The Best Adjustable Bed Frames in 2022: Sleep Disorders Resolved with a Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed

By Deirdre MundorfAug 19, 2021 5:00 AM
Best Adjustable Bed Frames


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Did you know that sleeping in a zero-gravity position may help alleviate symptoms from improve sleep disorders, relieve neck and back pain, and allow for better circulation and heart health?  An adjustable bed frame allows you to place your body in a zero-gravity position to enjoy all of these benefits and more as you sleep comfortably with optimal support throughout the night.    

If you’ve been considering getting an adjustable bed, you’re not alone.  Many individuals are making the switch to enhance their comfort, improve their health, and, of course, to enjoy more restful sleep.    

Deciding which adjustable bed frame is right for you can be challenging.  The market is overflowing with options, and sorting through all these choices can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, our best adjustable beds reviews below can help you focus your search, narrow down your choices, and select the right model to help you mitigate sleep disorders, to sleep more comfortably, and to wake up feeling more rested.  

What is Zero Gravity? 

Zero gravity refers to a specific position where the body is a state of weightlessness.  NASA actually developed this term for astronauts to help them find the ideal position to keep their weight balanced and neutralized as they flew into space.  Being in a zero-gravity position prevents gravity from affecting your body, which means that nothing is pulling your body down.    

Your body is in a zero-gravity position when: 

  • The hips have a 120-degree bend to put the thighs and torso at an equal angle 

  • The knees and head are elevated above the level of the heart and stomach  

When your body is in the zero-gravity position, it should look like a V shape.  This alignment helps ensure that your weight is distributed evenly.  

As you can imagine, sleeping in this V-shaped position on a standard bed frame isn’t possible.  However, adjustable bed frames enable you to sleep in a zero-gravity position and prevent your body’s weight from placing pressure on your hips, spine, and other joints.  Sleeping in a zero-gravity position offers a myriad of benefits.  We’ll explore these benefits in the next section.   

Benefits of Sleeping in a Zero-Gravity Position with an Adjustable Bed Frame 

Adjustable beds have been used in hospitals for over a century due to their ability to properly position patients to facilitate recovery and reduce complications from surgeries and other medical procedures.  If adjustable beds can protect the health of patients in a hospital, then it seems like a logical conclusion that they can also offer health benefits for individuals who use them at home.  Indeed, there are many ways switching to an adjustable bed frame and sleeping in a zero-gravity position can benefit your health.  These include:  

  • Less snoring:  Snoring occurs when the soft tissues and the tongue narrow the airway.  We all know the annoying sound that can result from this.  Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your head to open up the airway and decrease the vibrations that result in snoring.    

While some individuals snore every night, others are more prone to it only when they are congested.  Adjustable beds can also help reduce snoring caused by congestion because keeping the head elevated can allow the sinuses to drain.    

  • Reduced sleep apnea:  An adjustable bed may also reduce sleep apnea symptoms.  Sleep apnea, which occurs when an individual stops breathing during sleep, is also sometimes the result of an obstructed airway.  Elevating the head may open up the airway enough to prevent or lessen sleep apnea, allowing individuals get more restful sleep.  

  • Relief from neck, back, and joint pain:  Sleeping in a zero-gravity position can significantly increase your comfort and reduce your pain.  The reason for this benefit is that when you’re in the zero-gravity position, your weight is evenly distributed.  This improved distribution of weight takes the pressure of your back, neck, and joints, which is often the main cause of pain.  

Laying on a flat mattress, on the other hand, does not allow your weight to be evenly distributed.  This places unnecessary pressure on the spinal column and can result in a significant pain and discomfort.  Adjustable beds may provide relief from pain caused from sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, scoliosis, and other conditions.  

  • Improved circulation:  Sleeping in a zero-gravity position allows more blood to flow to the heart.  This increase of blood flow reaching the heart makes its muscles work harder to pump that blood throughout the body.  Increased blood circulation can improve the overall health of your heart and other vital organs.  

  • Decreased swelling:  Another benefit of improved circulation is decreased swelling.  When the body lays flat, blood and other fluids may accumulate the in the lower body since the heart isn’t able to keep blood flowing effectively.  This can result in inflammation or swelling.  However, with the increased blood flow that results from sleeping in a zero-gravity position, fluids won’t accumulate in the extremities, and swelling may be reduced.  

  • Improved digestion:  Digestion can also be improved by sleeping on an adjustable bed frame.  Sleeping flat can make it more difficult for the body to digest food properly.  Sleeping flat can also aggravate acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease.    

Elevating the head about six inches can reduce these symptoms.  This position removes pressure from the digestive track and makes it more difficult for stomach acids to go up into the throat.  

  • Better breathing:  When you sleep in the zero-gravity position, the pressure placed on your lungs and airway is reduced.  As a result, your body can breathe more easily and can limit the impact asthma, allergies, and congestion can have on your sleep.  

Best Adjustable Bed Reviews 

Whether you’re looking for the best split king adjustable bed reviews or the best adjustable twin, queen, or full bed frames, we have you covered.  We have selected some of the top models currently available that will help you stay comfortable while you sleep and will enable you to enjoy the benefits described above.  Read on to discover which adjustable bed frame is right for you.  

GhostBed Adjustable Base  

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed frame with luxury features for a budget-friendly price, consider the GhostBed Adjustable Base.  This fully-adjustable frame allows you to customize your position for ultimate comfort.  The fully adjustable head and foot sections allow for an unlimited number of options, including a zero-gravity position.  

This bed frame also offers 15 head and foot massage modes to deliver additional comfort and relaxation.  Furthermore, it is equipped with two USB ports on each side to allow for easy charging and convenient access to electronic devices.  Under-bed LED lights are also integrated into the design to provide soft lighting if you wake up in the middle of the night.  

The included backlit remote makes it easy to adjust the bed to the ideal position for sleeping or relaxing.  Use the foot and head up/down buttons to move the frame to the exact position you desire.  The remote can also save your favorite position for sleeping and return you to it with just a press of a button.   

Additionally, the remote offers preset positions for zero-gravity, watching TV, and lounging.  With the remote, you can even control the under-bed lighting and turn on the head or foot massage and adjust their intensity.    

The GhostBed Adjustable Base features a sturdy steel frame.  It also has a retainer bar and non-skid surface to ensure the mattress stays in place.    

This adjustable bed frame is available in twin XL, queen, and split king sizes.  Split king adjustable beds offer the added benefit of allowing each partner to customize their own position.  All orders include free shipping and a limited lifetime warranty.  

Puffy Adjustable Base Premium  

The Adjustable Base Premium from Puffy Sleep is another top contender when you’re looking for the best adjustable bed frame.  The head on this model adjusts up to 60 degrees and the legs adjust up to 45 degrees to help each individual find their most comfortable sleeping position.  

The adjustable bed frame from Puffy Sleep is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and split-king sizes.  Use the included remote to customize your position whether reading a book in bed, watching TV, or drifting off to dreamland.  The remote also has a memory feature that can save your favorite position.  Some of the other remote settings include zero gravity, watching TV, and anti-snore.  

Puffy Sleep has some of the best split king adjustable beds reviews.  With the split king adjustable frame, you and a partner can each set the bed to the position that is most comfortable for you.  This can help ensure that each of you get the restorative sleep that need.  

For a nominal additional fee, you can upgrade the Puffy Sleep Adjustable Base to include head and food massage features and dual USB ports for charging electronic devices.  

This adjustable frame is constructed from coated metal for lasting durability.  Each purchase is protected by a 10-year warranty and includes free shipping.  

Layla Adjustable Base Plus 

This motorized and fully adjustable base from Layla Sleep also has a lot to offer users.  It is available in twin XL, queen, king, and split king sizes.    

A wireless remote is included with the frame for easy operation.  The remote includes preset buttons for moving the frame to zero-gravity, anti-snore, or flat positions.  You can also set the remote to remember up to three of your preferred positions.  A mobile app is available for controlling the bed frame with a smartphone or tablet, and the frame is even compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice command operations.  

Layla Sleep incorporated some upgraded features into the design of this frame.  The frame features dual-zone vibrating massage motors at the head and foot of the frame.  There are three massage intensities to choose from, as well as an auto-shutoff timer to stop the vibrations at a set time.  

Each side of the frame features two ports to keep your devices charged and within easy reach.  Some of the other notable features of this adjustable bed frame include the under-bed lighting and wall-hugging technology that keeps the head of the bed at the same distance from the wall regardless of the incline angle.  

Layla Sleep backs this bed frame with a 10-year warranty.  They also offer free-shipping and a 30-night money-back guarantee.  

Sweet Night Tranquil Adjustable Bed Frame  

Last, but certainly not least, we also think you’ll love the Tranquil Adjustable Bed Frame from Sweet Night.  Available in twin XL, full, queen, and split California king sizes, this bed frame delivers the ability to tailor your position for enhanced comfort.  Adjust the head incline between 0 and 60 degrees and the foot incline between 0 and 40 degrees for a nearly endless number of positioning options.  

The Tranquil Adjustable Bed Frame from Sweet Night can be controlled using the included wireless remote or with an app on your smartphone or tablet.  Use the remote or app to adjust the head and foot inclines or to select one of the preset positions including anti-snore, zero gravity, watching TV, or lying down flat.  

In addition to allowing you to adjust your position, this bed frame includes some other helpful and impressive features.  Each side of the frame offers dual USB ports for charging your phone, tablet, or other devices.  There is also a pocket on each side to hold a smartphone and keep it within easy reach.  Remote-controlled LED under-bed lights, provide low lighting if needed at night or in the morning.  

The frame is made using a sturdy aluminum alloy that can support up to 705 pounds.  All orders include free shipping and free returns.  

Adjustable Bed Frame Buying Guide 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all the benefits associated with using an adjustable bed frame, it is imperative to note that each model is slightly different.  There are a number of important considerations to keep in mind as you shop for an adjustable bed frame.  Read through our buying guide below to learn more about these considerations and choose the best adjustable bed frame to match your needs.  

Mattress Compatibility 

If you’re planning to use your existing mattress, the first thing you should do is to confirm compatibility.  Most adjustable bed frames are designed to be compatible with different mattress brands, but some manufacturers recommend only using their mattresses on their proprietary frames.  Keep in mind that most innerspring mattresses are too inflexible to work well with an adjustable frame.  Hybrid, foam, or latex mattresses are more flexible and will work best.  


After determining if your current mattress is compatible with the bed frame or if you need to purchase a new mattress with your new bed frame, then you will need to evaluate if each model is available in your desired sire.  Obviously, the bed frame must match the size of the mattress you are planning to use on it, so you won’t want to waste your time looking at a model that isn’t even available in your preferred size.  

Settings and Operation 

Before making a purchase, look at the range of motion of each bed frame.  Some adjustable bed frames offer more adjustability than others.  This flexibility, or lack of it, could certainly make one model more appealing than another.  The head can often be elevated between 60 and 80 degrees, while the range of motion for the lower portion of the mattress is typically between 30 and 40 degrees.  If there is a specific angle you’d prefer, then confirm it is possible with each bed frame you’re considering.  

Next, look at how easy it will be to adjust the bed frame.  Does it include a remote control?  Are there any preset positions or memory features?  Can you download an app to control the bed frame using a smart device?  

Additional Features 

Some manufacturers include additional features to make their adjustable bed frames more user-friendly.  These features may include heat and massage functions, under-bed lighting, USB charging ports, and built-in speakers.  If any of these features are important to you, look for a manufacturer that integrates them into their design of their adjustable bed frame.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can you use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed frame? 

Yes, most regular mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed frame.  Many frames are compatible with latex, foam, and hybrid mattresses.  Unfortunately, most innerspring mattresses are too rigid to move with an adjustable frame.  

What is a split king adjustable bed? 

Split king adjustable beds allow the right and left sides to adjust independently of one another.  This means that each partner can elevate their head and feet to their exact comfort level without needing to make compromises with their partner.   

Are adjustable beds worth the additional cost? 

This is a personal question that will come down to your priorities and financial situation.  Many people find that adjustable beds are worth the additional cost due to how much better they sleep and all the other health benefits they offer, such as reduced back and neck pain, better circulation, decreased swelling, and improved digestion.  

Split king adjustable beds can be particularly beneficial for partners who prefer different sleeping positions or who are facing different health issues.  With a split king adjustable bed, each partner can independently adjust their own side of the bed.  

How can you get into a zero-gravity position with an adjustable bed? 

You need to elevate your legs and feet to a higher level than your head and your heart to achieve a zero-gravity position.  This position alleviates pressure placed on your joints to relieve back pain and is also beneficial for improving the body’s circulation.  

How do you keep sheets on an adjustable bed? 

When shopping for sheets for an adjustable bed, the first thing to do is to check the depth of the mattress and confirm that the pocket-depth of the fitted sheet is sufficient for a proper fit.  Choosing a sheet that is not deep enough for your mattress will almost certainly cause the corners to slip off as the bed adjusts.    

When making the bed, tuck the edges of the flat sheet under the mattress.  You can also find some flat sheets that include corner straps.  These corner straps grip on to the fitted sheet and will help ensure that the flat sheet stays in place.  If these ideas still don’t work, sheet suspenders are another option.  A sheet suspender is a large band designed to ensure a flat sheet doesn’t slip off a mattress. 

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