19 Best Vitamins to Boost Testosterone

By Amber Smith
Apr 30, 2023 5:00 AMMay 1, 2023 3:34 AM


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Declining health and age often cause testosterone levels to decrease significantly. The good news is that there are many vitamins to boost testosterone along with other recommended options on the market today. Since both male and females produce testosterone in various ways, it’s imperative that each take part in making sure that their hormonal health is up to par.

Today we’ll share the top 19 vitamins to boost testosterone along with some tips on how to know more about these natural methods to increase testosterone. We’re excited to help everyone learn more about proper hormonal health so they can live a longer healthier life.

1.      Elm & Rye Testosterone Support

2.      Penguin Testosterone Gummies

3.      Hum Nutrition D

4.      Nutrivein Premium Zinc Picolinate

5.      N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement 

6.      TESTRO-X Testosterone Booster

7.      Life Extension Optimized Garlic

8.      NOW Foods Testo Jack 200

9.      California Gold Nutrition French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

10.   Elements of Health Care Raspberry L-arginine Plus

11.   MRM Nutrition Chrysin 500

12.   1MD Nutrition ProstateMD

13.   UMZU REDWOOD Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support

14.   Nugenix Men's Daily Testosterone Multivitamin

15.   Testo Prime

16.   CrazyBulk Testo Max

17.   Prime Male Testosterone Booster

18.   Testo Fuel

19.   Live Conscious Magwell Magnesium and Zinc Supplement

Do vitamins to boost testosterone work?

First things first: You should always discuss the idea of using vitamins to boost testosterone with your doctor before buying a testosterone boosting supplement. There are hundreds of supplements out there that claim to help you boost testosterone. It’s best that you determine which option is legit and right for you by discussing these options with a trusted health care professional.

While some studies out there suggest that testosterone boosters don’t do as they claim, there are some small studies out there that have tested specific lifestyle changes, nutritional options, and vitamins that could help naturally boost testosterone levels. While most of the natural vitamins to boost testosterone will help people with a slight decrease in testosterone, anyone who has severely low testosterone or other health issues should considers options made specifically for those issues.

Most of the vitamins that boost testosterone featured here today will help anyone with a slight decrease in testosterone or those who find age is playing a factor in their libido or sexual performance. As you may know, testosterone boosters can help increase energy, libido, and overall performance both in the bedroom and at the gym.

When to consider testosterone boosters

If you’re looking for an excellent way to boost testosterone levels at home in a more natural way, then some of the supplements on this list will be crucial in achieving your goal. The best time to try vitamins to boost testosterone is when you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of low testosterone such as:

·        Low energy levels

·        Decreased libido

·        Muscle loss

·        Fertility issues

As always, it’s good to discuss the above concerns with your doctor first, as they’ll know more about your health history and other things that you may need to consider. You see, some of the natural supplements on our list will be just fine for many men, but other men taking certain medications may require an approval from the doctor to ensure they won’t experience negative side effects.

What are possible side effects from vitamins to boost testosterone?

There are some side effects that men experience when taking some testosterone supplements. Today we’re more focused on vitamins to boost testosterone, but you’ll find some of the popular testosterone supplements, too.

The possible side effects below will occur for men who have too high of a level of testosterone in their body:

·        Blurred vision

·        Chest pain

·        High blood pressure

·        Fluid retention

·        Acne

Other men have experienced aggression when they’ve taken too much testosterone. It’s best to start with a small dose and increase gradually. This will help you get testosterone levels to a healthy place without risking the above negative side effects.

Are testosterone boosters a good idea?

Yes, testosterone boosters are a good idea. They are most certainly a great way to help men with lowered testosterone levels regain strength, libido, and performance.

With this guide, you’ll be able to make an educated choice on which option you’d like to go with. Having more than one option available for testosterone health will make it easier for you to be confident as you venture forward in the mission to regain healthy testosterone levels.

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

Get ready to experience increased moods, better sexual performance, and increased libido when you try Elm & Rye testosterone support. Testosterone is a hormone that men produce in their testes, but with age and other factors it declines. This means you need to get something to help with all the negative impacts of low testosterone. Elm & Rye is by far the best brand to use for testosterone support today.

If you're looking for a boost in energy and mood, you might want to try out Penguin Testosterone Gummies. These gummies are formulated to naturally increase testosterone levels, which can help with everything from building muscle to boosting libido. And the best part? They're made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body. So whether you're an athlete looking to gain an edge or just someone who wants to feel better, give Penguin Testosterone Gummies a try and see what they can do for you.

3.     Hum Nutrition D

Image courtesy Hum Nutrition

Improve your mood, boost your complexion and help your body build the proper levels to testosterone with this nutritional supplement. Hum Nutrition D is just one of the many vitamins to boost testosterone. While Vitamin D may not work alone, it can help get your body back to the proper hormonal balance. This will leave you feeling happier, stronger, and ready to take on anything the world throws at you.

4.     Nutrivein Premium Zinc Picolinate

Image courtesy Nutrivein

Zinc is a key mineral that our body uses for all sorts of reasons. Zinc has also been shown to help balance hormone levels, including getting your testosterone levels back to a reasonable range. That’s why we just had to include Nutrivein’s zinc picolinate in this list of best vitamins to boost testosterone. This brand stands by their commitment to helping you boost immunity, sleep better, and have more energy in your everyday life.

5.     N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement 

Image courtesy N.O. XT

This is the world’s finest nitric oxide boosting supplement that’s been scientifically dosed. N.O. XT provides ingredients that will help enhance blood flow and nutrients quickly so that your muscle can get the boost they need when they need it. This supplement will help boost testosterone so you feel stronger, happier, and healthier during any workout.

6.     TESTRO-X Testosterone Booster

Image courtesy Umzu

This brand of supplement is all about getting your body’s natural ability to product testosterone stimulated. Using a natural blend of vitamins and strong herbs to boost testosterone Testo-X will help get your body’s hormones functioning properly. You’ll find that you have improved strength, optimal sleep and improved muscle response when you use this vitamin to boost testosterone regularly.

7.     Life Extension Optimized Garlic

Image courtesy Life Extension

This is one of the best vitamins to boost testosterone because garlic has been shown to help provide cardiovascular support and boost your immune system. Both functions can help improve how your body responds to oxidative stress. This, in turn, helps your body properly regulate the creation of hormones such as testosterone.

8.     NOW Foods Testo Jack 200

Image courtesy NOW

This supplement was created with man’s health in mind. TestoJack 200 helps improve sexual activity and overall vitality with tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Maca and horny goat weed among other herbs that are proven to boost testosterone levels for men. The formula is made with natural ingredients that will help support healthy sexual activity by getting your body back on track with balanced hormone levels.

9.     California Gold Nutrition French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Image courtesy California Gold Nutrition

This patented formula contains pine bark, a natural herb that’s been proven to boost testosterone. This is why many men will opt to go with these veggie capsules. They are GMO free, gluten free, soy free and somewhat reasonably price for most people’s budget constraints.  

10.  Elements of Health Care Raspberry L-arginine Plus

Image courtesy Elements of Health Care

Look out men! This supplement will help speed up nitric oxide production in your body. This will help get your testosterone levels at the right number by improving blood flow when it opens the blood vessels. Most people who suffer from lowered testosterone levels have found that their blood flow decreased, causing issues like erectile dysfunction. This means you’ll want something like this supplement to boost testosterone so that you can have improved circulation, better blood pressure, and overall improved physical activity levels.

11.  MRM Nutrition Chrysin 500

Image courtesy MRM Nutrition

Support healthy testosterone levels with MRM Nutrition Chrysin 500. This supplement will help with hormonal imbalance by inhibiting aromatase enzyme activity which is part of the causes lowered testosterone levels. Improving your testosterone levels to be more balanced will help you have a more active lifestyle in the bedroom and at the gym.

12.  1MD Nutrition ProstateMD

Image courtesy 1MD Nutrition

This prostate support supplement for men will help promote healthy hormone levels and prostate size. The ingredients have been clinically studied to help support urinary tract health, balder and prostate issues, too. This will help your overall health be better while encourage a good level of testosterone in your body to gain the results you desire in the bedroom and at the gym.

13.  UMZU REDWOOD Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support

Image courtesy Umzu

Umzu provides the best products to help boost testosterone. This naturally sourced supplement helps improve circulation, immune system function, blood pressure, and bedroom performance. Overall this supplement helps men experience a higher level of stamina and energy every day.

14.  Nugenix Men's Daily Testosterone Multivitamin

Image courtesy Nugenix

This supplement is made specifically for aging men. Nugenix testosterone multivitamin includes 40 vitamins to boost testosterone naturally. The ingredients include 19 high potency vitamins that have been shown time and time again to help men get back to their normal levels of testosterone. This multivitamin will also support healthy cortisol levels, vitality, and improve your overall health.

15.  Testo Prime

Image courtesy Testo Prime

This is a sexual support supplement for men who have found their testosterone levels decreased. Testo Prime is a food supplement that has high quality ingredients for the men out there seeking to improve their testosterone health. Testo Prime will help balance your hormones for a healthier life inside the gym and in the bedroom.

16.  CrazyBulk Testo-Max

Image courtesy CrazyBulk

This supplement contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are all natural and help support male sexual health. The product label will show on their website so you can evaluate what the full list of ingredients is before buying. You will find that Testo-Max includes Vitamin D3, Fenugreek Extract, and other herbs that are known to boost testosterone in men. You’ll enjoy improved sexual function, and quicker muscle recovery when you opt to use testo-max to boost testosterone.

17.  Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Image courtesy Prime Male

If you’re searching for a supplement to boost testosterone that has high quality ingredients, look no further than Prime Male’s testosterone booster. This natural supplement has been proven to increase libido, mood, and help with overall heart health. This product is something that you and your partner will simply LOVE.

18.  Testo Fuel

Image courtesy Testo Fuel

This supplement to boost testosterone helps regulate your tesosterone levels back to normal. Testo Fuel has been shown to help your body processes to naturally improve testosterone levels without negative side effects or other negative impacts that can occur with a testosterone booster supplement.

19.  Live Conscious Magwell Magnesium and Zinc Supplement 

Image courtesy Live Conscious

Magwell is a supplement that helps heal your testosterone issues from the inside out. With ingredients that help cardiovascular support, immune health and other essential ingredients that work to improve hormonal balance in your body, this is the one-stop-shop for anyone seeking to improve their overall health, including hormonal health.


How can I boost my testosterone fast?

Exercise is one of the best natural ways to boost testosterone fast. With that being said, there are other factors that can cause lowered libido and testosterone in men. That’s why we featured the best vitamins to boost testosterone today.

These vitamins and supplements will help you get a healthier hormone level quickly without much effort. As you start to feel a boost in testosterone you’ll find that you sleep better, have more energy, and find a new desire to have sex with your partner.

This will help you live a healthier life that includes feeling more confident, happier, and ready to take on anything that the world tosses at you.

What foods can help boost testosterone?

There are plenty of foods that help boost testosterone. While you may not get your levels back to normal using food alone, you can incorporate a new diet plan with your vitamins to boost testosterone for maximum results.

Some of the best foods that help boost testosterone include;

·        Protein rich foods.

·        Healthy fats.

·        Carbohydrates.

While you won’t want to overdo the carbs and fats, you can get a healthy balance of both in your diet as a means to improve testosterone levels. We certainly advise you to discuss these options with your doctor before adjusting any major diet or lifestyle habits.

What are some other natural ways to boost testosterone?

There are other methods men have used to help boost testosterone levels besides vitamins or foods. These options include, but are not limited to, the following:

Get Out in the Sunshine

One of the best natural ways to boost testosterone is to get some vitamin D through natural sunshine.

Be sure to schedule plenty of outdoor time all year round so that you can get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin every single day. This will help your body start leveling out testosterone so that you can see an increase in libido, and overall mood.

Start an Exercise Routine

Another option we referenced above to boost testosterone fast is to start an exercise routine. You’ll want to figure out what type of exercises you can do based on weight, age, and other health problems you may have.

Once you get the OK from a doctor, start doing daily exercises to boost testosterone through muscle growth and physical activity. This method may not sound fabulous to some of you men out there right now, but we promise as you start to make this a routine, it will feel more exciting.

Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements

As is the whole purpose behind these 19 best vitamins to boost testosterone, taking vitamin or mineral supplements will help you get testosterone levels to a healthy point. For this option, evaluate the best products we’ve featured above.

Read each label to find out what ingredients each supplement or vitamin has. Evaluate some of the customer reviews, and other such important facts such as potency and brand reputation. Once you’ve determined that an option is best for you to try, buy it and see how it helps you improve your mood, quality of life, and bedroom performance.

Eat More Protein Rich Foods

As mentioned before, you can eat more protein rich foods to boost testosterone. With that being said, you could take a protein supplement. Elm & Rye has a protein supplement in addition to their testosterone booster that could help you achieve this goal.

When you have more protein rich foods, your body will start to build better lean muscle mass during workouts which leads to an increase in testosterone creation.

Get High-Quality Sleep

Last, but not least, the quality of your sleep is always a vital component to whether you’re healthy or not. The brain, body, heart, and all functions internally need you to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why you should consider having a stable bed time and wake up time.

Getting high quality sleep combined with the best vitamins to boost testosterone will help improve your chances of increasing testosterone for quicker results.

Final Thoughts on 19 Best Vitamins to Boost Testosterone

Between the ages of 25 and 50 most men start to experience a decrease in testosterone levels. While this natural process isn’t typically caused by negative health conditions, it’s certainly something that can cause low self-esteem in men.

The world doesn’t talk much about how lowered testosterone levels can impact a man’s overall health, but we wanted to ensure we talk about this issue. Our 19 best vitamins to boost testosterone will help guide men towards a healthier, happier, and stronger future with balanced hormone levels.

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