as Vitamin C, which can help hydrate your body more quickly than plain water would, it is perfect for hydration during strenuous activity, illness, or a long day of travel. Each packet still gives your body the nutrients it needs for hydration while having fewer calories and less sugar than traditional sports drinks. As soon as you start using Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Powder Packets, you'll be surprised by how refreshed you feel.


Athletes looking for great hydration should choose the BODYARMOR LYTE hydration drink. Since BODYARMOR LYTE doesn't include any artificial flavors or sweeteners, it provides great hydration without losing flavor. Even after the most demanding workouts, it helps with your quick hydration and hydration retention because of its high content of electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins. BODYARMOR LYTE, which comes in natural flavors like strawberry banana and watermelon blueberry, is a great way to stay hydrated while indulging in some scrumptious flavor.

DripDrop Hydration - Electrolyte Powder Packets

A fantastic approach to rehydrating rapidly and efficiently is through drip-drop hydration. This hydration drink mixes in a matter of seconds and combines great hydration with critical electrolytes to help you rehydrate quickly. Simply add water to a convenient powder packet to create the ideal hydration blend every time. DripDrop is the preferred hydration drink and is ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, military people, and anybody else searching for a quick hydration option.

Gatorade Fit Electrolyte Beverage

Gatorade Fit is a hydration beverage created especially to meet the hydration requirements of active people and athletes. To promote hydration under every circumstance, it has the ideal ratio of electrolytes, carbs, and hydration particles. Gatorade Fit is available to provide you with the hydration boost you require, whether you're preparing for a long-distance race or simply having an especially active day. This delicious beverage keeps you hydrated and is bursting with flavor.

Nuun Electrolyte Powder Packets for Rapid Hydration

For individuals who require quick hydration, Nuun Electrolyte Powder Packets are the ideal hydration drink option. They not only hydrate fast but also have a wide range of flavors, so there is bound to be one that suits every palate. They provide the electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals required for hydration and are minimal in calories. Additionally, Nuun Electrolyte Powder Packet is quick and simple to create, making it a wonderful option for busy athletes who don't have time to prepare their own hydration drinks. Whether you're working out at the gym or practicing with your band, Nuun Electrolyte Powder Packets can help you hydrate quickly!

Ultima Replenisher Hydration Electrolyte Powder

An excellent hydration beverage that provides a balanced blend of electrolytes and minerals to replenish hydration during activity is Ultima Replenisher Hydration Electrolyte Powder. You may hydrate naturally while limiting your intake of sugar by using real fruit flavors with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. Ultima also makes it simple to stay hydrated; just mix 1 scoop with 16–32 ounces of water, then drink. Ultima Replenisher hydration electrolyte powder is a great option for people who struggle with dehydration because it will keep your body comfortably hydrated throughout any exercise.

Six Star Ultimate Hydration Powder

Six Star Ultimate Hydration Powder can help anyone who is on the go stay hydrated. It gives you the hydration you require to be hydrated and awake while traveling. This hydration supplement can also help those who enjoy sports and exercise because it replenishes essential vitamins and minerals that are lost during vigorous exercise. Unlike other hydration supplements on the market, Six Star Ultimate Hydration Powder has ingredients that are specifically designed to support optimal hydration. Examples include vitamin B6, which enhances your body's use of energy and tart cherry juice extract, which adds a mild flavor to make hydration more enjoyable. With the help of this wonderful hydration powder, return to your best self!

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Packets

Staying hydrated is essential for feeling your best, and Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Packets make it easy. Dissolve the powder packet in cold water to create a hydration beverage that offers the correct balance of electrolytes to help your body replenish what it loses when it becomes dehydrated. The convenient packages can be carried anywhere for refreshment and fit conveniently in a pocket, gym bag, or handbag. There has never been a better time to hydrate thanks to the diversity of delicious tastes! When you're traveling, exercising, or recovering from the flu or another illness, Pedialyte Powder Packets keep you hydrated.

Glaxon Astrolyte Hydrating Electrolyte Supplement Drink Powder with Prebiotics

Your hydration requirements can easily be neglected in the thick of your daily routine, regardless of whether you're a weekend workout enthusiast or a committed gym rat. Glaxon Astrolyte Hydrating Electrolyte Supplement Drink Powder with Prebiotics is available to aid with this. You might find that this hydration drink is just what you need for on-the-go hydration, helping you to stay hydrated before, during, and after rigorous activity. Prebiotics are nutrients for the gut microbiota, which improves digestion and increases hydration absorption, allowing you to resume conquering your daily goals. Get all these advantages while knowing that this hydration drink was designed for performance today!

BODYARMOR Sports Drink Sports Beverage

After a tough training day, any athlete looking to rehydrate should try BODYARMOR Sports Drink. It is bursting with vitamins like calcium and potassium, as well as electrolytes, which will hydrate you more quickly than just water. The mouthwatering flavors also make it considerably simpler to carry on while replenishing the fluids lost through perspiration. Furthermore, BODYARMOR chooses natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners over artificial ones that can lower your performance. Overall, using this hydration beverage is safe for athletes.

HOIST Premium Hydration Electrolyte Drink

An excellent hydration solution that can instantly re-energize you and replenish your body is HOIST Premium Hydration Electrolyte Drink. It is low in calories and perfect for active people who are sensitive to the effects of sugar. It tastes great and keeps you hydrated for a very long period because of the electrolyte balance and natural fruit flavors. Minerals and vitamins are also present. Your body will get the hydration and energy boost it needs from HOIST Premium Hydration Electrolyte Drink to get through any exercise.

LMNT Keto Electrolyte Powder Packets | Paleo Hydration Powder

Look no farther than LMNT Keto Electrolyte Powder Packets if you're seeking an electrolyte-rich hydration drink that is ideal for a paleo lifestyle. With only four ingredients—sea salt, trace minerals, stevia leaf extract, and citric acid—it's the ideal method to replenish your body's nutritional needs while also swiftly hydrating. To enjoy, just combine one packet with 16 to 24 ounces of water. LMNT strives to provide clients with a satisfying hydration experience while eliminating unfavorable components like added sugars or artificial flavors. By selecting LMNT Keto Electrolyte Powder Packets, you may be confident that you are making a well-informed choice concerning your hydration routine.

G Organic

G Organic is a fantastic hydration beverage that provides hydration in a brand-new manner. It is potent enough to keep you hydrated after any activity or exercise since it uses carefully chosen organic components for optimal hydration. G Organic hydration beverages are not only free of artificial ingredients and added sugar, but each taste is also uniquely created with a blend of vital electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to effectively and swiftly hydrate your body. The exquisite taste and reviving hydration power of G Organic make it the ideal choice for anyone who takes their health seriously, whether you're running a marathon or playing a pickup game at the gym.

ROAR Organic Vitamin Enhanced Beverage

ROAR Organic is a great option if you're seeking a hydration drink without the unhealthful substances sometimes present in other beverages. This beverage with added vitamins keeps you hydrated without compromising flavor. Additionally, it will provide your body with the hydration it requires, support optimal health, and help you meet your hydration goals thanks to its special combination of organic coconut water, electrolytes, and organic acids. ROAR Organic has you covered whether you're active or just trying to remain hydrated all day.

Organic Rapid Hydration Packets by Orgain

There is a solid reason why the market for hydration drinks is expanding. Nobody wants to experience fatigue and grogginess during the daytime hours due to dehydration. The groundbreaking Organic Rapid Hydration Packets from Orgain allow you to hydrate on-the-go without compromising on quality. These hydration packs make it simple to stay hydrated with little effort because they contain vegan and gluten-free ingredients! The Organic Rapid Hydration Packets from Orgain are the best way to remain hydrated all day.

Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusions

Craving a quick and easy boost of energy? Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusions are the perfect way to get your body refreshed, hydrated, and energized - without weighty carbs or additives! Packed with vitamins and minerals, you won't just feel invigorated during intense activities; it's an all-day solution for maximum hydrating benefits. Make the switch today to experience natural refreshment at its finest!

Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Electrolyte Hydration Powder with B12 and Multi Vitamin

Are you looking for a way to stay alert and hydrated throughout the day? Look no further than Zipfizz. This unique solution is perfectly formulated with electrolytes, vitamin B12, and multivitamins to keep your energy levels up so you can conquer any task - big or small! Not only that but it comes in an array of delicious flavors too; just add water wherever needed during long events or workouts. Get ready to experience true super hydration with Zipfizz!

Fluid Tactical - Electrolyte Powder Packets

Fluid Tactical's Electrolyte Powder Packets are a great way to hydrate without having to drink plain water. Whether you're out for a long run or headed for the gym, these hydration drink packets offer everything you need to stay hydrated and feel your best. Available in convenient stick packs, Fluid Tactical electrolyte powder requires no special additives, making it fast and easy to prepare. With its light and refreshing taste, it's a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Pick up your Fluid Tactical electrolyte powder and rest assured that you'll have essential hydration on the go!

BIOLYTE Electrolyte Drink

Refresh and nourish your body with BIOLYTE. This powerful hydration drink is specifically formulated to replenish electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and energy after a workout or long day of activities. Its non-GMO ingredients fuel you up while its balanced formula helps keep your body properly hydrated on the go - so you can stay energized even when things get tough! Experience quick rehydrating benefits anytime with convenient BIOLYTE mixes; it's just the right way to ensure optimal bodily health all day every day.


Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal mental clarity, yet numerous people neglect to drink enough fluids. Even mild dehydration can impair cognitive performance - don't let yourself fall behind! Make sure you add a hydrating beverage into your daily routine and reap the benefits of clear thinking.

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