15 best cbd oil for parkinsons in 2023

By Amber Smith; Medically Reviewed by Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPH
Nov 27, 2023 4:00 AMNov 27, 2023 7:28 PM
Penguin CBD Oil


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CBD oil has been found to have potential neuroprotect effects in Parkinson's disease CBD oil may help alleviate symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and impaired movement in Parkinson's patients. A significant number of Parkinson's patients report improvement in sleep quality after using CBD oil. CBD oil has shown promise in reducing anxiety and depression, which are common non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Some studies suggest that CBD oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could benefit Parkinson's patients. CBD oil has been found to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in motor control and movement. CBD oil is generally well-tolerated and has a low risk of side effects in Parkinson's patients. A growing body of anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil may improve overall quality of life in Parkinson's patients. CBD oil may help manage pain and muscle stiffness associated with Parkinson's disease. CBD oil has been studied for its potential to reduce the frequency and severity of Parkinson's disease-related dyskinesia. Some Parkinson's patients have reported a reduction in medication-induced side effects when using CBD oil.

Whether you seek to manage symptoms, enhance quality of life, or simply gain a deeper understanding of this natural remedy, our guide will help you navigate the world of CBD oils for Parkinson's disease.

15 best cbd oil for Parkinsons in 2023

  1. Penguin CBD Oil

  2. Elm & Rye Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  3. Everest Delta 8 Oil

  4. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

  5. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

  6. Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil

  7. CBDistillery CBD Oil

  8. Joy Organics CBD Oil

  9. Green Roads CBD Oil

  10. Medterra CBD Oil

  11. Fab CBD Oil

  12. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

  13. Endoca CBD Oil

  14. PlusCBD Oil

  15. Elixinol CBD Oil

Penguin CBD Oil

Penguin CBD oil is a reputed brand that has been making waves in the world of CBD. CBD oil has been studied for its potential benefits as an alternative therapy for various medical conditions, including Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. CBD oil may have the potential to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease, such as tremors, stiffness, and muscle rigidity. Penguin CBD oil is made from high-quality, organic hemp, and is thoroughly tested to ensure its purity and potency. If you or someone you know is suffering from Parkinson's disease, Penguin CBD oil may be worth considering as an adjunct therapy. However, it's always crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new treatment.

Elm & Rye Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you or a loved one is struggling with Parkinson's, you may be interested to learn about the potential benefits of Elm & Rye Full Spectrum CBD Oil. While research on CBD and Parkinson's is still in the early stages, some studies suggest that it may help alleviate symptoms such as tremors and rigidity. Plus, because it comes from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC, it won't produce the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. Elm & Rye's CBD oil is made with American-grown hemp and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure potency and purity. Whether you're looking for a natural supplement to complement your existing treatment plan or simply curious about the benefits of CBD, Elm & Rye's Full Spectrum CBD Oil may be worth considering.

Everest Delta 8 Oil

Everest Delta 8 Oil is a type of CBD oil that has been gaining increasing attention in recent years for its potential benefits in managing symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement, balance, and coordination. While there is currently no cure for Parkinson's, treatment options such as medication and physical therapy can help manage symptoms. Many people are turning to CBD oil as a complementary alternative therapy to help with the tremors and stiffness associated with Parkinson's. However, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment. Overall, Everest Delta 8 Oil shows promising potential as a natural and non-intoxicating option for those seeking relief from Parkinson's symptoms.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte's Web CBD oil is creating quite a buzz in the world of alternative medicine. The potential benefits of CBD oil for Parkinson's disease sufferers have led many to seek out this specific product as a potential treatment option. While still in the early stages of research and testing, many advocates of CBD oil for Parkinson's claim to have experienced a reduction in symptoms such as tremors and dyskinesia. Charlotte's Web offers a variety of CBD oil options, from tinctures to capsules, making it easily accessible to those who are interested in exploring the potential benefits of this alternative treatment option. As with any new treatment, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before trying CBD oil for Parkinson's disease.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

As medical research advances, more and more people are turning to alternative treatments for their medical needs. CBD oil has become an increasingly popular option for people with Parkinson's disease, thanks to its potential to help manage symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and sleep disturbances. One brand that is gaining recognition in the CBD market is NuLeaf Naturals. Their CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado and is free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. It is also a third-party lab tested for purity and potency. With over 24,000 satisfied customers and a full spectrum of cannabinoids, NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil may be worth trying for those seeking an all-natural approach to managing Parkinson's symptoms.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil

Cannabis-based products have been an area of growing interest among researchers and patients seeking alternative therapies for Parkinson's disease. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil, made from hemp grown in the USA, is one such product that has gained popularity for its potential effectiveness in alleviating Parkinson's symptoms. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in cannabis plants that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Although research on the effects of CBD oil on Parkinson's is still in its early stages, some studies have shown promising results. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil is also known for its affordability and accessibility, making it a popular choice for patients seeking alternative ways to manage their Parkinson's symptoms.

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBDistillery CBD oil has gained attention for its potential benefits for those living with Parkinson's. Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system that affects mobility and causes tremors. While there is no cure for Parkinson's, CBD oil has shown promise in alleviating some of the symptoms. CBDistillery, a reputable brand, offers a CBD oil made from high-quality hemp that is third-party tested for purity and potency. The oil is free from THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, making it a safe and legal option for those with Parkinson's. With a growing body of research on the effectiveness of CBD for Parkinson's, CBDistillery CBD oil is worth considering for those seeking alternative, natural options for symptom management.

Joy Organics CBD Oil

For individuals with Parkinson's disease, managing symptoms can often be a challenge. That's where Joy Organics CBD oil comes in. Known for its potential to alleviate a wide variety of health conditions and improve overall well-being, CBD oil has become an increasingly popular alternative for Parkinson's patients seeking relief from tremors, stiffness, and anxiety. Joy Organics offers a high-quality, THC-free CBD oil that is made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Their CBD oil is rigorously tested for potency and purity to ensure that customers receive a safe and effective product. If you or a loved one are looking for a natural and reliable way to manage Parkinson's symptoms, Joy Organics CBD oil may be worth considering.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD Oil is becoming a popular choice for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional Parkinson's medication. CBD oil has been found to have potential beneficial effects in reducing symptoms of Parkinson's disease, including tremors, stiffness, and difficulty sleeping. Green Roads CBD Oil is tested by independent laboratories for purity, and their products are available in a variety of concentrations to meet the needs of individual patients. While more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of CBD oil for Parkinson's disease, many patients have reported significant improvement in their symptoms. If you are considering trying CBD oil for Parkinson's, it is essential to do your research and speak with your healthcare provider.

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD Oil is a natural product derived from hemp plants that is widely known for its therapeutic benefits. It has been found to help treat various ailments, including Parkinson's disease, which affects the central nervous system and causes tremors, rigidity, and difficulty in balancing. The oil's powerful properties help to reduce inflammation, and muscle stiffness, and alleviate pain, which can all help to improve the quality of life of Parkinson's patients. When choosing a CBD oil for Parkinson's, it is important to look for high-quality products that are free of harmful chemicals and contaminants. Medterra CBD Oil is an excellent option for those looking for natural and safe treatment.

Fab CBD Oil

Fab CBD Oil is a product that is gaining wildfire popularity among Parkinson’s patients. With its natural ingredients, it offers a safe and healthy alternative to common pharmaceuticals. Parkinson’s disease affects millions of people worldwide, and symptoms include tremors, stiffness, and slowness of movement. CBD oil has been shown to have promising results in reducing these symptoms. Fab CBD Oil is composed of a high-quality blend of full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil, providing both physical and mental benefits. If you or someone you know is struggling to manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s, give Fab CBD Oil a try.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil has gained recognition as a promising natural remedy for Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's Disease can cause tremors, stiffness in limbs, impaired posture and balance, and problems with speech and writing. Research has shown that CBD oil can help manage the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil is non-intoxicating and contains only trace amounts of THC, ensuring that patients can obtain its therapeutic benefits without experiencing the psychoactive effects of marijuana. The oil contains natural plant compounds that can help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance the overall quality of life. Bluebird Botanicals offers an extensive range of full-spectrum CBD oils in different strengths and flavors, making it easy for patients to find the right product that suits their needs.

Endoca CBD Oil

Endoca CBD Oil is a natural, hemp-derived product that is gaining attention for its potential benefits in alleviating various medical conditions, including Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a chronic and progressive movement disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. CBD oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that may reduce inflammation and slow the progression of the disease. By interacting with specific receptors in the brain, CBD oil may help improve movement, reduce tremors, and provide relief from other symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease. While research is ongoing, many people with Parkinson's are turning to CBD oil as an alternative or complementary treatment option. With Endoca CBD Oil, you can trust that you are receiving a high-quality, full-spectrum product that has been third-party lab-tested for purity and potency.

PlusCBD Oil

If you or someone you know is living with Parkinson’s disease, then you may want to consider CBD oil as a potential supplement to alleviate symptoms. PlusCBD Oil is a brand that offers a variety of CBD products that may be helpful in offering relief from anxiety, tremors, and other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce inflammation and may offer neuroprotective benefits, thus slowing the progression of the disease. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplements into your regimen, but CBD oil may be a useful tool in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Elixinol CBD Oil

CBD Oil has been gaining traction in the medical community as a possible treatment for a variety of ailments. Elixinol CBD Oil, in particular, has been found to be beneficial for those suffering from Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system, and symptoms can include tremors, stiffness, and balance issues. CBD Oil can help to alleviate these symptoms, and Elixinol's extract is known for its high quality and potency. Elixinol's CBD Oil is made from organic hemp and contains a full spectrum of therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is important to note that while CBD Oil may not be a cure for Parkinson's, it can help to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from it.

Our Criteria For Ranking the Best CBD Oils for Parkinsons

  1. Purity and Quality: The highest-quality CBD oils are extracted from organically grown hemp and are free from contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. Products should undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and potency.

  2. CBD Type: Consider the type of CBD oil being offered, whether it's full-spectrum (contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, including trace amounts of THC), broad-spectrum (contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes but is THC-free), or isolate (pure CBD). Different individuals may prefer different types based on their sensitivity to THC.

  3. Potency: The concentration of CBD in the oil is crucial. Parkinson's patients often require higher doses, so oils with higher CBD concentrations should be favored, as long as they are safe and well-tolerated.

  4. Transparency: The best brands provide clear and easily accessible information about their sourcing, manufacturing processes, and third-party lab testing. Transparency builds trust and helps users make informed decisions.

  5. Sourcing: Hemp should be sourced from reputable, organic farms within regions known for high-quality hemp cultivation. The origin of the hemp can impact the quality of the final product.

  6. Extraction Method: The extraction method should be safe and efficient. CO2 extraction is generally considered one of the cleanest methods, preserving the integrity of the CBD.

  7. Additional Cannabinoids and Terpenes: Some users may benefit from a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes, which can contribute to the entourage effect, potentially enhancing the therapeutic properties of CBD.

  8. Flavor and Aroma: Some individuals may have sensitivities or preferences regarding the flavor or aroma of the oil. Brands that offer a variety of flavor options may be more appealing to users.

  9. Price: The cost of CBD oil can vary significantly among brands. While affordability is important, it should not be the sole factor, as high-quality CBD oil may be more expensive but also more effective.

  10. User Reviews and Recommendations: Real user experiences and feedback can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and tolerability of CBD oils. Reviews and recommendations from individuals with Parkinson's can be particularly informative.

  11. Customer Support: Excellent customer support, including responsiveness to inquiries and assistance with product selection, can greatly enhance the overall experience of using CBD oil.

  12. Legal Compliance: Ensure that the CBD oil is sourced from legal industrial hemp and complies with local and national regulations regarding the use of CBD products.

  13. Dosage and Administration: Consider the ease of dosing and administration. For Parkinson's patients, products that offer precise and adjustable dosing options can be particularly valuable.


In conclusion, as research on CBD and its potential benefits for individuals with Parkinson's disease continues to evolve, it's clear that CBD oil has become a promising adjunct to traditional treatment options. While the best CBD oil for Parkinson's may vary depending on individual needs and preferences, the products highlighted in this article provide a valuable starting point for those seeking relief from the often challenging symptoms of this condition. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD oil into your Parkinson's management plan, as they can offer personalized guidance and dosage recommendations. With further exploration and an increasing understanding of CBD's therapeutic potential, individuals living with Parkinson's have a growing array of options to consider as they work towards improved symptom management and a better quality of life.

FAQ For CBD Oil For Parkinsons

  • What is CBD, and how does it relate to Parkinson's disease?

    • CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. Some research suggests that CBD may have potential benefits for individuals with Parkinson's disease by influencing the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various functions, including movement.

  • Is CBD oil legal for Parkinson's patients?

    • The legality of CBD oil varies by location. In many places, CBD derived from industrial hemp with minimal THC content (usually less than 0.3%) is legal. However, it's important to check local and national laws and regulations before purchasing and using CBD products.

  • What are the potential benefits of using CBD oil for Parkinson's disease?

    • Some individuals with Parkinson's report potential benefits, such as reduced tremors, improved sleep, and enhanced quality of life. CBD's anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties are thought to be responsible for these effects.

  • Is CBD oil a cure for Parkinson's disease?

    • CBD is not a cure for Parkinson's disease. It is considered a complementary therapy that may help manage symptoms, but it does not alter the underlying course of the disease.

  • How should I choose the best CBD oil for Parkinson's?

    • Consider factors such as purity, quality, potency, sourcing, extraction method, transparency, and user reviews when selecting a CBD oil. Consulting with a healthcare provider for personalized recommendations is also advisable.

  • Are there any side effects of using CBD oil for Parkinson's?

    • Common side effects of CBD may include dry mouth, dizziness, changes in appetite, and diarrhea. Parkinson's patients should be especially cautious if they are taking other medications, as CBD can interact with some drugs.

  • How should I determine the right dosage of CBD oil for Parkinson's?

    • CBD dosage can vary significantly among individuals. It's advisable to start with a low dose and gradually increase it while closely monitoring its effects. Consulting a healthcare professional can help determine the optimal dosage.

  • Can I use CBD oil in combination with my current Parkinson's medications?

    • It's important to consult with a healthcare provider before adding CBD oil to your existing treatment regimen. They can provide guidance on potential drug interactions and adjustments to your medication plan.

  • How quickly can I expect to see results from using CBD oil for Parkinson's?

    • The time it takes to notice effects can vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience benefits within a few days, while others may take several weeks. Patience and consistent use may be necessary.

  • Are there risks or considerations for older adults with Parkinson's who want to use CBD oil?

    • Older adults may be more susceptible to certain side effects, so it's important to start with low doses and carefully monitor their effects. Additionally, older adults should consult with their healthcare provider before using CBD products.

  • Are there any specific forms of CBD products that are recommended for Parkinson's patients?

    • The choice of CBD product can vary based on individual preferences. Common options include CBD oil tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topical creams. The best form depends on the desired effects and ease of administration.

  • Where can I find reliable information about CBD and Parkinson's disease?

    • Trusted sources of information include healthcare professionals, medical journals, and reputable organizations specializing in Parkinson's research and treatment.

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