19 Best Dog Food Low Protein in 2024

By Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2024 4:00 AMJan 1, 2024 2:43 PM
Pupper Fuel


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Responsible pet owners understand the significance of providing their beloved four-legged companions with a well-balanced and nutritious diet, which includes the right amount of protein. However, there are instances where a low-protein diet becomes necessary for dogs. Whether due to specific health conditions or unique dietary requirements, finding the best dog food with low protein content can be a challenging task.

This article aims to alleviate that challenge by presenting a comprehensive list of the 19 best dog food options with low protein content in 2023. The selection encompasses a wide range of brands, each carefully researched and evaluated for their ingredient quality, nutritional balance, and suitability for different dog breeds, sizes, and health conditions.

19 Best Dog Food Low Protein in 2023

  1. Pupper Fuel

  2. JustFoodForDogs Veterinary Diet Renal Support Low Protein Frozen Fresh Dog Food

  3. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

  4. NomNom Variety Pack

  5. The Honest Kitchen Food Clusters 

  6. Hill’s Prescription Kidney Care 

  7. Forza10 Nutraceutic Actiwet Renal Support

  8. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Renal Support

  9. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support Dry Dog Food

  10. Pure Balance Pro+ Senior Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

  11. Wholesomes Sensitive Skin & Stomach Large Breed Salmon Dry Dog Food

  12. JustFoodForDogs Sensitive Skin & Stomach Variety Pack

  13. Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Lamb & Blueberry Recipe

  14. Sundays USDA Beef Recipe

  15. Purina ONE +Plus Senior Vibrant Maturity Adult

  16. The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food

  17. Advance Diet for Renal

  18. SquarePet VFS Canine Low Phosphorus Formula Dry Dog Food

  19. Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Pre-Mix Miracle Dog Food 

Low-protein dog food refers to a type of dog food that contains a reduced amount of protein compared to regular or standard dog food formulas. It is formulated to provide dogs with a controlled and restricted protein intake, which may be necessary for certain health conditions or specific dietary requirements.

Low-protein dog food typically contains protein levels below the average protein content found in regular dog food. The exact protein content can vary depending on the specific brand and product, but it is generally lower than the protein levels recommended for healthy adult dogs.

The reduction in protein content is achieved by utilizing alternative protein sources or adjusting the ratios of ingredients in the formulation. This is done to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs with conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, urinary tract issues, or other specific health concerns that require a restricted protein intake.

While protein is an essential macronutrient for dogs, providing them with necessary amino acids for growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissues, there are instances where dogs may require lower protein levels to support their overall health and well-being such as a dog with kidney or liver disease.

1.     Pupper Fuel

Pupper Fuel's Chicken Dog Food is crafted using high-quality, real chicken as the primary ingredient. This protein-packed formula ensures that your canine companion receives the essential amino acids needed for muscle development and overall vitality. Each carefully selected ingredient is blended to perfection, resulting in a balanced and flavorful meal that dogs absolutely love.

For those looking to add an extra burst of flavor and variety to their dog's diet, Pupper Fuel offers Beef and Chicken Food Toppers. These toppers are made from premium cuts of real beef or chicken, providing an irresistible aroma and taste that will have your dog's tail wagging in delight. Simply sprinkle the topper over your dog's regular food to elevate mealtime and entice even the pickiest eaters.

2.   JustFoodForDogs Sensitive Skin & Stomach Variety Pack

Indulge your beloved furbaby with the JustFoodForDogs Sensitive Skin & Stomach Fresh Dog Food, offering the incredible benefits of a fresh, whole food diet specially formulated to support skin and stomach health. Our selection of recipes, including Fish and Sweet Potato, Venison and Squash, Balanced Remedy, and Joint and Skin support, provides a variety of options for delectable and nourishing mealtimes.

3.     Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

Formulated in collaboration with top nutritionists, researchers, and veterinarians, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF is designed to provide a controlled amount of high-quality protein and phosphorous. By carefully managing these key nutrients, this dry dog food helps maintain optimal kidney health and function, ensuring your dog's overall vitality.

No matter the breed, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF is suitable for all adult dogs. It offers a well-balanced blend of essential nutrients and includes healthy antioxidants to support your canine companion's immune system. 

4.     NomNom Variety Pack

The NomNom Dog Food Variety Pack offers a selection of four perfectly balanced recipes: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Pork. Each pack contains 200g of culinary goodness, ensuring that your dog gets to savor a wide range of delightful flavors. To preserve the essential nutrients and enhance digestibility, all ingredients are gently cooked, locking in their vital goodness. 

5.     The Honest Kitchen Food Clusters 

When it comes to the well-being of your beloved pets, choosing food that nourishes them is of utmost importance. Look no further than The Honest Kitchen Food Clusters Whole Grain Chicken & Oat Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food—a wholesome option that not only provides added nutrition but also delights their taste buds. Crafted with care, these clusters are derived from cage-free chicken that undergoes a gentle cold-pressing and dehydration process.

6.     Hill’s Prescription Kidney Care 

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food offers clinically proven nutrition that can truly make a difference in your pet's life. As our furry companions age, the delicate kidney tissues may experience damage, impairing their ability to effectively filter toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Unfortunately, this damage is irreversible and can lead to further loss of kidney function over time. Not only that, but it may also result in decreased appetite and subsequent loss of muscle mass.

To address these challenges, Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians have developed a special diet specifically formulated to support your dog's kidney function and help maintain muscle mass. The unique nutrition found in k/d has undergone rigorous clinical testing, proving its efficacy in improving and prolonging the overall quality of life for dogs with kidney issues.

7.     Forza10 Nutraceutic Actiwet Renal Support

Recommended by veterinarians, Forza10 Nutraceutic Actiwet Renal Support contains carefully balanced levels of protein, phosphorous, and sodium. These reduced levels help support kidney function and address specific nutritional requirements.

To enhance urinary tract health, this canned dog food incorporates a blend of therapeutic plants and fruit extracts, including cranberry, clover, and dandelion. These natural ingredients provide additional support to the urinary system, promoting overall wellness.

8.     Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Renal Support

The unique crescent-shaped dry kibble of Royal Canin Renal Support S can be mixed with other Royal Canin Renal Support formulas, providing a range of palatable aromas and offering both dry and wet options. This variety helps in finding the perfect combination to entice your dog and encourage them to eat again.

This energy-dense diet is formulated to provide nutritional support in smaller portions, as dogs with kidney challenges often have decreased appetites. Additionally, it features a precise antioxidant complex, fatty acids sourced from fish oil, low phosphorus content, and targeted protein levels to effectively support kidney function.

9.     Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support Dry Dog Food

Specifically formulated to support kidney health, this diet incorporates additional vitamins, minerals, and controlled levels of phosphorus and sodium. These carefully balanced ingredients contribute to maintaining optimal kidney function.

With a commitment to quality, Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinarian Diet KS is free from chicken and poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected to ensure a fur-esh and high-quality meal for your beloved companion.

10.  Pure Balance Pro+ Senior Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

Pure Balance is dedicated to providing your dog with the best nutrition possible, starting with the finest ingredients. Their Pure Balance Pro+ Senior Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food for Senior Dogs is thoughtfully crafted with carefully selected ingredients to ensure your dog receives optimal nutrition, without any unnecessary additives.

Specifically formulated for senior dogs, this dry dog food features real salmon, which supports brain and joint health, essential for the aging process. We prioritize the quality of our ingredients, so you can rest assured that there are no fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in our formula.

11.  Wholesomes Sensitive Skin & Stomach Large Breed Salmon Dry Dog Food

This exceptional dog food, proudly made in the USA, features the mouthwatering flavor of high-quality salmon as its primary ingredient. It is specifically formulated to cater to dogs in all life stages, including large breeds, and those with sensitive digestive systems or sensitive skin.

Not only does Wholesomes Sensitive Skin & Stomach provide delicious nourishment, but it also offers additional benefits to support your dog's overall well-being. Enriched with taurine, this recipe promotes heart health, while the inclusion of glucosamine and chondroitin provides essential support for healthy joints. The presence of omega fatty acids ensures your dog's skin remains nourished and her coat boasts a beautiful shine.

12. Sundays USDA Beef Recipe

Crafted with care, Sundays Brand USDA Beef Recipe features high-quality, human-grade beef as the star ingredient. This premium source of protein is complemented by a thoughtfully selected blend of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, creating a well-rounded and balanced meal for your furry friend.

Every ingredient in Sundays Brand USDA Beef Recipe is sourced responsibly and meets stringent quality standards. The beef is USDA-certified, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and free from antibiotics and added hormones. 

13.  Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Lamb & Blueberry Recipe

This exceptional dry food is composed of a scrumptious blend of high-quality animal ingredients, including regionally-sourced lamb, along with GMO-free ancestral cereals like whole spelt and oats. To enhance the nutritional profile, it also features choice dried fruits like blueberries and sweet oranges, providing a well-rounded and wholesome meal.

Not only is Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Lamb & Blueberry Puppy Mini Dry Dog Food delicious, but it is also designed to support optimal health. The low glycemic index of this product has been clinically tested through cruelty-free research, ensuring that it provides the appropriate diet for your playful pup to grow strong and thrive.

14.  JustFoodForDogs Veterinary Diet Renal Support Low Protein Frozen Fresh Dog Food

This specially crafted pet food is designed to promote kidney health, offering carefully controlled levels of protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, and an increased amount of B vitamins. But the benefits don't stop there. This recipe also boasts real, human-grade ingredients that you can actually see!

Featuring ground lamb, sushi rice, long-grain brown rice, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, and blueberries, JustFoodForDogs Veterinary Diet Renal Support delivers the advantages of a whole food diet. Each batch is meticulously hand-prepared in open kitchens and lightly cooked to ensure that every ingredient contributes to the exceptional nutrition your dog deserves.

15.  Purina ONE +Plus Senior Vibrant Maturity Adult

Support your senior dog's vitality during their golden years with the nourishing and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE High Protein Dry Senior Dog Food Plus Vibrant Maturity 7 Plus Formula. Crafted with unique features, this dog food is designed to keep your senior companion active and healthy.

Featuring real chicken as the primary ingredient, this high-protein formula assists in maintaining strong muscles and a healthy heart in senior dogs. The inclusion of MCT-rich vegetable oil supports mental sharpness, while a blend of four antioxidant sources aids in boosting immune function. Furthermore, the formula incorporates glucosamine to promote optimal hip and joint health for senior dogs.

16.  The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food

Made with real, recognizable ingredients, including cage-free turkey, every ingredient is carefully dehydrated to preserve its nutrients and flavor. The Honest Kitchen maintains their 100% human-grade standard by using the same wholesome foods you would find in your own kitchen.

17.  Advance Diet for Renal

Experience the comprehensive support of Advanced Diet for Renal. With low phosphorus levels, it helps slow kidney failure progression. Moderately balanced protein and sodium levels promote kidney function and muscle health. The inclusion of soluble fibers reduces nitrogen excretion, benefiting kidney disease management and urinary health. Plus, its neutral pH prevents the formation of oxalate stones, ensuring your pet's comfort and well-being. 

18.  SquarePet VFS Canine Low Phosphorus Formula Dry Dog Food

Discover the superior care of SquarePet VFS Skin & Digestive Support Formula, specifically designed to provide optimal digestive support for your furry companion. With a focus on digestive health, this formula features a low-fat composition that promotes a healthy gastrointestinal system.

19.  Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Pre-Mix Miracle Dog Food 

Experience the wonders of Canine Health Miracle Dog Food, a holistic blend that combines six organic grains and nine dehydrated vegetables. With this convenient option, creating healthy homemade meals for your canine companion has never been easier. Simply add meat and oil to create a complete meal that's ready in minutes. With Canine Health, you have total control over the quality and quantity of protein, ensuring your furry friend receives the best nutrition. 

Our Criteria for Ranking the Best Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food is essential for your pet's health and well-being. With the plethora of options available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which dog food is best for your furry friend. To simplify this process and help you make an informed decision, we have established a set of criteria for ranking the best dog food products. These criteria are based on scientific research, expert opinions, and the specific nutritional needs of dogs.

  • Nutritional Balance:

    • Complete and Balanced: The dog food must meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines for a complete and balanced diet, ensuring it provides all essential nutrients in the right proportions.

  • Ingredients Quality:

    • High-Quality Protein: The primary ingredient should be a high-quality animal protein source, such as chicken, beef, or fish, to support your dog's muscle development and overall health.

    • Whole Grains and Vegetables: Whole grains and vegetables should be included to provide essential carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Absence of Fillers and Artificial Additives:

    • No Fillers: The best dog food should not contain fillers like corn, soy, or wheat, which offer limited nutritional value and may cause allergies.

    • No Artificial Additives: It should be free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, which can harm your dog's health over time.

  • Meat Meal vs. Whole Meat:

    • Preference for Whole Meat: Whole meat sources are preferred over meat meals or by-products, as they are less processed and retain more nutritional value.

  • Digestibility and Allergen Consideration:

    • Hypoallergenic Options: For dogs with allergies or sensitivities, hypoallergenic options that avoid common allergens like poultry or grains should be available.

    • High Digestibility: The dog food should be highly digestible to ensure your pet absorbs the maximum nutrients from each meal.

  • Life Stage Appropriateness:

    • Age and Size-Specific Formulations: The best dog food should offer formulations tailored to your dog's life stage (puppy, adult, senior) and size (small, medium, large).

  • Transparency and Sourcing:

    • Transparent Labeling: Brands should provide transparent information about ingredient sourcing and processing methods.

    • Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing: A commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients reflects a brand's responsibility toward animal welfare and the environment.

  • Health Benefits and Special Considerations:

    • Support for Special Health Needs: The best dog food may offer formulations to address specific health concerns, such as joint health, dental care, or weight management.

  • Customer Feedback and Reviews:

    • Positive User Experiences: Customer feedback and reviews are valuable indicators of a product's performance, safety, and palatability.

  • Price and Value:

    • Affordability: The cost of the dog food should be reasonable and commensurate with its quality and ingredients, offering good value for pet owners.

  • Recall History and Safety:

    • Safety Record: Brands with a history of recalls or safety issues should be viewed with caution, as the safety of your pet is paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Dog Food

  • What should I consider when choosing dog food for my pet?

    • When choosing dog food, consider factors such as your dog's age, size, activity level, any allergies or sensitivities, and consult your veterinarian for specific dietary recommendations.

  • What is the difference between dry and wet dog food?

    • Dry dog food (kibble) is convenient, has a longer shelf life, and can help with dental health. Wet dog food contains more moisture and can be more palatable for picky eaters. Some owners choose to feed a combination for variety.

  • Is homemade dog food a good option?

    • Homemade dog food can be an option but requires careful research and balance to ensure your dog gets all the necessary nutrients. Consulting with a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist is recommended.

  • How can I tell if a dog food is of high quality?

    • Look for high-quality protein sources, whole grains and vegetables, minimal fillers and additives, and adherence to AAFCO guidelines for complete and balanced nutrition. Checking customer reviews and consulting experts can also help.

  • Should I choose a dog food based on my dog's breed?

    • While some breed-specific formulas exist, it's more important to consider your dog's individual needs, age, and size when selecting dog food.

  • What should I do if my dog has food allergies or sensitivities?

    • If your dog has allergies or sensitivities, consult your veterinarian for advice. They may recommend hypoallergenic or limited-ingredient dog foods.

  • Is grain-free dog food a better choice?

    • Grain-free dog food isn't necessarily better. While some dogs may benefit from grain-free options, it's essential to ensure the food still provides balanced nutrition, as some grain-free diets have been associated with certain health issues.

  • How often should I feed my dog, and in what portion sizes?

    • Feeding frequency and portion sizes depend on your dog's age, size, and activity level. Puppies typically require more frequent meals. Follow the feeding guidelines provided on the dog food packaging and adjust based on your dog's needs.

  • Can I mix different brands or types of dog food?

    • Mixing different brands or types of dog food can be done, but it should be done gradually to avoid digestive upset. Consult your veterinarian for guidance on the best way to transition your dog to a new diet.

  • Should I be concerned about recalls when choosing dog food?

    • Yes, it's important to stay informed about recalls. Check the FDA and manufacturer websites regularly for recall information. Brands with a history of recalls may be worth avoiding.

  • What is the role of my veterinarian in selecting dog food?

    • Your veterinarian can provide valuable guidance on selecting the right dog food based on your pet's specific needs, health conditions, and dietary requirements.

  • How can I ensure my dog stays hydrated when feeding dry dog food?

    • Always provide access to clean, fresh water. Wetting the dry food or incorporating wet food into the diet can also increase moisture intake.

  • Can I give my dog human food as part of their diet?

    • While some human foods are safe for dogs, it's essential to know which ones are and to avoid potentially toxic foods. Always consult with your veterinarian before adding human food to your dog's diet.

Remember that each dog is unique, and their dietary needs may vary. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian and open communication about your dog's diet are key to ensuring their health and well-being.

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