16 Best Laundry Detergent for Septic Systems of 2024

By Amber Smith
Jan 1, 2024 2:00 PMJan 2, 2024 12:15 AM


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When it comes to septic systems, it is crucial to select a laundry detergent that is safe and effective. With numerous options available in the market, it can be a daunting task to identify the right one that doesn't harm your system. Using the wrong detergent may lead to clogs, backups, and system failures, causing significant damage to the septic system. 

That's why this list of the 16 best laundry detergents for septic systems in 2023 includes eco-friendly options and potent stain removers. This comprehensive list caters to everyone looking for a septic-safe laundry detergent, providing a hassle-free laundry experience while maintaining the septic system's health.

16 Best Laundry Detergent for Septic Systems of 2023

  1. Loni Bio Laundry Detergent

  2. Earth Breeze 

  3. ECOS Plant Powered 

  4. Seventh Generation 

  5. Clean People. 

  6. all Liquid Laundry Detergent

  7. Rosey Laundry Detergent 

  8. Dirty Labs 

  9. Tide Hygienic 

  10. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

  11. Boulder Clean 

  12. Arm & Hammer 

  13. Zum 

  14. Dropps 

  15. Murchison-Hume 

  16. Dreft 

What features to look for in a laundry detergent for septic systems? 

When looking for a laundry detergent suitable for use in septic systems, it is important to look for the following features: 

  • Low levels of phosphates: Phosphates are a major source of pollution in lakes and streams, so look for detergents that contain minimal amounts. 

  • Mild ingredients: Many harsh chemicals used in regular laundry detergents can be damaging to septic tanks and other natural ecosystems. Choose one with mild, natural ingredients instead. 

  • Biodegradable formula: Make sure that whatever product you choose should break down quickly after being released into the environment. 

  • High efficiency (HE) compatible: If you own a high-efficiency washing machine, look for a detergent formulated specifically for HE machines. 

  • Low sudsing: Detergents that produce too many suds can cause clogs and damage to septic tanks, so opt for one with low or no sudsing. 

By following these tips, you can be sure to choose the best laundry detergent for your septic system. With the right product, you can keep your septic system healthy and your clothes clean.

Are laundry detergent pods safe for septic systems?

If you have a septic system, it's best to avoid using laundry detergent pods. This is because they contain high levels of chemicals and surfactants that can build up in the septic tank over time, potentially causing issues. Also, their small size increases the likelihood of causing clogs in pipes or filters. Instead, opt for liquid or powder laundry detergents.

To avoid residue build-up in your septic tank, use laundry detergent pods that are low sudsing and don't have fabric softener or other additives. Additionally, you can occasionally use an enzyme supplement to maintain the microbial balance in the tank.

To prevent harm to your septic system from laundry detergent pods, follow these steps to boost its efficiency.

Is Arm and Hammer laundry detergent safe for septic systems?

If you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can typically use rm and Hammer's laundry detergents without worrying about damaging your septic system. This brand has many types of detergents, including liquid and powder, that have minimal amounts of surfactants, enzymes, and other additives.

Certain formulas contain natural ingredients, like baking soda, which can break down oil and grease in the tank more effectively than synthetic chemicals. Moreover, Arm and Hammer's formulas with low sudsing capacity can decrease the possibility of residue accumulation in your system in the long run.

How many loads of laundry a day are safe to do with a septic tank?

The number of loads you can do in a day with a septic tank will vary depending on the size and capacity of your system. Generally, it is recommended to limit the number of loads to no more than four per day to avoid overloading the tank. Any more than this can cause problems like clogs or backups.

Using high-efficiency washing machines and detergents designed for these machines will also help reduce the load on your septic tank as they use less water and require less detergent than conventional machines. Additionally, you could consider diluting the laundry detergent or using an enzyme supplement regularly to keep your system running smoothly. 

What does baking soda do to a septic tank?

To ensure the proper functioning of your septic system, it is recommended to avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and instead use baking soda. This is because such chemicals can harm the beneficial bacteria present in the system, which are responsible for breaking down the waste that passes through the pipes.

Baking soda, on the other hand, is non-toxic and neutralizes odors in the tank. It can also be used to unclog pipes or filter out debris that gets stuck along the way. Additionally, baking soda helps maintain an ideal pH level in the system and prevent residue accumulation over time. 

How often should I clean my washer when using best laundry detergent for septic systems of 2023? 

It is recommended to clean your washer at least once a month when using the best laundry detergent for septic systems of 2023. This will help keep it free from residue buildup, which can cause clogs in pipes and filters if left unchecked. Additionally, cleaning removes any lingering scents or particles that may have been left behind by the detergents used and helps prevent them from entering the septic system. 

To properly clean a washing machine, use either vinegar or baking soda as they are both non-toxic and effective at removing dirt and grime. You can also use a commercial cleaner specifically designed for washing machines when needed. After cleaning, always run an empty load with hot water to flush out any remaining residue before doing any more loads with the septic-safe detergent. 

Here are 18 of the best laundry detergent options for septic systems in 2023, based on the information you now know about how detergents can affect septic systems.

Image courtesy Loni Labs

Bio enzyme laundry detergent has unique features that set it apart from regular detergents. It is made in the USA using bio-based ingredients that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

This laundry detergent has a highly concentrated formula that is specifically designed for use with HE washers. It is an excellent option for modern, efficient households. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and safe to use around sensitive skin, babies, and pets.

If you care about ethical considerations, this laundry detergent is a great choice. It is made without using animal products, has not been tested on animals, and is environmentally friendly. The detergent utilizes enzymes to eliminate difficult stains, and does not contain artificial fragrances or severe chemicals.

2.     Earth Breeze 

Image courtesy Earth Breeze

Earth Breeze Natural Laundry Detergent is a good choice for those looking for an all-natural detergent. This detergent is made from plant-based ingredients and does not have any harsh chemicals, such as enzymes, dyes, fragrances, chlorine, or sulfates. It is both safe and effective.

3.     ECOS Plant 

Image courtesy Ecos 

Consider using ECOS Plant Powered Laundry Detergent if you need a more eco-friendly and organic option for your laundry. It is constructed from sustainable materials and does not have any phthalates, dyes, optical brighteners, or synthetic fragrances.

4.     Seventh Generation 

Image courtesy Seventh Generation 

Their laundry detergent is specially formulated to remove tough stains and odors without using any artificial dyes, optical brighteners, or synthetic fragrances. It's undergone extensive testing and is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. You can use it with both traditional and HE washing machines and it works well with any water temperature for maximum effectiveness.

5.     Clean People. 

Image courtesy Clean People. 

Clean People, is produced in the United States using natural ingredients and is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, phosphates, or chlorine. With the use of innovative "clean tech" technology, it can efficiently remove dirt and stains without the need for harsh chemicals or bleaches. You can also safely use it on cloth diapers and any colorfast fabrics.

6.     all Liquid 

Image courtesy All 

If you need a reliable laundry detergent for your daily needs, Liquid Laundry Detergent is a great option. It can get rid of tough stains while still being gentle on fabrics, making it safe for all your clothing and bedding. With its powerful cleaning formula, it can effectively remove dirt, grime, and odors, leaving your clothes looking and smelling clean and fresh.

This detergent can be used in both standard and high efficiency washing machines, no matter what type of machine you have. It is also safe for all colors and fabrics, including delicate items, so you can trust that it will take good care of your clothes.

7.     Rosey Laundry 

Image courtesy Rosey

Rosey Laundry Detergent is a laundry detergent that uses natural, plant-based ingredients and does not contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. It can effectively remove tough stains without the use of bleach or other aggressive cleaning agents.

This product has a hypoallergenic formula, making it safe to use on any type of fabric and color, and a good choice for people with sensitive skin. It works effectively on both standard and HE washers to provide the best possible results regardless of your machine.

8.     Dirty Labs 

Image courtesy Dirty Labs 

Dirty Labs, is a potent solution that is also eco-friendly, perfect for washing your clothes. It comprises biodegradable and plant-based ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. Although it's gentle on fabrics, its concentrated formula is tough on dirt and stains.

Dirty Labs Laundry Detergent is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies since it lacks harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It has a subtle aroma that makes clothes smell clean and fresh but not overpowering.

9.     Tide Hygienic 

Image courtesy Tide 

The Tide Hygienic Clean laundry detergent uses deep-cleaning technology to effectively remove dirt, grime, and odors from clothes and linens, all while being gentle on fabrics. It's also free of dyes and fragrances.

Tide Hygienic Clean detergent can be used in both standard and HE washing machines, regardless of which type you own. Additionally, it's formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and reduce allergies.

10.  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day 

Image courtesy Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is a laundry detergent that effectively cleans clothes using natural ingredients like plant-derived components and essential oils. Its gentle formula is suitable for different types of fabrics and leaves clothes smelling fresh after use. In addition to its ability to remove stains and dirt, this laundry detergent is an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly product.

11.  Boulder Clean 

Image courtesy Boulder Clean 

Boulder Clean offers a laundry detergent that is both powerful and natural, designed to be used on fabrics of all colors and types. The formula is free-and-clear, containing plant-based ingredients that are EPA Safer Choice certified, making it an eco-friendly option.

12.  Arm & Hammer 

Image courtesy Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple Light In-Wash Scent Booster Crisp Clean is a product that can add a refreshing fragrance to your clothes. It consists of natural baking soda and plant-based ingredients that create a long-lasting aroma, without any adverse effects on your skin or the environment. To use it, you just need to mix it with your laundry detergent, and enjoy the freshly-scented clothes all day long.

13.  Zum 

Image courtesy Thrive Market

Zum is an ideal laundry detergent for those who seek reliability and natural ingredients. It comprises of only five recognizable elements such as baking soda and coconut oil, which can efficiently remove dirt and odors without any harmful chemicals.

14.  Dropps 

Image courtesy Dropps 

Dropps laundry detergent pods are a great option for cleaning your clothes effectively and conveniently. The pod-based system maintains a concentrated cleaning solution to ensure a thorough cleaning. These pods contain eco-friendly ingredients, such as surfactants derived from plants, that make them safe for you and the environment.

15.  Murchison-Hume 

Image courtesy Murchison Hume 

Using Everything Laundry Soap can simplify your laundry routine. This detergent is specifically formulated to cleanse your garments effectively while being gentle to delicate fabrics, resulting in clean and attractive clothes.

The Everything Laundry Soap has a gentle, yet powerful formula that simplifies your laundry routine by providing optimal cleaning results every time. You only need to use one detergent for all fabrics, eliminating the need for multiple detergents.

16.  Dreft 

Image courtesy Dreft 

For those with sensitive skin, Dreft laundry detergent could be a good option. Its non-allergenic formula makes it gentle on both clothes and skin. It also has effective stain removal properties without harsh chemicals or bleaches.

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