17 best waters for hydration in 2023

By Amber SmithAug 31, 2023 5:00 AM
Elm & Rye Electrolyte Drink Mix Powder


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2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water at home. Furthermore, only 76% of people drink plain water daily. Staying hydrated with water is super important. Even if you can’t drink your tap water there are some best waters for hydration that you can consider. 

17 best waters for hydration in 2023

  1. Elm & Rye Electrolyte Mix Powder

  2. BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water

  3. CORE Hydration

  4. Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Electrolyte Enhanced Drinking Water

  5. VOSS Premium Still Bottled Water

  6. Essentia Bottled Water

  7. Wake Up Water Energy + Hydration Mix

  8. Jove Alkaline pH Water

  9. Earth Circle Organics Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder

  10. Zico 100% Coconut Water Drink

  11. Liquid Death Mountain Water

  12. Waiakea Naturally Alkaline Hawaiian Volcanic Water

  13. LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water pH Balanced with Electrolytes

  14. Talking Rain AQA Alkaline Ionized Bottled Water

  15. Sparkling Ice 

  16. Lemon Perfect, Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon Water

  17. WTRMLN WTR | Cold Pressed Watermelon Water

Elm & Rye Electrolyte Mix Powder

Have you been feeling fatigued and out of sorts lately? Turns out that water alone isn't enough to adequately hydrate - electrolytes are an essential part of the process. But if plain water bores you, give Elm & Rye electrolyte mix powder a try! This delicious powder adds flavor to ordinary water while helping replace lost electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. So this summer, don't worry about the heat - just drink a glass of water enhanced with Elm & Rye and stay energized!

BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water

BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water is the perfect beverage choice for serious hydration needs. Its unique water blend contains ingredients that make it an ideal source of water for sports players and other athletes, giving them the energy and nutrients to improve performance during workouts or physical activities. It features a 9+ pH balance that helps maintain body water levels and actively rehydrates better than regular water can. Additionally, it comes in delicious flavors like Pomegranate Blueberry, and Orange Mango so you can enjoy your water while meeting your hydration needs. So pick up BODYARMOR SportWater Alkaline Water today and feel the difference water with benefits can make!

CORE Hydration

If you're looking for water that can help you keep properly hydrated during the day, then CORE Hydration is definitely worth considering. Packed with electrolytes, this water is pH balanced and purified to provide the perfect water for long-term hydration success. And when water alone isn't enough, CORE's nutritional and functional products can provide additional support to help you stay properly hydrated for optimal performance. With its delicious taste and range of options available, CORE Hydration has something for everyone looking to stay healthy and energized throughout the day!

Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Electrolyte Enhanced Drinking Water

Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Electrolyte Enhanced Drinking Water is water with added benefits to ensure total hydration. Our water is enriched with essential electrolytes and minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium so you can get real replenishment that helps to sustain daily activities. We want our customers to stay refreshed and vitalized throughout the day, which is why we've developed water that works hard to keep your body performing its best no matter what you put it through. Perfect Hydration water gives you the hydration you need in an easy-to-drink form, ensuring total refreshment with every sip.

VOSS Premium Still Bottled Water

VOSS Premium Still Bottled Water is an excellent source of water for hydration. This water caters to all of your water needs, offering both convenience and great taste. Its simple Scandinavian style makes it stand out among other water bottles with its sleek design, making it a desirable water bottle for both adults and children alike. Whatever your lifestyle calls for, VOSS has the perfect water bottle size allowing you to have clean, refreshing water on the go whenever you need it. Enhanced by its modern look, this product provides optimal refreshment while bringing effortless class wherever the day takes you.

Essentia Bottled Water

When it comes to water for hydration, Essentia bottled water is a great choice. Crafted through an ionized alkalization process, the water boasts a pH of 9.5 or higher which helps support your body's natural balance - perfect for post-workout replenishment or day-to-day consumption. The water also undergoes 2 stages of filtration during production which strip away potential contaminants and metals that may exist in standard water sources. With Essentia water as part of your routine, you can rest assured that you are consuming water that is properly filtered and kept at a healthy pH level with added electrolytes.

Wake Up Water Energy + Hydration Mix

Are you looking for a water-based energy source to keep you hydrated throughout the day? Wake Up Water Energy + Hydration Mix is an innovative and convenient water mix that will provide your body with vital water to maintain optimal health while energizing your system. This unique water mix contains vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes that work together to refresh and restore any depleted energy levels. Drink one bottle in the morning as a way to naturally wake up without relying on unhealthy habits like caffeine or sugary drinks. With its portability, you can take it anywhere for increased alertness and performance no matter where life may take you. Try Wake Up Water Energy + Hydration Mix today for an all-natural water source of energy that hydrates your body!

Jove Alkaline pH Water

Jove Alkaline water is a great way to hydrate your body. With its all-natural pH balance, it has been proven to have multiple health benefits including aiding digestion, providing better nutrient absorption, and boosting the immune system. Staying hydrated without drinking sugary drinks or plain water can be difficult but with Jove water, you get the same great for proper hydration without any of the added flavors commonly found in most bottled water brands. Furthermore, Jove water also provides a healthy advantage due to its alkalinity, which increases water purity and safety levels. If you're looking for an optimal water choice that's both healthy and easy on the go - Jove Alkaline water is perfect for you!

Earth Circle Organics Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder

Earth Circle Organics Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder is a fantastic way to add additional water for hydration into your daily routine. It's derived from pure coconut water that's been freeze-dried to maintain flavor and health benefits like electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium. With one scoop of powder, you'll get all of the benefits without the watery mess from freshly-opened coconuts! This convenient and delicious blend is easy to travel with and can be added to water or your favorite beverage for a hydrating boost.

Zico 100% Coconut Water Drink

Enjoy the refreshing taste of water for hydration with Zico 100% Coconut Water drink. Packed with five essential electrolytes -- potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium -- this water alternative is a delicious way to boost your hydration levels. Get hydrating benefits from natural coconut water without any added sugar or preservatives. With a mild, pleasant flavor, Zico is the perfect healthy substitute for unhealthy sodas and other drinks – it’s like sunshine in a bottle. Rehydrate the right way with one sip of Zico Coconut Water!

Liquid Death Mountain Water

If you're looking for water that can help keep you hydrated throughout your day, Liquid Death Mountain water is an excellent choice. Conveniently packaged in resealable cans, this water is sustainably sourced from the Austrian Alps and contains electrolytes to help replenish your body’s needs. Not only that, it's less likely to leave those pesky water rings on furniture than bottled water. Plus, it's free of chemicals, toxins, and pollutants. So if you're looking for water that works hard to provide optimal hydration and great taste—look no further than Liquid Death Mountain water.

Waiakea Naturally Alkaline Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea water is a Hawaiian water brand that consistently delivers water for hydration and health. It has been sourced from the pristine volcanic snowcaps of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, and cycled through over 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock to slowly filter and provide naturally alkaline water full of essential minerals. As the water gets enriched with natural minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium it enriches our bodies too with balanced hydration levels that help us stay energized throughout the day. Waiakea water's unique volcanic filtration method enables it to offer water that’s both healthy and delicious making it an ideal choice for on-the-go hydration and personal well-being.

LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water pH Balanced with Electrolytes

When water for hydration matters, LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water pH Balanced with Electrolytes is here to help. This water comes from a blend of natural spring waters and has been purified and then re-mineralized for a perfect balance of electrolytes. The water's pH level makes it ideal for daily hydration and beyond; it's ultra-purified so that it not only tastes great but helps to replenish your body with pH-balanced water. Drink confidently knowing that the water you need can come with essential minerals added in.

Talking Rain AQA Alkaline Ionized Bottled Water

Talking Rain AQA water is a great way to keep yourself hydrated. It's not just water from the tap but alkaline ionized water that can help balance your body's pH so you can take advantage of improved health benefits. AQA water helps detoxify your body with its antioxidant properties, boosts energy levels and overall energy performance, and supports natural hydration systems. Plus, it tastes great and is simple to add to your daily routine - it comes in convenient bottles so you can easily take them on the go. Try Talking Rain AQA water today - it'll hydrate your body, helping you feel and function at your best all day long!

Sparkling Ice 

Sparkling water can be a great way to get hydrated without the sugar and calories that come with other beverages. Sparkling Ice is a great option to choose, providing water bubbled with flavor! Its unique flavor combinations can provide tons of variety and allow you to get creative when it comes to adding them to recipes or simply just enjoying them plain. There are also plenty of water enhancers available from Sparkling Ice as well as delicious, ready-to-drink teas and energy drinks when water alone isn't quite cutting it. With so many delicious options, replenishing your water throughout the day for excellent hydration just got easier!

Lemon Perfect, Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon Water

Lemon Perfect is a great way to up your water consumption game. Each bottle of Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon Water contains zero sugar and just 15 calories, but you wouldn't know it from the delicious lemon flavor! This naturally flavored water contains real squeezed lemons and juice, offering you the hydration boost water can provide without any excess calories. Plus, it's made with no artificial ingredients so there's nothing added that you won't want. So not only will Lemon Perfect keep you hydrated, but it'll also keep your body healthy!

WTRMLN WTR | Cold Pressed Watermelon Water

Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and healthy. WTRMLN WTR cold-pressed watermelon water offers consumers an alternate way to consume water for hydration. It has all the benefits of water, in addition to the electrolytes from watermelon, which are important mineral that helps improve muscle performance and promote better hydration. It's a delightful way to quench thirst and also provides some natural vitamins A, C, & B6 throughout your day.


Water is the most important resource in the world. Up to 60% of our bodies are water, which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated. If plain drinking water doesn’t please your taste buds consider one of these best waters for hydration. 

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