19 Best Pre Workouts without Creatine in 2024

By Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2024 4:00 AMJan 1, 2024 8:15 PM
Elm Rye Pre Workout


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

In 2023, there's a growing group of fitness lovers who want pre-workout supplements without creatine. They believe it's important to find alternatives that can boost their performance before hitting the gym. As a result, the market has seen a surge of 19 impressive pre-workouts that meet this demand. These products focus on providing energy, concentration, and stamina without the use of creatine. Each pre-workout on this list has unique ingredients and scientifically proven formulas, making them the go-to choice for anyone looking to maximize their workout potential.

19 Best Pre Workouts without Creatine in 2023 

  1. Elm & Rye Pre-Workout

  2. NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement

  3. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

  4. Six Star Pre Workout + Weight Loss

  5. Jacked Factory NITROSURGE Shred Pre Workout Supplement

  6. Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Sport Pre Workout For Men And Women, Increase Energy

  7. LEGION Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

  8. AminoLean Pre Workout Powder

  9. Animal Fury Pre Workout Powder Supplement for Energy and Focus

  10. REDCON1 Total War Preworkout

  11. KeyNutrients Pre Workout + Electrolytes Powder + BCAA Blend

  12. Beyond Raw LIT

  13. Alani Nu Pre Workout Supplement Powder for Energy

  14. Nature's Nutrition Pre-Workout Powder with Beta-Alanine & Caffeine for Energy

  15. Insane Labz Psychotic Gold

  16. Genius Pre Workout Powder

  17. BALLISTIC Pre Workout

  18. EHPlabs OxyShred Non Stimulant Thermogenic Pre Workout Powder

  19. RARI Nutrition Infinity Pre Workout Performance

Pre-workout supplements without creatine are dietary supplements designed to enhance physical performance and energy levels before a workout. They are formulated specifically for individuals who prefer not to consume creatine or have specific dietary restrictions. These supplements typically contain a blend of ingredients that promote increased energy, focus, endurance, and blood flow to the muscles. 

Common ingredients found in pre-workout supplements without creatine include caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, B vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts. These products are intended to provide an extra boost of energy and mental alertness, allowing individuals to train harder and optimize their workouts without the inclusion of creatine in the formula.

When looking for a pre-workout supplement that does not contain creatine, there are several key ingredients you can consider to enhance your workout performance. Here are some ingredients to look for in a creatine-free pre-workout:

  • Caffeine: Caffeine is a popular ingredient found in many pre-workout supplements. It helps increase energy levels, improve focus, and reduce fatigue, allowing you to perform better during your workouts. Look for a moderate dose of caffeine, typically between 100-200 mg per serving, to avoid excessive stimulation.

  • Beta-Alanine: Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscular endurance. It works by increasing the levels of carnosine in the muscles, which helps buffer lactic acid buildup and delays the onset of muscle fatigue. A dosage of 2-5 grams of beta-alanine is commonly found in pre-workout formulas.

  • Citrulline Malate: Citrulline malate is an amino acid compound that aids in improving blood flow, increasing nitric oxide production, and enhancing muscular endurance. It can help improve your pumps, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance overall performance. Look for a dosage of around 6-8 grams of citrulline malate per serving.

  • BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids): BCAAs, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are essential amino acids that play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown. They can help support muscle recovery, reduce fatigue, and enhance endurance. Look for a pre-workout that contains a balanced ratio of BCAAs, typically 2:1:1 (leucine:isoleucine:valine).

  • Nitric Oxide Boosters: Ingredients such as arginine, agmatine sulfate, or beetroot extract can help increase nitric oxide production, which promotes vasodilation and improves blood flow to the muscles. This can enhance nutrient delivery, muscle pumps, and overall performance during your workouts.

  • Focus and Energy Enhancers: Ingredients like tyrosine, taurine, or L-theanine can help improve mental focus, alertness, and concentration during your workouts. These ingredients can work synergistically with caffeine to provide a more balanced and sustained energy boost.

Remember to carefully read the labels, consider the dosages of each ingredient, and be aware of your own tolerance and sensitivity to different substances. It's also advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian before adding any new supplements to your routine, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications.

Elm & Rye Pre Workout contains special combinations of ingredients, including caffeine, beta alanine, ashwagandha, b12, reishi, and coenzyme Q10, that have been meticulously formulated to enhance many aspects of athletic performance. Elm & Rye Pre Workout provides users with a host of benefits while promoting training-related strength, endurance, focus, and performance. 

The benefits of using this pre-workout pill include increased energy, better focus, longer performance peaks, and greater muscle growth. Elm & Rye Pre Workout helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals by enhancing training conditions and performance.

2.     NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement

To maximize your training and performance, scientists painstakingly developed the strong pre-workout supplement NITROSURGE. This cutting-edge formula combines nutrients like Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, and Betaine Anhydrous that have been carefully dosed for increased strength, endurance, energy levels, and muscular pumps. 

The addition of caffeine, niacin, and vitamin B12 enhances the effects of this pre-workout pill by improving mental focus and lowering fatigue. With each meal, you can expect improved performance, more energy, better focus, and increased muscle mass. 

3.     Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

An expertly created combination of essential amino acids called an amino blend is designed to offer the finest post-workout recovery. The body's ability to regenerate muscle tissue is increased by this unique composition, resulting in quicker recovery and better performance.

Each serving of this  product has 100mg of caffeine, which originates from organic ingredients like green tea and/or green coffee extracts. With the help of this natural energy source, you can push through the day or challenging workouts while maintaining the stamina and focus required for success.

4.     Six Star Pre Workout + Weight Loss

Six Star Pre Workout + Weight Loss is an energy-boosting pre-workout supplement with a scientifically designed formula that helps weight loss goals. Some of the unique ingredients in this product that work synergistically to boost metabolism and burn fat include L-carnitine, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Green Tea Extract.

5.     Jacked Factory NITROSURGE Shred Pre Workout Supplement

Industrial Jacked The innovative blend of NITROSURGE Shred Pre Workout Supplement offers the perfect harmony of energy, focus, and fat-burning ingredients. The active ingredients in this supplement are beta alanine, choline bitartrate, caffeine anhydrous, and green coffee bean extract, which collectively improve focus and mental acuity while also promoting fat loss. 

Niacin and Vitamin B12 together significantly increase the effects of this pre-workout supplement by offering users steady energy levels throughout their workout. For the finest training results, you can anticipate better performance, more pronounced muscles, increased endurance, and quick fat burning with each meal. 

6.     Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Sport Pre Workout For Men And Women, Increase Energy

Pre-Kaged Sport® is a versatile pre-workout supplement meant to boost stamina, increase athletic performance, and assist beginners to the pre-workout supplement market. Each scoop of this amazing supplement delivers a balanced dose of organic caffeine, electrolytes, and essential ingredients including Carnosyn®, BetaPower®, and L-Citrulline.

7.  LEGION Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

pre-workout dietary aid Pulse stands out as an option that is naturally sweetened and flavored and offers high quantities of compounds that have solid scientific support. These include well-known ingredients from a range of nitric oxide supplements, such as L-citrulline malate, betaine, beta-alanine, and alpha GPC.

8.  AminoLean Pre Workout Powder

For both men and women, AminoLean Pre Workout Powder is a dependable way to enhance workout performance. With just 125 mg of natural caffeine, this pre-workout supplement gives consumers a steady, long-lasting energy boost that gets them ready for their workouts while also promoting increased mental clarity. AminoLean Pre Workout Powder's stimulant properties also help users maintain their alertness and productivity outside of the gym.

9.  Animal Fury Pre Workout Powder Supplement for Energy and Focus

An effective pre-workout energy drink supplement called Animal Fury provides a blend of key ingredients for peak performance. This recipe has potent components to energize and fuel athletes, including 350mg of caffeine, 5g of BCAAs, 6g of citrulline malate, 2g of beta alanine, and 1g of L-Tyrosine per serving.

10.  REDCON1 Total War Preworkout

The powerful drug The goal of Total War Preworkout for Men & Women is to increase workout effectiveness. Total War uses the amino acid beta-alanine in its composition to boost muscular endurance while reducing fatigue. Users can have a transformative workout that surpasses their expectations with the aid of this potent preworkout supplement.

11.  KeyNutrients Pre Workout + Electrolytes Powder + BCAA Blend

KeyNutrients Pre Workout + Electrolytes Powder + BCAA Blend offers a comprehensive solution to enhance workout performance. This formula contains a lot of essential electrolytes, such as salt, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which help to prevent cramps and support muscle contraction during exercise. The 2:1:1 BCAA blend that is a part of this pre-workout drink combo provides the muscles with the assistance they need to develop and become stronger while also easing pain.

12.  Beyond Raw LIT

The Beyond Raw LIT pre-workout stands out as the best choice for both men and women who want to power through their most challenging workout sessions. Customers are provided with a correctly dosed and effective treatment thanks to the concentrated blend of this pre-workout supplement, which targets strong energy, mental clarity, and nitric oxide assistance.

13.  Alani Nu Pre Workout Supplement Powder for Energy

This pre-workout supplement is a robust combination of nutrients that helps people achieve their fitness goals. It contains 200 mg of caffeine for energy, 1.6 grams of beta-alanine, 6 grams of citrulline, and 500 mg of L-tyrosine. For the purpose of maintaining freshness and quality, this product may come in a variety of packaging.

14.  Nature's Nutrition Pre-Workout Powder with Beta-Alanine & Caffeine for Energy

This pre-workout powder is appropriate for both men and women because it provides a comprehensive solution for energy, strength, focus, and pump during workouts. This supplement fuels intense training sessions, allowing users to perform above and beyond their potential. It has 250 mg of caffeine, which is a lot.

L-Theanine and caffeine are added to the mixture to support relaxation and focus while promoting energy. Those who employ this combination can exercise while being alert and attentive.

15.  Insane Labz Psychotic Gold

Psychotic Gold was developed to provide you a strong, clean rush of energy that will keep you interested and focused for hours after your workout. Throughout your workouts, this pre-workout powerhouse gives you a consistent energy boost to keep you motivated and focused.

L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and Agmatine Sulfate are Psychotic Gold ingredients that have scientific backing. These potent NO boosters work together to boost blood flow and unleash mind-blowing pumps that exceed the competition.

16.  Genius Pre Workout Powder

Genius Pre Workout Powder was created by The Genius Brand as a mind-to-muscle pre-workout meant to provide a stimulant-free and nootropics-based experience. This pre-workout supplement uses all-natural, scientifically proven ingredients to invigorate your muscles, increase endurance, and lessen pain after exercise. Genius Pre increases both mental and physical performance, which increases productivity.

Each container of Genius Pre Workout Powder contains 20 scoops, which is a sufficient quantity of this powerful supplement. With the Grape Limeade taste, your pre-workout routine takes on a novel, refreshing twist.

17.  BALLISTIC Pre Workout

Your workout will be improved by the powerful ingredients in BALLISTIC Pre Workout. With a whopping 5g of citrulline each scoop, your muscles will feel full, strong, and hard. Nitric oxide, which is produced more frequently when citrulline is consumed, promotes improved blood flow and higher levels of performance by relaxing and improving the function of your arteries.

18.  EHPlabs OxyShred Non Stimulant Thermogenic Pre Workout Powder

EHPlabs' OxyShred is a thermogenic pre-workout powder that doesn't contain stimulants and uses a new strategy to increase energy and general well-being. By supplying fat to your cells' central processing unit, this cutting-edge approach promotes attention and alertness by converting fat into natural energy. OxyShred stands out from rival products due to its commitment to employing only natural substances and avoidance of stimulants that may have adverse effects on your adrenal glands, central nervous system, heart rate, and blood pressure.

19.  RARI Nutrition Infinity Pre Workout Performance

RARI Nutrition sells the high-end supplement Infinity Pre-Workout Performance, which is designed to provide natural energy, keep the pump going, and sharpen focus when performing difficult workouts. This pre-workout treatment, which is intended for everyone who wants to increase their performance in the gym, has advantages for both men and women.

Infinity Pre-Workout Performance combats muscle weariness with a potent vegan formula that helps to lessen muscle fatigue. This powerful concoction is specifically designed to help people push through even the most demanding workouts while enhancing overall strength and endurance.

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