19 Best CBD for Acne in 2024

By Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2024 4:00 AMJan 6, 2024 8:11 PM
Penguin CBD Cream


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, CBD (cannabidiol) has emerged as a promising ingredient for treating acne. As acne continues to be a common skin concern for many individuals, the search for effective and natural solutions remains a top priority. The market is currently flooded with an extensive array of CBD products specifically formulated to address acne-related issues. 

This article explores the 19 best CBD for acne in 2023, highlighting their unique properties, ingredients, and potential benefits in combating acne. Whether you're seeking a targeted spot treatment or a comprehensive skincare regimen, this comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable insights into the top CBD products that can assist you in achieving a clearer and healthier complexion.

19 Best CBD For Acne

  1. Penguin CBD Cream 

  2. R&R CBD - Best Value

  3. JustCBD CBD Body Lotion 

  4. Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream

  5. Brown Girl Jane Glow Facial Serum

  6. CBDfx CBD Face Mask

  7. Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

  8. Social CBD CBD Balm 

  9. Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm Stick 

  10. Medical Miracles Hemp Salve Intense Strength

  11. GSC Peel-Off Collagen Jelly Mask Jar Face Care Rubber Mask

  12. Truly Hemp Blemish Patches

  13. Hemp Fusion Acne Relief Cream

  14. Jace CBD Skin Care 

  15. Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Clarifying Cleanser

  16. King Buddha CBD Face Pearls

  17. Body Dynamics Skin Drink Extreme Restoration Cream

  18. Flora + Bast CBD Clarifying Facial Treatment

  19. Miss Bud's Hemp Acne Treatment Cream

When searching for CBD products specifically tailored to combat acne, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to look for products that are labeled as non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog pores or exacerbate acne breakouts. 

Additionally, the potency and concentration of CBD in the product should be taken into account, as higher concentrations may provide more effective results. Thirdly, opt for CBD products that are derived from high-quality, organic hemp sources to ensure purity and minimize the risk of potential irritants. It is also beneficial to check for additional acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil, which can complement the properties of CBD in targeting acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. Lastly, considering the product's form and delivery method is essential. 

Whether it's a facial serum, lotion, or spot treatment, choosing a formulation that suits your skincare routine and preferences will enhance the overall user experience. By considering these factors, you can confidently select CBD products that align with your needs and maximize their potential to alleviate acne symptoms.

How can CBD for acne help?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has shown promise in helping with acne due to its potential anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating, and antibacterial properties. Here's how CBD for acne can be beneficial:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Acne is often accompanied by inflammation, causing redness, swelling, and discomfort. CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the skin and alleviate the associated symptoms.

  • Sebum regulation: Excess production of sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin, is a common factor in acne development. CBD may help regulate sebum production by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the skin. By balancing sebum production, CBD may help prevent clogged pores and reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts.

  • Antibacterial properties: Acne is often associated with the presence of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a type of bacteria that can contribute to inflammation and the formation of acne lesions. CBD has been found to possess antibacterial properties, which may help inhibit the growth of P. acnes and reduce the likelihood of acne development.

  • Skin soothing effects: CBD has been reported to have soothing effects on the skin. It may help calm redness, irritation, and sensitivity associated with acne-prone skin, promoting a more balanced and comfortable complexion.

It's important to note that while CBD shows potential benefits for acne, individual results may vary, and more research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness and mechanisms of action. It is advisable to consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional before incorporating CBD products into your skincare routine.

1.     Penguin CBD Cream 

Recognized for its luxurious texture and refreshing impact, the Penguin CBD Cream has gained a reputation as a sought-after solution for acne-related concerns. With a velvety smoothness that glides effortlessly onto the skin, this cream offers an invigorating cooling sensation upon application. Carefully curated with an abundance of terpenes, the formula is designed for rapid absorption, ensuring the efficient delivery of CBD's numerous benefits. 

The cream's enchanting aroma, derived from a harmonious blend of rejuvenating peppermint and calming lavender, adds to the overall user experience, creating a delightful and refreshing scent that users consistently praise.

2.     R&R 1000mg CBD Cream

R&R spent over a year developing this 1000mg CBD Cream. With over 1000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD in each tube, this cream is of incredible value for only $39.99, while bringing CBG, CBC, CBDv, CBN, CBL, and CBDa to the mix. Simple and effective, this fragrance and dye-free cream gets the job done with consistent and daily use. With hundreds of 5-star ratings on Google, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience with this product and

3.     JustCBD CBD Body Lotion 

Just CBD Body Lotion offers a treat for the skin, providing hydration, soothing properties, and a softening effect. The star ingredient in this lotion is real aloe vera, renowned for its numerous benefits. Aloe vera has been cherished for centuries due to its exceptional ability to calm sunburns and aid in the skin's healing process, while also effectively reducing inflammation.

4.     Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream is a rejuvenating and nourishing product that features a unique blend of hemp extract, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. This combination creates an incredibly effective moisturizer that hydrates skin by providing intense nourishment. The cream contains high levels of omega fatty acids which help to promote skin cell regeneration, as well as powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from environmental pollutants. 

5.     Brown Girl Jane Glow Facial Serum

Brown Girl Jane Glow Facial Serum is a luxurious and ultra-moisturizing serum that is packed with antioxidants to help protect the skin from environmental damage. This non-greasy formula contains hemp extract and hyaluronic acid, which work together to promote hydration and restore skin's luminosity. It also includes grapeseed oil, red raspberry seed oil, and rosehip oil for additional antioxidant protection. 

6.     CBDfx CBD Face Mask

The CBDfx Face Mask, infused with broad spectrum CBD of 50mg, offers a range of options to cater to various skin needs. Select from the following variants: Aloe Vera for soothing, Charcoal for purifying, Cucumber for hydration, Lavender for relaxation, and Rose for toning. With spa-quality ingredients, this sheet mask provides a convenient and user-friendly experience. In just 10 minutes, expect to see the transformative effects of softer and healthier skin. Rest assured, the CBDfx Face Mask is free from detectable levels of THC, ensuring a worry-free skincare routine.

7.     Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

For those long days when you just need to relax and soak away the stress, Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts are your perfect companion. Infused with natural epsom salt, mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, and pure essential oils, these relaxing bath salts will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized. Plus, the added benefits of 50mg of broad spectrum CBD oil will help you drift away into a peaceful sleep. 

8.     Social CBD CBD Balm 

Social CBD’s CBD Balm is a luxurious way to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Formulated with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax, this deeply hydrating balm is perfect for sensitive and dry skin types. Plus, it has an added 50mg of broad spectrum hemp extract infused with essential oils to help soothe any irritations. 

9.     Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm Stick 

Lazarus Naturals presents their Full Spectrum CBD BALM STICK, a powerful blend of skin-nourishing ingredients and full spectrum hemp extract. With a potency of 111, this Relief + Recovery CBD Balm is specially formulated to invigorate and soothe. The harmonious combination of capsaicin and menthol provides a cooling-warming sensation, effectively relieving aches and soreness. Enriched with lanolin, beeswax, and jojoba oils, this balm offers a calming effect, gently soothing the skin.

10.  Medical Miracles Hemp Salve Intense Strength

Medical Miracles Hemp Salve Intense Strength is a powerful blend of natural ingredients and full spectrum hemp extract, making it ideal for those looking to soothe their skin. With an impressive 100mg of CBD per 2-ounce jar, this salve packs a punch that’s sure to leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

11.  GSC Peel-Off Collagen Jelly Mask Jar Face Care Rubber Mask

GSC’s Peel-Off Collagen Jelly Mask Jar Face Care Rubber Mask is a luxurious skin care product that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and natural extracts. With an infusion of broad spectrum hemp extract and collagen jelly, this mask helps to restore moisture balance, tighten pores, reduce wrinkles, and leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. 

12.  Truly Hemp Blemish Patches

Truly's Hemp Blemish Patches stand out with their exclusive formulation featuring the combined power of Salicylic Acid and Hemp. These patches not only effectively combat acne with the well-known acne-fighting ingredient, but they also work to minimize post-inflammatory marks and accelerate the healing process.

13.  Hemp Fusion Acne Relief Cream

Hemp Fusion Acne Relief Cream is an all-natural, ultra-lightweight acne cream that is gentle on the skin while delivering powerful results. Packed with vitamins A and E, this cream helps to prevent breakouts by calming inflammation and effectively treating existing blemishes. Its combination of natural ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil and tea tree oil work together to soothe and nourish the skin. 

14.  Jace CBD Skin Care 

Jace CBD Face Care is carefully crafted as a versatile face cream that extends its benefits to other areas in need of attention. Designed to deliver enhanced hydration, it aids in restoring epidermal homeostasis, resulting in visibly vibrant and revitalized skin with improved texture and elasticity. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this cream effectively replenishes the skin, imparting a supple, full, and smooth appearance. 

The inclusion of Vitamin C provides protection against damage, evens out skin tone, and stimulates collagen production for a youthful complexion. Harnessing the significant soothing properties of CBD, this product offers substantial calming and normalizing effects on the skin, helping to minimize issues related to sensitivity, including redness and reactivity.

15.  Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Clarifying Cleanser

Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Clarifying Cleanser is a gentle yet effective way to cleanse and unclog your pores. Formulated with hydrating jojoba oil, green tea extract, and full spectrum hemp extract, this cleanser helps to soothe skin irritation while removing excess oils and dirt, leaving you with a refreshed feeling. This unique formula helps to balance skin tone and texture while removing impurities for a clearer complexion. 

16.  King Buddha CBD Face Pearls

The King Buddha Face Pearls feature an age-defying formula enriched with botanicals, delivering deep hydration to the skin while reducing the visibility of lines and wrinkles. This exceptional blend of natural oils and extracts works synergistically to revitalize and invigorate the skin, promoting a fuller and more resilient appearance.

17.  Body Dynamics Skin Drink Extreme Restoration Cream

Body Dynamic’s Skin Drink Extreme Restoration Cream is an ultra-rich cream packed with nutrients to help revitalize and replenish dry, dehydrated skin. Formulated with a potent blend of natural oils and extracts, including Hemp Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract, this cream helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and firmness. Additionally, it infuses the skin with essential vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy cell growth for a more youthful complexion. 

18.  Flora + Bast CBD Clarifying Facial Treatment

Achieve a blemish-free, calm, and rejuvenated complexion with the ultra-clean and retinol-infused Facial Treatment from King Buddha. This groundbreaking formula is specifically designed for acne-prone skin, targeting breakouts, blemishes, redness, and irritation-based skin conditions. 

By harnessing the potent benefits of USDA Organic cannabis and one of the world's most effective retinols, this unique treatment delivers maximum results without causing any unwanted irritation. With its ability to enhance cell turnover and renewal, users have reported noticeable improvements in skin clarity, revealing a healthier and more vibrant complexion. Trust in King Buddha's innovative approach to skincare for a truly transformative experience.

19.  Miss Bud's Hemp Acne Treatment Cream

Miss Bud's Hemp Acne Treatment Cream is an advanced skincare product that helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes while nourishing and protecting the skin. Enriched with a blend of natural oils, including hemp seed oil and tea tree oil, this cream works to soothe inflammation while reducing redness and irritation. Additionally, its anti-bacterial properties help to fight off acne-causing bacteria, leaving skin looking and feeling healthier. 

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